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Hello everybody and thank you for your time.

I'm an italian guy who wants to create an online division of the PFS for italian players. The problem is that I don't really know how to do it. I can't seem to find informations on how to manage characters and Chronicles sheets, how to organize events, and other issues one can incur while managing this kind of issues.
Can please someone with a good knowledge about how the online play works help me creating this big project?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Welcome to PFS online Diaz!

Venture Captain Jesse and I have been looking to expanding the online kingdom into more languages, and we'd be delighted to talk to you.

Did you have a specific format you were looking to try to set up your games?
Play-by-Post (PbP), or real-time Virtual Table-Top (VTT)?

Looking for more information on PFS VTT Online Play?

If so, start by joining our PFS Online chat here on our dedicated Discord server:
Post in the #gm_help channel and say hi! Tell them you’re new and that you'd like to start up games in Italian. Ask for help. Be sure to send a note to @ironhelixx, our Venture Captain, Jesse Davis. Or you could ping @hels, one of the online VAs there. The whole community there is super helpful and will get you oriented!

Looking to Start Up Play-by-Posts in Italian?

Please, ping me in that case. We'd figure out what to do and what forums might work for you!

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Play-by-Post Region

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I was summoned by other illustrious Hmm.

First, let me say... Hi! Hmm pointed out some things already that can help. PFSchat is a good starter since it will allow you to talk to more gm's players (even english, dutch, russian ones) and we can provide some help.

Things that you will need (depending on how big you are going to grow:

(this will consider VTT, PbP I will get into in a bit).

1. Warhorn, get everyone signed up there so you can start planning your games, people can signup etc.
2. Either consider Fantasy Ground or Roll20 as your main Virtual Table Top tool (from here on out VTT).

If you drop in the discord channel we can help you with questions, most of us use Roll20 because we know it, however Fantasy Ground will allow you to get, I believe, a subscription for scenarios since they have a deal with Paizo for that. Not sure how many of us online GM's use Fantasy ground, but it is worth looking into for sure!

So with that done, you have arranged your part of organizing events and the "venue". That is the main part. Now for the part where you will need players, characters, keeping track of things.

One thing to note, create a venue on paizo website and use the event code for that (if you have multiple gm's you can either let them create their own events or if it is a fixed grp get them to be delegate on the one you created (easy to do). so that will be your 2 options of reporting.

Players, you will most likely know some people interested, can do english games most well should you want to. So this is the part you yourself have to take care off.

Characters, people will have to keep track of them and the games will have to be reported ofcourse (see my section of where I said creating a venue). one thing to do as well is to get your players signed up with: and you can then see who has played what for scenarios.

chronicle sheets, I use google drive to upload them and I have them personally stored on my pc in case I need them for someone else or myself again, so those will be good options to make sure to have (you have google drive, dropbox, one drive and most likely some I don't know about.)

finally, some sort of email that you can use for people to contact you, else, hard to find you.

if all of this works there might be an option where Ironhelix can see if you can be promoted to VA, or higher, depending on how things go ofcourse.

Hope this helps a bit, else feel free to ask more!

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Hi Diaz

Welcome to online play :-)
I can be found on the discord channel above as. @hels .

If there is anything I can do to help set you up on roll20 (such as help with macros, how to advertise a game etc)
Just let me know


Thanks to all of you for your answers. I am sorry if it took me this long to respond, but I had a few busy days.

I will promptly join the Discord channel and start asking for help there, since I am still a bit confused by the overwhelming amount of informations you all gave me.

Thank you again, you have proven to be very useful to my project.

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We will totally welcome you! It's a friendly bunch over there!

Virtual hugs,

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And if you are interested in real world PFS play then do get in touch Italy is in my region.

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❤ At David Harrison and our other hard-working RVCs!


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