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Anyone else have a problem with the Bestiary PDF? The zip file in my downloads is 1KB, and the file inside is 0KB...

Same here

I've tried the "Problems downloading this file? Click here" repackage a couple of extra times, but it remains the same file.

Please advise.

(Not a super high priority, but I would like it addressed eventually, please. :D)

same problem for me

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I'm presently looking into the error and it should be resolved in a few minutes. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Much obliged.

Thank you I am having the same problem as well.

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Alrighty, Bestiary PDF should now be behaving. If it still is giving you trouble at this point, I would go ahead and click the "Problems downloading this file? Click here." link to reprocess the download package, which should now be grabbing the right thing.

thank you for the quick reply

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Yep. That did it. Thank you, Chris.

Thanks Chris! :-)

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