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PF1 Bonded Object wrote:
A bonded object can be used once per day to cast any one spell that the wizard has in his spellbook and is capable of casting, even if the spell is not prepared
PF2 Arcane Focus wrote:
You expend the magical power stored in your arcane focus. This gives you the ability to cast one spell you prepared today and previously cast, without spending a spell slot.

The loss of being able to cast any spell from your Spell Book was a HUGE reason to take the Bonded Object. For those that loved collecting as many spells as possible. This gave you a reason to acquire that one spell that could only be used under only the most unique situation. Compared to the Arcane Focus that is no better than an extra casting of the spells you could only guess what you might need that day.

I understand that now all Wizards get the Arcane Focus so it should not be as powerful as the Bonded Object, but I would love for it to become so in some way (possibly by Feats or Magic Items). As it is there is little versatility in collecting all the spells you can, compared to collecting all the Scrolls (or Magic Items) you can. Which is what I thought the developers where trying to limit.

I would like to know others options on this.

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Blave wrote:

So I'd say pck up Magical Crafting instead, which includes all scrolls.

Only possible reasons to use Scribe Scroll instead are

- You're a Wis-based caster and want to use your Wis-based skill (Religion/Nature) instead of Craft.
- You're playing a very low level character and don't qualify for magical Crafting.
- You're starved for skill increases and absolutely can't find any room to get crafting to expert or higher.

There are other problems with taking Magical Crafting over Scribe Scroll.

The Magical Crafting requires that you have the formulas to each item that you are crafting, which would include one for every spell you can put on a Scroll. You also have to have the Crafting Skill.

Where as the Scribe Scroll requires only that you can cast the needed spell to be made into a Scroll, not the formulas. You also don’t need the Crafting Skill.

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Atalius wrote:
The cost is 20sp for a first level spell correct?

A 1st level scroll is 3gp (page 379)

So a level 1 crafter...

Spends 15sp (or 60sp for a batch of 4) after 4 days crafting.
->On a successful DC check you can spend another 15sp (or 60sp for a batch of 4) to be finished crafting. Or take 15 days (1sp per day for each scroll) to finish without spending any more sp.
->On a Crit successful DC you can spend another 15sp (or 60sp for a batch of 4) to be finished crafting. Or take 8 days (2sp per day for each scroll) to finish without spending any more sp.

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ZeroPathos wrote:
But let's reverse things there. Let's say we have a 20 year old undergrad student in chemistry and say a 50 year old successful stock broker with no formal training in chemistry. Are you honestly trying to tell me that simply by virtue of their "experience" the stock broker should be better at chemistry than the undergrad?

Let’s look at this...

The 20 year old chemistry undergrad would be traind in Crafting (alchemy)
-he could craft alchemical items he has formulas of.
-he can repair alchemical items (but has only limited experience in ways to do it)

The 50 year old stock broker would be untraind in Crafting (alchemy)
-he cannot craft any alchemical items.
-he can repair alchemical items (has 30 years in seeing and hearing ways to fix things)

So let’s look at an alchemical item...


The undergrad could craft a batch of Rum, and if it later it was damaged he could repair it (“we need to add more molasses”).

The stock broker can only repair it (we could add more molasses, we could add more sugar, we could add more sugarcane juice...)

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An Alchemist Bomb is a Physical item that the Alchemist uses there Supernatural Ability to infuse it with explosive power.

Alchemist Bombs wrote:
In addition to magical extracts, alchemists are adept at swiftly mixing various volatile chemicals and infusing them with their magical reserves to create powerful bombs that they can hurl at their enemies. In order to create a bomb, the alchemist must use a small vial containing an ounce of liquid catalyst—the alchemist can create this liquid catalyst from small amounts of chemicals from an alchemy lab, and these supplies can be readily refilled in the same manner as a spellcaster's component pouch. Most alchemists create a number of catalyst vials at the start of the day equal to the total number of bombs they can create in that day—once created, a catalyst vial remains usable by the alchemist for years

Without the Alchemist, a conjured Alchemist Bomb would be inert.

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Why let others know you have Undead with you.

Make your Undead blend in with Apperance of Life

Make your Undead look like creatures others don’t want to be around with Sculpt Corpse.

Pre decompose your Undead so they don’t smell, so it’s easier to disguise with Decompose Corpse.

Keep your Undead where bystanders can’t see them with a Portable Hole.

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Just a Note...
Nondetection can fool Arcane Sight If the Spell Caster is prepared.

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Alchemist 23 wrote:
Its a character arc. The Wrywood wants to make his race "perfect".

How dose “re-enslaving” his race this time to the Powers of the outer plains, make his race “perfect”.

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Baleful Polymorph wrote:
If the spell succeeds, the subject must also make a Will save. If this second save fails, the creature loses its extraordinary, supernatural, and spell-like abilities, loses its ability to cast spells (if it had the ability), and gains the alignment, special abilities, and Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores of its new form in place of its own. It still retains its class and level (or HD), as well as all benefits deriving therefrom (such as base attack bonus, base save bonuses, and hit points). It retains any class features (other than spellcasting) that aren't extraordinary, supernatural, or spell-like abilities.

There is the chance that you could have an intelligent spell casting Ooze from this spell.

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I always mention the spell Tiny Hut for defense against Incorporeal (Ex) creatures.

Incorporeal (Ex) wrote:
An incorporeal creature cannot pass through a force effect.

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Tiny Hut is a good Defensive spell against Incorporeals.

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As the Party crafter, I have put small things into the items I make for them for my personal entertainment.

One was a belt of giant strength for the Party Monk. Every time he grappled someone a ghostly voice would say "I will name him Gorge, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him".

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What is a God?

Dose he have a doctrine? Yes
Dose he have temples? Yes
Do people worship him? Yes

Is there a God Type or Subtype? No
Do all Gods grant spells? No
Do the souls of there disciples go just to them? No
Do all priests of a God cast Divine spells? No

So yes, he is a God among men.

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It may look funny, but you could use a Folding Boat out of water. The larger size has a cabin.

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Ask your DM if you can make it a quest goal.
With the appropriate Knowledge checks, fetch quests, and unique contacts, you could find a way. And have fun doing it.

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Murdock Mudeater wrote:
Dr Styx wrote:

Would Ectoplasmic Spell Feat added to the Summon Monster Spell not work?

Effects of Metamagic Feats on a Spell wrote:
Metamagic feats cannot be used with all spells. See the specific feat descriptions for the spells that a particular feat can't modify.
The Feat says nothing about not working with this spell.
I think, yes, you could apply the feat, but I'm not sure what it would do. The spell just summons a specific monster. This metamagic feat doesn't affect the damage that the specific monster deals, nor does it affect any other, normal aspects of the spell.

The Feat turns your spell effect ethereal...

The Summoned Monster is the effect, and now would be ethereal...
The ethereal Monster would do ethereal damage...

What aspects of a spell do you think the Feat changes?

The Feat does not change one part of the spell, it changes the whole thing.

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Would Ectoplasmic Spell Feat added to the Summon Monster Spell not work?

Effects of Metamagic Feats on a Spell wrote:
Metamagic feats cannot be used with all spells. See the specific feat descriptions for the spells that a particular feat can't modify.

The Feat says nothing about not working with this spell.

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Form of the Dragon caps out at spell level 8.

If you have in game time, money and a spell level 9 caster, just Research a Form of the Dragon IV. Making size cap Colossal.

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Bob Bob Bob wrote:
The one undead that I think shouldn't be Evil is the Mummy, as it is created to be a guardian and only kills people who disturb the tomb. It's no more Evil than a city guard.
Mummy wrote:
The majority are at least 10th-level clerics, and are often kings or pharaohs who have called upon dark gods or sinister necromancers to bind their souls to their bodies after death—usually as a means to extend their rule beyond the grave, but at times simply to escape what they fear will be an eternity of torment in their own afterlife.

The Outer Plains are made up of mortal souls, Undead brake this Law of Nature. This is why all Undead are Evil.

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I came across this Scythe video, I know it is not helpful to the OP question, but I thought you would find it entertaining.

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_Ozy_ wrote:
Nope, summoned creatures can't use their summoning ability. That's in the overall conjuration-summoning rules, and not limited to the SM spells.

OK. But will you concede that it could Teleport away?

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The idea of the OP is to get around the SM rules...

Summon Monster wrote:
A summoned monster cannot summon or otherwise conjure another creature, nor can it use any teleportation or planar travel abilities. Creatures cannot be summoned into an environment that cannot support them. Creatures summoned using this spell cannot use spells or spell-like abilities that duplicate spells with expensive material components (such as wish).

Let us say it works...

The Glabrezu can now Summon other Demons (that are not under the players control), then Teleport away so it can't here any requests the player makes. Sounds like a good plan to me.

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A Metamagic Rod gives you the ability to use a Metamagic Feat, but doesn't change what the Feat can do.

Metamagic Feat wrote:
The modifications made by these feats only apply to spells cast directly by the feat user. A spellcaster can't use a metamagic feat to alter a spell being cast from a wand, scroll, or other device.

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Cevah wrote:

Given its cheap price, I would say it is readily available. If you want to rule it non-typical, that is up to you, but does not change the DC or effect. "Guarding" is a job the animal performs. If you don't approach, it may watch you, but it won't go for you if not on a leash. That would be "Attack", not "Guard". If it is hostile, it Will take risks to hurt you* and would attack. When Guarding, it is not doing this. Again, you can house rule it hostile, and again, it makes no difference to the DC.


*Pulled from a 3.5 diplomacy table.

You mean this table?

Diplomacy wrote:

Hostile - Will take risks to hurt you. - Attack, interfere, berate, flee

Unfriendly - Wishes you ill - Mislead, gossip, avoid, watch suspiciously, insul

Interfer is on the Hostile list.

Guard wrote:
The animal stays in place and prevents others from approaching.

It would Attack if approached, Preventing you from passing(Interfering with your progress).

N N 959 wrote:
If you can point to something in the text that lays out any restriction on who can give commands to any animal that knows tricks, please do.

You can't make a request (Handle Animal chech) of a creature Unfriendly, or Hostile.

Diplomacy wrote:
If a creature's attitude toward you is at least indifferent, you can make requests of the creature. This is an additional Diplomacy check, using the creature's current attitude to determine the base DC, with one of the following modifiers. Once a creature's attitude has shifted to helpful, the creature gives in to most requests without a check, unless the request is against its nature or puts it in serious peril. Some requests automatically fail if the request goes against the creature's values or its nature, subject to GM discretion.

A Guard Dog would not Preventing you from passing would be against its nature. Because it knows it will be punished.

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Clockwork Familiars wrote:
On their own, these flickers of consciousness—pulled from the fundamental animating energy of the planes—would have no real ability to affect their surroundings. Only through the specially attuned constructs created by arcanists do they gain the ability to truly live, and it's perhaps gratitude for this service that initially binds clockwork familiars to their creators.

It is interesting to note that many of the creatures that are pulled from other plains (Summon Monster, ext...) are willing to help out the one that called them. Just for the chance to come to the Material Plain.

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Welcome to the Hornet's Swarm PDK. :-)

Flaming wrote:
Upon command, a flaming weapon is sheathed in fire that deals an extra 1d6 points of fire damage on a successful hit. The fire does not harm the wielder. The effect remains until another command is given.

The fire damage is an effect, not weapon damage.

Swarm Traits tells us how how to deal with effect damage.

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love the store idea M1k31, but make it a China Shop with Bull's as the Shopkeepers pets.

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Aura faint abjuration; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 6,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
This well crafted Tankard fills with an alcoholic beverage once per day. As the alcohol is being consumed, the drinker Sings out there reference spells to memorize. The Singer must have skill ranks in Preform(Sing) equal or greater than the spells level. To add new spells to the Tankard, alcohol must be added to the Tankard (the price of the alcohol must exceed the price for adding spells to a Spellbook). Then alcohol is consumed while the new spell is sung into it. A SpellTankerd can hold up to 400 spell levels. The first appearance of a SpellTankerd was from a mystic theurge of a Deity of Song and Spirits.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, share memory (Ultimate Magic), creator must have Perform(Sing); Cost 3,000gp

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kyrt-ryder wrote:

Where has all the magic gone

and where are all the CoDz...

Where's the streetwise God Wizard
To fight the rising odds.

Isn't there a Druid, become a Fiery steed
Rode by a Cleric, to make fighter's pride bleeed

I need some magic.

This bard needs a stage

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This Thread may help you

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CRB, Magic wrote:
Somatic (S): A somatic component is a measured and precise movement of the hand. You must have at least one hand free to provide a somatic component.

I would be ok with putting your other hand through the murder hole. By doing so you would no longer be able to see through it, so spell would go off at the end of your hand. You would take damage from the blast.

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Deadbeat Doom wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I'm sorry I started this thread.

Don't ever be sorry for asking a question!

The very fact that a disagreement has broken out is proof that the rules are not crystal clear; but if you had not asked, there might never have been a discussion about it, and in turn there might not have ever been an opportunity to clarify things.

Asking questions is good, and you should never feel sorry for the opinions or comments of others; you are not responsible for their beliefs or their behavior. :)

I too think you should never be sorry for asking a question.

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To me it feels more like a 1st level spell.

To make it more 0 level, I would change:

Range to stay at 5'

Target to one item in your possession that remains in your possession.
Like from one pocket to another, or one hand to the other.

I would give it a bonus on hiding something on your body from searchers.

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81: Subtitles. When you speak, in any language, the translated words appear just under your head. The words are always in the same language, chosen when the item is created.

82: Cursed Subtitle. When you speak, words appear in a language of the person you are speaking to can understand, just under your head. You can not see these words. The words that appear, are always insulting to the person reading them, no matter what you are saying.

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Here I was thinking you where looking for some kind of Moble Alchemist Lab...

Because that could be cool.

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Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:

Tippyverse, a place where you go to see Pink Elephants on Parade.

Usually after partaking in large quantities of Fay Leaf.

I like it.


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It always seemed funny to me, that in a magic rich environment, that the upper class would not incorporate magic into clothing. Light, fire, smoke, shadows, would all be great affects on clothing.

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THIS THREAD has just made this thread "I'm fairly certain that I'm a bad person" that much easier...

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CRB wrote:
Items dropped or put down by an invisible creature become visible; items picked up disappear if tucked into the clothing or pouches worn by the creature


The arrows would still be visible, giving the player to pinpoint what square the target is in. But not negate/midigate the miss chance from total concealment. As stated above, there is no way for the player to know from where the arrows protrud.

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Ridiculon wrote:
I want some mad evil genius to carry out Stitch's master plan of stealing an entire civilization's left shoe.

The Villain, as a child, was in some accident that deformed his left foot.

At low levels, the players have to stop thefts of shoes from different sources.
At mid levels, the players have to stop the destruction of guilds and suppliers of shoe creation.
At high levels, the players have to infiltrate the Villains fortress, and stop him before he can use all the shoes to cast a spell that will deform everyone's left foot.

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Put a wizard mark on each of them. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Call them "thing 1", "thing2", and so on...

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HyperMissingno wrote:
Currently our sights are set on two of his generals, one of which is a very powerful necromancer fiend and the other we know nothing about.


Let me get this right. You KNOW you are up against a NECROMANCER, and you are filling your bace with SKULLS???


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41. A Wayward Pine - from the sword of truth books

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Magic Creation Rules

continuous Spell level × caster level × 2,000 gp2

The 2 behind the gp is a multiplier

Spell is in rounds its X4
Spell is in min/level its X2
Spell is in 10 min/level its X1.5

Shocking Grasp is INSTANTANEOUS

Instantaneous is not covered, but we may think it like this...

Spell is in one full round X8
Spell is in one standard action X16
Spell is instantaneous X32

So, the Ring he wants it would cost...

Spell level(2nd) X Caster level(10th) X 2,000gp X Instantaneous(32) = 1,280,000gp

As I see it...

Edit.. Forgot the Intensive Meta Magic

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Idea for the Curse...

1) Each day that the Armoury Dog (I too like this name) is with the character, he must "feed" it a weapon.

2) When in combat, the Armoury Dog takes up the flanking position, but dose not provide the bonus.

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"Milo v3 wrote:
2. It doesn't matter how I do damage without bombs in this case... because even if my alchemist has bombs as a class feature, I will not use them. At all. Because my concept doesn't make sense to have bombs.

I for one would love to hear about your alchemist concept. Sounds like something I would like to play.

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Love where you are going with this. Can I add something?


Disguise Magic Fingerprint
Caster uses his Disguise Skill to change the look of his Magic Finger Print.

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Fins to Feet

Do I get the Blue Whale?

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PDF wrote:
Note that all items have prerequisites in their descriptions. These prerequisites must be met for the item to be created. Most of the time, they take the form of spells that must be known by the item's creator (although access through another magic item or spellcaster is allowed). The DC to create a magic item increases by +5 for each prerequisite the caster does not meet. The only exception to this is the requisite item creation feat, which is mandatory. In addition, you cannot create potions, spell-trigger, or spell-completion magic items without meeting their spell prerequisites.

By this rule, a Flesh Golem could be made with a +10 to the DC without the two high level spells. (DC 23)

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PDF wrote:


CL 7th; Price 2,050 gp

Requirements Craft Construct, arcane eye, mirror image, mending; Skill Craft (leather) or Craft (sculptures) DC 12; Cost 1,050 gp.

The Craft DC is 12

So the repair DC is 7

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