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PF1 Bonded Object wrote:
A bonded object can be used once per day to cast any one spell that the wizard has in his spellbook and is capable of casting, even if the spell is not prepared
PF2 Arcane Focus wrote:
You expend the magical power stored in your arcane focus. This gives you the ability to cast one spell you prepared today and previously cast, without spending a spell slot.

The loss of being able to cast any spell from your Spell Book was a HUGE reason to take the Bonded Object. For those that loved collecting as many spells as possible. This gave you a reason to acquire that one spell that could only be used under only the most unique situation. Compared to the Arcane Focus that is no better than an extra casting of the spells you could only guess what you might need that day.

I understand that now all Wizards get the Arcane Focus so it should not be as powerful as the Bonded Object, but I would love for it to become so in some way (possibly by Feats or Magic Items). As it is there is little versatility in collecting all the spells you can, compared to collecting all the Scrolls (or Magic Items) you can. Which is what I thought the developers where trying to limit.

I would like to know others options on this.

I have a couple questions about using the Fabricate Spell on a Giant Spider’s Webs.

1) How much webbing would you need to make a 100’ length of Spider Silk rope, and what would be the DC?

2) How much webbing would you need to make a bolt of Spider Silk cloth ( 1yard by 40 yard length), and what would be the craft DC?

3) How long dose it take a Giant Spider take to spin it’s sheets of sticky webbing? The Web entry in the Universal Monster Rules says “ Web spinners can create sheets of sticky webbing up to three times their size.“ So a Giant Spider (medium size), spins a web 15’x15’15’ or 30’x30’’30’?

I know this is not in the Rules, this is all Hypothetical

In order for an Enchanter to make a +1 Sword she would need to have the Craft Magic Arms and Armor Feat. And a Masterwork Sword, or cast MASTERWORK TRANSFORMATION on a normal Sword.
Then it would be just a DC of 8 to Enchant it. She has no skill in making a Sword.
The +1 Sword would now be a magic weapon. (Detect as, Hit as)

In order for a Smith to craft a Masterwork Sword he would need the Craft Weapons Skill.
Then it would be a DC of 20. He would need no magic ability.
The Sword would now have a +1 Enhancement bounce to hit.
It would not be a magic weapon. (Detect as, Hit as)

In order for a Smith to make the Masterwork Sword a +1 Sword he would need to have the Craft Weapons Skill with 5 Ranks, and the MASTER CRAFTSMAN Feat.
Then it would be just a DC of 8 to Enchant it. He would still not need any Magic ability.
The +1 Sword would now be a magic weapon. (Detect as, Hit as)

Or would it have to be?

Could the Smith not Enchant the Sword, but just continue to just add Enhancements to the Sword?

So could the Smith make a +1 Sword (to hit and damage) but not have it be a Magical Weapon? Not Detect as a Magical weapon, or Hit targets that can only be hit by a Magical weapon. The Sword would still not qualify to add any melee or ranged special weapon abilities.
Would there be any situations where a non-Magical + weapon be better than one that is Magical?

Could you cast Awaken Construct on a Simulacrum to let it advance in level?

I understand that you would lose control of it.

The spell Holy Ice says yes to Spell Resistance.
My question is it only to the Energy damage of the wall and javelins?
Would the Physical damage of the javelins sill apply?
If it applies to the wall, would touching it dispel the wall?

The spell Holy Ice Weapon says no to Spell Resistance.
As a lower level spell, it seems more powerful.

Was thinking of some non standard ways to keep Arcane Magical Writings without using a Spellbook.

This staff has room for 8 levels of spells carved into its length.
Craft woodworking is needed to add spells.

This cloak has room for 40 levels of spells, 20 per side.
A large number of these cloaks have the 20 outside spells used for the Wizards cantrips.
Craft tailor is needed to add spells.

What are some other things/items that could be used?

I had an odd thought...

If a Summoner created a Wondrous Item that could cast the Summon Eidolon spell. That was then used by a Rogue with the Use Magic Item skill. When the Summoner did not have his Eidolon currently summoned.

1)Would it appear?

2) Would it be under the control of the Rogue, or the Summoner (if the Sommoner was in the area)?

3) If it did, would it appear at the Rogues level, Summoners level, or the Magic Items level?

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Dose the effects of a summoned monster last after the summoned monster spell ends?

If a Poisonous Frog lands an attack with it's poison bite on its last round of being summoned, dose the poison still last the full 6 rounds?

If you cast a Fly spell on something that already has a fly speed, dose it get the combination of both speeds? Or the faster of the two speeds? Dose the maneuverability change to the spell, wether it is better or worse?

Can a Druid use there Wild Shape and combine shape types? Beast Shape with Elemental body? In the Elimental discription is says they can look look like animals. Or use the spell to stack them?

I just came across an NPC that had Ghost Touch Bracers of Armor +2 . I was wondering if as a Monk, could he make attacks unarmed attacks against Incorporeal beings?
I know Weapon and Armor enchantments are different, but to me, this would make sense.

How do you calculate the damage to something/someone that is in more than one square of an area effect? Would a large thing (10'area) be hit 4 times with a splash weapon?

Hit 1,2 or times with a spread effect (breath weapon, blunderbuss)?


X = hit
O= not hit
C= spread point
N= not hit because of in back

1- A Wyrwood can be repaired without magic.
The craft skill of a carpenter or like craftsman can repaire a Wyrwood. Like a smith can repaire a +1 sword, or a seamstress can repaire a cloak of resistance.

2- The 2nd level spell, Make Whole is not the only spell that can repaire a Wyrwood.
A spell like "Lesser Make Whole". A Mage can come up with a 1st level, a lesser version, it's what mages do...

3- A Wyrwood can't be resurrected, but so what.
A Wyrwood has no soul, so there is nothing for the spell to do. The Craft Construct Feat is all that is needed to "restart" a fully repaired Wyrwood.

4- A Wyrwood is fully a magic construct.
A Wyrwood can't enter an anti-magic area, or see/feel something under a Nondetection spell.

5- A Wyrwood will allways be seen as property.