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I would hope that alignment in bestiaries only applies to outsiders and other things that are innately tied to alignments. Any other generalisations really take away from Pathfinders direction to Show that intelligent cultures are always complex.
Why introduce Core Goblins but still list the average Goblin as CE? It would also make it much easier for new Players to see which creatures are inherently evil due to their nature.

Ohh, thanks for pointing that out - I indeed thought that was his scabbard! I think I am not the only one to make that mistake, the positioning very much Looks like a scabbard, and the colouring does not scream metal mug to me.

Anyway, good news everybody, the Mug is alive!

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Having finally looked at this great side by side, I am not as bothered by Amiri anymore. She always was very slender, the armour just hid it better.
Everything is much much brighter, which is probably good if you want to jump off the page, but I liked the grittiness of the old somber tones. Well, these are only the first illustrations, lets see what Valeros breastplate Looks like in a sewer.
Also much more improved and varied facial expressions, Wayne really has learned a lot in between regarding faces.
I am not so sold on Merisiel, but her Alien proportions are a choice. It's just not one that I like. Pathfinder Elves as spindly twigs is not my Preference.
And Droogami has been replaced by his own plush toy.

Love the grin, and I agree that combined with the slimming down of all the Iconics he Looks a lot younger. Which may be intentional, but we don't know. There is always the trouble that the iconics look the same across all Levels they represent.
Also sad to see the mug go - it was a great world-building and character Detail. I'm sure further Images will include it again, but it's still missing.

We know that the next 5 years have been planned even before the FOX Merger, so I don't see any big shakeups there. They may tease something earlier, and we already have that big multiversal elephant in the room from the Far From Home Trailer.

I would really like them to dial Things down a bit, because you cannot keep escalating and remain even remotely plausible (looking at another Disney Franchise that decided having an even bigger Deathstar is what fans wanted...)

I am still confused why this Comes before Godzilla vs Kong. Seems like a serious step down to tussle with a big ape after they just had ALL OF THE MONSTAS!

Looking at it purely from a storytelling Point of view, there will be some Kind of Gamora. Otherwise her arc would end at a supremely unsatisfactory note. Quill is obviously still looking for her, and that arc just ending up in nothing is not something a good storyteller does.

And the Gauntlet could very well be aware that by the time Tony snaps Thanos Forces, she has already abandoned betrayed her daddy and therefore does not count as a part of the army anymore.

Plus, the new Spiderman Trailer already establishes openings into other realities due to the multiple snappings/time travel shenanigans(even though Mysterio could just have made that up), so there is another opening for a Gamora.

And Kudos to Disney to realise that now is the perfect time for a What if series ;)

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That sounds very good. I look forward to how this gets employed, as per the playtest that would have meant the leader is using two tactics? "Avoid Notice" and "Lead other" (or whatever it is called). Or maybe it is something linked to your Expertise Level, e.g. Masters Can use a Skill and help someone else?

I am absolutely on board with you - it's really a wording/wrapping your head around new stuff thing. If the tactic is called "Sneak" or "Stealth" or whatever, my Players look at their character Sheets, see a -6 to stealth and decide "That's not a tactic I'm ever gonna use".
And as in the Playtest the tactics covered both daylong trips and the Exploration of dungeons, there was some grinding of gears. I am hopeful that in the Core Book or latest at one of the next expansions and the Adventure paths themselves there will be more examples of interesting uses for Exploration tactics to teach my Players (and myself) new ways of using them.

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We had a rather Long initial discussion at the beginning of "In Pale Mountains Shadow" on how Riding mixes with Exploration tactics. I went the harsh route that riding, especially for untrained riders, takes an Action and therefore Counts as a one Action per turn tactic. My Players mitigated that by having one of them lead most of the animals while riding, while the fast Monk went scouting and the others just walked along.
This didn't feel too forced, but in the end I realised we had discussed almost thirty minutes just to establish the group would travel at half pace.
As DM Livgin said, Things like the manticore encounter could lead to interesting decisions, avoiding the ages old "we have one Paladin so we never sneak anywhere" conundrum. If tactics can override skill roles and still have an interesting effect, that opens up new storytelling possibilities. Still, I already hear some of my players moaning how their Full Plate friend can stealth fine while traversing a mountain path and suddenly becomes unbearably loud in the dungeon.

I remain optimistic - with more space, more described tactics and a better integration with the travelling rules, this could have interesting effects. At worst, it's a subsystem that is easily ignored, so no problem for me.

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I tried to use Exploration mode in the Playtest and it felt utterly useless and complicating things that never needed to be complicated. Added on top was the utter pointlessness of choosing tactics in most Scenarios so it felt like wasted time to even do so. Worst offender was the Manticore that only didn't find you if the whole party went sneak tactics, completely independent of their actual skill in Stealth.
I am still interested to see if it has evolved into a working system, but it will only ever be used by me if it gets integrated in their scenarios.

Downtime never was interesting to me either, all their systems before were minigames on top of an already complicated game. I do not see that changing much in the current iteration. It feels like something for Pathfinder Society.

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This is a wonderful idea, and by kickstarting it on Gameontabletop, I very much hope one of the Stretch Goals will be translations! A German Hardcover of this would be wonderful.

The color of the tile is also red+blue=purple. But I have to say, this is only interesting for me in the way of how more of a trainwreck Can this trilogy become. JJ admitted they had some ideas for the whole trilogy which were then unceremoniously dumped upon by Rian Johnson. Now the great Champion of writing good endings, Mr. Lost himself, is supposed to bring this back on track.
Oh, and they thought their new funny sidekick BB-8 needs his own sidekick ...

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And even a single skrull is interesting enough as an enemy. Especially if you take their "able to duplicate genetics" to "able to duplicate superpowers" as they have done with the Superskrulls in the comics.

The Skrulls also keep on lying to Carol up until they are on the Station. There is ample room for Skrull antagonists, even without them being specific bad guys. I Can very much see a future movie where Talos is the Antagonist again, due to a conflict where his protecting the Skrulls will endanger another species or somesuch. Antagonists are great when you can sympathise with them and/or understand their Motives.

That is why people like Loki or Thanos, because they are both sympathetic and have genuine goals/beef, independent of wether those goals or specifically the way they want to achieve them are acceptable.

Very valid question with currently, I am afraid, no real answers. I do struggle to see how a control would even work for most of these things - I mean, do they expect the upload filter to Screen for mentioning non OGL Monsters?
My expectation is that for 90% of the cases nothing will happen, as I don't see any gaming companies coming forward and sue/request enumeration. They could have done that before, so I very much doubt they are going to now.

I like here new colours. I do feel her expression is very - I don't know, neutral? Non-plussed? She really seems disinterested in whatever is going on at the moment.
Beyond that, yay for trousers!

While playing Wrath of the Righteous, my Players bluffed their way into the BBEG's Castle in part 2. They are more or less his guests, and the BBEG is manic-depressive, so he doesn't really care about them being there most of the time.
They wander around a bit until they get fed up with the demons harassing them, the Wizard (Archmage path) Pops Invisibility Sphere and they start to Trail the bad guy during his wanderings. They end up with him and his Bodyguards at the place where the big bad ritual takes place. Instead of waiting for him to leave, they decide to go nuclear right there.

I told them I would need some time to prepare and think about this, as they had just decided to combine about three Encounters worth of enemies into one room.

It did work out in the end, but after that we decided that the Archmage would get rid of the "Any spell, any time" power. He was overwhelmed with the choice and I was completely unable to predict ANY Encounter with that in place.

I am still always surprised by how well Iron Man 3 did. And great News about Captain Marvel doing well, from the Trailers it felt a bit too generic. Looking really Forward to seeing it once my Little One allows me time off :)

So lets speculate a bit - what are the interesting places to visit?
New Thassilon is probably a given. Will they Close the worldwound as after Wrath of the Righteous? Which other Adventure Paths have resulted in drastically changed countries?

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Iconics, like Super Heroes, don't age or Change clothes/gear. That would defeat the purpose of them being instantly recognizable.
There are some interesting permutations like their mythic versions or scifi versions, but generally they are supposed to look like that all the time.
And honestly, the not aging thing is something that PC's Can probably relate to. The typical AP takes you an insame amount of Levels in a super short time period - levelling has nothing to do with age.

MaxAstro wrote:
DerNils wrote:

What irks me slightly about the picture is that Amiris sword actually looks a bit too small to be a giants blade - if you look at the sword at the Jarls side, it is quite a bit larger, never mind his axes. But perspective is complicated and we don't see the full sword. That was just my first Impression.


I think the giant is also presented as slightly larger than it maybe should be, which plays into that.

Frost giants are supposed to be Large size - 10-12 feet tall and roughly double the girth of a human. This one looks significantly bigger than that - I'd almost call it Huge size.

True, I didn't take into account the the giant depicted here is bigger than your average giant ;)

I agree - maybe that is something that will happen along the line. And it's why I only listed already existing stuff, which would not eat up any resources to create and can be digitally distributed, so the overhead seems manageable.

Mistakes will happen and we still have a complicated game, which is part of the intent. So Setting up a robust FAQ System is in the interest of any publisher, in order to keep customer satisfaction up and ensure that the right intent of rules is transported.
Also, not using customer feedback in order to avoid issues in future publications would be a missed opportunity - a working and reactive FAQ System will motivate a lot more Players to engage in structured Feedback, because they Can expect structured answers.
So, whatever it will look like, a clear System to collect Feedback and adress it regularly is a necessitiy - no System, no matter how well supervised, can avoid all mistakes.

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Theres no diplomacy quite like Barbarian diplomacy :)

What irks me slightly about the picture is that Amiris sword actually looks a bit too small to be a giants blade - if you look at the sword at the Jarls side, it is quite a bit larger, never mind his axes. But perspective is complicated and we don't see the full sword. That was just my first Impression.

Great stuff on showcasing Amiris inner thoughts and how rage empowers her. Specifically her strength being challenged - so quite a bit of Nuance here, introducing the Giant totems anathema very naturally into the storytelling.

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It's interesting to hear Waynes comments and the Goal he was looking for (the pear shape), but I have to admit even after he explained it I have trouble seeing it.
But what's done is done, and it's by no means a bad piece of art for a barbarian. The crazy is strong in this one, which is good.
I would still like to see Waynes take on a really muscular Lady - lets see where new Seelah is headed.

This is gonna be awesome - and as MST3K has proven, this may be a Gateway to get picked up by a Studio or Streaming Service!

I am a bit underwhelmed by the goodies (Ringtones? Music Download?) - I would recommend them to do some lower Level Merchandise Options to get People interested - why not Hand out their existing Comics or stuff as KS incentives, there are loads of People out there who don't own them yet.

Yeah, there is loads of other Things they could be doing. It's just so sad that right now where the MCU ist starting to delve into cosmic stories, where the Dark Phoenix Saga belongs, we are burned by a second mediocre Dark Phoenix in Name only.
I mean, the whole Phoenix Thing is really generic if you rip out the whole sun-eating, cosmic realms wide consequences. Galactic Wars should be started because of the PF, not just some X-Men internal squabbling. The Phoenix Force should be a Problem on a Thanos scale, and needs comparable build up. Like this, it's just meh.

This is our next chance for a good D&D Animation of-vox-machina-animated-s?ref=project_link

Critical Role has a fanbase, the right mindset and the right ideas. Titmouse is a respectable Animation Studio. This could be a very real Chance to catch the attention of a big Studio or Streaming Service.

MST3K has demonstrated that a succesful Kickstarter can be the foot in the door to get picked up by e.g. Netflix. So let us all cross our fingers and spread the message!

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This is one movie where it would have been nice not to know the Comics :) We all know Mysterio is just a fraud - but for non Comic Readers this will probably make a nice surprise!
At least I hope they go this route instead of making him some Kind of fallen hero. Here's one for Villains with massive Egos that are just doing it for the Publicity!
That is what I always liked about Mysterio - he was really relatable. A SFX guy that gets no recognition at all decides to use his skills to become famous in a world where being a superhero/villain is a feasible Career choice.

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I do admit I expected this from the title onwards :) And something I could any of my Players doing, so much for my groups internal Dynamics ...

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Whichever way they go, they should make sure that they feel internally consistent. Right now, the differnces between paralyzed/asleep/unconscious feel very strange and could lead to a serious disconnect between na ing and expectations.

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I have to admit I was laughing hard at scaring a Shoggoth to Death :)

I do agree that the generic Lust, Rage, whatever demon is not very appealing. They wanted to make this more Golarion-infused, so why not come up with Golarion specific names? They did it (albeit poorly) with some other Monsters, e.g. the Ankhrav formerly known as Ankheg. It's even more limiting because if you want to have Lust demons on other Tiers, those will have to have some strange names, while also being lust demons.

As I said, I AM aware that the casting is the right age. I just always fudged my inner view of him to be older, because 12 year olds don't make appealing protagonists to me.
That Trailer just made me realise that these movies will not be my thing, even if they are the best page to sscreen Adaption ever.

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While interesting, it does make one doubt the Players understood the background of these characters they were creating. But as long as everybody had fun, no harm done.

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Yeah, but Incubi had a different MO than Succubi. And Paizo has been good in getting away from one gender Monsters - there was already some mentioning that Succubi don't Need to be in female form at all.

Good Point on getting grabbed willingly - that is probably how the Diplomacy for Grabbing works, right? "You want me to touch you, admit it!" ;)

And one more reason for there to be a repositioning maneuver. I mean, getting Shoved on to the bed is fine, but sometimes I want to pull someone in - for variety, err science!

I read the first few books ages ago, and have to admit - that Trailer confused the heck out of me. I have NO idea what's going on there.
And acutually seeing Artemis as a young kid makes that franchise even less intersting to me. While reading, I could always imagine him older in my head, but seeing him in Person like that ...
Not for me, but maybe it will be great for my daughter in a few years.

Saw some new poster shots of Carol. While I am looking Forward to the movie, she just Looks so generic in the poster.
Just another suited up, energy wielding hero - I guess the movie will look great, but the posters, trailers and shots do not make her actual powers look exciting.

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It is really unfortunate for this thread that grapples are over so quickly now. Takes away a lot of the magic for me.
And that means the Lust Demon is now only grabbing me or restraining me with her Constant Tongues, for a measly six seconds as well. I mean, being diplomatically grabbed by tongues sure has ist uses, but it's so restraining ...

The page Count and place on the character sheet are aboslutely Arguments - after all, we had specific questions on what is needed to be there and what data is actually relevant to the game.
Guess what - Ability scores aren't. They are referenced super rarely (as Feat prerequisites), and that is the only place where odd numbers still Count.
For descriptive purposes there is no benefit to having strength on the 3-18 scale vs the -4 to +4 scale.
Actually, it is the other way round - on the -4 to +4 scale there is no conceit of "My strengt is 13, yours is only 12, I am stronger than you". No, you aren't.

The bookkeeping for half raises is exactly the same. The difference between writing down 19 or 4.5 is non existent.

But all we are writing here is wasted space - the decision to keep it for legacy and recognition value is already taken. One of the design Goals is "This should still feel like Pathfinder", and there is a vocal group of people that say it is an important aesthetic to them. So it will stay.

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I started that discussion before on the Topic how to free iup space on the character sheet. I even got an answer from Marc Seifter saying "We keep it for legacy reasons. Feel free to delete them from your own character sheet".

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Bringing up Magnificent Mansion, why did those not become rituals in the first place? Nevermind my dislike of these spells (which makes them being uncommon a good start), they scream ritual to me.
Of course it wouldn't make sense to have them as a day long ritual, that would completely remove their use, but something like an hourlong ritual would fit in there very well.

I would actually like attack rolls to be still included, with Critical Failure (even if it's only on a 1) damaging the tool. That would include some risk similar to breaking your lockpicks into the Operation.

What with the Nemesis of Necerion being aware that he's a spellcaster I would be rather surprised that any Party looking for the guy would be fooled for Long by Disappearance. "See Invisibility" is a Level 2 spell and they are supposed to be infiltrators, "Sense the Unseen" is one of the few interesting feat Options for Rogues at that Level, and even without that Necerions Stealth is not that impressive to make him hard to find with a Seek Action.

But I am arguing semantics here - as I said, good call, I was just in some other discussions about this Scenario and no one there seemed to think Whark would just Hand out the book. Her behaviour description is so bizarre that I have a hard time gauging what the intent was. I mean, she basically sends the characters to their death by Kraken even on a critical success on Diplomacy, so I have no idea what her intent is.

I noted this Assurance use in one of your other threads, but I think it is not intended to work like that and won't make it into the CRB post playtest. It also is one of those completely weird disconnects where being a farmhand makes you really good at tripping Monsters, but only at specific Points in your career.

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We had several Long threads on objects and how to break them. It seems from them that there used to be a specific Action to attack objects, but it was dropped due to being linked to Sunder.
As Sunder was felt to be unpopular (People don't want their loot destroyed), it was cut from the playtest, but a lot of Corner cases remain as vestiges.

Whats mostly needed is either guidance on AC for objects, as they are explicitly not immune to critical hits or a simple autohit but crit immunity.

There are very few spells that by RAW can target and damage objects outside of GM ruling, but they are there as vestiges of the Sunder mechanic. Hazards are an example where they are clearly meant to be targeted, what with their statblock that mirrors creatures including Saves and AC, but currently Mr Fighter is unable to attack the trapdoor with his Axe.

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I like the idea of rituals. The Things that actually became Rituals are indeed very strange.

What it should be is a number of Quality of Life spells that nobody ever took as prepared spells but were interesting nonetheless, thereby freeing up the reduced spell Slots while still making you feel magical.

In Addition, do like the link to skills instead of Slots, theoretically opening it up to other classes as well. To make this interesting, there need to be a number of lower Level rituals. Things like the aforementioned Unseen Servant, Create Food & Water, Tongues, Sanctify, are all Things I could see as interesting rituals.

Summon Spells and Gate Spells belong there.

Control Weather is perfectly placed as a ritual, as it is so situational that nobody ever prepared it off Hand.

True - at least her casual murder/resurrection trick came back to bite her. Still, they are playing a strange act here with Sabrina being the good Girl while basically doing nothing against multiple murders, straight up cannibalism and so on. I am always wary of protagonists that don't even think about breaking the masquerade after seeing all the harm it does.
It's not like these witches live peaceful lives hidden away from humans that wrongfully persecute them.
Ist nice that Sabrina wants to take down Satan by herself, but...

It is a bit unfortunate that a lot of the interesting Options are hindered by the MAP, meaning they will rarely be interesting to use. If I critfish anyway, might as well do it for damage.
The Jumping rules are completely weird, especially their interaction with the various Feats.

Thanks Xeno and Deadman, I noted this, but this is the first time I hear it interpreted as "Just gives them the book". Ist a good Interpretation and worked fine, so why not? Seems a bit of a waste of a dungeon, though.

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