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Count me in as not liking abilities that let you share a space. It was already annoying with smaller creatures where it made sense. The ability is really nice and flavourful, but the mechanics are annoying. Could have worked the same way with being in an adjacent space.

And as mentioned, outside of combat for lifting purposes you increase your Strength by a factor of 10 (treating Bulk as L)

I think the question was rather not about falling damage, but why would an incorporeal being stop falling at ground Level.
Personally, I would handwaive this with incorporeals having to consciously move through solid objects, ambient Magic in the ground, blalala, because RAW she would stop somewhere one the other side of Golarion (I seem to remember Incorporeals can't stop their movement in solid objects anymore)

I am both interested and afraid if there will be any link to the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie. Now I haven't seen it yet, so I don't even know if that is possible - but the temptation to put your critically acclaimed movie and try to boost your middling DCU must be very strong.

They all play their roles. Which is one of the really great elements when you compare them to the Mystics counterparts. This is something I would love to see more of (maybe in S2) - how do the other mystic roles compare to the Skeksis?

What is a good Chamberlain like? A good Emperor?

The fighter is a bad Point of comparison - his Advantage on proficiency has him leading the curve even against other martials. You should rather compare the Warpriest to the Ranger or Barbarian.

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I think the intent for LoE is made clear in the Fireball example. They are referencing a wall between the FIREBALL and ist origin, aka the caster, while still being in the radius.
If line of effect could go around corners, this would establish line of effect, but it doesn't in the example.

NB: As I am not a native Speaker, I only assume the origin of the FIREBALL references to the caster, not the point of detonation.

The Garthim reveal was ok, I had actually forgotten about the guys. The one thing bothering the wife an me was - how do you go from spider plus frog guy to giant crab with caterpillar feet? And the additions do not look very mechanic. But it was a suitable gut punch mirroring the success of the first stages of the Rebellion.

It is strange that I connect way better to their muppets than to the Gelflings. Both Hup and the Gruenaks stirred more emotional Response in me than any of the Gelflings. They do great work with them, but they are still too uncanny valley for me.

The twist:
I did love that the Arathim, your standard hive mind baddy, actually switched sides. It makes sense from their lore, but taking something so inhuman and make them allies is cool

Also, my wife really liked Deet having two Daddys, just as a random aside. That kind of inclusion is the best Kind, not annoying anyone and still making a point, even on Thra :)

Still wary about how they want to go from here (and if they should). This ended on a generally positive note, and we know that in the Long term the Crystal will be healed, but... Do they really want to go into the whole genocide thing and expect people to get their happy end from the movie? That would be harsh.

@SuperBidi, Snares are probably a Teamwork Thing. Ranger sets them up next to the baddy, other character shoves them in. Doing it all alone is annyoing and not worth it, agreed.

I think that is what makes snares about equal than spells. You have to invest a comparable amount of Actions (sometimes more, sometimes less) and they have one Save on top of another condition (either resisting a combat maneuver or you have to be lucky to have them step in)

Poisons in combat are a no go as is, but hopefully this will Change with new poisons, a poisoner archetype and probably a bit more clarification on touch and inhaled poisons.

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A beautiful idea with the seeds. Something I will pick up for my running Wrath of the Righteous campaign.

Just as a heads-up for DC Enthusiasts, "Joker" just won the Cannes Film Festival - now that is a first for a superhero movie (Comics got some recognition already for "Blue is the warmest Color"). And it could steer DC on a new path, not trying the whole shared universe stuff too hard, but rather concentrate on great standalone stories.
Because, by Thor I hope they do not try to get the Joaquin Phoenix Joker into the Robert Pattinson Batman movie, that can only result in a mess...

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As Fitting, someone on the GiTP boards already built the treeslayer class :)

In order to make Option 3 believable you'd need to seriously bump Meyanda in power. Kulgara is one of the really dangerous NPC's with her magical chainsaw.

To me a ladder would not even be a climbing role - I always used ladders as difficult Terrain. But I do agree that normally you should Need two Hands to climb.

The 5/10 feet climb Speed is what sounds too harsh.

Anyway, thank you for your detailed Feedback and Reports.

I am ok with Polytheism for the normal guys, but in order to get your Magic powered by them you need to concentrate on one deity. That was always my rationalisation for the one Cleric-One God rule.

I don't have the tables in front of me, but if Nobledrake is right, you could skill everything but Arcana and take Lore:Dragons, which is a valid sublore that should enable you to even get a lower DC on Dragons specifically.
As for your proposal, I personally wouldn't mind. You set yourself a nice Limitation in "I have to have encountered it once", so as a GM I would be ok.

Dark Crystal was never for small children - the Skeksis have always been complete nightmare fuel.
We are up to the Hunter/Archer Epdisode and I like it, even though I still have a Problem with the Gelfling Aesthetic.
My favourite is the Podling Paladin - and I fully expect the series to kill him off in order to make me cry.

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It is so awesome to have an excuse as an author to do good chapter breaks. Elan is a gift.

I am not a fan of these 10 Minute increments that need to be managed, but it is also not a big Problem. The Thing is, either you are in a time crunch or you aren't. I have yet to Encounter an interesting Adventure where it makes a difference if you rest 10 or 30 minutes.

I do admit it is strange that you cannot throw smoke without damage. But that is probably what normal smokesticks are for (have not checked if they still exist)

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Another example of how I really have now idea how to adjucate bulk. What Bulk is a cart? Or a door? Is a door more than two Tower shields?
If I lift my buddy, is the bulk 6 for being a medium creature or 6 plus all his stuff? If it is with his stuff, do I Count his full plate as 4 (because he wears it) or 5 because I am not wearing it?

Great to read your experiences - I am heading into the Ivory Labyrith myself this Weekend and still have no idea how my Players will fare.

They just freed Arueshalae and there will be some fun roleplay, but I am already a bit afraid of handling a complicated dungeon like the Ivory Sanctum.

I am pondering doing this, as currently in part 3 Encounters begin to feel crazy complicated.
The whole "Mythic Feeling" never came into Play for us anyway - we don't play so often that we could tell the difference between "regular fantasy superheroes" and "superspecial Fantasy superheroes".

Your characters in any PF campaign will be the superheroes of that Story - Mythic really does not Change that.

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For a Ruffian with a Mace, I can only see
"Stop! Hammer Time!"

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Hasn't it been stated that this is specifically done so we can seed our own stories in there more easily? The more Detail is added, the more difficult it will be to put my own parties in the Background for those AP's we did play.

And stating that there are all those high-Level parties would run into the good old Vampire: The Masquerade Problem. Why are we doing anything if there are so many, much more powerful People around?

Trying to put RPG rules and logic into world-building is an exercise in futility. This is not Sim World. And from an authors perspective I can tell you, you do not want to have 100 plus other powerful entities actively running around in your story. It makes for a bloody mess of a world.

Paizo is throwing us a bone and shows us their vision of Golarion after succesul AP's to make it easier for us to make a worldbuilding with our parst parties, and give us some starting points for new parties. That is it.

I love Ivys whipsword from Soulcalibur, also represented in Pact of Wolves. Basically a sword that transforms into a whip and still does slashing damage.

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But a lot of them already are. By that logic, there could never be any threat to Absalom either, if you just look at the number of high Level good NPC's there.

Again, look at Wrath of the Righteous - right off the bat there is a Level 17 Paladin, leader of the Nation most opposed to the Worldwound. Why hasn't she closed it already? Or at least covered the threats of modules 1-4?

Why are there lower Level Pathfinder agents? The Top Tier pathfinders surely have the means and the Levels to adress all threats taht come up in any Scenario? Why bother?

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One word - tapdancing.

Wasn't the first part of Price of Immortality the very first Glasscannon Podcast to showcase how easy it is to adapt 1e stuff on the fly?

Your story, your decision. This is the same question after every Adventure path. If you don't look to closely, the question is already there inside the Adventure path the Minute a high Level friendly NPC is there (e.g. the Queen in Wrath of the Righteous) Even with Mythic, they meet the Queen at the End of Book 1, and she is a 17th Level Paladin - why doesn't she solve all the Problems?

Because the Avengers can't be everywhere. And as Paizo does not know your specific Avengers Lineup, you have to come up with those excuses in your own game.

By the way, never, ever start to think about how the world works at all with these high powered people littering the landscape. There is no reason that not every Golarion Country is a magocracy if you start to apply game logic to the backgroud. Just don't look too hard.

The Ride feat is one of those cases where I had hoped it gives you a Bonus on top if you ride your animal companion. Because I agree, being a Knight but only able to ride your one true Mount is very strange.

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I fully expect this difference to be covered in a Future social book (Intrigue 2e), and mostly by Skill Feats comparable to "Lie to me".
There are already inclings of it with the social Exploration activities in the playtest, but they were never fleshed out sufficiently to make for an interesting System.

But with perception and sense motive, it really Comes down to "Everybody always wanted this skill maxed, so let it scale automatically."

The feel like they are natural follow ups to each other, so I would rule they all work. It's a bit like a Wrestling match, you first make the Opponent flatfooted by shoving him around (snagging strike), then you grab him in a headlock (combat grab).

As far as I understand, by RAW your Hand only stops being free once you wield something with it. So from that Point I guess this works fine, but I understand that it comes of as confusing.

I am quite convinced this is a fakeout - I do not expect JJ "I want to reshoot New Hope" Abrams to come up with an actual Twist.
But the fights do look pretty - say what you want about the Prequels, the Darth Maul fight still is the best light saber duel that was ever filmed (maybe excluding Maul Apprentice, a fan film that puts Episode 7 and 8 to shame)

And man, do they come up with ridiculous Light Saber Designs - yes, the double saber is cool AND it actually makes sense with Rey having fought with a staff before - but why would you ever fold it up with blades extended?

Negativity off, nice montage of the old Saga - even though as a flashback it has a strange order of events ;)

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graystone wrote:
DerNils wrote:
I do not see how that helps - nobody says that selling these raw materials is any easier than selling the consumable. Probably not an awful lot of People interested in Phoenix Feathers or volatile acids that were not interested in an alchemical bomb.
You're missing the point: you can use the raw materials to make another item: one's that's actually useful. It's what people will do if the DM starts making it hard to sell things.

I don't think it works that way - the raw materials of the consumables will not be the same raw materials you use to create permanent items. They just have the same monetary value for simplicities sake.

Again, it comes down to how much control you as a GM want to have over the magic item population. If you don't care, just tell your Players up front "buying/creating consumables wastes money".

For PFS, that is not even a concern - nobody will craft stuff, and wether you drink the potion you found in the module or not does not Impact your income.

I agree - once you enter Encounter mode, my Players would be only undetected, because they have entered a dangerous area. But that would mean the guards have to actively search for them, and if they never catch them, something "undetected" has passed them.

My interpretation is like in Stealth computer games, where the guards suddenly are at attention because they heard something, but they still don't pinpoint you. If my players manage to avoid them by exiting their guard area (the battlemap), we go back to exploration mode where the terms "unnoticed" and "undetected" don't apply.

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I do not see how that helps - nobody says that selling these raw materials is any easier than selling the consumable. Probably not an awful lot of People interested in Phoenix Feathers or volatile acids that were not interested in an alchemical bomb.

The challenge here is that once you enter Encounter mode, it becomes way more difficult to escape notice. Even in my example, suddenly you are not talking about one roll from the PC's that has to clear the perception DC of the Guards anymore, now you have to hope that the guards Seek Actions never clear your sneak DC.

Realistically speaking, in my games I would normally just have the Party avoid notice, make their rolls vs. the guards Perception DC, and call it a day. Until they come to the very Special chokepoint where I Initiate Encounter mode and they now have to try to evade the guards Seek Actions.

It all comes down to what Level of challenge I want to present to my Players. Yes, that does take some agency out of my Players Hands, as I decide when I want to use the Encounter mode and when I stay in Exploration mode. This is something you Need to communicate well to Players that care about a consistent use of Rules, because there is a certain judgement call from the GM involved that your Players Need to be ok with.

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I am also unsure it will lead to any actual in game Problems. It is sad that crafting consumables is not very interesting outside of being an Alchemist, but that is another niche Problem.
The whole characters crafting their own stuff always goes way too much into an economy Simulation game than I am comfortable with. So either it is an immersive roleplaying Thing, where the GM controls what formulae are available and this may make consumables interesting (as he just does not hand out easy access to wands) or you handwave this and just explain to your players that crafting stuff is not cost efficient.

This is how I would Play it - basically, use Ambushes as Complex Hazards, with the Reaction being defined by the readied Action of the ambushers. You can still have the Scenario of everybody moving past the other Party undetected.

This happened in the playtest Scenario with the quicksand and burrowed Ankhegs.. The Party stealthed, we went into initiative. The Party kept stealthing, never triggered the quicksand or the readied Action of the Ankhegs. The moved across the map, and once everybody was out we left Encounter mode.

Unfortunately Feige seems to dislike the TV franchises so will never, ever take something from them for the movies. Plus, as we just learned, the next Spiderman movie may very well be completely Shield, Skrull and Avengers-free.

To be brutally honest, if Sony and Disney don't come back together, the next Spiderman will probably be animated and/or a complete reboot again, and crossover with Venom on top.

I agree that killing/permamently retiring Craig-Bond would make for a satisfying arc - something that former Bond movies didn't really care about. That is not a bad thing, not all franchises Need some Kind of overarching narrative.
What is new about Craig-Bond is that they actually tried to make a real story about him, including backstory that I frankly never needed. We just rewatched Skyfall and man, is that return to the old house stupid and useless for storytelling.

Still, I think with the modern expectations of franchises that they will actually do this and try to establish some kind of continuity, maybe even a passing of the torch to the next 007. Even though I have to admit the "world" of Bond without him specifically is nothing exciting. It's not exactly the wizarding world, or Star Wars, which is exciting enough as a setting that you do not need the same characters again and again. 007 without James Bond is just a super generic Spy Action Movie world.

Why that doesn't work so well, look at them trying to replace Bourne.

Wayne Reynolds wrote:

Consistency is one of the reasons why I was asked to create back views of the 2e Iconic characters.

Will we be able to see These in the future? I would love to have the full view of what all the characters look like, front to back!

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Everything I read about Hellion screams he will absolutely vent his Anger on the Messenger. That means wherever you meet her again, I would show how he punished her, e.g. by serious mutliation, branding, something in that direction. It also gives a perfect push to her to get over her attachment to this crazed god. For the long con she could end up in contact with Unity, because it actually Shares the Goals of a machine-dominated world with Hellion. This would enable you to have a more active Agent of Unity running around, something that is severely missing from the AP as is.

A similar idea to what I am toying with for one of my characters is her offering her body as a Transport for Casandalees memories. Again, this would enable a much more active role for Casandalee AND you have the nice roleplaying/Moral challenge of what do two souls in one body mean, especially as they are destined for godhood.

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CapeCodRPGer wrote:
This is going to tie the John Wick and Bill and Ted movies together.

That would explain so much AND establish an interconnected Keanuverse. Shared Universes are all the rage. Johnny Mnemonic was just a prequel to Matrix. Speed 1 and 2 took place in earlier versions of the Matrix!

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I do think this is just the first bout of negotiations. And while I like Spidey in the MCU, I totally get where Sony is coming from. That offer was atrocious. By the logic of that offer, they only have to make half of what Spidey did in his last movie to be better off than this deal - and even VENOM did make 800Mil.
Not all Sony Spiderman movies were great, but they are absolutely valid movies. Spiderman 2 remains one of the all time greats. As Rysky mentioned, "Into the Spiderverse" just netted them an Oscar. I would feel confident in Sonys shoes as well.

I honestly do not think Disney will back off that easily, not after having Far From Home set up their Spidey as the heart of the next phase. But who knows?

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Can we just accept that the rules for Fantasy superheroes can not be made into a functioning real world? The PF2 design Team has stated multiple time that is one of their reasons for totally decoupling NPC creation rules from PC rules. The CRB is not a world simulator, it is a very limited scope Hero Simulator.

Now, back on Topic (somewhat), I agree that the current Price philosophy does not encourage PLAYERS to use consumables, which is unfortunate. I will probably make stuff like potions very much unsellable, just to encourage the Team to simply use them.

I am not so worried about the pricing per HP on higher Levels - there consumables are limited by Action economy, not Price economy. Sure it saves Money to guzzle 3 lower Level potions instead of a high Level one, but in combat you Need to minimize those interact Actions.

Out of combat healing is already easily covered by Skill use, that is not what potions are for.

Stand Still does absolutely nothing to a Person Standing up, as per the second post of this thread. It is a feat made to Keep Persons in one space, nothing more, nothing less.

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As always you go beyond everything expected - it is so inspiring to see the awesome lengths you guys go to to immerse yourself into the game. Kudos to all of you. I look forward to that video!

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