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Which is one of the reasons I hope it will be succesful (beyond really hoping that Black Widow gets the respect she deserves).
If it works out, it opens the door to doing more "in between" movies instead of Always having to set up the next Avengers, the next Story line, bla bla. That would take a lot of pressure from the Writers.

And Always remember, your PC's are far from "mere mortals". Mythic PC's are akin to Demigods themselves, and I surely play up that notion in my campaign.
So, if anybody should be able to bring a Demon Lord onto the path of redemption, it should be a mythical Paladin of the Lady of Redemption.

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Thankfully you do not need to delve so deeply into customization. This is really something from Nerds for Nerds. But they provide Autoleveling choices that are not horrible for verybody.
And I can only repeat that the Owlcats seem to be the perfect mix of professoinals and Gamer Geeks - running the Tabletop Campaings in parallel with their work, absolutely awesome.
One of their recent updates was how even their Quality Assurance Tools have Golarion names :) Clockwork, Arbiter, Aeon and Scrivenite are some of their testing routines.

I still think a conversion guide to coincide with this release would be a perfect opportunity to get even more People on board for PF2.
One of the real Advantages of Pathfinder is its Wealth of Adventure paths. Opening the door to PF2 Players using the already out there Paths would greatly help.
In addition, I guess Rise would be one of the easiest conversions, what with 90% of the Monsters already in the bestiary and most NPC's being based on Core Classes.

Maybe to clear it up, I am specifically talking about the Iron Gods Adventure path.

Lords of Rust:
My characters at Level 6 will enter Hellions Domain. The very first Encounter is with his High Priest Nalakai (Cleric) in his temple, and Hellion actually is Right there (as Hologram and on a monitor). I am aware that the Adventure path does not go into any details beyond Hellions spellcasting and I need to be careful not to overbalance the encounter

So we are not talking full fledged Deity, more Mythic Creature that can grant spells. Still, it felt odd to me that there is no tangible advantage for the Cleric to be in the seat of his power/presence of his patron.

Thanks for the Unhallow idea, I forgot about that one.

In my Iron Gods campaign I have a player that did not have too much Background, so I made some up for her.
In part 1, she discovered she is not human at all, but an Android.
We have another Player whose character is an Oracle of Time - he actually is from the Divinity, and as a last ditch effort the Captain tried to send him back in time in order to Prevent the crash. This failed spectacularly, instead he ended up as nanite data in the timetravel pod. This is the pod which Held Khonnir Baine, so he ended up in his Body, Quantum Flux style.
He did recognise Casanda as his former Science Officer - so basically, my Android Player is in Casandas former Body.
Hellion also recognised her and is already bugging her About mindmelding.
Now we are just about to enter Hellions Domain, and I am thinking about interfacing her with the personality Crystals.
My initial idea is that they will see in the Vision of the Haunted Wrecks that the Inhibitor Facet is something like an Obedience Chip installed in Androids. So instead of just finding it, I want it to be actually in her head.
This hopefully will make for some great roleplaying opportunities, where I basically allow my Player to install the Personality Crystals in herself. My initial plan is to limit it to one at a time, first to make it easier to roleplay for her (you are now all Anger, All, Ego, etc.) but also to drive the storyline - the have to Gather all her personality Crystals AND find a Computer powerful enough to restore her full AI.

What I am Looking for is an interesting Interpretation of the Inhibitor facet as personality trait AND a good idea what it would take to remove it from her head. Probably comparable to installing Cyberware?

Hi guys,

I will be running a scenario soon where the adventurers fight an Evil priest in his temple. Now specifically this is even in the presence of his god.

Are there any rules that influence magic if you are in a temple or sacred place?

Thank you for this interesting summary!

Isn't that, you know, Fantasy? Without any qualifiers?

The only Thing that bothered me in the final fight was Vilgefortz duel with the Nilfgaard guy. So, you have mages here eliminating whole Regiments by squinting hard, and they sent the guy as an assassin whose trick is - replacable swords?

It is in his Vignette - he is a Mutant, he takes drugs to get powers, everybody thinks they have no emotions (and the Witchers lean into that). I admit that the last line about him being awesome with a sword and tough is blah, but that is the finale of the Vignette.

What does make me happy is that Cavill is an honest fan who has read all the books and played the games. That counts for something.

But I admit that Yennefer is the standout in these three vignettes.

In my games he was an Opportunist and sometimes VERY unhinged. He picked up on unintentional cues by my Players. He was severely creeped out by the mongrelmen, whom he perceived as half-demons themselves, and being forced to consort with them and seeing the heroes being actually getting cosy with some of them (our Team witch got along brillantly with their shaman, and the Transmutation wizard felt it was a good eperiment to refresh their gene pool) send him right over the edge.
When they took the mad dwarf prisoner, he listened to the Hardliner Rangers Arguments and arranged a Little "accident" for the captive so he would not slow them down further.

He actually asked to leave them on his own when he saw them bargain with the Ivory Labyrinth Templars and even idly reading through prayer books to Baphomet.

He is absolutely convinced that the heroes are thoroughly corrupted, aided by an imp in the form of a rat he picked up in the Underground. He personally called for the Hellknights to help free Kenabres once he was able to and is now a constant pain in the neck for my Players with his law over all Arguments and bankrolling of Hellknights in the area.

He is an important mirror for my Players and a constant reminder how the average Person perceives their Acts.

I like the idea - Wrath is very Videogamey what with the evergrowing Monsters, planeshopping and defeating actual gods. I will be interested in their take on Mythic - obviously a complete depart from the original rules. A Lich with hordes of minions??? I did not see that coming.

Also, Moral ambiguity does not seem difficult at all for Wrath - in my own game, the question will be very much if the Players do not become worse that the gods they defeat and replace them as the new rulers of the Abyss. Something like that Can easily be done in a Computer Game.

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In my game, that will be one of the major hurdles of the relationship. I will Play it that being intimate is still something Arushaele craves very much, but knows she should not act on. And it will be the Players role to convince her that true love is not contingent on having sexual intercourse.

If it comes to it, I will go into the old "good" Vampire Trope - she will want to stop the drain, but it is really difficult for her to do so (she is a creature of Passion, after all).

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I see no Major Trouble in replacing the undeground dungeon with the crowded/burning alleys of Kenabres. Have Terendelev literally jump between them and the Storm King in order to save them and get the deathblow for them. When she crashes to the ground, they are all thrown into the rubble of the disintegrating Arena.
They wake up covered in the blood and scales of their saviour,surrounded by Death and Destruction.

Hosilla could be the Head ofthe first search Party of the cultists they have to evade - getting Horgus, Anevia and Aravaschnial out of the grips of the Ivory Templars.

I recommend keeping the Encounter with the Mad Dwarf as Stanton Vanes brother/Cousin - it makes for great foreshadowing of Vane later on.

You could reskin the Meetings with the mongrelman as normal townsfolk/criminal Underground People that they Need to cope with in order to get into the right quarter of Kenabres.

I lean toward allowing it as well - if you can target the 5 by 5 section with an attack, it is reasonable that you can also target it with a spell.

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Count me in as not liking abilities that let you share a space. It was already annoying with smaller creatures where it made sense. The ability is really nice and flavourful, but the mechanics are annoying. Could have worked the same way with being in an adjacent space.

And as mentioned, outside of combat for lifting purposes you increase your Strength by a factor of 10 (treating Bulk as L)

I think the question was rather not about falling damage, but why would an incorporeal being stop falling at ground Level.
Personally, I would handwaive this with incorporeals having to consciously move through solid objects, ambient Magic in the ground, blalala, because RAW she would stop somewhere one the other side of Golarion (I seem to remember Incorporeals can't stop their movement in solid objects anymore)

I am both interested and afraid if there will be any link to the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie. Now I haven't seen it yet, so I don't even know if that is possible - but the temptation to put your critically acclaimed movie and try to boost your middling DCU must be very strong.

They all play their roles. Which is one of the really great elements when you compare them to the Mystics counterparts. This is something I would love to see more of (maybe in S2) - how do the other mystic roles compare to the Skeksis?

What is a good Chamberlain like? A good Emperor?

The fighter is a bad Point of comparison - his Advantage on proficiency has him leading the curve even against other martials. You should rather compare the Warpriest to the Ranger or Barbarian.

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I think the intent for LoE is made clear in the Fireball example. They are referencing a wall between the FIREBALL and ist origin, aka the caster, while still being in the radius.
If line of effect could go around corners, this would establish line of effect, but it doesn't in the example.

NB: As I am not a native Speaker, I only assume the origin of the FIREBALL references to the caster, not the point of detonation.

The Garthim reveal was ok, I had actually forgotten about the guys. The one thing bothering the wife an me was - how do you go from spider plus frog guy to giant crab with caterpillar feet? And the additions do not look very mechanic. But it was a suitable gut punch mirroring the success of the first stages of the Rebellion.

It is strange that I connect way better to their muppets than to the Gelflings. Both Hup and the Gruenaks stirred more emotional Response in me than any of the Gelflings. They do great work with them, but they are still too uncanny valley for me.

The twist:
I did love that the Arathim, your standard hive mind baddy, actually switched sides. It makes sense from their lore, but taking something so inhuman and make them allies is cool

Also, my wife really liked Deet having two Daddys, just as a random aside. That kind of inclusion is the best Kind, not annoying anyone and still making a point, even on Thra :)

Still wary about how they want to go from here (and if they should). This ended on a generally positive note, and we know that in the Long term the Crystal will be healed, but... Do they really want to go into the whole genocide thing and expect people to get their happy end from the movie? That would be harsh.

@SuperBidi, Snares are probably a Teamwork Thing. Ranger sets them up next to the baddy, other character shoves them in. Doing it all alone is annyoing and not worth it, agreed.

I think that is what makes snares about equal than spells. You have to invest a comparable amount of Actions (sometimes more, sometimes less) and they have one Save on top of another condition (either resisting a combat maneuver or you have to be lucky to have them step in)

Poisons in combat are a no go as is, but hopefully this will Change with new poisons, a poisoner archetype and probably a bit more clarification on touch and inhaled poisons.

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A beautiful idea with the seeds. Something I will pick up for my running Wrath of the Righteous campaign.

Just as a heads-up for DC Enthusiasts, "Joker" just won the Cannes Film Festival - now that is a first for a superhero movie (Comics got some recognition already for "Blue is the warmest Color"). And it could steer DC on a new path, not trying the whole shared universe stuff too hard, but rather concentrate on great standalone stories.
Because, by Thor I hope they do not try to get the Joaquin Phoenix Joker into the Robert Pattinson Batman movie, that can only result in a mess...

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As Fitting, someone on the GiTP boards already built the treeslayer class :)

In order to make Option 3 believable you'd need to seriously bump Meyanda in power. Kulgara is one of the really dangerous NPC's with her magical chainsaw.

To me a ladder would not even be a climbing role - I always used ladders as difficult Terrain. But I do agree that normally you should Need two Hands to climb.

The 5/10 feet climb Speed is what sounds too harsh.

Anyway, thank you for your detailed Feedback and Reports.

I am ok with Polytheism for the normal guys, but in order to get your Magic powered by them you need to concentrate on one deity. That was always my rationalisation for the one Cleric-One God rule.

I don't have the tables in front of me, but if Nobledrake is right, you could skill everything but Arcana and take Lore:Dragons, which is a valid sublore that should enable you to even get a lower DC on Dragons specifically.
As for your proposal, I personally wouldn't mind. You set yourself a nice Limitation in "I have to have encountered it once", so as a GM I would be ok.

Dark Crystal was never for small children - the Skeksis have always been complete nightmare fuel.
We are up to the Hunter/Archer Epdisode and I like it, even though I still have a Problem with the Gelfling Aesthetic.
My favourite is the Podling Paladin - and I fully expect the series to kill him off in order to make me cry.

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It is so awesome to have an excuse as an author to do good chapter breaks. Elan is a gift.

I am not a fan of these 10 Minute increments that need to be managed, but it is also not a big Problem. The Thing is, either you are in a time crunch or you aren't. I have yet to Encounter an interesting Adventure where it makes a difference if you rest 10 or 30 minutes.

I do admit it is strange that you cannot throw smoke without damage. But that is probably what normal smokesticks are for (have not checked if they still exist)

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Another example of how I really have now idea how to adjucate bulk. What Bulk is a cart? Or a door? Is a door more than two Tower shields?
If I lift my buddy, is the bulk 6 for being a medium creature or 6 plus all his stuff? If it is with his stuff, do I Count his full plate as 4 (because he wears it) or 5 because I am not wearing it?

Great to read your experiences - I am heading into the Ivory Labyrith myself this Weekend and still have no idea how my Players will fare.

They just freed Arueshalae and there will be some fun roleplay, but I am already a bit afraid of handling a complicated dungeon like the Ivory Sanctum.

I am pondering doing this, as currently in part 3 Encounters begin to feel crazy complicated.
The whole "Mythic Feeling" never came into Play for us anyway - we don't play so often that we could tell the difference between "regular fantasy superheroes" and "superspecial Fantasy superheroes".

Your characters in any PF campaign will be the superheroes of that Story - Mythic really does not Change that.

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For a Ruffian with a Mace, I can only see
"Stop! Hammer Time!"

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Hasn't it been stated that this is specifically done so we can seed our own stories in there more easily? The more Detail is added, the more difficult it will be to put my own parties in the Background for those AP's we did play.

And stating that there are all those high-Level parties would run into the good old Vampire: The Masquerade Problem. Why are we doing anything if there are so many, much more powerful People around?

Trying to put RPG rules and logic into world-building is an exercise in futility. This is not Sim World. And from an authors perspective I can tell you, you do not want to have 100 plus other powerful entities actively running around in your story. It makes for a bloody mess of a world.

Paizo is throwing us a bone and shows us their vision of Golarion after succesul AP's to make it easier for us to make a worldbuilding with our parst parties, and give us some starting points for new parties. That is it.

I love Ivys whipsword from Soulcalibur, also represented in Pact of Wolves. Basically a sword that transforms into a whip and still does slashing damage.

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But a lot of them already are. By that logic, there could never be any threat to Absalom either, if you just look at the number of high Level good NPC's there.

Again, look at Wrath of the Righteous - right off the bat there is a Level 17 Paladin, leader of the Nation most opposed to the Worldwound. Why hasn't she closed it already? Or at least covered the threats of modules 1-4?

Why are there lower Level Pathfinder agents? The Top Tier pathfinders surely have the means and the Levels to adress all threats taht come up in any Scenario? Why bother?

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One word - tapdancing.

Wasn't the first part of Price of Immortality the very first Glasscannon Podcast to showcase how easy it is to adapt 1e stuff on the fly?

Your story, your decision. This is the same question after every Adventure path. If you don't look to closely, the question is already there inside the Adventure path the Minute a high Level friendly NPC is there (e.g. the Queen in Wrath of the Righteous) Even with Mythic, they meet the Queen at the End of Book 1, and she is a 17th Level Paladin - why doesn't she solve all the Problems?

Because the Avengers can't be everywhere. And as Paizo does not know your specific Avengers Lineup, you have to come up with those excuses in your own game.

By the way, never, ever start to think about how the world works at all with these high powered people littering the landscape. There is no reason that not every Golarion Country is a magocracy if you start to apply game logic to the backgroud. Just don't look too hard.

The Ride feat is one of those cases where I had hoped it gives you a Bonus on top if you ride your animal companion. Because I agree, being a Knight but only able to ride your one true Mount is very strange.

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I fully expect this difference to be covered in a Future social book (Intrigue 2e), and mostly by Skill Feats comparable to "Lie to me".
There are already inclings of it with the social Exploration activities in the playtest, but they were never fleshed out sufficiently to make for an interesting System.

But with perception and sense motive, it really Comes down to "Everybody always wanted this skill maxed, so let it scale automatically."

The feel like they are natural follow ups to each other, so I would rule they all work. It's a bit like a Wrestling match, you first make the Opponent flatfooted by shoving him around (snagging strike), then you grab him in a headlock (combat grab).

As far as I understand, by RAW your Hand only stops being free once you wield something with it. So from that Point I guess this works fine, but I understand that it comes of as confusing.

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