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Iron Gods

In my Iron Gods campaign I have a player that did not have too much Background, so I made some up for her.
In part 1, she discovered she is not human at all, but an Android.
We have another Player whose character is an Oracle of Time - he actually is from the Divinity, and as a last ditch effort the Captain tried to send him back in time in order to Prevent the crash. This failed spectacularly, instead he ended up as nanite data in the timetravel pod. This is the pod which Held Khonnir Baine, so he ended up in his Body, Quantum Flux style.
He did recognise Casanda as his former Science Officer - so basically, my Android Player is in Casandas former Body.
Hellion also recognised her and is already bugging her About mindmelding.
Now we are just about to enter Hellions Domain, and I am thinking about interfacing her with the personality Crystals.
My initial idea is that they will see in the Vision of the Haunted Wrecks that the Inhibitor Facet is something like an Obedience Chip installed in Androids. So instead of just finding it, I want it to be actually in her head.
This hopefully will make for some great roleplaying opportunities, where I basically allow my Player to install the Personality Crystals in herself. My initial plan is to limit it to one at a time, first to make it easier to roleplay for her (you are now all Anger, All, Ego, etc.) but also to drive the storyline - the have to Gather all her personality Crystals AND find a Computer powerful enough to restore her full AI.

What I am Looking for is an interesting Interpretation of the Inhibitor facet as personality trait AND a good idea what it would take to remove it from her head. Probably comparable to installing Cyberware?

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