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So, Mr. Comrade and His New Girlfriend have adopted Wolverine and Storm as avatars of their love. No expert I, I wasn't aware that Logan and Ororo ever got down, but apparently, there is an alternate timeline, blah blah blah.

Anyway, Mr. Comrade recently made this panel his Facebook profile pic, with it positioned so that if you're looking at his page rather than the link I provided, you pretty much get a focus shot of their crotches. Mr. Comrade's New Girlfriend thought that was hilarious, so, hey, whatever.

Anyway, I have a pretty extensive run of X-Men comics, but I don't know what number that is from, and I would like to give it to her for Christmas. I'm kind of busy and don't have time to go through 150 issues at the moment, so if there were any Paizonian X-Men experts who could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

With the joys of the internet, I have discovered that there are various versions of the 1950s Quatermass tv shows on youtube, as well as the later film versions.

I was wondering if any Britishiznoid/Anglophile friends had any particular opinions on whether I should watch the tv shows or the movies.

R.I.P. Harry Dean Stanton

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Well, I wasn't able to successfully log on for two days, so I just heard the news.

It's been pretty great over the years, but, alas, all things must come to an end.

"Why, Doodlebug," you're asking me, "did you spend so much time on Paizo, a website for fantasy role-playing games, proselytizing for international proletarian socialist revolution?"

Well, it happened organically. Back in 2010 or so me and my mates switched from third edition to Pathfinder and we discovered this website and I became addicted to it. Then, after a while, my players started getting married and having kids and we met less and less often, then Occupy Wall Street happened, and my dormant communist tendencies were reignited and I became less and less interested in campaigning against orcs and more and more interested in campaigning against capitalism, and, every step of the way, there were posters here who were willing to indulge my every (well, most of them anyway) topic of discussion, so, it happened.

Comrade Crystal Seas pm'ed about setting up some kind of off-site political article sharing thingy and I told her I'd make some kind of thread offering up my Facebook page as a way to stay in touch. Maybe we could make a group page if people are interested. Otoh, not everyone is on Facebook, I don't know. Ironically, I don't post much about politics on Facebook. It's too echo chamber-y and, besides, I prefer being a big goblin in a small cave to a miniscule gobbo in a...well, you get the idea.

Anyway, here go:

Mike Gath

(Make sure to include your Paizo handle or I will have no idea who you are)

(It used to be "Commie Mike Gath" a moniker Comrade Omar [RIP] gave me; but Facebook made me change it after a couple of years. Jerks.)

In the meantime, well, it's not farewell like I'll never be back, there's still the books and music threads, but, I imagine my activity will fall off markedly. I mean, I've been supposed to be putting together a Scarred Lands campaign starting with Gallows of Madness for two or three months now and I think I might have to face the fact that, at least for now, I've lost interest in the hobby. (Otoh, I'm hoping to go a local con next month, so, we'll see.)

To wrap up:

Thanks to the staff at Paizo.com for treating me with benign neglect over the past seven or eight years, even if you are a bunch of anti-goblin racists.

Thanks to all the comrades and poltitrolls over the years for making it so much fun: Gark the Goblin, thejeff, Limeylongears, Robert Hawkshaw, The 8th Dwarf (RIP), Citizen K(e)rensky, Yellow Dingo and Lazar X (where ever those three are), thejeff, Ambrosia Slaad, Mean DM, Usagi Yojimbo, Houstonderek, Kirth Gersen, Comrade Freehold, I'm Hiding In Your Closet, Alice Murgatroyd, Dicey, Smarnil le Couard, Guy Humual, Comrade Pravda, Madame Sissyl, Bee Nee, Comrade Fergie, Pan, Kajehase, Comrade Samnell, The White Knife, Bitter Thorn, Bugleyman, Meatrace and a cast of thousands all of whom I can't remember at the moment because I did double-digit hour day in a sweltering 100+ degrees warehouse today and have already drank three Down East ciders (and I sincerely apologize if I forgot you).

And if I ever called you an imperialist stooge, scab, or neoliberal lickspittle, then I apologize (although you probably deserved it) (okay that was a less sincere apology).

Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer/We'll keep the red flag flying here

Vive le Galt!!!

It's early Friday (my Saturday) afternoon, I already drove to Hooksett to get the keys to the Plumbers' and Steamfitters' hall for tomorrow's "What's Next?" meeting, Mr. Comrade's on a nature-walk date and won't be around until evening when we go to the LGBTQ+ mixer to rabble rouse for the rally in Lowell on Sunday, half my branch (including Comrade Who Was Published in Jacobin and the Nigerian Princess) quit to go start a New Hampshire branch of the Socialist Party USA, the other half are at school or work (well, Young Gay Autistic Comrade's probably out having adventures, but I had to chaperone him through last night's International Trans Remembrance event in Lowell which he showed up to drunk and then proceeded to smoke a joint during the march--"But it's legal now!" "Not until December 15th!"--and then passed out at the name-reading; he's a lot to handle, I think I'll see him soon enough), me and the Black Goblin don't work the same shift anymore so I hardly see him, my D&D group fell apart, like, seven months ago when I refused--after eight years--to be the Dungeon Master anymore, La Principessa and I aren't on speaking terms at the moment and now I can't talk about politics with any of my Paizo friends!

Guess I should go rake the lawn or something.


Soviet Woman Combat Pilot Fought Nazis: In Honor of Nadezhda Popova

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I am almost 100% sure that I am going to be spending my vacation next week in Brooklyn with my hawt NY schoolteacher girlfriend. Any Paizonian comrades in NYC (and I can think of at least three) who would like to meet a commie goblin paladin, give a shout out here or in a private message and I will get back to you soon!

I think this deserves wider exposure than just a post on WPZO:

Speed metal J-pop with costumes, dancing, babytalk and a killer chorus.

Babymetal--"Gimme Chocolate!"

Might get me back into metal...

And, if so, what does this say?

Try as I might, I can't think of a thread to put this in.

So...I've been reading The Bible for, like, a year now, and I'm only up to Psalms. Next is Proverbs. Both, I'm sure, have their good points, but, alas, neither have much narrative interest.

Then I saw a trailer for Aronofsky's Noah and read on-line that Ridley Scott is doing another Exodus. Which gave me the idea of making a list of Old Testament flicks to watch.

I already found plenty of on-line info about all the Biblical epics done by DeMille and Wyler and co., but I am looking for recommendations about the best Old Testament flicks (no Jesus...until maybe next year when I think I'll get to the New Testament).

Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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Dear comrades,

We share warm fraternal greetings with you on the occasion of your historic victory in Iceland and, with you, look forward to the day when elves and goblins shall live together in brotherly, multiracial harmony after we smash the filthy pinkskins.

Vive le Galt!

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Although, to be fair, I'd hate to see Yanks' attempts to name Britishiznoid counties.

New Hampshire: Better than Old Hampshire!

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Sorry about the lateness, comrades, but I was on a vacation-week's kickoff goblin cavebender this weekend and wasn't checking the commie listserves.

Paizo: The Gobbo Revoluzhan's Cummin' to Getcha!

(The Wal-Mart advertisement's real subtle, MSNBC Stooges!)

Vive le Bachuan!

Open Gaming Convention is, um, tomorrow.

I'm going. Anyone else?

Don't have anything planned out or nothin', but me and my friend are planning to start the weekend off with The Night March of Kalkamedes. Take it from there.

Golarion Lore Masters, I beseech thee:

So, I've read the first chapter of the anniversary edition of Rise of the Runelords and have flipped through/skimmed the rest of the book and I was wondering where the Sandpoint Devil was.

I went through some of the old threads, and I read that he appeared in Pathfinder #1, but I don't have that. Does the Devil actually show up in the Adventure Path, or was he just some legend?

Thanks in advance!

So, one of my players is a Buddhist monk who ekes out his living working with kids at YMCAs and summer camps and what not.

This year he is running a program based on D&D.

There is no way I will be able to do the whole thing justice in one try, so if you have any questions ask, and there's probably something I'm forgetting.

The kids in the program are a party of interplanetary scientists who were sent out into the cosmos to find a new planet for Earthpeople to move to. They were given 8 years worth of food--4 on the way out, 4 on the way back. When they got to the 4 year mark, they detected an inhabitable planet one more year away!

So, they went for it. They landed on an inhabited planet with sentient aliens living on it. The aliens took them in and promised to help them out, but there were certain conditions.

The first condition was that they had to occupy a certain piece of land that served as a buffer zone between the alien civilization and the wildlands, where there be monsters. So, the first thing the kids have to do is defend the land from monsters.

In addition to that, they have to purchase anything they want--building materials, weapons, food, etc.--from the aliens.

There are various ways to earn money. One is from fighting monsters. A second is to do science experiments. Another is to "mine"--which irl means collecting garbage. Another is to to collect stamps from the other camp councillors for excelling in other camp activities.

So, I guess the kids will show up and there will be a four-day schedule.

Monday--Building Day--the space scientists spend the day building things--both forts (which add to the Colonists Armor Class--see Fighting Monsters below) and whatever other projects my player comes up with he. He has already obtained blueprints for catapults and tribochets, to give you a hint.

Tuesday--Science Experiment Day--pretty self-explanatory, really.

Thursday--Agriculture Day--I don't recall him actually explaining what he's going to do that day, but I would guess they're going to garden.

Friday--Free Day--Garden, build a ballista, make C-4, whatever you want kid, knock yourself out!

But regardless of what day it is, the day starts the same. My player rolls a percentile dice and there are one of four results: 01-60 Nothing happens; 61-80 Monsters attack; 81-90 Natural disaster; 91-00 Good luck

So, when monsters attack, he has taken 20 monsters from the Pathfinder Bestiary--ranging from goblins to copper dragon, with a basilisk, vampires and zombies mentioned in between--and the kids randomly roll to see what they get attacked by.

They go over to the "shooting range". My player has scrounged together (he has always been a good scrounger) bows and arrows, slingshots, javelins or, of course, the kids can always throw rocks or build a tribochet.

Anyway, he's got a target set up with hit point damage being determined by how close they get to the target. The kids go once and then the monsters attack, and do damage against the kids Armor Class. I don't remember if he said how he was going to determine the kids' hit points, but he did say that it was quite possible that a copper dragon could destroy all of their defenses and that then he and his assistants would get to destroy all the forts and stuff that the kids had made. What fun!

Anyway, he tested it out with some of the kids during the after school program and, apparently, they loved it and word spread and lots of kids are interested in playing.

All you haters can kiss Slim's ass.


In a very awesome thread that The 8th Dwarf started called "History is Cool" he linked an article that I believe deserves a larger gaming audience.

Norwegian guerrilla warfare in the Iron Age: At the same time the axe became a weapon of choice among Norwegian warriors, society collapsed and warfare became a free-for-all.

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Can anyone point me to a list of adventures and/or PFS scenarios that take place in the best country in all of Golarion?

Vive le Galt!

A map they've got on the MSN homepage

So, I'm happy to say that NH trails behind Mass by a meager 3 cents, but then I am shocked that we both trail behind Vermont, who is a cent behind New York (if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere) who is a cent behind the tied-for-first surprises (at least to me): Nevada and Florida!!

Also, Hey Ladies

So, this movie kinda kicked ass.

I only saw the 2 1/2 hour version, though, not the full 4+ hrs Taiwanese cut.


I'm considering changing my Voting is for ninnies! policy.

No, I'm not.

So, while playing PFS in NH, I heard a rumor that, out there floating around somewhere, is a player boon that would allow you to make a legal goblin character.

Maybe you're a little short on the rent this month? College loans getting you down? Doing the math to see how much your blood will get you?

Send me a private message and let's talk.


Alexander Cockburn last week, Gore Vidal last night.

It's a bad time to be a favorite writer of mine.


Anyone going?

I'm going to get my new PFS character from 1st to 3rd level in one weekend!

That is, if I don't die.

Happy Bastille Day, comrades!


How did this get by me?


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So, I sent my little spies to Paizocon, and they tell me that Gark the Goblin, if that is his real name, has an irl brother--and that that brother is a kobold!

Goblins are born live; kobolds hatch from eggs. WTF!?!

As far as I can tell, either Gark doesn't have a brother who is a kobold or Gark is not a goblin!

The latter possibility has mind-shattering repercussions; if Gark isn't really a goblin then what else isn't true?


I guess it happens in Australia, too, Mr. Shifty.


I'm kinda surprised none of you celebrity death fans have done this yet.

I Feel Love

Chuck Brown kicked it, too.

Paizo fans are lilly white!

Ross Byers wrote:
As I said earlier, if you want to discuss a specific topic, feel free to do so, in its own thread.


Darkwing Duck wrote:

I'm confused by your terminology. You believe leftists who supported the New Deal shouldn't be called "liberals", why? Other than what appears to be an arbitrary reference to LBJ.

Not that I am a liberal, but here's why


And a moment of silence for the passing away of the bestest thread on Paizo.com.

See, heathens, see?!? Why couldn't you just NOT reply to that thread?

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Okay, so, for pure entertainment value, this is one of the awesomest videos I have ever seen.

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The Beatles
The Clash
The Smiths
The Pogues
Booker T. & the MG's
Otis Redding
Sam & Dave
Rufus Thomas
Public Enemy
John Coltrane
Elvis Costello & the Attractions
The Velvet Underground
Richard Thompson
Richard and Linda Thompson
The Fairport Convention
Sandy Denny
Minor Threat
Johnny Cash
The Ramones
Neil Young
The Rolling Stones
The Howlin' Wolf
Bob Dylan
Al Green
Gang of Four
Charles Mingus
Serge Gainsbourg
Belle & Sebastian
Hank Williams
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Ludwig van Beethoven
The Cure
The Who
Sly and the Family Stone
Led Zeppelin
Os Mutantes
Caetano Veloso
Miles Davis
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

just to start

From Birth to Burial: The Curious Case of Easter Eggs

I thought all you amateur religio-history buffs might get a kick out of this article.

One of my players in my Carrion Crown game

decided to go toe-to-toe against the Splatter Man and ended up being supernaturally aged 49 years. Why 49? Well, he's a halfling and 1 more year would have bumped him up an age category (translation: I am a meek and mild DM).

Anyway, he now has less than 350 days to get the corrupting touch negated before he gets a -2 penalty to his Strength, Dexterity and Constitution scores. (Hee hee!)

He remains confident that he will be able to find a spellcaster to undo it, but I'm a little skeptical. From what I can tell, the only spells that might even have a chance of undoing it would be miracle, limited wish, and wish.

Anything I'm missing?

Thanks in advance.

I discovered this video through the good graces of The Eldritch Mr. Shiny and wanted to share with the rest of Paizoland:

Red Fang--"Prehistoric Dog"

Watch the whole video for the full-on LARP action.

And if any mods come along and want to move this to the music section, please don't! The D&D-themed content is so extensive, it really deserves to be highlighted in the Gamer Life forum, imho.

So, I ruled that on the road from Ravengro to Lepidstadt, the party will be passing quite near to the infamous ruins of Clover's Crossing.

The new party bard's player was fooling around with a guitar and making up songs from the "Bardic Knowledge" fact sheet I had given him and, well, the ditty about Clover's Crossing was pretty memorable and now the whole party wants to go there!

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody did anything cool with Clover's Crossing and, if so, what?

Are these guys hippies?

What about these guys?

Howzabout him?

Howzabout her? (Excuse me while I cry)



Merry Christmas. Or whatever.

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Consedjo live in Paris

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