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So, one of my players is a Buddhist monk who ekes out his living working with kids at YMCAs and summer camps and what not.

This year he is running a program based on D&D.

There is no way I will be able to do the whole thing justice in one try, so if you have any questions ask, and there's probably something I'm forgetting.

The kids in the program are a party of interplanetary scientists who were sent out into the cosmos to find a new planet for Earthpeople to move to. They were given 8 years worth of food--4 on the way out, 4 on the way back. When they got to the 4 year mark, they detected an inhabitable planet one more year away!

So, they went for it. They landed on an inhabited planet with sentient aliens living on it. The aliens took them in and promised to help them out, but there were certain conditions.

The first condition was that they had to occupy a certain piece of land that served as a buffer zone between the alien civilization and the wildlands, where there be monsters. So, the first thing the kids have to do is defend the land from monsters.

In addition to that, they have to purchase anything they want--building materials, weapons, food, etc.--from the aliens.

There are various ways to earn money. One is from fighting monsters. A second is to do science experiments. Another is to "mine"--which irl means collecting garbage. Another is to to collect stamps from the other camp councillors for excelling in other camp activities.

So, I guess the kids will show up and there will be a four-day schedule.

Monday--Building Day--the space scientists spend the day building things--both forts (which add to the Colonists Armor Class--see Fighting Monsters below) and whatever other projects my player comes up with he. He has already obtained blueprints for catapults and tribochets, to give you a hint.

Tuesday--Science Experiment Day--pretty self-explanatory, really.

Thursday--Agriculture Day--I don't recall him actually explaining what he's going to do that day, but I would guess they're going to garden.

Friday--Free Day--Garden, build a ballista, make C-4, whatever you want kid, knock yourself out!

But regardless of what day it is, the day starts the same. My player rolls a percentile dice and there are one of four results: 01-60 Nothing happens; 61-80 Monsters attack; 81-90 Natural disaster; 91-00 Good luck

So, when monsters attack, he has taken 20 monsters from the Pathfinder Bestiary--ranging from goblins to copper dragon, with a basilisk, vampires and zombies mentioned in between--and the kids randomly roll to see what they get attacked by.

They go over to the "shooting range". My player has scrounged together (he has always been a good scrounger) bows and arrows, slingshots, javelins or, of course, the kids can always throw rocks or build a tribochet.

Anyway, he's got a target set up with hit point damage being determined by how close they get to the target. The kids go once and then the monsters attack, and do damage against the kids Armor Class. I don't remember if he said how he was going to determine the kids' hit points, but he did say that it was quite possible that a copper dragon could destroy all of their defenses and that then he and his assistants would get to destroy all the forts and stuff that the kids had made. What fun!

Anyway, he tested it out with some of the kids during the after school program and, apparently, they loved it and word spread and lots of kids are interested in playing.


I want to be 10 again...

It would be tough to be a Buddhist monk and teach people to build weapons. I'm guessing he's from one of the sects that puts less emphasis on "right action" and more on "action."

Still, this sounds AWESOME!

Well, there was another time when he upended his beer over my drunken anarcho-syndicalist player's head.

In his defense, the latter had just berated him for five straight minutes and then threw his Core Rulebook at the former's head.

The road to enlightenment isn't necessarily a straight and smooth one, apparently.

(It's also why we stopped playing on Saturday nights and started playing at noon on Sundays.)

Now I really want to play with you guys. Your union doesn't happen to need a licensed geologist for anything, does it?

I don't think it does, alas.

Otoh, New Hampshire is the Granite State, so, maybe they're hiring?

Last I heard, the Old Man in the Mountain needed a facelift.

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Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
Last I heard, the Old Man in the Mountain needed a facelift.

Heh, I'm a hydrogeologist, not a mason. I doubt if he needs an enema.

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