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I somehow, until now, missed the Pickles controversy. What it says about the return of my master, I couldn't say.

Alex Jones Uncovers Pickle-Gate

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My master beckons! Assemble the acolytes for I have heard it whispered on the wind that when Trump is elected president, LEAFAR SHALL RETURN!

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True dat.

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What would the world after the return of my former Lord and Master look like?

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I had a sneaking suspicion, so I looked in the archives, and, as near as I can tell, I invented the Book of Leafar on February 2, 2012 at 2:23 in the morning.

I'm not quite sure if I am bragging or apologizing.

All hail Leafar!

I will, however, favorite all of your posts for old time's sake.

All hail His return!

And that's all you're getting from me, Master.

These days, I'm too busy organizing communist Wal-Mart marches and making out with hawt roller derby chicks to sing your praises.

All I know is that my former lord and master should be able to get Mike Brown's name right.

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
At the Astonishing Hyperborean whatever game, I am proud to say that I was unanimously voted the Walking Dead's Most Valuable Player Character!!! [blushes]

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that my MVPC was a priest. He was, in fact, an Acolyte of Leafar the Loved, and I think he's going to be credited in the playtesting credits as such.


Trying to figure out the identity of this mysterious "Fawning Gruumash Fan."

Got out my decoder ring and everything.

Yes, I have a sneaking suspicion that this Fawning Gruumash Fan is just a figment of Gruumash.'s imagination.

O where, o where, could my Leafar be? Hmm, what's this?

yellowdingo wrote:
Seriously, if you are willing to sell copies of my short fiction online to pay for Shipping container homes the PDF is your's for free. Any Takers?

Oh, yes, please, tell me more.

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Inscrutable Deity and Goblin Acolyte.

JMD031 wrote:
I'm here because most of the people who hang out here used to hang out in the old "Don't Post in this Thread" thread.

Heathens and apostates!

First off, apostate, the word is spelled "liar."

And I am not one of those. Well, actually, I am, but not right now.

Feast your eyes on this, unbelievers!

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[Starts speaking like Peter Falk]

See, there's something I don't understand and maybe you could help me. How did you know that my Lord and Master was Leafar the Lost?


Don't worry, Master, your secret is safe with me. Don't look in that other thread.

[Hangs head in shame]


I better be right about this because I just favorited all of your posts.

F$%& all that.

Gark, get your ass over to the Newton's Laws of Motion thread. Now, young man!

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Wait 'til I tell Gark!

[Bows and genuflects before Farael the Fallen]

I am sorry I didn't recognize you at once, Master! [self-flagellates]

But I rarely go into the comics forum and didn't see the Thanos Vs. Darkseid thread, [flinches in pain as another blow falls] or otherwise I would have known it was you at once [adjust hairshirt].

All hail Farael!

My Master's back and you're going to be sorry/Hey now, my Master is back!

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Wait a minute...


You have returned!

I have never gotten so high I forgot how to log on to Paizo!!!

That's f!&#ing ridiculous.

To use the first person while discussing the wholly contumacious tin-foil hat theory that Doo--I and Leafar are the same being gets confusing and also opens me up to cheap shots from the apostates and unbelievers.

All hail Leafar!

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This, of course, is not true.

If there is one thing that we all know about Doodlebug Anklebiter, it's that he never stops beating on the same joke, over and over and over and over again, without stop, ad nauseam. "Goblins do it in the street"? "Vive le Galt"? "Voting is for ninnies"? All of these stopped being funny around August of 2011, and yet het still posts them over and over and over again.

If Doodlebug and Leafer the Loved were the same person, do you really think Leafar would have gone missing all this time? I don't think so.


All hail Leafar!

[Genuflects before small shrine of Leafar in the alcove]

Sidewalks are for pedestrians! Bicyclists get off the sidewalk!

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JMD031 wrote:
I used to have a nemesis, but then he went all BSI and doesn't come around anymore. =(

What are you talking about, apostate? My Lord and Master was always BSI.

All hail Leafar!

Also, I am glad JMDwhatever got a new job. I guess.

I still miss Leafar.

[blushes more deeply]

I still mourn the disappearance of Leafar the Lost and I suspect that his enemies have done him in.

Hee hee! That cemetery got you, boy!!

My Lord and Master sent me a Private Message and in it he sez that he helped Tim Hitchcock write that scene.

All hail Leafar!

You mean like this?

"Philistine Anklebiter" has a pretty excellent ring to it, though. I wish I had thought of that instead of Jean-Paul. More consistently goblin. Actually, J-P kinda looked like a goblin...

JMD031 wrote:
Most of my favorites are from the stupid stuff I say in another thread.

Everything you say is stupid, heathen!

All hail Leafar!


That one isn't as popular as it used to be.

khazan wrote:
Personally, I'd like to hear more about the part with Emma Caulfield.

She's going to be my personal foot-washer.

Originally, my Lord and Master promised me JMDwhatever or one of the other apostates, but, I was like, "Lord and Master, if I get a slave to wash my feet for all eternity, well, I'd rather have Emma."

And He said okay.

All hail Leafar!

Yes, Beck.

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As I recall, on December 21, 2012, a bunch of celebrity Scientologists led by Beck were going to do something and the Antichrist was going to end the world, but it didn't matter because my Lord and Master was going to transport me to the TIME AFTER TIME and I was going to spend eternity hanging out with Emma Caulfield, getting stoned and playing D&D.

All hail Leafar!

I've laid quite a few rants down the past couple of days in other threads.

I could link them if you like...

Why do people have to rant about things they hate? Why can't they rant about things they love? Like Leafar?

Yeah, their wives often require my presence as well.

[Looks in]

Uh, I don't know if you all know, but somebody out there in OTD land is trying to steal our shiznit. What are we going to do about it?

All hail Leafar!

Please don't reply to this thread. We've done this before: that way lies madness. Please stop.

All hail Leafar!

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Don't Reply To This Thread!

Ooh, but I never read those threads. Maybe if you ranted about it JMDwhatever, I'd know what they're talking about.

JMD031 wrote:
It should be known, Doodlebug, that often the rants have little to do with how I actually feel and more to do with what I believe will be funny at the time. Also, I know you couldn't possibly be Leafar because that would mean you were unfunny and mean, which you are neither.

Flattery will get you nowhere, infidel!

Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Orthos wrote:
...Leafar will return one day by exploding out of the Acolyte's body chestburster-style...
Acolyte of Leafar the Loved wrote:
Ooh, I hope it's the first one!
Orthos wrote:
You realize this just makes you a glorified cocoon.
If the cocoon looks like Tahnee Welch, I'm all for it. All Hail the smexy cocoon!

Hello, cocoon-y nurse!!

Maybe. But I certainly can't admit that when posting under this avatar.

All hail Leafar!

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