Aboriginal People's Choice Awards

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I guess it happens in Australia, too, Mr. Shifty.

Oh, look.

And, from later in the article: "Justin Bieber is nominated for Best New Artist"!

He's not only white, he's Canadian!

If this was the Goblin's Choice Awards, I'd nominate Bieber too. He's still pretty young and un-ravaged by drugs, so he should be nice and tender after 24 hours in a smoker. I wonder whether wet sauce or dry rub tastes better with Canadians?

Say what you will about m'lord Dice, even he supports the GCA; It's how he chooses who to promote to house goblin!

Pillbug, we prefer a dry rub with dipping sauce served on the side for canadians, but that's a goblin kennel local recipe, so ymmv.

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You know what, we just said we didn't want to babysit these threads. Locked.

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