No Sleep Til Brooklyn!

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Grand Lodge

I second that motion... :(

May he dine well tonight at the White Castle in the sky.

MCA's in da house
What you gonna do?
You go AWOL ...

Sucky day for this child of the late Eighties .. :(

No more can we sing

I ain't seen the light since we started this band
C'mon MCA, get on the mic, my man!

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I didn't know until I read it on this messageboard. :(

MCA was my favorite Beastie Boy. Maybe that was mostly because he had a lower voice than Ad Rock and Mike D, so he sounded more the way I thought a rapper should.

And I liked the Beastie Boys back when I HATED rap. How could I not take exception to the Boys? So many of their raps, somehow, just put a smile on my face. Even today, I still sometimes listen to "Licensed to Ill", "To the 5 Boroughs", and about half the tracks in "The Sounds of Science". My favorite BB song is "The Negotiation Limerick File".

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May he rest peacefully. May he rise again on the day Brooklyn is finally recognized as a city once more when the dodgers return! FOR BROOKLYN!

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Posted this on FB, but it bares repeating:

Omg. I just realized something. Today is May 4th, which is national Star Wars day. Sadly, Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys died today.

However, I am pretty sure he just joined the Force....

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