Overcoming the Effects of Corrupting Touch

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One of my players in my Carrion Crown game

decided to go toe-to-toe against the Splatter Man and ended up being supernaturally aged 49 years. Why 49? Well, he's a halfling and 1 more year would have bumped him up an age category (translation: I am a meek and mild DM).

Anyway, he now has less than 350 days to get the corrupting touch negated before he gets a -2 penalty to his Strength, Dexterity and Constitution scores. (Hee hee!)

He remains confident that he will be able to find a spellcaster to undo it, but I'm a little skeptical. From what I can tell, the only spells that might even have a chance of undoing it would be miracle, limited wish, and wish.

Anything I'm missing?

Thanks in advance.

I believe this spell will reverse magical aging:

Greater Restoration

This spell functions like lesser restoration, except that it dispels all permanent and temporary negative levels afflicting the healed creature. Greater restoration also dispels all magical effects penalizing the creature's abilities, cures all temporary ability damage, and restores all points permanently drained from all ability scores. It also eliminates fatigue and exhaustion, and removes all forms of insanity, confusion, and similar mental effects.

Edited to add spoiler tags.

Spoiler tags, man!


Thank you.

I only "hmmmm" because I already read that spell. It's amazing what a little bolding can do!

I am not sure the attack is supposed to age the whole body, the description is rather vague about this.

James Jacobs says it doesn't age the whole body.

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I added a spoiler tag.

Belle Mythix wrote:
James Jacobs says it doesn't age the whole body.

Hee hee! Too late!

Good to know for next game, though. Thanks.

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