So, Anyone Speak Russian?

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And, if so, what does this say?

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If you have Chrome, the translate plugin works well (I got a near perfect translation of the Russian to English). I will not copy and paste it since it is mainly political (and most likely against the forum rules) but the geist of it is a call for the common people to oppose the ambitions and greed of the oligarchs who are pushing Ukraine and Russia to war.

In short, it is a call to class struggle against the new elite, the oligarches.

Sorry, no mention of including goblins in the call to arms for class war, Comrade Anklebiter.

Sweet, thank you.

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I imagine there are lots of people in Russia who do.

It says goblins are elf lovers.

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Kryzbyn wrote:
It says goblins are elf lovers.

It's true, elves barbecue beautifully.

Kryzbyn wrote:
It says goblins are elf lovers.


I thought it was stating that there were leaders who did not represent the people in both Ukraine and Russia, and it were these leaders who were pushing their own self interest to create conflicts between the East and the West instead of helping the common workers of Russia and the Ukraine.

Oh well...I guess I read that totally and completely wrong.

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