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Syrus Terrigan wrote:

Well. That was fun. Just got carjacked at gunpoint in a public place.

I hate Memphis.

Glad your allright Syrus (minus the wrap across the knuckles), and hope you either get your car back ,if its in a drivable condition, or find a replacement quickly (and cheaply).

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Capn Yesterday's Wedding Anniv. wrote:
Has it been 18 years already! Wow, that went by quick!

*Waddles by Cap's place to drop off a belated 'congratulations'*

Drejk wrote:

Mom called crying - the kitty old cat that adopted my parents not long after I returned from UK died today :(

He was a sweet, friendly (if clearly old) grey fellow which was often welcoming me when I was going out to work or returning from work, as he was living in a box in the front of the house then.

*Sends hugs to Drejk's mother (and Drejk)*

*Also sends his regards and thoughts to anyone he might have missed or have troubles of their own here on FaWtL*

gran rey de los mono wrote:

I and my family could use some positive thoughts and prayers right now. I'll spoiler the details for anyone who doesn't want to know.

** spoiler omitted **

Thanks for listening.

*Peeks in to send Gran's brother, Gran + the rest of the family hugs, back-pats and consolations.*

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Thanks well-wishes everyone.
Your thoughts, hugs and encouragements are appreciated.

*Sends a 'thank you' back-pat to NH & co. before returning John's man-hug and sharing a couple of glasses of that premium whiskey with him*

Oh, and a belated happy b-day to you Vany (and everyone else who I've forgotten about, as I haven't really been keeping up with the goings on here).

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Been gone a while...Mostly cause shit, life and bad luck happens.
So I'm not really going to try to keep up with all that's happened around here as well it really seems a hassle for me in a period where my mental resources, health and mood isn't really in any kind of top form.

In stead of boring and bumming you out with the how's and why's of my current condition. I'm wanna say I'm sorry - especially to NH and family - That I can't be around here or meet and greet you guys'n'gals in Copenhagen.
I just can't, as I would feel more like a burden by trying to tag along while I'm hobbling around as badly as I am currently, not to get in to the exhausted, moody and depressed mindscape I'm in. If I'm going to show up to meet any FaWtLer's I want to be at least presentable, open and somewhat cheery (with the last part being particularly difficult as I'm likely to spout of fairly controversial, inappropriate or heterodox opinions or positions when discussing weighty or sensitive topics - ie politics, religion or social issues*).

*Despite drawing ever closer to 40, I'm still as of much an contrarian, anti authoritarian 'edgy boy' as I was 10-15 years ago.

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Vanykrye wrote:
Woran wrote:
Cover Turtle wrote:

Woran wrote:
*Offers up his turtle-head for Woran to nipple on*
*munch munch munch*

I'm normally not one to go English teacher on people for whom English is not their first language.

I just have to say that the word you're looking for is "nibble". "Nipple" is completely different.

*Puts on glasses and squints at his screen*

Yea, should have caught that one.
But I won't offer up any excuses for being boob-brained...especially when Woran is involved :P

Tacticslion wrote:

Who has two thumbs and was born at a time more-or-less agreed upon to be this day in historical records?!

... I’unno, some doofus, probably.

Love you guys!

Happy B-day TL!

John Napier 698 wrote:

Hello, everyone!

I have some good news! My mother's colonoscopy exam yesterday had a clean result. No polyps, lesions, or scars. The doctor said that she's good for another ten years. I'm pleased.

Good News!

Give your mother a loving pat on the shoulder from me.

Woran wrote:

*Offers up his turtle-head for Woran to nipple on*

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John Napier 698 wrote:
Hi, Kjel!

*Waves "Hello" belatedly late to John*

John Napier 698 wrote:
About to clock out. Good night, everyone.

Nighty-Night John.

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NobodysHome wrote:

...For the 2018 tax year, including the massive tax increase Californians suffered, my net tax rates were 17.95% of my gross income (and that's an increase of almost 5% over the prior year). <Expletives about the current administration deleted>

I just cashed out some stock options, and they withheld at the "full rate" (what I'd pay without deductions, exemptions, or the like): 41.94%. Ouch!...


Your net tax rate for 2018 were around 18%...
*Leafs through last years tax papers*
Mine was…40.97%
So yay for the for the all-encompassing Nordic well-fare state?

Seriously though, I don't really mind paying that much. All the things. healthcare, education and so on, we have offered up here either free or government-subsidized are well worth it.
Unfortunately with them comes quite complex and expensive bureaucratic systems (especially when you consider we're only around 5.75 mil. ppl. up here), that need near constant trimming, evaluation and restructuring (which again cost more money) to function at an adequate degree of efficiency.

NobodysHome wrote:

Oh, quick question for the European FaWtLers: Is tipping officially dead in Europe?

That's the travel advice we 'Merikuns are given, so I don't plan on tipping anyone, but are there still areas where you're expected to tip?

(Personally, I'd love to see tipping abolished worldwide, so Europe's lead makes me happy, but I figure I'd better double-check with people who actually, y'know, live there instead of relying on advice from the interwebs.)

Up here in fairy-tale Denmark tipping is mostly considered dead.

You don't see it done in most establishments, particularly in the higher-end and posh eateries where it might be taken as somewhat of a low-brow or plebian thing to do.
The reasoning is, that since most places (you know, none chain restaurants) are required to pay a "living wage" to their servers, then they shouldn't have to "beg" for tips in order to pad their salaries.
Now this has some knock-on effects, mainly that while your average server might be friendly enough, you shouldn't expect them to be doing anything extra in order to make you feel that your business there is particularly appreciated. They are there to do a job (ie taking your order, serving your food and basic table cleaning), not to make you feel special.

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lisamarlene wrote:
Drejk wrote:
lisamarlene wrote:
When it dropped from upper 90s to upper 80s here yesterday, it felt almost cool. I made borscht.
Beetroot one? Or white?
Beet. They looked so good at the market, I couldn't resist.

*Makes a blegh-face, and scuttles off*

Woran wrote:
lisamarlene wrote:
Drejk wrote:
lisamarlene wrote:
When it dropped from upper 90s to upper 80s here yesterday, it felt almost cool. I made borscht.
Beetroot one? Or white?
Beet. They looked so good at the market, I couldn't resist.
Marry me

*Sniffles and sheds a tear, due to not being able to marry either Woran or LM*


*Secretly shoves turtle-adoption forms into both LM and Worans mailboxes*

Orthos wrote:
Heading out at stupid o'clock on Tuesday morning for the drive down to Texas for the funeral. Piling me, mom, sister, BIL, and all four dogs into the parents' RV.

*Gives Orthos a back-pat and wishes him as nice a trip as sone such as this, under these circumstances, can be.*

Woran wrote:
I have that with asparagus. Just the smell of the stuff cooking makes me nauseous.

*Nods rigorously*

Tacticslion wrote:
Warning: rather bad language. That said, this is so daggum true about things like PF and SF.

*Gives turtle seal of approval*

Humanity at its finest :P

NobodysHome wrote:

Grr... It's hard to describe just how frustrating it is to actually encounter an "old age" thing.

So on Wednesday I cleared the storage facility and closed it out, and when I woke up Thursday morning the right side of my back was sore. It didn't matter; there was work to do, so I ibuprofened my way through it on Thursday and Friday.

Well, I didn't do *anything* physical on Saturday or Sunday (other than fairly typical walking and stretching) and the right side of my back is still sore.

So yep, pulled/strained a muscle and it'll probably take weeks to heal, putting me as "annoyingly sore" going into the Europe trip.

Impus Major will never learn of this. He would be insufferably smug.

EDIT: According to Google, I've strained my Latissimus dorsi m., which helps my understanding not at all.

*Waddles by NH's house to gift him a brand new cane, blanket and a rocking chair. Then proceeds to waddle around in one of his flowerbeds, so NH can train his Oldman yelling and cane shaking*

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
Oh update btw. I am having my gall bladder cut out next Thursday (not tomorrow but the next one.) Said it was minimal risk and recovery time would be short. So that's good anyways.

*Pats Vids stomach and gives his best hopes and encouragements for when you get under the knife*

NobodysHome wrote:

So, since I'm waiting for a meeting and tomorrow will likely be extraordinarily busy for me,

** spoiler omitted **...

*Gives NH a shoulder pat*

Might give my own two cents on this subject later this week, if I can find the energy, will-power and cleared headedness.
Never the less, You have found your way out of your dependency, so whatever social-foibles other have about not drink seems of minor importance, if still an annoyance.

lynora wrote:

Kinda overdid it today. But (some) things got (mostly) done, kinda! So....that's.....something..... *sigh* Adulting is hard. :P

Anyhow, thanks for looking out for me, LM. Yesterday was rough and a PTSD episode would not have helped. <3

*Waddles by Lyn's place to offer her a small piece of othello cake, a cup of coffee and some snuggles + reassuring pats on her forearm*

Vanykrye wrote:

Without getting into the nitty-gritty...

Until the [redacted for lengthy and descriptive creative swearing] insurance company authorizes the MRI, we won't know what has actually happened with her knee. Could just need ice and elevation and compression, or she could need surgery.

Healthcare in the US at its finest.

** spoiler omitted **

*Offers up a reassuring pat for Aiymi, an extra ice-pack for her knee and hisses in frustration at her insurance provider*

Woran wrote:

Long story short, friend had a suspicious lump found during a check up. Lots of fretting and an MRI later, it turns out to be a cyst. Not fun, but a gazillion times better then cancer.

Huge relief.

*Claps turtle-feet together in relief*

lisamarlene wrote:

I want to know why a self-respecting, able-bodied teenager isn't able to pop out a screen, jimmy a window, and shinny themself in. That's what I would have done at his age.

*Looks quite guilty*

I might have done a bit of jimmy-ing open windows in my youth…

And a few times those window weren't on the house were I lived…So yea, lets just say that, when I was younger I didn't have a very well developed sense of boundaries, both material and personal.
(In fact still struggling with the personal aspect, but that's for another time).

lisamarlene wrote:



Happy b-day NH.

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Orthos wrote:
The only thing that sucks more than the bad news is the waiting.

*Waddles by Ortho's place to give his condolences and offers a hug and a back-pat*

Orthos wrote:
There is a FAWTL steam group. Everyone interested feel free to join.

*Notes down*

Might hopefully turn up here...if I can get my act together ^^'

Tequila Sunrise wrote:

This story's for Freehold. Maybe.

So yesterday on the way to Mrs Sunrise's birthday escape room event, she wanted coffee. So when we saw a sign for "Bikini Beans Coffee," she said "Oh good, let's stop there." The sign should have been a clue, but neither of us thought anything of it. We pull up to the beachcomber style coffee stand, and out walks a 120-pounds-soaking-wet 20-something in a bikini to take our order.

Mrs Sunrise's comment to me: I guess it's your birthday too!

Belated happy b-day to Mrs Sunrise!


I suddenly feel like having a coffee…

Delivered by a soaking wet 20-something in a bikini :p

Woran wrote:
Also, f&@* cancer.

*Waddles by Worna's house with a bundle tied to his shell and knocks on her door*

*Offers up bundle content - an orthello cake, a snifter of nice rum and some liquorice*

*Also snuggles up besides Woran, giving her a sympathetic look while listening to her intently and offering her hugs or reassuring pats on her forearm*

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Still around.
Not much have happened up here North, other then the parliamentary (general) election yesterday…turned out alright, if with the usual Danish contrarianism in copious amounts.
Well I'm still not really on top emotionally, but I'm waddling along as best I can. Also there's the heat and my allergies, but that's in the small frys department.

So in general I'm mostly sigh-ish I guess...

Oh and congrats with the anniversary LM + a happy b-day to Zelda!

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lisamarlene wrote:
WW and I took the kids fishing all afternoon and now I'm cooking Thai red curry chicken over the camp stove.

*Mopes and grumbles*

Missing out on those nice things…
Curry chicken.
LM's company… :p

LordSynos wrote:

I am fierce tired today.

** spoiler omitted **

Hope the little guy gets his rest/relaxation system cleared up soon.

Woran wrote:
LordSynos wrote:
Woran wrote:
I hope he adjust quickly LordSynos

Thanks Woran. :) Me too. :D

I hope you're keeping well, and having a good one so far. :) Any strange?

Still a bit emotional. I had a serious cry during the weekend, but sometimes you just need a good cry.

EDIT: After googling what 'strange' means in slang, no, no strange :P

*Bundles up some of his favorite 'Weeping music', a comfy blanket, some tissues and a buttload of booze so its ready for transport/usage*

As a fellow weeper and emotional wreck I would gladly keep you company for another emotional roller-coaster...

*Send nuzzles and hugs*

Orthos wrote:
Cancer f~~@ing sucks.

*Waddles by Orthos' place, looks in on him and offers up a hug and a back pat*

John Napier 698 wrote:
Hi, everyone. Well, today was interesting. Wednesday's storms knocked sticks from a nearby dead tree onto an access road that I sometimes walk on. Knees, meet broken asphalt pavement. I got moderate scrapes on both knees, and I hurt my right index finger. But I don't think it's broken.

*Heads North to look in on John too, dragging along an ice-pack and some Scotch to dull the pain*

TriOmegaZero wrote:
My skeleton is fully intact as well. Bravo gentlemen.

This turtle has been rather unlucky in that department…

I've broken the same limb (or more exactly my left arm) 3 times.

captain yesterday wrote:
I have 11 new stitches, but nothing is broken, no teeth damaged, and no concussion, so not too bad, I guess.

*Waddles by Cap's place to offer a few back-pats, some well-wishes, a "heal up quick" comment and a stiff drink*


*Tilts head slightly and gulps down both stiff drinks, before rummaging around a bit in his fridge and handing Cap a bottle of cold blood-orange-ade*

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Still alive (somewhat at least).
Also still not quite on the up and up yet. It's the same depressive junk that's haunting me still, so I don't wanna stir around in it any more, as you guy know the drill by now...I'm just tired and sick of it all.
Everything said though I still got my ass dragged down to do my civic duty today, and cast my vote for the European parliament election(s).

Freehold DM wrote:


Unfortunately, the game system and its various iterations are INCREDIBLY difficult to learn… the game systems for each class were very far removed from each other...

...Also as time went on, starting money became increasingly important in game, to the point that people would ignore stats to buy things...

I love Shadowrun, but I wholeheartedly agree with these assessments.

Freehold DM wrote:

Also, some social justice issues rising in the game resulted in some problems at some tables, primarily with ghouls being considered a sentient race, and orcs(and occasionally trolls) becoming the black people of the game via their struggle for equal rights, and orcsploitation films entering prominence(which is weird to me, considering Neil The Orc Barbarian was a LONG RUNNING(30 years old at this point!) joke, and the idea of Elf/Orc/Troll Poser as a background for characters(at least late 4th/5th ed pointed out you are going to likely get your ass kicked by the respective races in game, similar to white kids trying to act hood and getting openly mocked by people from the hood irl)...

Not good at discussing these things, but even I could see the parallels between meta-human/human racism, cultural issues and expressions in Shadowrun and, well, the historical/modern US...

Still, in my humble and pasty assed opinion they did an allright job at exploring the various angles of the issues, whithout leaning too heavily in any particular direction.

(Though I started playing in 4th/5th ed. so I can't really speak to the portrayal in the editions before that, i'm afraid to say.)

Freehold DM wrote:

6th ed is running on/selling simplicity as its main draw, which has me very interested in it...

I guess we will see what happens....

Probably a smart idea…as it could do with being a bit more learning/teaching friendly.

Though as I own almost all of the published 5th ed products, it'll take quite some convincing for me to shift over straight away ^^'

NobodysHome wrote:

Well, GothBard put it really well: In Strange Aeons it's not being Lawful that's the problem. You're traveling down a river and you develop a relationship with the captain and her crew. Then you're asked, "Do you want to attack this government official carrying out his or her officially-sanctioned duty?"

And for players who actually think about the consequences of their actions, they say, "Heck, no! We could easily win this fight this time, but the next time our captain comes down this river she's going to be hosed if we do that."

My players actually think like that. "If we do this, how will it negatively impact the NPCs with whom we're traveling?"

I love them for it, but man, does it mess up this AP...

I vote for trashing Alignment in favour for instructing players in a form of 'in-world consequentialism'...

Otherwise I agree with your players ^^'

*Kicks the 'Alignment' dead horse*

lisamarlene wrote:

So this is fun:

Yesterday, WW and I met with the director of my school (my boss, but also Teensy Valeros's principal) to discuss his transition to first grade next year. She dropped a bomb on us: we can only re-enroll him if we get him on ADHD medication over the summer.
The only problem being, the kids and I were supposed to leave Dallas on June 19th, and not be back until a week before school starts.
Now I have no idea how in the world I am going to find a new pediatrician, get him on medication, and still take the children to visit my family this summer. Because, no, it doesn't make sense to get a pediatrician in Oregon, and no, not going to Oregon is not an option. And no, taking him out of the school is not an option, either.

*Waddles in and huggles LM*

Hope you find a workable solution LM...

Woran wrote:

ADHD meds can be both a blessing and a curse.

Ive had friends quit them, because they didnt feel like themselves anymore.
Ive had friends in tear, being so happy, since they finally had some peace and quiet in their heads after years.

Too true Woran…

At times I still wish I had been able to quite my anti-depressants, instead of my Ritalin, as I dearly miss it at times...Though I knew that both were bad for me in the long run (and in side effects), it was just the Ritalin that was easier to quit (it didn't leave me with withdrawals as my anti-depressants do).

gran rey de los mono wrote:
Cover Turtle wrote:
Woran wrote:
I am completely emotionally exhausted, to the point its causing me physical distress.

*Nudges a tray with a bowel of sweets, a mug of coffee and a glass of rum in front of Woran*

*Scampers up Woran's couch, despite his unwieldy and stubby turtle-legs, and plumps himself down besides her*

*Looks and listens at Woran attentively, while occasionally patting and nuzzling her lower arm and hand*

(I feel for you Woran, and more then anything I wish I could do something - anything - to help out. What I can do however is offer to listen if you feel like PM is always open.
Please get better, okay...)

I really hope you meant "bowl of sweets".

*Makes a D'oh gesture*

Yes a bowl…
*Scratches Turtle-beard and wonders if Woran is the kind of fierce warrior woman who might actually enjoy being served sweets in the hollowed out bowels of her enemies...*

Woran wrote:
I am completely emotionally exhausted, to the point its causing me physical distress.

*Nudges a tray with a bowel of sweets, a mug of coffee and a glass of rum in front of Woran*

*Scampers up Woran's couch, despite his unwieldy and stubby turtle-legs, and plumps himself down besides her*

*Looks and listens at Woran attentively, while occasionally patting and nuzzling her lower arm and hand*

(I feel for you Woran, and more then anything I wish I could do something - anything - to help out. What I can do however is offer to listen if you feel like PM is always open.
Please get better, okay...)

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Freehold DM wrote:

Where is h*** exactly?

On the Moon...

Freehold DM wrote:
that's what we are here for. I hope things turn around for you. It's not long ago I was where you are now.


lynora wrote:

It's good to say that you're not doing well when you aren't. It's not a competition for who has it worst. You're feeling not so great and those feelings are real and valid and you don't have to apologize for having them. Sometimes the brain weasels get out of hand and you need a little help remembering that you're not bad and everything else won't be bad forever even if it's bad right now. *hugs*

I'm not very good at talking about these things, nor at I good at finding the right word to show appreciation. So I'm afraid that this is about the best I can do, without spending days trying to wrapping my head around how to make things sound all good and proper... ^^'

Thank you very much to both of you Freehold and Lyn.

*Sends hugs'n'thank-you's*

Limeylongears wrote:
I am 40 today, a nice round number, and also the only age I'm likely to reach which rhymes with the word 'snorty'

Happy 4th decade Limey.

Woran wrote:
Kjeldorn wrote:

I'm hesitant to say I'm doing 'really badly' as there are people here who are having a rawer deal currently…and I don't want to overshadow that in any way.
But No, I'm don't doing so well currently. It's a bit of everything, mentally and emotionally I'm spent and raw, been feeling lonely and missing companionship and life/work has been letting me down lately.
*lots of hugs*

*Returns many hugs to Woran and sends added thanks and wellwishes*

Drejk wrote:
Forbidden Lands Review

Thanks for the review Drejk. Might take a look at it next time I've got money to burn.

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I know I haven't been around here much lately and the reason are myriad and many, though it has at least some to do with me feeling really moody, wretched and sickly as of late. Also been having bouts of loneliness and been thirsting for intimacy...which isn't easily curable when you just mostly want to withdraw into your shell at the same time. But its is what it is I guess.
So I'm sorry for what I've missed...birthdays, long awaited returns (Yay! Lyn!) and a bunch of other stuff.

The other reasons include a waning interest(and growing disappointment) in Paizo's stuff* - both in general and in particular - as I've found other products, by other companies, that cater better to my particular twisted tastes and likes...and while it hard to articulate properly - the why's and how's - I just don't find the stuff put out by Paizo that fun anymore. It feels somehow bereft of some of the experimentation, 'edge' and 'wonder' from the first many years worth of products have slowly bleed away for a more streamline, tight and 'mechanically good' formula.
(Yes, I know this is opinion/taste territory...and for all I know maybe that 'wonder' is still there, just in the Starfinder line of stuff…that's just not my ballpark...yet at least)

* Some of it has also been brought up here in this thread before…stuff like printing quality.

Not much have happened up here North.
Mostly been working my butt off, when I'm not down in the dumps.
Its election time up here, so that's the talk of the country, and its bringing all the usual kooky characters out of the woodworks from your run-of-the-mill dirty hippie lefties to your nutty book-burning far right-wing populists.

Just a Mort wrote:
Cover Turtle wrote:

*Waddles by Mort's basket, hides a whoopee cushion between her basket sheets, and then he hides nearby to observe her reaction to the "whoopee"*

*Mutters whoops at the fart*

*Gets up and sits down again resulting in another*

*Is puzzled*

*digs into blankets and takes whoopee cushion out and bats at it*

And they say you don't have a sense of humor! Ha! :P

Vanykrye wrote:
Just a Mort wrote:
Oh urm...Me in swimsuit, without glasses
Please allow me to say that you've been far too hard on yourself for how you look. You are a beautiful woman. Never believe otherwise.

*Nods vigorously and wipes away his nosebleed*

Vany hit it right on the're a beautiful young woman.

Cover Turtle wrote:
Tequila Sunrise wrote:

I kind of like the way Shadow of the Demonlord does it. Everyone get a combined buff/small heal ability, that's usable a couple of times between rests.
These are doubly usable for healers as its a heal beyond what they have with their spell slots.
Interesting, what's the design motive behind everyone getting a buff/heal? Or, how does it play out I guess?

I like it quite well.

It functions as bit differently depending on your class, but its generally a "buff" + heal combo that can be used once per rest (resting takes 8 hours), though at higher levels it can be used twice (or more) per rest.
Magician -> spend an action to recover your healing rating (basically 25% of your Health) and regain the casting of a single spell you know.
Priest -> spend an action to recover your healing rating and allow a target within short range to do the same.
Rogue -> spend an action to recover your healing rating and then move up to half your speed without triggering free attacks (AoOs).
Warrior -> spend an action or triggered action (kind of like mix between a swift action and a readied action, often made in response to something...see fx free attack above) to recover your healing rating,

It basically accomplices at least the "feeling" of a few things.
The reliance on having a dedicated healer is reduced, since everyone can at least do some rudimentary healing.
It has kind of also made the players a bit more confident in pushing the average "adventuring day" when they know that everyone has a "slot less" emergency healing ability (there's very little "topping off" with wands in SotDL, though health potions do exist).
Also by tailoring the abilities to "class flavours" they feel a little less like just "free healing" abilities.

Cover Turtle wrote:
Tequila Sunrise wrote:

I can get onboard with this. As long as a brief explanation is given for the lack of the divide (All magic is from the same source, its the casters beliefs that shape the "nature" of magic or whatever) then its fine by me.

Explanation, hm....

"Different casters use magic differently; wizards study and learn to manipulate the magical workings of the universe, sorcerers are born with it, and priests channel divine will.

But let's get real, I have limited time to write spells, so a fireball or a heal uses the same rule whoever casts it."


That's fine.

To follow the thread above, in SotDL, all magic stems from the same source. its in usage and belief of the wielder that the split into the traditions of the "mage and "priest" happens. One believes that his power are benedictions and divine will, the other believes in the shaping the magical forces of the universe by study and experimentation. It just happens that magic responds to both methods, shaping itself slight differently according to the wielders.
(Magician traditions are typically Int-based, while priest traditions are often Will-based).

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Tequila Sunrise wrote:
Just a Mort wrote:
And I hate being called to do something else when I'm in the middle of doing something.

I've recently realized this about myself as well.

Sometimes there's no help for it, but "Good at focusing on a single task until convenient milestone" and "Doesn't like switching tasks on momentary notice" are going to make an appearance in future interviews.

*Nods vigorously*

Yup don't like it, as it messes with my ability to focus, which I have precious little of already...
Furthermore having a mile wide ADD streak means, that not finishing something or not having a clear "mile stone" for what I'm doing, will mean that I forget about what I was doing when I'm called away to do something else.

Tequila Sunrise wrote:
One thing I really like about 4e is classes that are expected to heal get a minor-action heal feature, so they can heal a couple times while bringing the pain. Players who want to go the healbot route can take further healing powers, especially divine classes.

I kind of like the way Shadow of the Demonlord does it. Everyone get a combined buff/small heal ability, that's usable a couple of times between rests.

These are doubly usable for healers as its a heal beyond what they have with their spell slots.

Tequila Sunrise wrote:
...But I've got nothing good to say about D&D's arcane/divine divide -- I think it's a weird relic of real-world religion -- so healing spells are open to any caster class. Not necessarily every caster, in fact if you're a priest of anything but a god of healing you probably have zero healing power at all. But if you're a wizard for example, you can totally study up on the healing arts as well as you can the blaster arts.

I can get onboard with this. As long as a brief explanation is given for the lack of the divide (All magic is from the same source, its the casters beliefs that shape the "nature" of magic or whatever) then its fine by me.

The divide can of cause work, but it doesn't hold any special significance for me personally.

Just a Mort wrote:
I think I'm more of a details kind of cat. Positive, yes, light hearted, not really. Some say I have no sense of humor.

*Tilts turtle head*

*Waddles by Mort's basket, hides a whoopee cushion between her basket sheets, and then he hides nearby to observe her reaction to the "whoopee"*

lisamarlene wrote:

Whingey Wizzard has a job interview today at 9:30.

It's his second interview this week with a local company that places extracurricular specialist teachers in local schools, the position is a management position that oversees and coordinates programs.

For once, his rather eccentric resume and provable skill set are a pretty good fit. His first interview earlier this week was with someone who was junior to the position but with whom he would be working with a lot; today's interview is with the HR director.

And then he has a lunch meeting today with the pastor at our church about bringing an early morning Aikido class into the church two days a week. We already have another church member doing a yoga twice a week, so there is precedent, and the pastor wants to do more to make the church a place where folks in the community come during the week other than for the grocery bag distribution. The yoga guy does a free class but has a donation box, so basically the same structure as WW's "free dojo" back in California. It would do him a LOT of good to be teaching again. And a 7:00 class is something he could do and still work a 9-5.

So... fingers firmly crossed. This could be a good day.

*Crosses turtle feet and attempts to send positive vibes*

John Napier 698 wrote:
Hi, everyone.

*Attempts to wave to John, but is having a bit of a difficult time due to crossed turtle feet*

Limeylongears wrote:
Today I went to the Pitt-Rivers Collection, which is a vast hall crammed with interesting stuff hoovered up from all over the world, including everything you might think of - musical instruments, creepy masks, religious bits & bobs, tools, clothes,weaponry (yippee!) and hugely disturbing headhunters' trophies from the India/Burma border (ram's horns tied into a very small human skull - no thank you)…

*Looks slightly envious*

kind of been wanting to visit the place if I ever got the chance...sounds interesting.

Limeylongears wrote:

Also, Oxford is the home of the practically transparent yoga pant wearer.


Shush!!! You wanna get invaded all over again!

A pretty face launched a thousand ships, what the heck do you think transparent yoga pants will do?!

NobodysHome wrote:

And it's done. My friend passed away at 11:56 pm last night, 14 days short of his 54th birthday.

** spoiler omitted **

*Sends man-hug and back pats*

Condolences NH.

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NobodysHome wrote:
Just a Mort wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

*Looks sad*

Very disheartening…
Too callous a system.

Tacticslion wrote:

No, I haven’t been sucked into a void of anime, Star Trek, and RPGs, and, frankly, I find such accusations ridiculous!

Also, happy Valentine’s Day, everyone, and I love you all!

*Waves with one foot to TL*

John Napier 698 wrote:
Hi, everyone.

*Waves with the other to John*

Tequila Sunrise wrote:
That is my way of saying that I'm still backed up, months later, and though enjoying new salads, also getting grumpier about my overall situation.

*Offer back pats an tries to squeeze some dried prunes through his to TS*


*Scratches turtle beard*

Maybe I could give the same treatment as we give the horses...
Small tube down the nose w. lubing and numbing agent (you're used to it by now ^^') to poke hole in any gas/air blockages…
No gas? Then is a slightly bigger hose and attempt to pump a olie'n'fluid mixture through your intestines (just mixed in a bucket and used with a fancy hand-pump)...
But I'm kind of guessing we're passed that simple a procedure and looking at more "invasive" measures?

Just a Mort wrote:
Too much undead and incorporeals sort of neuters a lot of PC abilities(like witches would cry). And rogues can't sneak attack. And I read from you talking about it that Shiro has a rather devious streak to him.


Immunities like can really suck for some characters…the good old "immune to mind affecting" seem to crop up more then anything else, which can be frustrating fro casty types.
Aren't most corporal undead still subject to precision (and critical) damage though?...or is it one on those "per individual monster description" things?

lisamarlene wrote:

I got three UPS boxes today from my mom and sister, filled with my grandmother's sweaters and jewelry. Most of the sweaters she knit herself. Her garment construction was exquisite... I pride myself on my handwork, but she puts me to shame. The best part is that they all still smell like her.

My favorite piece is a navy blue wool boucle suit that she knit for a trip to Europe with her parents and sister in the 60's. Pencil skirt and waist-length jacket with big buttons. I remember seeing her wear it when I was a girl... she came to visit us in Wisconsin and got off the plane in this gorgeous suit and a pair of navy heels, with her hair just so and her big sunglasses. I thought she looked like Jackie O, but prettier. So elegant, so poised. I guess the apple fell a little far from the tree... and then kept rolling.
It fits... kinda. I can get it on and it looks okay, but I either need to lose a few more pounds or buy some spanx to make it look really good on me. I do have the right shoes, though.

*Tilts turtle head, tries to pass a cup of coffee through his screen to LM and wishes he could reach through to gently pat/rub her shoulder*

She sure did seem like quite the interesting lady, your grandmother.
As for not quite fitting her clothes.
Well how can I put this...You're still an apple, one I bet is quite juicy and delicious, so please don't beat yourself up too much okay?

Woran wrote:

Ended up with an hour and a half delay, but arrived in minnesota safely.

Its cold and there is lots of snow. Im happy.

*Sends warm thoughts and regards to warm up Woran*

NobodysHome wrote:

Oops. I guess we spoiler these things!

** spoiler omitted **

Sorry to hear that NH.

Lets hope he pulls through in the last moment.

NobodysHome wrote:
So, we have a paladin who goes to bed every night with multiple Smite Evils and bonded weapons still available. Seriously. He's 14th level, and ever since he got it at 11th level, the bread-and-butter, "Grant everyone in the party the ability to Smite" has gone unused. Having a Holy weapon for 40 minutes a day? Unused. So the paladin gets horrifically beaten on because of his low AC, does very low damage because he doesn't buff himself, and who spends all of his Lay on Hands on himself rather than channeling for the party because he's so busy getting beaten on.


What kind of Paladin are we talking about here? A badly build Holy Tactician?...
Maybe tentatively suggest a rebuild?

NobodysHome wrote:
We have an inquisitor who far, far, far surpasses her 3/4 BAB roots, but only because (as Vanykrye keeps pointing out), she has judgements, banes, and spells to boost her To Hit and damage. In spite of getting 1 fewer attack per round (still 3/4 BAB), she out-damages the paladin in every fight.


Seems allright, I guess. Standard two-handed Inquisitor?

NobodysHome wrote:

Finally, we have a sorcerer who, since the party lacks any other buffers, spends most of his rounds casting Haste, Fly or other buffs on the party, or using battlefield control spells quite effectively. But battlefield control is critical but not flashy.

Right, Right.

So the Sorcerers gotten his hands full...

NobodysHome wrote:

The Rogue Abuse Will Continue Until Morale Improves

It's amazing how a seemingly-reasonable request can so utterly hamstring a party.

GothBard made her feelings rather straightforward: "Don't introduce a new PC who's suddenly going to outshine the rest of the party. Otherwise play what you think will be fun."

So I can't play a full BAB PC because I'd immediately eclipse the woefully-underperforming paladin and the 3/4 BAB inquisitor. I can't play a full caster because I'd immediately eclipse the harried sorcerer. Which leaves... bard!

And not only would a bard not solve our issues, but I can't fit one into the storyline either.

So I'm going to stick with rogue until the inevitable TPK we run into because we're so grossly underpowered.

Well then, The best of luck to you and your (possibly doomed) Rogue ^^'

I do find your fellow players reactions to you wanting to try a different character a bit...petty? insecure maybe?


NobodysHome wrote:

I really don't care for her much, either. She seems custom-built for fanboyz who want to play dominatrixes…

Kind of get what your saying here, and I at least agree too an extend.

Though personally I never really associated her that much with BDSM (outside some whip usage and feats…).
Sex and prostitution...sure but not really BDSM in particular.

That's kind of Zon-Kuthons and his army of cenobite gimps thing (at least for me)

NobodysHome wrote:

So if you have to play a cleric of Calistria, you've got to go whole hog, and I'll have fun doing it.

Yup, I agree ^^

NobodysHome wrote:

I could go on and on, but I won't. I suspect she is strongly adored by boys who like to play uber-sexualized women, and women who like to play "sex is power" characters, So basically players who want to focus on their PC's sexuality...


Not sure if its quite that simple...but I can see what your saying.
Though there is an aspect of sexuality to it for sure.
It occurs to as Calistria is more a representation of the primal and wilder unbridled sexuality which might be contained by, but is constantly pushing against, its own social moorings.
While in contrast the sexuality of Shelyn is the encultured formalized and "safe" sexuality of a measured system of social expectations and "rules".

In other words Calistria will make you slap her ass and bite her earlobe to heighten the passion, While Shelyn will make you go to Victoria's Secret.

Freehold DM wrote:
she's a pretty standard sex and revenge deity. If you have issues with one or the other, she isn't going to make much sense to you.

Kind of where I land in the end. Think they had a lot of interesting angles broached with her that they didn't really develop into something that could be considered a...hmmm..."finished feeling whole".

I have long been wondering if she would be better served if you stripped her (*eyebrow waggle*) of her "Revenge" area of concern and gave her Shelyn's "Love" aoc...might make her seem more nurturing and approachable.
Though I also fear it would rob her of some of the "conflicting ideas" that kind of make her more interesting.

Scintillae wrote:


Calistria's favorite song is either "Goodbye Earl" or "Before He Cheats."...


Don't think it would be Shelyn's favorite song, but for some reason I associate this one with her...

Vidmaster7 wrote:
You wanna know a scary god... Kali. Kali scary.


Not really that scary, just a bit different from our usual way of thinking over here in the west.

Just a Mort wrote:


Someone please think about the kids!...

*Taps his GM sign saying "NC-17 rated" with a turtle foot"

All games have their disturbing content carefully disclaimed before beginning and follow up or further questions pertaining to content, themes or storylines will be answered to ensure no-one is blindsided by any content that might cause distress.

John Napier 698 wrote:
Hi, Kjel!

*Waves to John*

How are you holding up? Scheduling/new guard back to normal?

Me? I'm do so'n'so...or...somewhat sucky actually. Too much stress, still somewhat sickly and my colleagues are being ass-hats.
Hope your doing better then me.

*Gives back pat*



I'll probably be turning in soon

Nighty night!

I ultimately feel that the fundamental problem with the Rogue, in 3.x(and kind of earlier)/Pathfinder, was and is one of trying to fit a design space that's from the onset is/was all too crowded.

The Rogue already from the core-book was squeezed on "his turf" by the Bard, who did some of the Rogue's tricks-y deceptive face-time stuff better cause well magic
While the Ranger kind of got the skirmisher, lightly armoured combatant or ambusher thing down kind of better too…(again with magic!)
In Pathfinder that trend simply continued with each new iteration on the "design tree" compounding the loss of "turf" for the Rogue with each new class basically taking a "different spin" at outdoing the Rogue when doing "Rogue-like things".

And the list is long Alchemists(Investigators), Bards (Mesmerists, Skalds), Inquisitors, Mediums, Ninjas, Rangers(Hunters), Slayers and Vigilantes…

So my suggestions?

Well, the easiest is just to let the corpse lie and rot, since that's all its good for now. Bury the Rogue, embrace the options, and don't look back.

What I would like to see however is kind of the opposite…
Actually some of all those classes getting the axe instead and have their tricks, bells and whistles folded into a (somewhat) modular Rogue class and a series of "archetypes" that you apply to your character, as you level up, to add further specializations and abilities to your character.
I'm arguing for killing off the likes of the Bards, Ninjas, Rangers, Slayers and whatnot (and as far as possible shoving aspects of them them back into their "parent classes"), while making those a bit more modular and letting players pick up "archetypes" to further define particular skillsets, specializations and maybe even whole playstyles of those "parent classes".

(Basically I would love an expanded (and a bit more complex) character system in the vein of Shadow of the Demonlord ^^')

Talking about Rogues…
I've got a character planed out for a level 4-15ish campaign, one of my player will be running soon…
So I'm planning a (insert small sized race - Halfling, Ratfolk or what-not) Vexing Dodger 1/Mouser 1/?
It's the ? that bugging me…
I would prefer something "fighty", with little to no magic, but it should preferably still net my character 4-5d6 worth of Sneak Attack dice…
Anyone have any suggestions? or do you want me to explain what I'm trying to build first?

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NobodysHome wrote:

Speaking of the trip, we had our first, "OMG! Do we really want to do that?!?!" moment, as Copenhagen is the home of the "best restaurant in the world", Noma, and so of course we had to eat there. And of course, being the best restaurant in the world, it's equivalent to 3 Rivolis, one Alexander's Steakhouse, or 80% of a French Laundry (the best restaurant in the West, unless some L.A. feeb argues that there's something better down there, thought I doubt it).

I figure I'm willing to skip Rivoli for a while to give it a shot. GothBard's a little more leery, but considering that the French Laundry remains one of the most memorable dining experiences of my life, I see no reason not to cut back a bit now and see what Noma is like...

First off let me preface this by saying that I'm not (as of yet) paid to rag on Noma...this is just from a cursory review of the places web page.

But I'll give a couple of clarification about the place.

First off, it's a concept restaurant.
Generally, the place rotates between 3 culinary themes a year, that forms the basis of the "menu" your buying.
This year, its Seafood Season (January – June), Vegetable Season -> Offers both a "vegetarian menu and a vegan menu" (June – September) and Game & Forest Season (October – December).

The whole usage of the term "menu" has me a bit confused…I can't really find how many courses a "menu" consists of or how many different "menus" are offered...can't really figure out if drink are included or not, so I'll guess that it isn't??

Reservation is required (at least 1 day ahead of time...I think?), for between 2 to 8 people, and the meals pre-paid together with the reservation...though again the system is a bit arcane and obtuse.

Every "menu" is priced the same 2500 Dkk (or around 380 $) per person. With a "drinks menu" running from 950 Dkk (around 143 $) - a "juice pairing?!" - to 1350 Dkk (around 204 $) - "wine pairing" - per person.

(CT's personal opinion: So...a minimum of 3450 Dkk (around 522 $) for a "multiple course vegan/vegetarian inspired meal" with juice?!
*Heads towards the nearest hot dog stand*).

Just a Mort wrote:
I wouldn't do that, robbery is a crime! But if I am, I don't exactly feel it at the moment, I don't have defined muscles when I look at myself in the mirror, you know. Though I'll admit to peeking at more girls in the changing room, just to see what kind of abs I'm aiming to achieve.

It was a half-hearted attempt at a Schwarzenegger movie reference...didn't feel it really landed though ^^'

As for the rest...
Your individual muscles might not be super defined, but your overall shape is pretty lean and yea you look pretty toned to me.
(Now sure, I haven't gone over you with a magnifying's just how you appear to me in the pictures you've shared. Hope I don't come across as...errr...offensive or nosy.)

NobodysHome wrote:

Well, we've got the plane tickets for the Europe trip, so at least we know we're going.

It's sad; you see all these ads for "$399 to Europe round trip!", but that's if you want to travel in February and end up somewhere random. GothBard's Portugal tickets were $1000 round trip. We had to buy one-way tickets this time (in to London, out of Copenhagen) so we ended up at $1500 round trip. Pretty steep, but it's always a relief knowing you can get there.

Once you're there, youth hostels and trains are so plentiful you can always find stuff to do...

I'm not really a Copenhagen native (in fact I live in almost the exact opposite end of the country).

But I kinda wanna meet I'm exploring the possibilities of me being in the city when you pass through...Might also be able to help guide you around a bit if you feel like you might need it.

But again feel free to hit me up if you think I can help with your trip in any way.

Just a Mort wrote:

For the Horde!

But alliance gets all the pretty boys and girls...


The Hordes still got some pretty ladies.
(I will give you that most aren't Draenei levels of pretty ^^')

Just a Mort wrote:

... Which means I uh…share the same body type as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whut the heck?


*Feels an alarming and overwhelming need to hand over his clothes, his boots and his motorcy... scooter to Mort Kitty*

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Just a Mort wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Oh, I'm pretty sure you would have pinged me by now, but does anyone else on FaWtL play FFXIV?

We're having a wedding tomorrow at 11:00 am PST (er, a "ceremony of eternal bonding") and I figure I should make sure anyone here who plays gets an invite.

I had a ceremony of eternal bonding once with an ex-partner when we mistook a tube of superglue for intimate lubricant.
Oh no! How did you get out of that sticky mess?

*Put on a pair of goggles, snaps on a pair of rubber gloves and brings up the cotton swabs and acetone*

"I'm going in..."

Woran wrote:
Pfffffff, going on a vacation is a lot of work.

*Nods sagely*

lisamarlene wrote:

Today is the annual church chili cook-off.

After much back-and-forth over whether it was a good idea, I finally decided to go ahead and make an organic-vegan-lentil-quinoa-Berkeley-hippie-"chili". Made by a Yankee.
The joke's on them, though, because it is definitely a true chili in every aspect except for the protein source. It packs a bit of a wallop.
Oh, and there's no "beans". Just lentils.
Black beans and kidney beans are Phaseolus. Lentils are Lens. So, even though they're both Fabaceae, I can technically say, "no beans in this chili". Which is important in Texas.

*Looks (and sniffs) sceptically at the stewing pot of hippy-chili, eyes LM quickly, before tentatively sampling it*

NobodysHome wrote:


I'm sure there'll be a big discussion at the cookoff as to which bathroom has the most sandpaper-y toilet paper, and how manly all the men are for using it in the harshest manner possible...

*Looks and winces at the grey toilet(sand)paper…reminds himself always to bring along a roll of his preferred 4-layer "silky butt" paper*

Freehold DM wrote:


I am in the hospital.

I FINALLY went to the doctor for my cough today, as it has been hanging around for a month and has lessened but it keeps me from laying flat to sleep and has me bringing up multicolored phlegm. The doctor pokes and prods and feels me up and swears my lungs are clear but with an astonishingly high blood pressure demands I go to the er. They take me and do more poking and prodding and say that my blood pressure is so high it is affecting my kidneys and heart and will not let me leave until it and another thing they are looking at in my blood work have gone down.

I am not in any pain, nor am I laboring to live, but I did have an issue with breathing at work this morning that I blamed on the cough but could be due to this blood pressure issue. We will see. For now I am taking the meds they give me and am going to get some rest.


Freehold DM wrote:

I am alive.

Released from the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. I now officially have benign essential hypertension and need blood pressure meds.

In other words, I am old.


Freehold DM wrote:


** spoiler omitted **

*Gives many man-hugs, back pats and encouragements*

Take what ever time you feel you need Freehold.

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John Napier 698 wrote:


I'm very sad today. The source of many of my best childhood memories is gone. The Century III mall, Pittsburgh's largest indoor mall, is closed. The Borough of West Mifflin has condemned the property for being unsafe. The burst water sprinkler pipes, and the injury they caused, might have had something to do with it. The property manager has filed bankruptcy on the mall, so I guess that there wasn't any point in fixing the many problems.

Now that it's gone, I thought that I might share some of my memories of the place. When I was a Teenager in the 1980's, the entire family would spend a Saturday there. We'd blow our allowances on candy, comic books, video games in the Arcade. Even after I returned home from the Army, it was still a favorite spot.

There was a small pet store, on the stairs between the first and second floors by the JC Penny's. They used to sell birds, kittens, and puppies. Right across the landing was a Radio Shack. There was a National Record Mart. When they went out of business, a F.Y.E. took its place. I bought many of my non-Tekko-purchased anime DVDs from there. F.Y.E. moved out of the mall last year. There was a New Dimensions Comics store. They sold RPG books in addition to comics.

On the first floor, there was a Walden Books. For an introverted kid who loved to read books like me, the place was like Heaven. On the third floor, right across from the National Guard recruiting office, was the Arcade. They had Pinball Machines, Skee ball machines, Air Hockey, and Coin-op Video Games. In the food court, there was a burger place that would put cheese with bacon, or gravy on the fries. There was a large open area where Holiday events, mainly Christmas and Easter, would be held.

;_; Good bye, Century III. I'll miss you.

*Offers man hug and back pats*

Sic transit gloria mundi...

Just a Mort wrote:

Pepsi is evil. So is coke. You're just drinking empty calories...

The best kind of calories :P

Woran wrote:
Its always sad to see part of your childhood go.

*Nods sagely*

Drejk wrote:
Vanykrye wrote:

Zelda: God it sucks getting old.

Me: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure it does.

(She turns 40 this summer.)

I agree completely with her.

I turn 39 later this month.

*Feels a tiny bit younger ^^'*

Just a Mort wrote:

I guess my BF put it correctly that I was always being held back and told what to do, and not allowed to be me. My life would have probably been happier if I learnt to stand up for myself and tell people, ”No. It’s my life and I’ll live it the way I want to.” Instead of trying to make people happy.

But I had all this self esteem issues(because I wanted to fit in and be “normal”) and basically I valued my worth on if I was making people happy by doing the things they wanted me to do.

Ok, that is really getting depressing.

*Gives Mort pats'n'nuzzles*

Comfortable, Independent and Self-caring Kitty is best Kitty!

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NobodysHome wrote:

Horrors in parenting: When your 17-year-old son comes into the living room and starts dancing the Macarena (bad enough already) to this.

*Rolls his eye and lets his mash-up snobbery show*

John Napier 698 wrote:
Hi, Kjel! Third day of relatively warm temperatures. Tomorrow's supposed to be warm, too.

*Smiles and waves to John*

John Napier 698 wrote:
Hi, everyone. I was busy earlier, and I've got a little bit of time for posting before I make dinner.

*Nods in understanding*

Woran wrote:

Thank you Turtle

*Blushes lightly and gives Woran another hug'n'pat*

Vanykrye wrote:


But what I feel needs to be said, and you can take it or leave it or tell me to shut my face: don't compare your body to others, because you will never be happy. There will always be someone fitter/more toned/thinner/whatever than you. Don't torture yourself. Get yourself to a spot that you're happy with yourself and maintain that.

(Disclaimer - This advice does not apply in cases of mental or eating disorders. Seek professional help.)

*Nods very very vigorously in agreement*

Freehold DM wrote:
Drejk wrote:
And today's Legend Of Five Rings session canceled... :/
I blame the scorpion.

*Feigns surprise, lets out a offended 'harumph' and waddles away with his turtle nose held high*

lisamarlene wrote:

Val seems to be almost entirely better. He's back to 3/4 energy (more than enough for a normal human), mostly normal appetite, and normal conversation/sense of humor.

*Smiles and claps his turtle feet together happily*

Just a Mort wrote:
Cover Turtle. I'm probably a catfish. And therefore to people, delicious.

*Clears throat, while biting back several jokes about Mort kitty having a fishy taste or smell ^^'*

NobodysHome wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

*Shakes head, while tsk-tsk-ing the weird American medical-insurance system.

lisamarlene wrote:

My day:

This morning, Teensy Valeros was feeling so awful he didn't even want to read comic books. We watched Octonauts until my brain was dribbling out my ears. Then he fell asleep for three hours, during which time I did as much cleaning as I could and made a 10x13 pan of chicken enchiladas, with homemade sauce. Then we went and picked up Hermione from her Girl Scouts meeting, came home, had dinner with Whingey Wizzard, and after he left for the dojo and I got the kids to bed, I scrubbed the house from top to bottom (lunar new year tomorrow, old habits die hard). And now I'm tired.
There is nothing worse than watching a little kid with a fever. I kept testing him with math problems just to make sure his brain was not foggy. This is probably abnormal.
He swears he feels fine and was whistling the Imperial March and making wolf noises in the bathtub tonight, but he's still hot.
Whingey Wizzard gets to stay home with him tomorrow while I go back to work, because he works nights on Tuesdays. Apparently four other faculty members and one other faculty child were out of school today, and I don't know how many students total. A bunch.

*Wishes he could just easily waddle by the LM residence, so he could drop off some of his favorite lemon cough-drops and liquorice candies for T. Val. and a pair of his favorite merino woolen sock. and snifter of Rum for LM.*

Just a Mort wrote:

Really half of me is missing? Thanks, I've been working on it!

I only lost about 5-8 kg? Which is equivalent of 11 - 17 lbs?

*Nods approvingly*



Woran wrote:
I'm already done with today.

*Also wishes he could come by Worans place to offer up small candied gifts, back pats and a snifter of her preferred booze*

Freehold DM wrote:

just a long, thankless day at work. One day of hellish warmth and people pop out of the woodwork, making me and my staff scramble to catch people who dont normally come by.

I need a beer and an evening with my xbone.

But I cant even do that, because my mom wants me to come over because she keeps hearing a noise!


*Gives back pats, reassurances and understanding. Work just can pull out your freaking teeth somedays…*

*Sighs as Lazy co-worker called in "sick" this afternoon, meaning this particular turtle has to cover his shift tomorrow.

And guess what? We're supposed to be cleaning stalls tomorrow.*

The Vagrant Erudite wrote:
I have an interview tomorrow morning.

*Crosses turtle feet for VE*

Just a Mort wrote:
I'm a cat, not a fish!

*Tilts turtle head in a wondering manner*


Sea Cat?

Snorkel Cat?


John Napier 698 wrote:
My weekend was okay, Kjel. Warmer that average, but I don't mind.


John Napier 698 wrote:
It feels like I twisted my ankle, somehow. Monday, blegh!


*Gives pack pats and attempts to shove an icepack and a Tea'n'Rum trough his screen to John*

lisamarlene wrote:

Teensy Valeros is down with a fever of 102.1 and a scratchy throat, so we dropped Hermione off at school and we're having a Magic School Bus marathon on the couch.

*Coughs, sniffles and looks quite pitiful at LM (and T. Val) with big wet saucer-like eyes*

Can I haz couch time too…?

Just a Mort wrote:

*whips Cover Turtle's butt*

*Emits a quick high pitched moan, before smiling at Mort with a look that conveys both pleasure and a somewhat disturbing contentment.*

captain yesterday wrote:

Seriously, if you want to talk politics take it to Reddit, Twitter, or any one of my brother's houses.

FaWtL is supposed to be politics free.

*Digs himself out of a smoking crater, wearing a crooked n' battered steelhelmet and appearing slightly singed, waving a white flag at Fritzy*

Sorry Cap/Fritzy!

Snotty mostly ^^'
Drinking tea'n'Rum currently…
While wondering how I got a cold when all we got this week was such a light drizzle of snow and not all that low temperatures.
I personally blame some strange kind of equine-born cold virus...

How about you? Had a nice weekend (so far)?

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Just a Mort wrote:
Cover Turtle! Go get some drowsy cold medicine! At least that type seems more effective. And sleeping is probably how you should spend your time while you're sick.

Basically what I've been doing this weekend.

Sleeping 10 hours (a day), drowning myself in tea'n'booze and been reading up on my huge stack of Rpg systems.
*coughs and blows nose*

Just a Mort wrote:

Also I used Cover Turtle's whip on my BF. He ran (if slowly) the 2.4 km, but bit me after. I'll take the bites.

*Wiggles eyebrow and shakes his turtle butt at Mort*

Just a Mort wrote:

Me rock climbing!

That was the easiest lane but I couldn't get to the top.

How high the lane is for perspective


Brave Kitty!

I'd choose a lower wall as I'm sacred of height ^^'

NobodysHome wrote:

- Chefwear mushroom pants

Those are some hideously mesmerizing pants...

Vidmaster7 wrote:
Whole wheat spaghetti does taste a bit odd. Just different I suppose.

Yup! Blegh! It tastes kind of...stale or flat?

Vidmaster7 wrote:
Anyone else ever work with someone then they find out you play D&D and they invite themselves to your game? (He's totally not joining my game btw.)

Yup I did. Invited him into one of the gaming groups I participated in...didn't work out for several different reasons, mostly differing gaming styles and expectations.

Tequila Sunrise wrote:

Why Reddit must be approached with extreme caution:

Random Redditor: "...Then we'd have a choice between Klansmen and SJWs, and that's when everyone loses..."

*Fails Will save*

Me: "Did you for real just draw a moral equivalence between people who violently hate other people and people who care about other people..."

As an outsider, with an imperfect grasp of American politics, I see several problems

-> The equation of an actual ("historical") extremist group(s) with fairly established view on several reactionary (political) positions...with well more of a bunch of generalized, though at times annoyingly vague, idea(s) that seem to touch upon such things as socially progressive political positions, activism and political correctness.

-> The need for an actual political position besides the current perceived left><Right positions given above.

-> That the general tone (and amount of hyperbole) makes even the basest of communication between people on each side of the divide incredibly difficult.
If a situation can only be put forth in the most extreme, black'n'white, "with us or against us" or confrontational way as possible, it doesn't exactly engender understanding or willingness to compromise in whoever you're trying to sway…

I'll add that such attempt at such verbal browbeating will at best entrench people in their existing preconceptions and at worst it'll leave them feeling ostracized (and consequently fleeing) from your particular brand of politics.

Cover Turtle wrote:
SV -> I'm staring starving g%+ d#+nit! and you, a living snack, keep prancing around me like you own the place?! F@*& it! *Glomp!*



John Napier 698 wrote:
Cover Turtle wrote:
John Napier 698 wrote:
*Man hugs Kjel, again*

*Happily returns the man hug to John*

Hope you're during alright over there in the frozen wastelands of America?
(Don't know how hard Pittsburgh have been hit by the cold ^^')

The other day, -5 degrees F, -25 degrees F windchill.

That's still really harsh.

*Packs up some scotch, extra hot ramen cups and a spare cover in a giftasket for John*

I hope everything else okay is over there...that you and your family is doing alright.

*Back pats John*


Time for a turtle nap...
If I don't wake up in 30min, coughing up a lung and choking on mucus again (again)...

Nighty night.

John Napier 698 wrote:
*Man hugs Kjel, again*

*Happily returns the man hug to John*

Hope you're during alright over there in the frozen wastelands of America?
(Don't know how hard Pittsburgh have been hit by the cold ^^')

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NobodysHome wrote:

I found my midlife crisis!

I am utterly sick to death of material possessions. I don't want any more.

*Looks at his bookshelves, which is suffering under the crushing weight of far to many Rpg books*

Nope, must say I'm not suffering from that particular crisis…
In fact I might need some kind of intervention, as I have so many Rpg books that I (almost) can't fit them into shelves.
Is there such a thing as Rpgers anonymous?

Anyone want to buy any books? ^^'

Just a Mort wrote:

*fondles Cover Turtle's horse whip*

Send me a PM with an address, PO box or what not and I'll send you one ^^

+ some assorted tasties and random knick-knack. It's the least I can do for putting up with me for this long.
(The same goes for other FaWtLers who aren't averse to random gift-boxes)

Vidmaster7 wrote:

So now we know which one of the seven dwarfs VE would be lets see who else we can dwarfify.

Gran is dopey!
I call sleepy. today anyways.
Mort you want bashful or sneezy?
lets see who else is usually on this late.

Probably should let the turtle be bashful. he hides in his shell that seems pretty fitting. Mort your sneezy then.

I kind of like it...but I'm definitely not a 'bashful' dwarf.

One look at my browsing history, and I would immediately be regulated to being 'creepy', 'crazy' or 'Arrgghh! Kill it fire' dwarf...

Tacticslion wrote:

Gotta say, though there's a fair response to killing your crew as "that's not acceptable," the crew of the Enterprise are kind of being super-jerks, all things considered.

SV: "Look, all I want is salt. Please. I'm literally starving to death. If not that, please leave us alone."

EC: "No, you can't have it. Also, we're going to poke you with stuff."

SV: "Okay, well, if you're not going to give us salt-"

EC: "We definitely aren't!"

SV: "... right, well, if you're not doing that, please leave us alone and leave, quickly."

EC: "No, I think we'll hang out here for an extended period of time!"

SV: "I really think you should leave."

EC: "No-no. Definitely not."

*SV, literally starving, eats the only available salt; happens to be from a person*

EC: "Welp! Looks like you're an irredeemable monster!"

SV: "But... what if you literally just gave me salt so I wouldn't starve to death. From all the salt you've got."

EC: "No-no, we gotta kill it, dead!"

And then they do.

I mean, yeah, it killed people. And, yes, it was proooooooobably evil. But people kept actively withheld the literal thing that it needed to live. And then actively trying to trap it and kill it.

Kiiiiiiiiiiiinda jerks about the whole thing, guys.

Yea, most 'supposed heros' in a clash of cultures/species/etc can quite often be a bunch of scumbags purely based on, from which PoW the observer/viewer/reader is presented the situation in question.

Feds -> We're here on important business, and nothing will deter us! *Glomp! Redshirt disappears* OMG! a hostile species! Kill it!

SV -> I'm staring god damnit! and you, a living snack, keep prancing around me like you own the place?! F!!+ it! *Glomp!*

NobodysHome wrote:

Geez, I hate door-to-door whatevers...

Solicitors, yes.

Though I'm kind of loving the local chapter of Jehovah's witnesses attempt at getting more people into the fold. They keep sending around this couple of cute early-to-mid 20's women spreading the lord's word…
And Yes, I've invited them in for coffee next time their in the neighborhood ^^' (which probably means they'll avoid me like the plague...and if not I get to corrupt have a cup of coffee with a couple of fair ladies! Seems like a win-win to me :P)

In other news.

Still somewhat annoyed, knackered and depressed.
And as the cheery on top, I've gotten a terrible cold. Mucus everywhere. Should probably walk around with a bucket around my neck as its currently that bad. *Grumbles and coughs*

Also I've gotten glasses...which was needed as I've been losing eyesight on my right eye at an accelerated pace for a few years now…(and yes I'm going to a specialist to have it looked at, no worries)
I'm also dealing with 'adjustment' headaches and dizziness from my new glasses, so its probably gonna be quite the weekend.

Hope everyone is having better luck, where-ever they are.

*Waves with a turtle foot, before gingerly wobbling back to his hidy-hole, while swaying slightly from side to side*

Just a Mort wrote:
…Also, Cover Turtle, how good are you with mud? Hardcore wildiness exploration in the Pahang jungles involves quite a bit of that, and leeches. And the trail can be rough. Hiking stick advised.

Mud?...I work in a stable full of animals that find it fun to roll around in mud (and occasionally their own droppings) before strolling inside and expecting me to clean them up. So yea, I could probably survive getting a little dirty ^^

If anything it would probably be the physical strain, heat or the gnats and critters I should worry about. I'm a bit of an attraction to most bugs, especially the bloodsucking ones like mosquitos and such…must have particularly tasty blood ^^'
Or I'm just (with my penchant for a nice drink) the equivalent of a mosquito dive bar :p

NobodysHome wrote:

Question: How do GMs play it at their tables?
I allow rogues to detect Alarm spells, because nerfing them even more just seems like unnecessary cruelty.

Yup same here, run them like every other trap.

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John Napier 698 wrote:
*Man hugs Kjel*

*Returns Man hug*

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Tequila Sunrise wrote:

Question for all FAWTLies of a certain age range:

What did you do when your midlife crisis hit? And how did you get over it?

...Asking for a friend.

Don't think I'm there yet…

Then again with me crashing at least once a month due to depression, I don't really see me getting any further riled up by further anxiety, my lack of accomplishments, and my pressing mortality.


*Resets his blackboard count of "Days without succumbing to cynicism/ being a nihilistic prick" to 0*

Just a Mort wrote:

I think Cover Turtle's mood may be linked to the gloomy weather in Europe because its winter.

It could be winter blues!

Actually I think Cover Turtle might need a vacation in somewhere sunny but temperate. If he came to Asia, he might melt.

*sticks a warm glowing sun under Cover Turtle's blanket*

*Scratches turtle nose*

Its partially correct. My depression are always worse during the dark, wintery times.

But thanks for the sun! there few things I love more then snuggling around in a really warm bed ^^'

As much as I hate being somewhere were the sun beats down relentlessly on me, I think that a really long vacation, far away from home, would do me some good.
If I had the time, money and opportunity I would love nothing more then going on a months long trip to Southeast Asia, where I'd most probably drown myself in my own brand of snobbery and encultured debauchery…hopefully with an added dash of wilderness exploration.

Cover Turtle wrote:

…I'm already going on for far too long, spending far too much time on this… (which is another point, I hate using hours to hammer out a proper post which lives up to my exacting standarts).

So I might rant tomorrow...then again I might not depending on how I'm feeling…

As I said, there are more I could (and would like to) rant about…

But there's also some propriety consider. While a lot of my problems come from a lack of confidence in myself, my feelings of inadequacy, my obsessive tendencies and this godawful pit in my stomach that feels like its consuming me from the inside out.
That I can talk about here.
Somethings though…
Those require some thawing up to be…palatable.
Love, Sexuality or Erotic fetishism isn't topics for everyone, it can quickly become either a case of oversharing to people who aren't interested or, even worse, making the listeners uncomfortable or offended.
I don't want to step on any toes intentionally, though I recognize that I might do so unintentionally anyways (which frankly is often hard to predict, stuck in our individual PoWs as we are)…thus my general reluctance.
I'll chew on it a bit more, but if I decide to put anything up, it'll be behind a spoiler so that people, who aren't interested, get amble opportunity to skip it.

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*Peeks out from his shell*

Thanks everyone.
I'll probably rant on later today, or maybe not...
depends on how much energy I have left.
But again thanks for the positive vibes and comments.

*Goes back into hiding*

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*Peeks out from under his cover shell*

Been hiding a lot lately, as I've been feeling...well pretty shitty frankly.
It's mostly been personal and family related, though it's still left me tired, depressed, lonely, and feeling very inadequate/alienated for my fellow human beings. It's basically a lot of things.
It's stuff here too. Lots of good comments, interesting questions and various fact-laden statements...all stuff I really want to comment on, or heck even at times challenge them!, as I'm always curious (and a avid contrarian). But I'm increasingly finding my self stumped to how, and even if, I should comment on all of this stuff…but at the same time I wanna be thorough - giving proper answers, contexts and PoWs _ but these things get me spiraling into further and further minutia of very damn single subject or thing I damn well comment on!
Besides that my ADD doesn't allow me keep any grip on any line of though for very long. Seriously, It was one of the hardest thing for me to swallow, that my goddamn inability to keep on topic for more then a few hours at a time (if that even) - especially when writing! - was a major player in scuttling my hopes for an academic career.
Now talking my ass off is something I'm actually skilled at. It just tends to become a stream of consciousness which wobbles through several aspects - often tangentially related - of a central topic, but its something which has servered me quite well (or at least for my scholarly pursuits).

*Breaths in*

See I'm doing it right now…
I guess I'm saying, that I'm not really feeling I'm participating on a satisfactory level. I'm just trying to find the proper way to explain why, and that's its been kind of gnawing at me a bit...
And please don't mistake thing.
I'm happy to have a place where I can feel just a bit at home and I can rant and rave.
I'm just not satisfied with myself, what I am and what I'm offering to others as I truly believe I can do better.


I'm already going on for far too long, spending far too much time on this… (which is another point, I hate using hours to hammer out a proper post which lives up to my exacting standarts).
So I might rant tomorrow...then again I might not depending on how I'm feeling.

Nighty night folks

*Retreats back into his cover shell*

Freehold DM wrote:

Taking a road trip today.

** spoiler omitted **

*Peeks out from his hiding place*

Sorry for your loss Freehold, please accept my deepest condolences...

*Waddles up to Freehold and gives him a burly-turtle hug before retreating back into his hidy-hole*

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Tequila Sunrise wrote:


Shower me with love and adulation.

*Pokes out from his hidy-hole and waves*

Congratulations with a another year TS!

*Retreats back into hiding*

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