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This is great! the closest we had in 1E was the Rougarou, which no one can spell, say or write properly.

Phenomenal work, this'll help loads of people.

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Well said, and thanks for the communication.
Last night I played at my lgs and we had the tables set waaay apart. My own table was actually set within the shelves of gaming stuff and puzzles, chess boards etc. I felt special =)

Plus, a true rarity, it was quiet enough to hear everything my players said.

Oh boy oh boy, I love the beginner box ranges. For starters it's always a good story to run ppl through again and again without getting bored with it/its flexible enough to always change up

and second it'll help get more ppl into pf2. I'm happy with it, and seeing a lot less resistance due to "playtest hangover" from my friends, so I'm running trials for them and keeping the ppl who do wanna play.

Thanks all for the responses, I agree too it adds to the dying so straight to dying 3, and wounded 1. That hits hard.
I see it as "deliver this package of conditions as a result of the hit, which is X damage and condition wounded." THEN it all applies, so the PC is wounded when they fall from damage, it isn't "do as written in that order" so much.

I do think a lot of my rules Qs myself come from the rules in Magic, where you can slow everything down and get very weird corner cases but the rules simply support it, as opposed to Pathfinder which is much more "tell a story, the rules should support it but not run it" aka rule of cool.

So if you're DOOMED and get crit'd by a Bone crunching bite, that's insta-death. Yikes.

What happens when the crit deals enough damage to drop the pc, and they fail the Fort save so they get wounded 1?

I'm thinking the attack deals one "lot" of effects, and in this case it is damage and the condition, so both are figured out before both are applied simultaneously.

Otherwise you can see the dmg drop them, then they go to Dying 2 but get wounded 1 or you apply the wounded first and they go to Dying 3.

Pls n thank you

I am loving knights of the everflame. Omelette no doubt takes the cake. Up to ep 7 of season 1, so I dead what the pcs will find therein!

Thanks for replies. I get the flavour, but I didn't know that these were less perfected abilities for monsters. If Yapper is like an "anti-bard" then you could imagine they'd "Infuriate" instead of Suggestion, like "the target of yapping makes a Will save or absolutely will do a thing you tell them NOT to, ala reverse psychology."

I'll just take it as ask your GM and hope they're nice =}

Hullo all,

Yapping Song says that it replaces fascinate, but doesn't that also replace Suggestion? If our Kobolds can't fascinate someone anymore, then Suggestion isn't useable, but if that's so nothing replaces the ability (unless this is some absurb power creep where Yapping Song is too strong and replaces 2 abilities).

For reference:
Yapping Song (Su) : A dragon yapper can use performance to annoy those that hear it, causing them to take a –1 penalty on attack and damage rolls (minimum 1) and a –1 penalty on saves against fear effects and charm effects as long as the dragon yapper continues performing. This penalty increases by 1 at 5th level and every 6 levels thereafter. Yapping song is a mind-affecting ability that uses audible components, but is not language-dependent. This performance replaces fascinate.

Suggestion (Sp): A bard of 6th level or higher can use his performance to make a suggestion (as per the spell) to a creature he has already fascinated (see above).


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Rysky wrote:
Here ya go.

That's amazing, thanks. You win the forums today =)

Hi Paizo, love everything you do. I'm just asking if we can pretty please have the full artwork for the Simurgh from bestiary 1? Page 295.
We can only see one wing, but I know it's other wing, plus it's tail, must be truly amazing artwork. I'm flawed with only 1 wing of the mythical beast, so seeing the whole thing would be amazing.
Please and thank you.

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I'm looking forward to this, despite being a long time GM. I'm always happy with the "refresher" products because they do just that, refresh my excitement for adventure roleplay!

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I enjoyed this. Short and sweet and a very quickly established in a setting which could only be a Monks training ground and a monks "play" fight (g@% d!+n trolls lol)

"A noble spirit embiggens the smallest" Halfling, to paraphrase Simpsons.

Just throwing my 2 cents in.

"Reality Weaver" is an alternate for Witchwarper, or possibly a sub class.

Bio-hacker I'm fine with, it's unexciting as a title but it communicates the job perfectly.

Vanguard is likewise awesome, it sounds like a meat head with a connection to "otherworldly abilities" who will get in your way, which is exciting as a reader.

"Needless to say said Witchwarper was the only one to die...see what 1 credit does for you?"

I laughed. Late to the discussion party but thanks for a clear and concise report on your experience.

I agree with the idea of shields not granting AC but a miss chance. Makes them a new type of defense, without skewing the numbers.

Or you could make the bonus on shields an "Armor" bonus as well, so they don't stack with/best armor, but you can have a shield wielding envoy with great dex and shield "armor AC", the drawback being no armor upgrades for shields, but they're very easy to port and monkey about in.

All of our items have arrived, thank you so much =).

Marco Massoudi wrote:
If you open the pictures in a new tab and remove the _500 and change the .jpeg to .jpg, you can see the pictures in a much higher resolution.

The HTML is strong with this one lol

Rapthorn2ndform wrote:

Okay, I need to get my players to stop resting as often. The players are young so I've cut them some slack in the past, but most have been playing for over a year and it just got absurd recently.

So they go into a dungeon and have a decent fight at the entrance(only a cleric, ranger, and fighter are present.)
Then they have an ABSURDLY long and drawn out fight with 2 mimics due to bad luck (Nearly the entire party is there EXCEPT for the fighter from earlier.)
And lastly they have a very difficult fight with twice the number of enemies that they should have because a player opened the door to the next room where more enemies were sleeping. (Only a summoner, a DIFFERENT fighter and the same cleric.)

I have no problem with them wanting to rest after this (especially the cleric who had been running on fumes keeping everybody up), but their is a large door ominously off the the side in an earlier area that the ignored and instead decided to sleep in the enemies beds before their bodies had even cooled.

I punished this by having them ambushed while the were resting. The enemies were weaker then what they had already fought but without spells, they had a hard time.

I though i had taught them NOT to just sleep in any random place...BUT THEY DID IT AGAIN!

They are close to the end of the dungeon, and have only had ONE fight from their last rest. The Big Bad of the area appears in a fire burning in the room and taunts them to come and get him through the UNLOCKED door (opens in towards his room). Their reaction...better sleep.

I just want him and his contingent of guards to ambush them while they sleep, but i also don't want to be a complete jerk to them.

Good story, I loved it. Kill them totally, slit their throats in their sleep. Their actual characters wouldn't sleep in the same beds especially after that, so bringing the fight to them is correct. Coup de gras to start the fight.

Plus I know this is years old but interesting to read about anyway.

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Opsylum wrote:

I'm intrigued by the "advice on how to create your own science fantasy tales" bit. I feel like a lot of people go into Starfinder expecting D&D in space (a la Spelljammer), or else something much more akin to true science fiction, and are surprised to see the amount of influence magic and gods and the supernatural have over the game. Science fantasy isn't the best defined genre out there, so a lot of people don't really know what to do with it. Starfinder's greatest strength - it's truly sandbox setting that allows scientific ambition, humanistic ideals, zealous religions and divine power, and Lovecraftian nihilism to exist concurrently and all be equally valid - is also its greatest weakness. There's too much extra thinking ahead involved.

Pathfinder can get away with being a sandbox setting because it can be concisely understood: "sword and sorcery, Lord of the Rings flavor fantasy except God is dead and the reliability of prophecy and fate with him." It's easy to pick up the game and play Pathfinder or even make your own setting from there. With Starfinder, a host of questions require the game master to put in a lot of extra thought ahead of time. What to do with a world where Heaven, the Devil, Cthulhu and space Elon Musk all exist concurrently? How are gods supposed to work in a world where a local drought or plague can be cured with commercial imports and advanced medicine? What effects does magic and the gods have on technological and social progress? How prevalent is magic, and is it more powerful than science? While fantasy has an abundance of pre-made templates giving GMs an idea of what a fantasy world is supposed to look like, science fantasy is a much more amorphous genre. As much as I love Starfinder's setting, I also know a lot of people who prefer to make their own, and often feel at a loss as to how to make a science fantasy world feel cohesive and make best use of the genre's flavor. I think it would be really helpful to have a creative world-building section, a campaign builder, and some...

I agree and disagree at the same time, much like you say being science fantasy is a strength and weakness. While it is a vague genre, it's because it's just all forms of play mushed together. You can liken it to steampunk being "fantasy science fiction" seeing we've got technology creeping into a fantasy world. It's a matter of degrees. I couldn't see any guns appearing in LOTR, but in Pathfinderverse gunslingers are definitely present.

I like that you mention people make their own versions of the world, picking and taking the Pact Worlds lore for what they need and ignoring the parts that don't apply/sweeping them under the rug. I use this when making my own sessions, but I let the players know what is/isn't available, and that other things will be determined on the fly.

I do think a section that highlights this "slice of game world" idea to newer GMs would be real handy, but more than a "you're the GM, you decide!" paragraph or so.

Plus I love the idea of a product that makes introductions for newer players so easy and engaging.

Ah, I found my answer hidden cleverly in the flavour text.

"The wolf-shaped body of a caypin has no eyes or mouth of its own-—rather, it sees and eats only via the contributions of dozens of thick, stalk-like appendages that hang from a jawlike protrusion on the front of their skulls."

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I feel as though enhanced resistance feels natural. Not in the sense that certain races start with it, but that someone can, through training, have a naturally resistant body. Thus it's a natural source. You aren't installing iron plates into your skin, as with Dermal Plating.

And I know in the start of Feats it mentions that pcs can generate whatever reason they want for their feats (maybe it's training, or a rare gem from a previous adventure giving them +1 to beat SR) but yeah.

But the Vesk natural weapon is bludgeoning, so it's a fist, or headbutt, or knee to the head. Compare it to other races Natural attacks (Reptoid say) where it specifies another type of damage, slashing. I think a minotaur goring with hands fulls is fine, same as a Vesk could charge into a head butt holding their longarm against their chest, then during the season next turn.

If it truly comes to it, you could say the minotaur can spend a swift action to change what is wielding, shifting its focus from guns to horn. The guns are then 'held' by not wielded. Change again next turn for a swift action. I just think it penalises a player so much to have to do sessions to use a natural attack.

Hello all, a question about the Caypin. I'm assuming most ppl would rule as per gm, but as ever an [O]fficial answer is desired.

When the caypin uses it's detach ability it can make up to two "mouth swarms", but once it has done so does the caypin itself lose the ability to make bite attacks? If you rule as written then no, it never loses any abilities from it's own abilities. But the rule specifies there's "enough to make 2 swarms", at which point you could either see it as having no more tendrils to detach, OR not having enough to make more, but still enough to bite on it's own still.

Thoughts? Cheers in advance.

Thanks, I appreciate the responses, and admit I didn't know the situation completely, but I've been hearing about this for 3 months now and got fed up waiting for either side to act, so I did and we have some more clarity.

Also thanks Anguish on the information re payment and how it works, that may be where my partner got confused.

I'll delete this thread after a day, so you can read this response.

Hello, my partner and I have been waiting 6 months for product from Paizo.

My partner bought the items June last year, and we have sent several emails back and forth but nothing has happened. Her email is [blanked], and it was for a flip play mat and Starfinder condition cards. What gives? We paid you six months ago, and have had NOTHING for our money in this entire time. Our friends suggested that the play mats you were being supplied with are no longer made by the same manufacturer, but if that is the case then why weren't we alerted to the fact, and given options to cancel and get a refund, or otherwise?

Paizo handled the replacement Starfinder Core Rulebooks very well (we got our replacement copy, for the faulting binding, it's why we still love you) but this current situation is utter ****. 6 months and we've had a few useless emails, and whoever responded to them has made NO EFFORT TO FOLLOW UP. I'm posting this email in the forums section as well, seeing that tends to get more attention. I'm upset with this slow speed of response, OR lack of communication thereafter.

Charlatan Fox.

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I like the idea, but I'd change the name to "Standard save". Standard makes more sense, as it's the standard way that damage only spells will be dealt with, and "basic" speaks of levels, like basic, medium, expert, legendary, etc.

Otherwise, I love this idea. Very easy to "get" for experienced gamers, which makes it easier for newer players to learn and retain.

As for spells that want all four results listed, I think succes, cri success, fail, crit fail is still fine, because the noncrit results will be far more common (assuming the PCs haven't decided to hunt down and fight a +4 level Dragon).

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I ran my session 1 playtest last night and didn't even think of resonance until one of the players mentioned it.

One solution could be that most level items stop working on being's who are too powerful for them. A level 1 cure works up to level 7 characters, but a level 20 fighter who drinks a level 1 heal gets 1 hit point.

I don't see that there is a question here? You ran it correctly. Two pcs rolled better, but failed to see it. It's an ooze made of filth in a room that is all filth. Once it was sprung you ran the fight normally?

The pcs could have chosen to ready an action to Shoot the first thing that appears, up to them.

As the GM you can add things to the setting so it makes sense as to how the ooze was hiding, but I've already mentioned that it's a pile of filth in a room of filth. This also explains why the pcs wouldn't be able to hide in the same manner.

I am more eager to pick up and run an AP if it's only 3 volumes, as opposed to 6. I tend to run my own adventures anyway, in the long sweeping style you described, so having the option of "not so sweeping" APs is good ppl like me who want a break over holidays, say.

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Also greats Diplomacy rolls between Paizo and it's insane customer base. Ta for the info.

Eek squeel yay! I'll be overseas and away from my group for Oct Nov, buuut that just means we'll be playtesting the PF for 1 player version. Of that exists, it's one lucky player with 5 sheets to enjoy.

Much happys.

Fun and complicated, but we'll see.

I did feel upset when my Rogue/Assassin 20 wasn't the best skill monkey in the high level campaign we ran. And everything could resist the DC 24 skill check to not simply instantly die. Sigh.

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Well, this has been the most exciting update in a while. I like the reworking so that "half whatever" can now be applied to any Race, like in your dwarf/orc example (but how that unison occurred I can't imagine. Arm wrestle in a bar turned into a passionate night of neutral hate-lust?)

I'm definitely giving these a go.

My enemies are really more interested in a gluten-free plasma bolt to the face... can you do anything there for me?

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Mark Seifter,
We couldn't pretty please get the Jabberwock as a sneak peek could we?
Just because you're nice and wanna wow people in the forums?
Yours sincerely,

HangarFlying wrote:
Coridan wrote:

So, overall, I'm not too thrilled about what we're getting (Goblins as PC races? No thanks. Catfolk would be way more interesting to me).

My biggest fear though is that you'll use Starfinder's NPC/monster creation system. Which is awful. Please don't. Stick with the 3/3.5/PF system. All creatures should be running off the same ruleset.

No. 100 times no. As a GM I’m done with Pathfinder because dealing with all the stupid details with feats and skills and class abilities and blah blah blah that I need to do just to scale different monsters is fatiguing.

Simplify the monsters so they can be easily run on the fly would be a win. Monsters following the same rules as player characters is good in theory, but in actual practice isn’t.

I know this is a few months late, but I agree here. The creation rules for Starfinder mean I can spend ONE DAY on making a session, and everything is complete. A real NPC gets a proper player creation go through, but for monsters to fight, or townsfolk to befriend and work alongside, the monsters and templates numbers are great.

And I've never run one straight off the numbers given in the CR chart, so players have never had the chance to memorise the table and just "know" an appropriate level monster's EAC or KAC, attack bonuses, etc.

I'm even making monsters FOR FUN with the Starfinder rules, and keeping the feats that only pump a stat "out of sight" is great too, seeing you're only aware of the feats that give an in-combat action (power attack listed, improved initiative buffs and disappears).

Charlaquin wrote:

We are making all these print products because people were vastly more interested in them than expected the first time around for Pathfinder. I understand the first time they printed a few softcovers because we can get those printed and sell them for cheaper than people could usually print their own at Kinko's, but it was assumed most people would just use the free pdf, and--surprise!--many more people wanted the print version than expected. Lesson learned for this time around.

To be clear, I don’t take any issue with you all selling softcover, hardcover, or premium versions of the playtest rules. They’re great collector’s items, and I wish I had the spare cash to have gotten one myself.

Also, agree totally. Having the physical book makes it much more engaging and real, and a true piece of Pathfinder history that I now hold a piece of.

If it was just a pdf I bloody hate reading off a screen (items intended to be read, not the internet/social media itself) and this also makes it so I can show mates the book mid session without needing to hand over my laptop.

I am very much looking forward to running Playtest. I'll run the Doomsday as well as make my own campaign, so I can get as many players as I know into the feedback, it's all relevant.

First thing I'm doing is reading the Jabberwock. There is no better creature.

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This is good, I am much excited.

I'm interested in full spellcastering Bards, but I'm overly impatient for the whole damn thing now. This is the ads for Doctor Who when I just wanna watch the new seasons!

So sorta like “your level +1/2” in Starfinder, limiting where when your players get items. I always just had a no ready for players, like one setting didn’t have Drow so the common Drow poison was Black flower death or sumpin.

Am excited.

I’m happy to see this, but I’m just impatient to actually start playing now lol. I’m famished.

Anti ch'mabers? Holy s+*+, I have been looking forward to theses monsters for ages!

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I'm impressed with the new rules for Barbarians rage and Rangers favoured enemy, to keep them constantly relevant. These great new changes are why I have strong faith in PF2.

I don't play the card game, but I'm mildly interested, and this is a well written article. You had me at "great googly moogly!"

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I do like having the cake and eating it too. +1 to hit and an extra damage dice is noice!

I like a new system to explore, and magic is a complex area not matter what. I'm interested in the new 'go for higher, because it's a better Resonance use', so pcs aren't running around with 56 Healing wands.

Plus I just ran a level 20 session (yay celebrate the fun of 1st Ed while we can, like) and it's nuts the amount you have to keep track of. As a GM, it's impossible, if you're the kind who remembers/reminds the players of a lot of stuff. Even as a player, remembering 1 item means you forget another 9 you've got!

This was 20s built on the spot though, not levelled up from level 1, whom I imagine would be much easier to remember.

My point is I look forward to the magic and resonance and all the new jazz, and think that nonmagicians GETTING magic specially for them is great.

Mild concern that all the different 'activation costs' will simply MOVE where the complexity of Standard, move, swift etc actions have gone, so combat is easier but now magic is harder. That was one system of understanding for spells/fighting, but now those two things are split.

lol will "resonate" with you.

Must be about Fighters.

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