Starfinders Aren't Born, They're Made!

Friday, April 26, 2019

It's a monumental week here at Starfinder HQ! The Starfinder Beginner Box escaped into the wild yesterday, representing untold hours of Team Paizo's passionate work to bring an exciting and introductory Starfinder experience to players everywhere. No matter your level of experience in tabletop roleplaying games, the Beginner Box contains everything you need to enjoy the futuristic fun of Starfinder, either alone or with a group of friends.

As much as we worked to bring you this product, we're also working diligently to get the word about it out. Yesterday, Paizo's Twitch stream brought you an exclusive live-play stream of a Beginner Box game. If you want to watch some space antics in action (and hear some wacky voices!), check out the replay video of Starfinder Developer Jason Keeley, Starfinder Creative Director Rob McCreary, Starfinder Beginner Box Design Lead Joe Pasini, and Customer Service & Community Manager Sara Marie playing through a wacky adventure of my creation. (And if you'd like to read some of the Beginner Box designers' thoughts about making this beautiful product, check out last week's blog!)

But the stream certainly isn't the only way we're shining the flashlight on the Beginner Box. With our partners at Two Kings Entertainment, we have put together a character creation video to help players get started building their first (or second, or fourth) Beginner Box character. We hope this video, and the idea of creating your very own futuristic hero, will help players get started on the delightful path of a lifelong love of roleplaying—or supplement an existing passion for creativity, ingenuity, storytelling, and every other fulfilling aspect of tabletop games.

So if you're inclined, check out the video, forge some ideas for a Beginner Box character, and let your science-fantasy adventures begin!

Amanda Hamon
Starfinder Managing Developer

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I'm looking forward to this, despite being a long time GM. I'm always happy with the "refresher" products because they do just that, refresh my excitement for adventure roleplay!

I love it ! :D

Silver Crusade

The Pathfinder Beginner Box was great. I will definitely be picking this up soon!

Starfinder Superscriber

I love my beginner box. It has tons of great stuff in it, just wish the pawns for the "Small" creatures were actually small, but I have other pawn collections I can use instead. Overall though, it's a great product!

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