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Running Fall of Plaguestone for my group as a test of PF2.

They stumbled upon Hallod and made it to his hideout. They were beat up from the traps and other encounters when they got to him.

When our session ended, the dwarven fighter was dead, the cleric was unconscious (stable) with the Monk, Bard and Alchemist running back the way they came.

I am trying to determine if Hallod will press his advantage and chase them or let them go?

Could he potentially exit his hideout and beat them back to his house travelling cross country and ambush them as they exit?


I realise that you probably already completed this section of the module, but will answer it anyway (sorry, just saw the post when looking for some help with the module as well).

I don't think he will be able to easily get around to ambush them at the exit, you could play a bit with the group (you want to take some breaks? Heal wounds? Loot some stuff you missed? Are you sure, he could be after you!). Also Hallod is now tipped off, that people are actually looking for him. Since he feels kind of invincible (due to drugs & his usual encounters with weak villagers) I could imagine him following / tracking the group to ambush them in one of the less inhabited parts of the village with a nice encounter where the players have a chance to detect him.

Since you will most likely have played this already, let us know your solution!

I've had a very similar encounter with Hallod, where in the traps both went off, critt'd and dropped 1 pc each. The dwarf monk closed with Hallod and got dropped when he ended his turn in the same spot as the second trap.

The champion gnome tried to deal with him and fell to Hallod's 1-2 punch (which NEVRE worked, seeing my players all fell to the first attack with the Kukri).

Facing off against the half-orc coward wizard, Hallod instead held the kukri in their face, threatening "if you get lost right now, I won't kill your friends." Player rolls sense motive and knows that Hallod is legit -- if he stays Hallod will kill Orc and then everyone else, so half-Orc leaves the fight, waits ten minutes, and returns.

The other 3 rolled their saves and stabilised, then needed healing, which got a crit so the Gnome Champion bleeds out from his injuries. The other 3 carry him back to Plaguestone proper.

At the exit of the dilapidated Hallod's House in town, the Dwarf takes the last of his poison from Hallod's trapped chest, and fails, dying on the spot. He even took the poison resistance Dwarf ability, but only rolled Fails and Crit fails against the poison -- alas.

SO NOW I have hallod free, but I'm going to have him come back to town after they clear out Part 2 of the AP. They'll be level 3, and hating Hallod, and wanting revenge, and I've got Hallod plus 4 goons from the town who he's pressed into serving under him.

This will give them a nice taste of justice and revenge, as well as allowing them to still get his great items before part 3 and the end.

How did yours end up going?

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