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Just a Mort wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Yeah but I doubt in the same 11 months if I could train myself to run a quarter of the distance you do.
Try the couch to 5k, but before you do that, check your BMI. I personally feel that if it's too high(25+),youre giving your joints undue stress.

Oh it is for sure. Gotten to sedimentary. Desk jobs and night shift.

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Whew I was just talking to one of the house keepers. She's been here 13 years and has a 40 minute drive. They are not rolling in the dough working here either. I don't know how she does it.


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Woran wrote:
gran rey de los mono wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...
** spoiler omitted **

Really I had to read all that for that punch line? *groan* :)

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No Escape From Reality wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Just a Mort wrote:

I'm left on my own for the weekend. My aunt is doing emergency nephew sitting and my BF is busy. Now what should I be doing...?

It'll probably involve some version of going out, but where?

All by myself

Don't want to be, all by myself anymore

Oh come on, Vid. You're not all by yourself. You have...umm...ya know...uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh...

I'm not helping, am I?

No but its kind of expected.

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What? oh yes sorry vidmaster7 can't come to the phone right now he is otherwise engaged in a blender. No not a social mixer a blender...

This kind of got weird.


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I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK
I sleep all night and I work all day

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You guys are not selling 5th to me at all.

No escape from reality.

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Dekalinder wrote:

So, 3 4 and 7 basically means "the system works we don't care what the forums says". I hope for them that we really are the vocal minority.

At this point from Mark comments about class feat is clear they are aiming at recreating a 4.5 edition, probably with the aim at catching all orphaned 4e players. I guess it's time they too deserve something new to play.
All I know is that I can now declare with utmost certanty that there will be no PF2 in any of my groups. I'll still hang around the forums out of curiosity, if this does not offends anyone. I've grown attached to this place with the years after all.

Just as long as you don't spend the whole entire time complaining I don't care. Carry on. Carry on. (I keed I keed!)

... something.

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can someone please tell me how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie roll pop!!?!?!

Eh maybe a little extreme.

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Well he's not wrong.

I saw that coming so far in advance I already have an alias that was made months ago just for it.

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Then theirs the suborbital meteor that just happens to fall from the sky on your head, or the falling whale, or the cave in, or the thermonuclear explosion, water world, Random tarrasque attacks...

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And above.

Wait was that a bohemian rhapsody reference but what was the redacte.. OH GOD i'm out! *flees*

TOZ wrote:
Liable to turn on you at a moments notice, and fall apart on you the next.

Your a strange one mister TOZ

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No song lyrics?

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Sylvyana the Ghoul Queen wrote:

No Queens allowed here but me!

And Freddy Mercury.

Did someone mention Freddy Mercury?

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Goes into a earthen rage because he missed the Bohemian rhapsody theme deaths and crushes IFD under his stone fists.

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Halae wrote:
Fardragon wrote:

No, I prefer generic weapon descriptions. The fantasy "longsword" covers a multitude of different sword types from different cultures (not one of which was ever refered to as a "longsword" in it's time). There simply isn't the space to detail every potential possibility. Ten different types of sniper rifle leaves less room for genuinely different weapons.

Descriptions of manufacturer and model number can easily be added as flavor text by the GM.

As for things like rate of fire, magazine capacity, etc, I doubt these will be properties of the gear. Most ammo will be untracked, and number of attacks per round dependent on BAB and special abilities. Even damage may be detached from weapon stats, as it "scales with level".

When has Paizo chosen to do any of that? Ever?

That's a serious question. When has "no consumables" ever been a thing Paizo has ever done outside of ludicrously expensive and difficult to get abilities? the best example I can think of is the Kineticist, and even then they have to deal with the burn mechanics in order to be any sort of competitive.

I feel you're wrong. On... basically every point.

I'm also not looking for ten types of every weapon in the same book, I'm looking for one or two new variants to come along with supplements - armory supplements are some of the best received updates by the community in Shadowrun, the Warhammer 40k games, and I'm sure others that I could list if I wasn't so tired, and those are essentially the markets Starfinder is attempting to break into.

Jack in for the emperor You troll shaman astates! also theirs lizard people... and maybe jedi and kingon... what I don't know what kind of game your running but I know what mines gonna look like...

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Kileanna was <insert aliases name>
No escape from reality.

^he may take that advice to heart

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Wait you mean everybody doesn't have one of those?

The next poster Remembers that one time at band camp.


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Maybe The problem lies in what we are defining as the sun from a logical stand point we want to say its the thing we trust to be the big glowy ball in the center of the universe but to people on earth Its the kind of small yellow globe in the sky. even though in actuality all we really see is the sun with the exception of artificial light fires etc. Everything we see is the sun technically the falsehood is everything else.


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for like 3 seconds I was like but but but... then I was like oh you don't mean...

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I don't know what the argument with TOZ is try to prove. functionally rest before every encounter is Identical mechanics wise to all abilities turning into a per encounter its only Flavor wise that is the difference basically whether you say the next day or an hour later.

I personally have set encounters up like that keeping in mind how many they were likely to do in a day. I've done one bosses battle where the party is at full and made them need to be to survive and I've done the slow drain method. and every variation in between. The entire D&D system and PF have been based on resource management so its only natural that changing something as fundamental as that would have a large effect. It might be fun for your group. Try it and let us know.

I don't see a reason to ask opinions and then argue with them however that is silly. :P

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Roy: A Life Well Lived wrote:

Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?

No escape from reality