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Sean K Reynolds wrote:

Evil Lincoln:

1) Do you acknowledge that some characters are going to roll well on hit points and end up with above-average hp? If so, then you must acknowledge that some GMs are already dealing with PCs that have higher hp than normal, within the default parameters of the game, and any concerns about PCs with high hp have been dealt with by many GMs in the 30-plus-year history of the game.

2) Do you acknowledge that retraining hit points takes 3 days for 1 hp? If so, you must acknowledge that retraining hp is a very slow process (much like gaining levels and hit points from leveling) and the GM isn't going to be "surprised" that in one session the PCs have low or average hp points and in the next they have above-average hp, and therefore the GM has time to adjust to how much tougher the PCs are and compensate for that in a slow, dynamic way.

3) Do you acknowledge that the GM is in control of how much downtime the PCs get? If so, you must acknowledge that the PC's can't just decide to stay in town and max out their hp; the GM is going to push campaign events that prevent the PCs from having three-month training montages to gain +30 hp each.

Conclusion: retraining hit points only allows PCs to reach a level that some characters already reach randomly, that it is a slow incremental change that can't be sprung on the GM, and the GM is in control of the process, and therefore taking a "sky is falling" attitude about how this could wreck a campaign is an inappropriate overreaction.

I'm sorry that you didn't like my humorous take on the situation. I guess I'll add "employees can never make jokes and must be serious at all times" to the secret Paizo bylaws.

GM: You have three days of downtime available.
Barbarian 13: I retrain hit points and increase my total hp by 1! Booyah!
Wizard 13: I create a scroll of limited wish.
Barbarian 13: *cries*

Poor,poor barbarian. The whole caster community hate you and your hp retraining stuff. However, I think that such rules are not destabilizing, any dm can handle it with minimal effort and can only do much good to the game. And at the poor barbarians, indeed.

#1: Any interest in this? I'd probably start with CoT.

Yes! i'm really interested in this thing!

Dwarf, defend yourself!!

the next time these freakin elf tells to you :" If you were taller, you'd probably hit" answer: "i don't need to be taller for aiming to your knees, put you down to the ground and then, decapitate your frigid head."

Obviously, with a big mug of beer in the hand and an axe of elf decapitation in the other.

Okay, after the daily antielf quote, i will return serious...speak with the elf player, outside of the game; explain the situation, then, if they not retract their position... well. Remember, we are Dwarves.
And Dwarves can use axes very well.
especially against these pointy ears.

Well the other are really into the AP.

The Magician Bard is the one who pick the pathfinder's exile trait, and actually he want create a westcrown where the people are free of know.

The Drunken Master, is a monk who've seen his family slayed for some "religious Crime". He was supposed to be dead, but janiven saved him.
he drunk for forget, but in the alchool he found the answer..what city can kill a person for religious diversity? where you can't go out in the night and see the stars? He woul fight for a rightful westcrown against that scum. (FireBrand)

The Two Problems are the Urban Barbarian (and thanks to good he has another pg idea) and this troublesome inquisitor, who can't exist i supppose.

Sounds interesting, but my real problem is this Inquisitor. How can i put an asmodean inquisitor in the AP plot? That's my problem.

Well...Excuse my bad english, i'm an italian after all :(

In a few of days we'll begin CoT, and yesterday we met for the sheets.

Mine is a very bizzar group : a Drunken Master Monk(LN), a Magician Bard(N), a (maybe) Urban Barbarian(CN) and a wannabe Asmodean Heretic Inquisitor(LE) who wants to recover it's status and place in the asmodean church, and this last was my real problem.

I've read the Ap in length and breadth, but I'vent found any good ideas on the motivation who can convince this guy to help and support the children of westcrown and their revolution.
Furthermore, why he should want to go against the plans of one the bigger servant of his lords?

If possibile i don't want to forbid him a character so ispired but... if don't find a convincing answer I will be forced to do so.
Do you have any idea on how to integrate the inquisitor in the plot?

Level 9

Bard Arcane Duelist

Inquisitor Archer



Magus Hexblade

The Eldritch Heritage Feat, also garant access to the bonus spells list of the selected bloodline?

I cant' remember if Eldritch Heritage add the bonus spell list of the Bloodline...if the answer is yes, then Eldritch Heritage: Efreeti is the natural choice.

Cosmo wrote:
Lost Nasa Probe wrote:
Don't do it, Paizo! It's much more trouble than it's worth!
I see what you did there.

but not me. What's the real problem here?

Kryptik wrote:

I am a Christian, and I play Pathfinder. There is no devil-promotion, trust me.


And Italy, the RPG is ostracized by many idiots, who don't
understand the game, and for this reason, they call it" instrument of the devil". like a bunch of crap. (a lady who was pubblished on a
newspaper, said that the goal of the rpg games was play
worshipers of Satan, and then make 666 with the dice... can
immagine my reaction.)
somewhere, there was a guide written by an italian priest, which listed the "symptoms" to allows parents to recognize that "worship":

colored dice;cards;handbook;and so on. Really Creepy.

TarkXT wrote:
Black XIII wrote:


and... Well, maybe Divination.

Witch Transmutation, Illusion, Conjuration and Evocation,my spellsbook is okay.

Necro and Div... well, in any case i can memorize some of them with 2 spellslot. Problem Solved.

I think it's a mistake to give up illusion with a character based on attack rolls. Firearms ignore armor, go invisible and you ignore Dex as well. This more than makes up for your lack of BAB.

Yep, for this reason i've choseed as "banned" school Necro, Div, Abj and Ench, holding illusion, Conjuration, Transmutation and Evocation for a big kick ass mage ;D

and... Well, maybe Divination.

Witch Transmutation, Illusion, Conjuration and Evocation,my spellsbook is okay.

Necro and Div... well, in any case i can memorize some of them with 2 spellslot. Problem Solved.

Mr Jade wrote:
He can make an attack at his character level (20 or more in this case, as CL is HD+any class levels), at his highest BAB, i.e., if BAB=15, he can make 20+ attacks at his highest BAB of 15, plus all relevant modifiers.
Cheapy wrote:
One attack against each enemy to a maximum of 20 enemies. Basically, you kill a small army.

Holy Crap Yes.

Omelite wrote:
20. However, none of these attacks can be against the same target, so he'll either need some good reach or some really packed in enemies if he wants to get all 20 off.

Well, True. But in any case, is a very good ability.

I probably should not ask to me some questions after 14 hours of work, but it happens and then ...


Battle Fury (Su): At 20th level, the
dervish dancer can unleash a whirlwind
of blows while performing a battle dance.
As a full-round action, he can take a single
move action and unleash a single attack
at his highest bonus against each target
within his reach during any point of
his move, up to a maximum number of
attacks equal to the dervish dancer’s
character level. This movement
provokes attacks of opportunity
as normal, and replaces
deadly performance.

With that a Dervish Dancer can make a number of attacks equal to his level? then 20? Or it can make the maximum number allowed by his bab?

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For The Most Part Geralt Was a Magus(Kensai)/Alchemist(Vivisectonist)IMHO.

when is june?

Brian Darnell wrote:


A hardback for the whole AP, converted to Pathfinder, with bonus material and behind the scene sidebars would be awesome! Like a proper commemorative collectors special addition. Then they should do gold plated ones signed by the paizo staff and auction them off for charity. That would be fantastic. I would not only buy a copy but bid on the special edition.

and beyond. Although I am Italian, equal i will order from the site a copy for each member of my group, since all we buy

only the English manual (the Italian ones, are really too expensive. With the price of an italian book, I bought almost 3 English Manual.)

you will ever make a hardcover commerative version of RotRL with
the updated rules?

Cartigan wrote:
Alexander Kilcoyne wrote:
1 torch in a whole army travelling by night= epic fail.

Seriously, whose bright idea was that? How were the polar bears pulling the sleds?

Sure, an army of minotaurs wouldn't need a torch, but what the hell is everyone else doing?
Either they need a torch or they have low-light or better and can see in the moonlight and don't need any torches. This scenario doesn't make sense.

Total Quote.

1. Ultimate Combat
2. Bestiary 3
3. Ultimate Race
4. PRFPG RotRL Hardcover - Anniversary Edition
5. Advanced Player Guide 2 (really *_*)
6. Mythic Levels and Immortals
7. Ultimate Scoundrel
8. Pathfinder Psionics

gbonehead wrote:
Black XIII wrote:

What I Want

°Racial Subclass. Really.
°Racial PrC.

What's a racial subclass or racial prestige class? Race is race, what does it have to do with classes?

A Dwarf Mage or an Elven Mage are the same? they've the same magical tradition or knowledges? The Racial Subclass allow you to change a class skill, replacing it with a more appropriate ability for the type of race that has embarked on a career.

gbonehead wrote:

Black XIII wrote:
°Racial Archetypes, Forever.
Okay, this I can see to a limited extent, but at some point it turns into "why bother choosing a race?

because a desert elf it's so different from a wood elf or a mountain elf.

gbonehead wrote:

Black XIII wrote:
°Racial Items/Weapons/Tecnology.

Okay, now this is something that always annoys me.

"Hey, look what we found! A magic sling!"
"Nah, put it down, it's a halfling sling. You can't use it."

Reminds me of playtesting 4e. Those stupid kobolds were using slings to throw tanglefoot bags at us, so I wanted to pick one up and use it but I couldn't ... it was a "racial ability."

Ah yes, the racial tanglefoot bag.

with a little common sense, the race technology is a defining and interesting element, that distinguishes the evolutionary paths of every race. For Example a Dwarf Runic Cannon it's so different from a standard cannon no?

gbonehead wrote:
Black XIII wrote:
°Specifics for height/weight/age for the various ethnics groups already presented.
Definitely. It's stuff like this that can make a campaign world feel real.

Hell Yes, Dude.

STR Ranger wrote:

Once/per combat fighter only special moves

Give up bravery and gain a new special move whenever bravery would increase: Note-these are NOT feats and cannot be taken by other classes.

maybe a sort of correspondence of alchemical or magic discovery but for the warriors?

you can drop a feat or a particular ability for a special manovr with a particular weapon or in a particular condition?

sanwah68 wrote:
Quandary wrote:

Mountless Cavalier options... and Cody` Houndmaster Cav Archetype from Superstar is just about publishable already, a little bit of tweaking and that would be a very popular option IMHO... Alternate versions like `Hawk Master` or whatever...
This sums up want I would like (at this point) to see. I love the concept of the Cavalier, but the concentration on mounted combat limits it so much for certain campaigns, even PFS isn't really set up for it.

Big Than Life. I want it.

Mountless Cavalier Option.

And more Combat Manouvres. And Martial Arts.
And More No magic Combat Option.

calagnar wrote:

"Warbests of Golarion" Player Companion.
*New Animal Companions and Mounts. (List all the animal companions in one place. And add 5 to 10 New ones. There stat blocks are small so they might be able to add more.)
*New Tatical Feets for players and Animal Companions to help them bond to gether and fight as one. (Tatical Feets only avable to classes with animal companins or mounts. And for the animal companions and mounts of the classes.)
*New Items and Magic Items for mounts. (This hase needed done for a long time.)
*New rules for magic items slots for animal companions. (This needs done bad. Even if they don't come out with this. This is such a large hole in the rules. It's about time it gets filled in. There are stated slots for humans, but there animal companions or mounts? Every DM needs to house rule this. It realy hurts for PFS play the only thing mounts are alowed is bardering, and a few other items.)

The problem I see is it is limited in how meny people will buy it. As it only affects a few classes. Now I'll buy it. There will need to be a big call for this item for them to make it. Spread the word and have people post here. Try and get this thread up to 1,000 post and they might just make it.

100% agree.

What I do NOT Want

° No LA. Really. I don't need it.
° No Race Paragon Class.

What I Want

°Racial Subclass. Really.
°Racial Archetypes, Forever.
°Racial Items/Weapons/Tecnology.
°Specifics for height/weight/age for the various ethnics groups already presented.
°Racial PrC.

StockVillian wrote:
Those are the sort of things I'd like to see in Ultimate Races. I don't need more plant people, or cat people, or dog people, or nine-tailed-fox people, or whatever sort of anthropomorphic critter some small fan group wants.

Up.with a little reserve. things like merfolk are welcome, but things that allows the creation of a half-dragon/half giant/half yuan-ti/chimeric sand lich, no. that's D & D, not Pathfinder and I don't want that.