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Well...Excuse my bad english, i'm an italian after all :(

In a few of days we'll begin CoT, and yesterday we met for the sheets.

Mine is a very bizzar group : a Drunken Master Monk(LN), a Magician Bard(N), a (maybe) Urban Barbarian(CN) and a wannabe Asmodean Heretic Inquisitor(LE) who wants to recover it's status and place in the asmodean church, and this last was my real problem.

I've read the Ap in length and breadth, but I'vent found any good ideas on the motivation who can convince this guy to help and support the children of westcrown and their revolution.
Furthermore, why he should want to go against the plans of one the bigger servant of his lords?

If possibile i don't want to forbid him a character so ispired but... if don't find a convincing answer I will be forced to do so.
Do you have any idea on how to integrate the inquisitor in the plot?

I probably should not ask to me some questions after 14 hours of work, but it happens and then ...


Battle Fury (Su): At 20th level, the
dervish dancer can unleash a whirlwind
of blows while performing a battle dance.
As a full-round action, he can take a single
move action and unleash a single attack
at his highest bonus against each target
within his reach during any point of
his move, up to a maximum number of
attacks equal to the dervish dancer’s
character level. This movement
provokes attacks of opportunity
as normal, and replaces
deadly performance.

With that a Dervish Dancer can make a number of attacks equal to his level? then 20? Or it can make the maximum number allowed by his bab?