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Due to the recent announcement of new forums, a question has formed in my head. Although I trust the Paizo team to try to save past PbPs in a forum migration, there are many many ways the software could betray them. My PbPs are likely to be my only successful writing enterprise, and one stretches back to 2008. I’d like to take out some insurance against their possible accidental disappearance.

Does anyone know of a bulk downloading system where one could save a PbP in its entirety separate and archived? It would make me feel better if I had command and control over them, and had options for links and such like I do with my maps in google photos

I have attempted this previously using archive.org, but their method is cumbersome and I would prefer a bulk download/archive method so I’m
Not investing a ton of time in the project.

Bribes always welcome

The day, such as things are measured in this bizarre city, brightens the damp cobblestones somewhat. One thing that Alessia does find preferable in this city is the lack of strong sunlight. Darkness suits her.

She has spent the night time guarding the sleepers in the inn. Not needing rest she found a shadowed alley to fade into. The night went slowly, and Alessia observed a cavalcade of weird creatures going to and fro. She notes Blayze leaving, and then Hamar swaggering towards the Silver Rose office. Renkar and Hamar return an hour later and enter the Copper Cauldron.

Alessia sighs inwardly, feeling the peculiar weight of not being able to sleep.

Bribes always welcome

Merle and Seph relax after their long journey to the Drow metropolis. They lounge in their room on the Third Floor of the Copper Cauldron, enjoying the feel of their own beds and a truly restful nights sleep.

The peak dawns drizzly. The window of their room is beaded with moisture. It overlooks Copper Court, and a low sound of people going about their days comes through the wavy glass

Bribes always welcome

The city of Sigil was a massive place, crowded with sentients from a thousand different worlds and planes. Blayze had only scratched the surface of the place, but there was a miracle or horror everywhere she looked

So, Frog God Games did a Kickstarter for an updated Bunnies and Burrows game. I have the book collecting dust on my shelf. So, I figured I’d see if anyone else would like to Try something off the beaten path.

Some requirements:

You need to own a copy of the updated B&B. Don’t ask me for a copy, I don’t pirate

Be patient: I don’t know the system. Playing is how we learn things. Let’s learn it together

Don’t be weird. I want to play this game serious. Even if we are playing rabbits. Anything sexualized is a non-starter. Work your kinks out elsewhere.

If this sounds good, post up. I’ll take a max group of eight, assuming two drop outs. If by some miracle everyone stays in then I can run eight.

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Once upon a Time there was an old Man, who lived and worked in the kingdom's capital. He enjoyed chatting with friends, but often got annoyed by rude randos he couldn't bar from posting. So, one day he had a crafty idea..

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What it says. Nothing in the least bit interesting. Go about your lives, citizens...

Bribes always welcome

OK. Starting this mamma jamma up. I'll start getting things settled quickly

Bribes always welcome

10 Jade, 312th year FCO (Founding of the City of Opal)

The day has dawned hot and humid over the city of Opal. The blue waters of Turquoise Bay are dotted with the ships of a dozen nations, all coming to take advantage of the beginning of the dry season.

The streets are alive as people emerge after the long spell of dreary rainy weather. The Prayer Callers' ritual chants to Quetzalcouatl ring forth from the four prayer towers at the massive Temple of the Feathered Snake, echoing and re-echoing along the bright adobe and brick buildings.

A sailor dressed in Theranan garb lies in the street gutter, snoring loudly, a bottle of cheap rum still tucked in his fingers. A local urchin sidles up to him looking at his belt pouch.

A man dressed in plantation clothes argues excitedly with a dry goods merchant, both of them imitating windmills with their arms and hands. Several Lumpers stand at the road by them, grunting in short pig-like snorts. Armed plantation men watch their boss, grinning at the scene of high theater the haggling indicates.

A trio of Sliss'pok Lizardfolk walk along the raised sidewalk, their faces brightly painted with shamanistic symbols. Long fearsome tridents tipped with razor-sharp obsidian tines are gripped in their hands, and wicked-looking blowguns adorned with exotic feathers are slung on their backs.

Two young plantation scions laugh and swagger down the sidewalk, nimbly avoiding dino droppings so as not to spoil their fine-tooled dino leather boots. They both wear the Clenched Fist cloak broach, indicating they belong to that Sword Circle. Their brightly patterned silk cloaks snap behind them in the freshening ocean breeze.

A group of immigrants sweating in rough wool homespun follow a man dressed in plantation guard gear: Metal breastplate, sword, dagger, cured Lumper-hide helmet and greaves, supple leather gloves that extend to the elbow. He carries a snake fork cane in one hand, the polished mahogany stick bifrucated at the end and sharpened into wicked points. He lectures the newcomers as they walk towards the river, using his cane to punctuate his points:

"Remember when y'all get settled in that everything around here, even the little lizards can have a powerful poison. Y'all evah see a red and black scaly critter 'bout the size of a rat hiding in your privy you best bettah give it some room. That's what we calls a Killquick Lizard round heah, an' it likes to nap in warm wet places, so always check the hole 'fore you put your business end down."

The vine-covered marble pile of the Opal Explorer's Guild looms up in front of you. The Common Room is open for business, and already a ragtag group of wannabe adventurers are crowded along the Posting Poles outside, looking for employment. A well-armored man with half-a-dozen facial scars, a large sword sheathed in a colorful black diamond-patterened dinohide scabbard and several orbiting stones whizzing about his head strides inside, possibly heading for one of the Private Parlors.

Perhaps today would be a good day to look for an adventure!

You can all introduce yourself. The Common Room is a working tavern open to everyone. The Posting Poles have many broadsheets offering employment, and the tavern has many folks looking to hire on hands. Feel free to introduce your characters to each other.

I was just curious. Most of the folks that had me beat seem to have moved on. Anyone have a PbP older than March 2008 with regular postings?

Where my grognards at?


Just a placeholder for now- later on for character creation and discussion

Bribes always welcome

The world is not as it seems

You have known for a while that you were different than other people. You knew that there was something more to the world than what your peers perceived. Strange things seemed to occur around you, or perhaps the strangeness infused everything and you just saw through the illusion.

What this means for you, you are not sure. You have boded your time, studied what scant information can be gleaned from the reams of bullsh*t in books and online. You prepared for the moment where you could discover what it all really meant.

Then, one day, a package is delivered to your door. An unassuming mailer envelope with a USB flash drive and a card with your name on it...


Just spit balling a bit of backstory here for the moment.

The year: 2030

Recent timeline:

2020-2021: the Coronavirus Pandemic causes massive societal disruption and points out severe deficiencies in most governmental responses to global biothreats.

2020-2025: The Pandepression: A vaccine is eventually created for the COVID-19 Coronavirus strain, but close to 3 million people worldwide are killed. Society staggers from a six-month-long shelter in place order, but begins to bounce back in 2025. The US Congress passes the National Pandemic Act, giving government sweeping powers in the case of a declared pandemic.

2026: The H9N5 Flu pandemic: An aggressive R3-contagion Flu virus sweeps the globe, but doesn't do as much harm as it could thanks to the quick actions of world governments after their experience with the Coronavirus. Still, close to 1 million are slain, and the fragile markets are again put into a tailspin.

2026-2027: The Second Pandepression: A 'softer' depression, as the National Pandemic Act has built in stimulus packages that are triggered. Society as a whole weathers this better, and there is more confidence that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

2028-2030: A new hope. Despite a lot of societal chaos, there is room for optimism. Terrorism and war are ebbing. Workers are beginning to get better deals for their labor. Technology, especially in the medical fields has advanced significantly. in 2029 a broad-spectrum flu vaccine is released that immunizes against every strain recorded since the 1918 pandemic.

2030: Present Day

Technological changes:

Technology is more robust, and there is an emphasis on durability. Self-generation of power has become popular, as brownouts during the Coronavirus Pandemic had caused a lot of suffering and death.

Phones have become obsolete. Most people use smart glasses, which can do all the old functions of a phone, and many more. Many people have a HealthApp function which can pick up people's temperature at a distance, which aids in disease prevention.
The internet is also more robust, with most internet provided by the Starlink satellites.

Automus, a company that replaced the earlier Uber/Lyft models, is rapidly replacing cars on the roadways. AI-driven electric vehicles are readily available to call from their app. Public transportation is still popular in urban settings, but the age of the private car is waning.

Societal changes:

The rising distrust of groups and the societal shakeups has made the average person more distrustful of large groups. There is a trend towards virtuality, fueled by the next-gen smart glasses which provide excellent media immersion. Unfortunately this rising distrust has exacerbated people's feelings of xenophobia.

The prepper movement is more popular than ever. Even the average member of society keeps three months of supplies on hand in their homes. Most of the true hard-core preppers are self-isolated in rural areas, but there is a segment known as the Network that stay connected via Starlink, and pledge mutual aid during any crisis, realizing they will be juicy targets if there is a societal meltdown. Some even buy adjacent land plots in rural areas for easier mutual aid.

Nihilism is also rampant. Gangs are again on the upswing, and many hold sway in the deserted decaying city cores. A lot of young people feel like there is no future, and act accordingly.


Thank you for clicking on my possible recruitment thread. I am currently thinking about starting a zombie game, and I am just beginning the process. A few things need to get settled, but if you might be interested in something of that nature you can always dot the thread.


What system?

Aye, there's the rub. What system indeed? I have used Modern D20 to good effect before, and it would be Pathfinder(I) compatible, so that might be the way to go. I'd likely augment this with D20 Apocalypse and Anachronistic Adventures, two superb supplements by Owen K.C. Stephens. I might also possibly use Bloodlines and Black Magic in the later parts of this if I decide to go in a more mystical direction.

An alternate thought is the Modern Dungeon5 ruleset authored by my friend Dr. Nik of PaNik Productions. Built off a 5E chassis, I supported his Kickstarter, but I haven't had a chance to really try it out.

Where do we begin?

My current location, Washington DC. I figure there would be plenty of story directions we could take, and you have the freedom to make almost any type of character you can imagine in a modern world setting, from an African traditional medicine practitioner to a Japanese Yakuza. We could come up with a reason why they'd be in DC a lot easier than say ... Peoria.

What level?

I'm thinking 4th. The immediate danger will be fairly high. And making a misstep could be fatal. Each bite has consequences.

Are these 28-Days-Later zombies , Walking Dead zombies, Zombieland zombies, Dawn of the Dead zombies?

Ain't tellin' :P


...the president went live today from an undisclosed location saying that the mass riots in New York and LA were being vastly exagger ..


... scenes of chaos in Washington DC as residents fled the city, tying up every highway. Footage from our WJLA Eye-In-The-Sky copter shows a multi-car pileup on Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge, with groups of motorists fighting each ..


... that's just it Brian. We've never seen anything like this novel virus. We have protocols in place since the Coronavirus and H9N5 Flu pandemics, but this virus acts like rabies. Infected victims become hyper aggressive and attempt to bite others. We're just not equipped ...


... the CDC is recommending sheltering in place. Congress has activated the National Pandemic Act, and all business without an essential designation are suspended. If you see anyone acting suspiciously, please call your loca...


Bribes always welcome

The city of Sigil has ten million stories. The Cage never sleeps, and its rainy streets throng with adventure. Sometimes, the adventure is of a solitary nature. These are the stories of those solo quests

I’m planning on being in Seattle Monday. While I’ll likely be off during the day, it might be cool to play a little PF (or something else) during the evenings. Anyone else doing an extended stay?

Good morning web team,
Is it possible to petition for a thread title change? This would be a thread I began. Thank you for any assistance you can give me

Greetings customer service,
It’s been a wonderful run, but my financial situation demands that I end my remaining subscriptions for the time being. I am hoping to reactivate them (and hopefully more) in the Fall once I get a promised raise. Thank you very much.

Hi customer service people,
I had sent two emails, but I can see by one of the stickies you have a backlog. As this is time sensitive I’ll post it here as well. Due to financial circumstances beyond my control I will be unable to attend PaizoCon this year. I have a badge and a banquet ticket I would like to return. According to the FAQ I should be able to do it with 2 weeks of the con.

Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter,

Patrick Curtin

Hi folks,

I sent an email a while back, but it got no reply and my subscription tags seem to be still up , so I figured I'd post it here.

I need to put all of my subscriptions on hold. Nothing you guys did, just cruel economics. I just moved, I payed two rents in September . Now to top it off my dog has taken very ill, and I need to conserve my cash.

As an aside, anyone who'd like to help a long-time customer with some serious vet bills I have a GoFundMe started. I love you guys, and I do hope my life improves so that I can visit you all next PaizoCon. -Patrick

Link for the fund

Hello all!

I know you goblins are working hard on destroying with fire re-configuring the website recently. I just wanted to let you know that the dice roller isn't holding values all the time now as it once did. If you edit a post, about 50% of the time the dice get rolled again with a different result when you finish editing. Just thought you should know!

I was going to redeem to $10 gift certificate included in my PaizoCon packet, and sadly the first two symbols were smudged. Is there any way to get a replacement?

Taking an idea from my PbP pal Storyteller Shadow, I am concentrating my recruitment threads in one spot. There will be several openings soon, and I want to have a hub to look at prospective applicants.


Just a place holder. Not sure of needs yet :)

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OK: I will be posting up more soon, but I wanted to kick this off. Those engaged in the game please post up your ideas. Level 9 characters, heroic stat buys, max gold. first level max HP, roll thereafter.

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Bribes always welcome

The days stretch out like winter festival toffees in the pink mouths of fat farmer children. How long had you been in the Black Tower? Days? weeks? months? Time was a malleable concept when there was no sun or moons to mark its passage.

The bars of your cage disturb you with their whispers. Forged of exotic magical alloys the Royal Arcanum had devised to contain your power, they are imbued with a malevolent half-sentience. They giggled and mocked you endlessly.

sss.. hee ...hee ..never will you leave... you will die and be one with usssss......

Such petty fetches are beneath your concern, but their constant whispering is an irritant, like a fly one can't seem to catch.

The guards do not whisper, nor do they talk. They arrive at uncertain intervals, bearing gruel in wooden bowls. Their faces are hidden behind mirror-bright visors, their bodies hulking and armed to the teeth.

One day, down the long corridor of days there is a change. Instead of three guards there is a dozen. The bars are angry. They hiss and mutter, upset about something. After the dozen guards set up in a half circle by your never-opened door another man arrives, robed in the scarlet and blue of the Arcanum. He gestures to you and you stand, curious to hear anything new after all this time.

"Someone wishes to meet with you, prisoner. Do you accept the invitation?"

The question is so incongruous, so bizarre you involuntarily laugh

"Why not?"

The guards approach the door and command you kneel. They enter and secure you with the smaller cousins of your hateful bars. The metal bites at your legs and arms like angry ferrets, growling maledictions. They lead you out of your cage.

You depart the Black Tower for the first time since your capture. Outside it is winter. Snow lies thick on the land and your thin prison clothes leave you scant protection from the elements. You care not, you marvel at the ice-blue sky and golden winter sun.

You are led to a hall, with benches receding back into the shadows. A law place, though you saw no trial, no judge. No one questioned your guilt. The hall is thronged with guards and officals of various stripes. You are led to a dock, one of several lined up in front of the judge's bench. There you are chained fast by arm and leg to solid ring bolts in the floor. You note others are chained next to you.

As you await this passion play to unfold you test your strength against the chains, but all your powers are muted. The metal saps you, you are no more powerful than a mouth-breathing dirt-eating peasant. This awakens a smoldering anger in you. You swear one day to avenge this humiliation.

A man arrives and climbs into the judge's chair, surrounded by a phalanx of armed guards. He is armed and armored as well, with heraldic tokens that bespeak his prominence in the royal Argoanian court. His squire holds a Gladius Judicus across open palms, signalling this noble has the right of summary justice throughout Argoan. He looks at you and those chained next to you, a solemn expression bolted to his high-cheekboned features.


Ok. Here is our basic out of character discussion page. I figured I'd go over a few ground rules:

  • I suck at Pathfinder. If you see me making an error, please don't feel uncomfortable pointing it out to me. I'm just bad at rules
  • I do reserve the right to exercise Rule 0 (The GM is always right). But I rarely do
  • Wheaton's Law is in effect here: Don't Be A Dick
  • I have a very busy life. I try to post timely, but sometimes, especially in complex battles, it's not possible. I work two jobs and neither gives me comp access. I normally use my smartphone. All you see here was typed into it
  • Try and stay current with your postings. As I mentioned, my life is complex, and I know yours is too. Still, the others are depending on you
  • Cheating is bad karma. All dice rolls are on the Paizo server, it is the fairest I have found
  • The game should be fun, so let's try to keep competition with PCs friendly and non-stabby. See Wheaton's Law above

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Ok, so as of now we have:


Possible-given spot if wanted

On the list for a possible spot

Tanner I think you have a good chance of getting in. I like to start with 8-10 people. You always end up losing a few at the beginning.

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Bribes always welcome

Once upon a time, there was an impossible city. This city sat at the top of an infinite spire, at the center of the infinite Outer Planes. It was known by many names: The Cage, The City of Doors, Portalheim, Crossroads, The Ring, The City of Dreams, The City of Fog. Its proper name was Sigil.

Sigil was not laid out on ground like most other cities. It was ring shaped. If you walked in one direction you would arrive back at your starting place in about eight hours time. There was no native soil, no quarries of stone. Underneath its streets were endless catacombs reaching down and down to places no sane sentient would go. The buildings were made of imported materials, for Sigil was a city dedicated to importing. The city was the nexus of a million portals: Some steady for Millenia, some as brief as a sigh. It was said you could travel anywhere in Creation from Sigil if you knew the proper place, time, and key.

Sigil had no sun, no moon, no stars. What it usually had was rain and fog. You could tell how long a cutter had lived there by the quality of their cloak and boots. There was light, and it would let things grow after a fashion, but it was weak, and it faded quickly. The city dwelt in a near-constant twilight.

An impossible city needed an impossible ruler. Thus the Lady of Pain claimed suzerainty over the Cage. Few saw her, few wanted to. Her word was law, and she could send anyone to the Mazes who defied her laws. Her very shadow would cut you like a knife should it fall upon you. Her minions the Dabus maintained the city: sweeping sidewalks, pruning the ever-growing Abyssal razorthorn, patching cobblestones. These strange servitors were silent, only conversing by a series of bright pictograms that appeared over their horned heads.

The city was divided into Wards: The Lady's Ward, The Lower Ward, The Guildhall Ward, The Hive, The Market Ward, and The Clerk's Ward. These wards were further divided into districts, which were then further divided into neighborhoods. The scale of the city was staggering: Some ten million sentients lived here by some accounts.

In The Market Ward sat the biggest open-air market in all the planes: The Great Bazaar. A huge district in its own right, almost 2/3 of the Market Ward's area, it was bigger than many Prime cities. It was the home turf of the Indep faction, a loose affiliation of liberty-minded cutters who valued trade above all else. Fortunes were made and lost daily among the canvas-topped stalls.

One feature of this massive market was a subculture of young beings of every description tasked with moving goods from point A to point B. Horses fared poorly in the acrid air of Sigil, and merchants needed strong backs and fleet feet to get their goods to their destinations. Many young folks without prospects elsewhere try their luck among the shouting throngs of the Great Bazaar

Just a quick curious question. At some point a year or three back, the code in the online game section was changed so that aliases that were frequently used to post in a PbP thread would appear at the top of the drop down box. I love that function, but it doesn't seem to work in games 'of a certain age'. I was wondering if there was any way of retrofitting this functionality to work with my ancient PbPs, or whether it is just too much trouble. Just thought I would ask. Thanks!

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Hello friends!

Have you ever fretted over making a rule call, sure you saw the proper passage somewhere, but can't remember where?

Are you hopeless with math and remembering acronyms?

Do adding together the myriad bonus stats and the like make you crazy?

Do you have great concepts for characters/NPCs/Monsters/scenarios but you just can't pull them off due to weak rules fu?

Well, welcome to the club! I have hung around here since Pathfinder was just a twinkle in Jason Bulmahn's eye and I still get crosseyed making a character. So, I am starting this page for all of us who can get confused with the simplest aspects of the game.

This is a no judgement zone. As I have mentioned, I suck at rules. I really do. I've been playing RPGs since 1979, and I do so by the seat of my pants. I am starting this thread to perhaps give myself and other folks with issues a place to post 'dumb' questions and have the more erudite among the Paizomind assist us.

So if you have a question that's bugging you, ask it. If you see a question you know the answer to, answer it. Thus we all help each other out.

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Just a thread for a few friends to hang out. Nothing important going on here, just gaming stuff and idle chatter.

The golden rule:

Feel free to post, if you wish. We are rolling with OG FAWTL rules here. No politics or subjects that stray into that realm. You will be warned if you post something in that nature. Refusal to stop will result in flagging.

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A Reign of Winter AP is looking for a member to replace a missing PC. we're at the beginning, first level. We could use a skill-based character of a healer. Take a look at the gameplay so far and see if you might like to join us!

Hello customer service:

I was curious. I went to see if there was a timetable on my shipment of Iron Gods #1, and my subscriptions seem to have missed August. I am reading I am due for #2 in September, but no news on #1. I know I changed my email recently, I didn't know if this had perhaps messed something up.


As the subject says. Shut them down.

Bribes always welcome

The sleepy village of Heldren on the Taldor-Qadira border is usually a quiet place. Village life trundles on in its comfortable groove as it has for centuries, with only the occasional bandit raid or monster attack to disturb its rural peace.

However, a disturbing new occurrence has Heldren abuzz. In the heat of Taldorian summertime, a section of the Border Wood is mysteriously snow-cloaked. Whispers of fell magic and rumors of icy monsters can be heard buzzing amongst the patrons of Heldren's sole inn, the Silver Stoat. The whispers are turning to angry mutters, now that word of a large-scale bandit attack has reached the townsfolk.

The consensus is clear: Someone must go to investigate. But who?

Bribes always welcome

Here we are folks. I have decided we can start with the Reign of Winter AP. We will be starting at level 1, so if you want, post up your character ideas.


We can roll if we want to. We can leave our dice behind
'Cuz we cant roll dice, so when we need dice
We're gonna hafta do it online...

El Cholo's 1st attack (0/1/4+/2) 1d6 ⇒ 51d6 ⇒ 1

This is actually a two-pronged question.

1) If a PC has killed a number of humanoids (let's say goblins for an example) what would the price on a goblin hide go? Would a goblin hide even be worth the trouble of skinning the corpse? Or would it be too thin? Do you think there would be a market for goblin-hide scabbards, armor, etc?

2) What would you imagine the scalp bounty on humanoids would be in border lands? I'm thinking maybe a gold per, as the marches wouldn't be very rich, but the PCs would be doing a service cleaning out the humanoids.

Any thoughts?

Goblin Squad Member

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I don't know if this has been addressed, but I figured I'd tap the knowledge base to point me in the right direction :)

There has been talk about player-built structures, settlements and kingdoms. Could an enterprising player construct a dungeon? With all the talk about killing and levels of bounties, I would think perhaps a trap-filled maze with a well-publicized reward at the center would be fun for some to make and others to try and beat. Since the 'adventurers' were putting themselves in danger I assume they wouldn't have the normal bounty/death curse recourse, a dangerous dungeon could be a lucrative source of loot from unwary victims without resorting to banditry

In regards to denizens, could a dungeon-building player recruit monstrous allies? Perhaps a 'if you build it they will come' kind of situation? I was just thinking how the 'owner' could stay neutral to the denizens and maybe have a living complex at the heart of things.

Has there been any discussion of this?

I was hiding some threads, and the function seemed to be acting oddly. Sometimes it hid the thread correctly, sometimes it didn't. Other times it marked it as hidden and still displayed it. In one instance it didn't hide the chosen thread, but instead hid another (though this could be user error).

Goblin Squad Member

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Although about a month ago, I had publicly railed against the PvP architecture of PFO, I find myself still hoping against hope that I can find a niche in the game that doesn't involve PvP or the threat of same.

So, in that vein I am starting this thread to perhaps cross-pollinate ideas with others who find PvP a detestable exercise.

Note: If you like PvP, that's great. Post it somewhere else. You feel like trolling, I'll flag you and move on. I am not making a statement about your prefered method of play, please refrain from saying something about mine.

If you are interested in figuring out something non-PvP we can work together on as a team then by all means, drop a note.

I am leaning towards some sort of trading consortium. The only difficulty I see is protection, but I assume we will have to 'hire' PvPers to actually guard shipments/settlements. It's not a perfect solution, but it will have to do.

Dear Paizo customer support folks:

Due to an unfortunate unforseen financial happenstance, I am going to have to pare down my subscriptions. If you could, please unsubscribe me from the following subscriptions:

  • Campaign Setting
  • Companion
  • Battles Case

Thank you in advance and rest assured I will resume them if and when my troubles clear.

Patrick Curtin

I was trying to set up a new avatar, and I seem to be having an issue getting the pictures to work. Every time I click over one I get this message:

Component using wrong version number: Component="1.0.5a" jsVersion="1.0.5"

This occurs even if I put my cursor over a picture, without clicking.


So, due to the vagaries of our Hectic lives, it seems our RL game will be a while off. Meanwhile, I figure we can have some fun exploring Sigil, maybe finding a few things out as we go and broadening your characters in ways we don't hAve time for in real life.

Give me some idea what kind of urban adventures you like and I will see what I can do.

Bribes always welcome

It was an impossible city, one spoken in whispers by greybeards in scriptoria and remote towers across the planes. It was a city reached not by land, sea or even air; but by magic alone. It sat at the very center of the multiverse, if such a geographical construct even had any true meaning. Few who heard of its wonders ever gazed upon its rain-soaked streets.

Despite these conundrums, the city was huge. The city collected peoples and cultures from everywhere, gathering them like a beach collects flotsam. It was a city of the defeated and the dispossesed, where even the most hunted and harrowed could find sanctuary. It housed neighborhoods that contained the last remnants of ancient cultures and peoples from places long destroyed or lost in the fastness of time.

It was also a city of power. An emperor of an entire world would count as naught when set against the majesty of the city's merchant princes. Secrets uncounted resided in the libraries maintained by its inhabitants. Wonders of metal and stone poured forth from its many workshops. A river of arms and armor issued from the gigantic brooding foundries that belched soot and fire into the darkened skies of the city every moment of every day. Those who dreamed of fame and fortune often set their sights on its fog-filled boulevards.

The city was called Sigil. Some knew it as The Cage, some The Nexus, still others The Ring. It was ruled by The Lady of Pain, whose very shadow would cut those it touched to ribbons. Some said Sigil was the Lady, and She It. Most did not talk of the Lady long, for to attract her attention was a sure way to get penned in the dead book.

There are ten million stories told along the crooked alleyways of this impossible city. This is but one of them The story of The Mad Badger and The Crimson Masque.

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Game Session One: 4.21.12 Medieval Starship Games and Hobbies, Pembroke MA

The game opened in the Swordhold District, Lower Ward, Sigil. The two mercenaries, The Mad Badger and the Crimson Masque met with their boss Tug Stonecutter and a prospective client, Mr Malgrim. Malgrim, a rather frog-like fellow, claimed to be speaking for a group of necromancers who were natives of Acheron, specifically a cube on the first plane called Melreneth. They had recently come under attack by the forces of the Necromancer-king Boretti. Boretti desired the secrets the necromancers had, and was bent on conquering their cube.

Mr Malgrim wanted the two to infiltrate King Boretti's army and destroy his chief commanding officer, one Count Orlov. Orlov is a vampire. Upon his distruction, the two were to bring back any papers they could find to Malgrim's necromantic masters

After a agreeing to a 10,000 GP payment and a bonus 10,000 should they manage to capture Orlov, the two were given directions to a gate in the Great Foundry complex. They ported to Melreneth, and met with the mercenary goblins fighting Boretti's army.

After a rocky introduction (the Mad Badger being an Orc) the two were led to the edge of the goblin trenches by Sgt Mogwurm, a goblin tracker. They infiltrated the trenches and confronted the clockwork zombies Boretti used as soldiers.

After a pitched battle where the two heros dispatched a platoon of clockwork zombies and their captain, a ghoul named Prykos, the Crimson Masque deciphered a map locating Orlov's command bunker. Using fly potions, the two traveled in stealth to the location.

Rappelling into the trench before the bunker, the Crimson Masque made to open up the double metal doors. When he touched the door a loud voice began to scream 'INTRUDER!' over and over. The nearby zombies rushed in, and one managed to coldcock the Crimson Masque. The Mad Badger dragged him up their rope and hid as the bunker inhabitants sent out zombies to capture them. They retreated to try again on the morrow.

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OK, Gruumash and DA. I am starting this thread to discuss our rendezvous in nine days. Gruumash is looking into our table arrangements.

I am thinking of setting up a merc situation. You folks will be a recovery team, set on a dangerous mission to recover a MacGuffin in a Bad Place. I love Planescape's flexibility, so we will be using Sigil as a base city.

I would like to see you make a 7th level character. Heroic stats and starting cash. Keep in mind you will likely be running into extreme environments. Plan accordingly. Questions, post them here. We can work on characters here as well if you need them vetted

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