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I thought so but considering some of the builds suggest using equipment tricks to use a rope as a spiked chain I thought a few other opinions would be a good idea before i shelved the idea.

Quick question in regards to a potential gestalt character build.

Can a Tatterdemalion use a bladed scarf with dancing strings to get int to hit and damage?

I want to say 2 ratfolk slayers (cohort or bring a friend :D) using swarming with blade and brush style for finesse reach sneak attack action.

I have a thought of a Sahuagin angler fish equivalent.

It appears to be a moderately wealth trader with few defenses crewed a family of elves (malenti) but the ship is like an iceberg in that the larger part is hidden underneath is filled with the sahuagin warriors ready to swarm and devour anything foolish enough to attack the ship.

I'd have to leave the names and stats up to you as those things are not my strong point.

Feyspeaker Druid could get your player very close to the goal.

It could also be used as a guide to make hunter or ranger themed versions of the concept

New here great thread :D

Odd thought seeming ordinary island except the trees are made of stone with leaves of snow and ice or crystal and the mountains are wood with green leaves covering them like snow. :D

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For short term boosts there is the effortless armor spell.

As a GM I would point out the character does not have a top down view of the map and could not reliably tell there was a space big enough for them in the large troop of hobgoblins in a 10 foot wide corridor.

Quick thoughts.

Thundercaller bard: Best thing to do with powergamers is make them stronger while being able to drop stun bombs and skill monkey as bards like to do. Also Shoanti makes for interesting roleplaying in korvosa :D

Sunshadow of Sarenrae: A Sacred hunter/umbral stalker (minor clash there with a judgement our gm oked if not allowed clandestine inquisition works too) Inquisitors of Sarenrae the bring the light right into your face before they reveal it and you. (note: technically doesn't have to be either of those archetypes any inquisitor works my friend just likes animal companions and we were tickled by Sarenrae granting the darkness domain though umbral stalker)

Edit: One more thing!

A healer /skill monkey could also be achieved to a greater or lesser extent with an oracle psychic searcher getting some investigator skill boosts and charisma skills out where you may need them.

You could possibly make an interesting viking ice/storm warrior using an elementalist shifter Themed for ice then air as a secondary, adding elemental damage to attacks and eventually being able to turn into to towering ice giant (elemental) to crush his enemies.

I think it thematically works well and is still a full bab class as well as getting a good ac in lighter armors.

If you have that many spare feats look into the Variant Multiclass rules. You could be an actual cleric and qualify for the feat or gain other (ironically variable quality) abilities for the cost of feats.

Ok monk does dip a bit into the SU abilities but even without them is still a solid choice.

Cavalier (luring is the ranged one I think) is all EX

Lore warden fighters are also completely free of Evil SU and Magic influences :D

I suppose I should mention bolt ace gunslinger as an option too

No-one seems to have suggested Zen Archer Monk for a skills archer.

Fairly sure there is also a ranged cavalier build or two around.

Edit: more thoughts

If you are set on fighter Lore Warden gives 4 skills per level at the cost of armor feats an archer is less likely to use anyway.

Also consider asking your gm about using the optional background skills rules.

The evangelist PRC would let you lose 1 level of wizard for a bump to d8 hd 6 skills per level and cleric bab for 10 levels as well as a few other nice things depending on the god you choose

Shelyn for instance also gives you a flat + 4 to craft and perfor checks with the Deific Obedience feat.

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My dwarven druid was a rhino mount for his lance trained ape companion. :D

In fairness though you can take the feat 4 times once for each turtle you just need to be frugal with your feats for the main character.

Minor threcromancy here but as I understand it Elemental channel lets you use a channel charge to add elemental damage to your weapon for the next 3 hits. The second ability takes your channel to do things to undead and makes it an (Insert element here) ball that detonates around the channeler for channel dice of energy damage.

Probably best to make sure you can selective channel your friends out of the blast or be a shieldbearer or holy vindicator PRC to shape it in a more user friendly way.

Ok i'm fairly sure the the RAW on this makes it a flat no but not really being an expert on these things I thought I would throw it out here to the crowd.

The feat wrote:

Channel Smite (Combat)

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 119
You can channel your divine energy through a melee weapon you wield.

Prerequisites: Channel energy class feature.

Benefit: Before you make a melee attack roll, you can choose to spend one use of your channel energy ability as a swift action. If you channel positive energy and you hit an undead creature, that creature takes an amount of additional damage equal to the damage dealt by your channel positive energy ability. If you channel negative energy and you hit a living creature, that creature takes an amount of additional damage equal to the damage dealt by your channel negative energy ability. Your target can make a Will save, as normal, to halve this additional damage. If your attack misses, the channel energy ability is still expended with no effect.

The Jistkan Magistrate wrote:
Channel Element (Su): At 4th level, a Jistkan magistrate gains Elemental Channel as a bonus feat, choosing the elemental subtype that matches his blessing. He doesn’t gain the ability to harm undead with channeled energy (if he channels positive energy) or heal undead (if he channels negative energy). Instead, he can channel a blast of elemental matter and energy that buffets his targets. The Jistkan artificer’s blessing determines the damage type of this attack, as indicated by the table below. A successful Reflex save halves the damage.

Now as the magistrate cannot channel positive energy to harm undead or heal them can he channel smite with fire instead?

willuwontu wrote:
Bertious wrote:
Just a quick question for the agile weapon discussion. If the enchanter decides what abilities can be placed on a weapon doesn't that mean size huge or larger people can enchant any medium 2 handed weapon with agile as it counts as a light 1 handed weapon for them?
Weapon Finesse wrote:
Benefit: With a light weapon, elven curve blade, rapier, whip, or spiked chain made for a creature of your size category, you may use your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier on attack rolls. If you carry a shield, its armor check penalty applies to your attack rolls.

Fair point I hadn't actually looked at the rules and was attempting to be glib. :D

As to the main question I think I would stick with a weapon counts as the category the weapon is in on the tables which probably could lead to some excessively strong combos but that is why there is a gm running to game to deal with the problems that sometimes occur with a set rule system made by many hands.

Just a quick question for the agile weapon discussion. If the enchanter decides what abilities can be placed on a weapon doesn't that mean size huge or larger people can enchant any medium 2 handed weapon with agile as it counts as a light 1 handed weapon for them?

I know inquisitions in most cases are really bad but a druid barbarian with wis + druid level -4 bonus rage rounds seems like a good enough bonus on a strong build.

I have been out of the build game for a while now so I am likely wrong however. :D

If the rage domain is not an option what about the anger inquisition?

Just a small note. You do realise to have graceful steal requires agile maneuvers and according to the text of agile maneuvers you use dexterity in place of strength. The wording of the feat is You use not you may use so any strength power house character with RAW has just destroyed his ability to do combat maneuvers well by starting the feat chain to get graceful steal.

Ok it may be my searchfu is fail but is there any way to upgrade Spell like abilities gained from race or class to mythic versions of the spells?

Brom the Obnoxiously Awesome wrote:

Here's what you do:

Build a huge hamster wheel, and attach it to a circular rock, which will grind against another circular rock, creating sparks. This spark is used to ignite kindling directly above the two stones, making a fire that heats a huge water tank, creating steam, which pushes a huge paddle attached to a lever, which grinds two pieces of iron together, which attaches to a wire that leads to a big, circular iron tub filled with water. The water holds the electricity as a battery.

This and power it with an army of hamster golems :D

Hmm this may be a little cheesy but a dawnflower dervish (bard)/Warpriest of Saenrae could get the crusaders flurry feat with a dervish danced scimitar for the equivalent of 2WF attacks.

A friend and I played around with an archery tank character along similar lines using stalwart defender and archery. I'll try and find or reconstruct the build at some point sadly I've not got the time today.

Late to the party but the best crit fishing monster I can come up with is a kensai magus with a high crit weapon using monstrous physique 3 or 4 to become huge and then spell combat with greater bladed dash to hit everything in a 30x30 square and get a full attack at the same time. Add staggering critical and a vorpal weapon for extra bang.

I would consider either a Tiefling Fiendish Vessel going to Holy Vindicator for a nice heal/harm channel ability or a Crossblooded Orc/Red Dragon Tatooed Sorcerer 1/Oracle of Flame 9/Diabolist 10 for a fun blaster character that can party face with the best of them.

Master of the Dark Triad wrote:

Chaotic Good- Batman

Because it is an alignment thread and no-one seems to have posted it yet Batman

shaxberd wrote:
You could do this with 4 levels of Rogue if you take Minor Magic and Major Magic as Rogue Talents. This would let you cast Enlarge Person as a spell-like ability twice per day. Of course, this also requires a minimum intelligence score of 11. But I think the Rogue skills and +2d6 Sneak Attack will be more useful to you than what Cleric, Inquisitor, or Druid can offer.

Or 2 levels of rogue and the extra rogue talent feat.

Have you considered the theologian archetype for Cleric it limits you to 1 domain (presumably growth) but you will be able to use your slots to cast enlarge person.

Another good choice could be separatist as you don't need the favoured weapon you could pick up the travel domain for extra movement and the ability to shrug of difficult terrain or another domain with an ability you think is good.

The eidolon size issue can be fixed if you play a size small race like Gnome or Halfling that way your medium eidolon can be dwarf sized and about 8' tall when large.

If your Gm allows it there is a fighter archetype Dirty Fighter that would seem to suit this perfectly although RAW you would have to play an orc.

If you are not worried about power the soulforger magus archetype would be perfect for an elven swordsmith.

Mater craftsman still needs the crafting feat and you don't qualify for either until level 5 hence level 7 as it's 2 feats.

Victor Zajic wrote:

For a switch hitter, the only archery feat you need is Precise Shot. Pont blank shot is a pre-req.

I would also suggest Str 14 and Dex 16, since you have invested more resources in archery than melee at this point.
You can have all these things at level 1 as a human, and have a 19 AC in breastplate without a shield.

Full Stat spread would probably be (with 20 point buy)
Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 14

After Precise Shot, no other archery feats are really required, but I think there might be a cool Eristil archery feat in Faiths of Purity that lets you spend a move action to aim and get a big bonus to hit.

I think you may have the wrong end of the stick about switch hitting the idea, as I understand it, is you only use ranged weapons until melee happens. It that's the case (and I'm not being more stupid than usual) precise shot should not be needed as you should be in melee not firing at it.

As a switch hitter the most likely archery feats would be point blank shot and rapid shot so considering you are using core only I would go

Lvl 1 Power Attack, Quick draw (lets you swop between weapons better)
Lvl 3 Point Blank Shot
Lvl 5 Rapid shot.

Deadly aim would be a viable alternative to rapid shot depending on how you want to play it but I think -2 for +4 damage isn't as good as - 2 for an extra attack.

For a BBEG some sort of Summoner with a shadowy form eidolon would let you battle in both worlds simultaneously.

Just type order of the stick in google to find the comic.

As to Belkar I would go with favoured enemy humanoid (reptilian) as he hates kobolds and it is a likely choice to encounter in an underground game.

Flavor wise have you considered linking paladins to Valkyries instead of gods? As you don't have clerics servants of specific gods seems to be somewhat against your theme and the abilities match up quite well.

Ability wise if you have not rebalanced the other classes and there are not that many big supernatural enemies paladins should be fine as is.

We really need more info before anyone can make specific suggestions.

What classes are allowed and how have you changed them?
How common are truly evil foes?
How restricting would a paladin's Lawful Good requirement be there?

There are probably many more important questions but today I'm too stupid to think of them so these will have to do for a start.

The main problem with zen archer monk is it makes the build more MAD as I would then need lots of wisdom on top of the strength and intelligence (needed for the prestige class) though at least I could have less dexterity. It also would require 7 levels for the +5 bab needed and sadly the most important part for me move away from my heavy armor archer idea.

I was wondering with the new rules on SLAs would the last 4 character levels be well served as arcane archer for the arrow enhancements or am I better off with fighter or ranger levels?

I'm not much of a rogue person but would a carnivalist rogue/ vivisectionist alchemist build be any good as it would through the tumor familiar discovery allow the familiar to continue growing in ability while increasing the sneak attack damage?

XMorsX wrote:

A better stat array would be:

STR 16
DEX 19
CON 12
INT 12
WIS 12

Avoid mixing Zen archer and fighter. Both make for great archers, I don't see the appeal of multiclassing between them though.

Weapon master fighter is fine for a singel classed archer, a good dip however is two lvls of Urban Barbarian / Invulnerable rager Barbarian. Rage and increase your Dex, use Reckless Abandon for even more accuracy. I believe that you are still better by going straight fighter.

Also, with Improved Snap Shot you do not want to avoid melee, you actively seeking to be just outside your enemies' reach for more AoOs.

Here is a sample build:

Weapon Master Fighter 10 / Lantern Bearer 10

1 Fighter Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Focus: Perception
2 Fighter Rapid Shot
3 Fighter Weapon Focus (Composite longbow)
4 Fighter Weapon Specialization (Composite longbow)
5 Fighter Combat Reflexes
6 Lantern Bearer
7 Lantern Bearer Snap Shot
8 Lantern Bearer
9 Lantern Bearer Improved Snap Shot
10 Lantern Bearer
11 Lantern Bearer Improved Precise Shot
12 Lantern Bearer
13 Lantern Bearer Point Blank Master
14 Lantern Bearer
15 Lantern Bearer Deadly Aim
16 Fighter Manyshot
17 Fighter Clustered Shots
18 Fighter Greater Weapon Focus (Composite longbow)
19 Fighter Greater Snap Shot
20 Fighter Improved Critical

Favored class bonus to health every lvl.

That is a really interesting build and I will likely steal large chunks of it for one of my other projects which is a stalwart defender archer. :) The appeal of Zen archer to me is a small boost when I can't wear my armor, some very nice skill boosts, and the cluster of bonus feats I can pick up not to mention the unarmed strikes means I can't get caught with no melee weapon.

Dal Selpher wrote:

Gwen Smith wrote:

Composite Long Bow (100)
Composite bows are +100 over the base cost for each point of Strength added to damage, so +2 is 300. (As soon as you can afford it, get an Adaptive bow.)
Absolutely correct. Composite bows are pricey!

The composite bow is +0 str at level 1 so its 100gp atm I've factored in deadly aim which is where the +2 damage comes from.


Dal Selpher wrote:

If you can't retool your Con score, you might want to consider Toughness or Great Fortitude at level 3 instead of Weapon Finesse. The first'd net you the same bump in hp as a 12 Con would over a 10 Con while the second will bump your Fort save a bit more than the 12 Con would. Alternatively, you might consider Vital Strike for those times you can't full attack but can still get a single shot off.

Should you be fortunate enough to survive long enough, I'd also recommend picking up Clustered Shots as soon as you can.

Dipping into Ranger isn't a bad idea (favored enemy is super good), but as you've already started out I think sticking with your fighter levels once you're done with monk will net you the most gain.

Considering the mythic tiers also add hit points Toughness is not a feat I had considered thanks for the suggestion. Fort saves get boosted by both classes and the prestige class too so I'm not so worried about them atm. ... at least I wasn't but I'm getting a feeling from the amount of folks suggesting it that I should.

I'll have to have a word with my gm and see if I can do a slight rebuild for the con I'm fairly sure he'll be ok with it.

As to ranger its too late to start as one although I'm not totally against the idea of picking up a level of it after the monk levels to kick start the favoured enemies I get from lantern bearer.

I will strongly consider the snap shot feats but hopefully as all 3 of my companions are melee range I'm hoping to stay out of close range.

If anyone can suggest a better feat at 3rd than weapon finesse either for archery or just something interesting that would be great.

Faiths of Purity adds Intense Artist for those who worship Shelyn.

The faction guide has Savant

I hope these help.

Shame filled bump.

We've only done the first session so far but I know next to nothing about the mythic rules or archery based characters so I am hoping to get some assistance for you fine people. :)

What I have so far is

Andrion Kale:
Andrion Kale
Lg Half Elf male Fighter for Wrath of the Righteous

At a young age Andrion was caught up in a dark cult's ritual to summon demonic aid, he remembers very little of the event in the waking world but his dreams are a different story. His first actual memories are of the young band of neophyte pathfinders that rescued him and thier lodge which took in the young orphan and trained him.

Stats 25 point buy

Str 14 (5 points)
Dex 20 (17 points +2 race)
Con 10 (0 points)
Int 14 (5 points)
Wis 12 (2 points)
Cha 7

Hp 10
Ac 20 (5 Kikko armor 4 dex 1 trait)
Fort +2
Ref +5
Will +1

+2 Dex
Humanoid (elf,human)
Speed 30
Langs Elven, Common, Abyssal, Hallit
Immune to magical sleep effects
+2 to saves vs Enchantment Spells and Effects
Adaptability (Skill focus perception)
Keen Senses +2 perception
Low Light Vision
Elf Blood
Multi Talented (Fighter,Monk)

Weapon Master Fighter 1 Lvl 1
Point Blank Shot
Deadly Aim
Skill Focus Perception

Stolen Fury (For the champion path)
Defender of the Society

Climb 1 (6)
Craft (Bows) 1 (6)
Survival (Favored class) 1 (5)
Perception 1 (7)
Knowledge Dungeoneering 1 (6)
Gear Kikko armor (30),Composite Long Bow (100), Bardiche (13) Rangers Kit (backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, iron pot, mess kit, rope, torches (9), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin 23 gp Arrows (58 )
Special Items Scale of Terendelef (Align weapon 3/day lvl 19)
Bow + 5 to hit 1d8+2 dmg (+6 1d8+3 in 30')
Bardiche +3 to hit 1d10 +3 damage Reach

Zen Archer 1 Lvl 2
Precise Shot MW Str +2 bow +7 to hit 1d8+4 dmg

Zen Archer 2 Lvl 3
Weapon Focus Bow
Rapid Shot +7/+7
Weapon Finess?

Fighter 2 Lvl 4 +1 dex
Stabbing Shot +7/+7

Fighter 3 Lvl 5
Reckless Aim +9/+9 1d8+5
+1 to hit and damage

Fighter 4 Lvl 6
Weapon Spec Retrain Stabing shot to Point blank master +10/+10 1d8+7

Lantern Bearer 1 Lvl 7
Multi Shot +11 (2d8+14) /+11/+6 1d8+7

I intend to use the Mythic abilities to wear full plate armor with no dexterity limits but other than that I have no real idea what would be good choices either for vanilla feats and abilities or mythic ones.

So any thoughts or ideas that could help would be greatly appreciated.

Last try as a suggestion :)

Concept: A nearing middle age dwarf who travelled the world and seen a lot of things.

Dwarf (age 100+) Ranger 1 Urban Barbarian 1

Str 15
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 14
Cha 12

Skills 7/ranger level 5/barbarian level

Diplomacy 2 (+6)
Know Dungeoneering 2 (+8)
Know Nature 2 (+8)
Know Geography 2 (+8)
Know Local 2 (+8)
Know (all others) 0 (+3)
Perception (ranger levels only) 1 (+6)
Edit: I forgot Survival 1 (+6)
and Profession (all) 0 (+4)

Breadth of Experience

Your call here as it's kingmaker I would suggest noble born orlovsky with the backstory that he acted as tutor for some of that family's children for the last few years (+1 diplomacy and +1 cmd).
Or sword scion if you want more combat prowess.

I know you were against dipping but the dip here is for ranger 3, favoured terrain and free endurance feat to qualify him for the horizon walker prestige class.

Hopefully this fits the bill for what you are after. :)

A Suli with the alternate racial trait Shockshield has a trick somewhat like this so could be a good starting point and also has nice paladin stats. Perhaps you and your gm could work out a paragon style prestige class or feat chain to increase the effects of it.

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