Help needed making an Elven sword smith


So I'm have an idea for a character but I'm not sure how to build him and the game starts on Saturday. Any thoughts would be greatfully received!

Elrohir is the son of a famous elven swordsmith whose weapons have been turning up in the hands of the Elves' enemies. This has brought suspicion upon his family and he has resolved to leave the Elven lands and find out what has been going on so that he can clear his family's name.  He also wants to build his own reputation as a weapon smith both to bring honour to his family and to prove himself to them. He is a skilled swordsman himself who uses an elven curve blade.

The campaign is going to be from level 1-5 and I was thinking I'd take Master Craftsman at level 5 and see if he can make a magic sword before the end of the campaign. We're using 15 point buy and anything from the SRD

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Are you planning to be a non-caster?

This sounds like a great idea for a Bladebound Magus.

Yep, I was planning to be a non caster - or mostly a non caster. Magus is about as castery as I would go. If it were a higher level campaign I might do it differently but at low level non caster seems better.

I'll take a look at the bladebound archetype. Thanks.

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Going Kensai/Bladebound Magus is another option.

The two archetypes stack, and may fit the flavor you desire.

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Heirloom Weapon Trait + Eldritch Heritage (Arcane) = Free Masterwork magic weapon in your hands only. Also it makes for some good flavor for the character and only requires a 13 cha and skill focus.

If it's really only 1-5, you're much better off with toilcrafter, but reflavoring it

Toilcrafter Link

Master Craftsman works out to need 7 levels to come into play.

Thanks for all the suggestions folks. I've been looking at the Magus, it's an interesting class. Any suggestions using Fighter? Is Magus 2 Fighter 3 aa sensible idea?

Tangaroa: Thanks for the tip about Toilcrafter. That would allow me to stary making items at level 3! I don't understand why Master Craftsman needs level 7 to work though.. As far as I can see it should work at level 5(?).

If you are not worried about power the soulforger magus archetype would be perfect for an elven swordsmith.

Mater craftsman still needs the crafting feat and you don't qualify for either until level 5 hence level 7 as it's 2 feats.

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Another option is Ranger.

Choose the two-handed combat style for sword fighting, and maybe nab the Eldritch Heritage(Arcane) feat for a craftable magic weapon.

The extra feats, and extra skill points, will allow for the Smith/Warrior combo to play out well.

If you must absolutely have no spellcasting, then the Trapper Ranger archetype will rid you of spellcasting.

All classes receive craft as a skill, so really anything would be good but story wise I would pick up a level or two of expert.

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Levels in a NPC class is just the worst idea imaginable.

Is the Master Craftsman feat something you are dead set on?

Thought the PC was coming from a family of sword smiths? Seems like it would make sense.

Thotham, Expert would make sense but like all NPC classes it's pretty weak.

Thanks Bertious. I'll check out Soulforger too. A bonded item was very handy on the Wizard I played.

Blackbloodtroll, thanks for all your ideas! I'm not set on Master Craftsman, knowing that it won't help me until level 7. I had misread it originally.. Toilcrafter seems good, so does Kensai and two handed ranger.

I'm just sitting down with a pen and paper to work something definite out. There are so many options in Pathfinder nowadays... It's great but bewildering at times.

Master craftsman allows you to take a crafting feat, but doesn't actually give you the feat. So you have to wait until 7th to take it, unless you have something that gives you a bonus crafting feat, of which the only one I can think of is Wizard.

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