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I have a new player in my game. He wants to be a "viking with ice powers". Better if it is related with storm giants.

The two first things I suggested were either bloodrager or kineticist, but he would like to be a non-spell caster hero (kineticist doesnt account for this)

I have been looking for frost giant feats but I cannot make an interesting build. So maybe I have to look for magic items.

The character would start at level 8-9. Any advice will be regarded with honor and glory for your personal Valhalla.

Here's a thought: Frost Man . There are rules given for Frost man characters.

I found this . This a 3rd party Prestige Class called Jotun.

Another option is to just take the Ogre character race or the Half Giant from Psionics Unleashed and add immunity to Cold and Vulnerability to Fire.

dr Slurp wrote:
I have been looking for frost giant feats but I cannot make an interesting build.

It seems to me that building the character is his job. You should only give him advice.


Do you have any idea what he wants with regard to build specifics? I think of Vikings as being sword-and-board fighters who are accustomed to fighting in formation. But Some Vikings fought with axe and shield or even club and shield or just with a big axe. Some fought with Spears or Long Spears. There were some Viking Archers and some that just threw stuff: javelins sometimes or even just rocks.

Do you think your player wants to do anything fancy like Combat Maneuvers, switch between Ranged and Melee, or just go with Great Axe, or even Butchering Axe, Vital Strike, and Great Cleave? It's a first-time player, so maybe it's best to keep it simple.

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If he really doesn't want to be a spellcaster, then a Barbarian with the Elemental Rage Feat Chain (link link link) might work well. I agree that Bloodrager is probably better, but this should be fine.

While he might be reluctant to be a caster... I will say- goliath druid has a lot of advantages.

It wildshapes into giants- which means your armor and weapons also scale up with you because those are humanoid. Grab an ax proficiency somewhere, maybe add rage domain so he doesn't have to consider spells when he is in murder mode, and then maybe give him a bunch of ice spells (I can't recall what ones druids get off the top of my head, but ice spells tend to be fairly good mix of blast and/or debuff).

There's a non-spellcasting archetype for the bloodrager. Not a good archetype, spell resistance on a PC is a pain IMO, but it does keep the bloodline powers and Elemental (water) or Black Blood bloodlines do have some frosty tricks. Untouchable rager is the name if he's interested tho'.

There is the fighter archetype Viking, as for ice powers suli can enhance their attacks with ice and they can take the feat incremental elemental assault to basically get more uses out of it, since they can split it up across multiple fights, instead of being forced to blow it on a single fight and be done.

In this way he would be a literal viking with ice powers, without having to be a caster.

You could possibly make an interesting viking ice/storm warrior using an elementalist shifter Themed for ice then air as a secondary, adding elemental damage to attacks and eventually being able to turn into to towering ice giant (elemental) to crush his enemies.

I think it thematically works well and is still a full bab class as well as getting a good ac in lighter armors.

What Dasrak said: Barbarian with Elemental Rage chain. He will be able to inflict frost damage with his melee weapon while in rage, feat the viking/berserker vibe.

I'd just add Invulnerable Rager, to get the DR and the cold immunity. Thematically nice and technically interesting.

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