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Okay, will this story go to 20 or will it stop around 12?

I am absolutely THRILLED to see this product finally happening. This is the one thing missing from having all the tools you could need. (

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So I've got a player who is rebuilding his old wizard from 1e into 2e and he's having difficulty figuring out how to summon devils as that was his bread and butter in 1e. I see the Summon Fiend spell in 2e is for Divine casters but is there any way you can get a Wizard to have that spell or access to the ability to summon evil-aligned outsiders?

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Jason Tondro wrote:
Aunders wrote:
What levels does it go to?
This will be a 6-volume adventure path starting at 1st level, and the players should be 13th by the end. Devastation Ark will be out by then, so you can move right into that AP for endgame play!

Glad to hear that it goes to 13! I'm still hoping one day we'll get a 1-20 Starfinder AP but the fact that we've got one that takes us into higher level gameplay is nice.

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What levels does it go to?

Does anyone have a map of Roslar's Coffer that doesn't have the annotations on it? I'm looking for something I can give to my PCs for before the fall, in the Boneyards, and after they get out. And if nobody has a map, how did you guys handle them navigating the town?

James Jacobs wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Awww no Lust Dragons?
Nope. That's actually one of several good reasons why we abandoned the concept, to be honest.

How interesting! I may keep the concept purely for a homebrew addition to my current RotRL campaign I've got going on which has a follower of Apsu in it, but I'm glad to hear officially that it's now non-cannon

That's a really good point. It's a shame in my personal opinion only because I like the idea of withered degenerate dragons vying for the strength that their chromatic and metallic kin have -- it would make for a decent villain of lower level.

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I was just doing some prep and looking through an old copy of the ROTRL I have and I noticed the side bar talking about Gray Dragons, the surviving brood of a weak and cursed platinum dragon that Dahak messed up. Just checked the wiki and searched the forums here to find anything else about them and I can't find anything. Does that mean these creatures are retconned? That would be a big shame because I love me some dragons and I really liked what they typed up for them.

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I'm so happy to see some high level gameplay for Starfinder. Hopefully this adventure takes the party the rest of the way to 20. I know my group will probably never make it to finish the way to max level but I know just having the option there makes them much more excited and willing to jump into the game.

Everyone liked that.

Hawk Kriegsman wrote:

May I suggest to you Starfarer's Arsenal: Shotguns.

It is a better representation of shotguns than the scattergun.

I has been used at my table for a few weeks now and it has been well received.

This also has Owen's name on it! I'm going to look into this, thank you for the suggestion!

HammerJack wrote:
While I'd like to see an expansion of the Starfinder AP line into higher levels, blast weapons with a decent sized cone are not something restricted to levels 13-20.

You're absolutely right, but my group seems to run exclusively AP's, and mostly Pathfinder ones. We've done the first three books of Dead Suns and the first book of Against the Aeon Throne, so while there are better blast weapons later in the game, doesn't really do me much good right now.

Either way, I'm absolutely in love with the Starfinder system and the setting that they've created, I just can't wait to see what it looks like down the line.

Pantshandshake wrote:

Yeah, early level blast weapons are pretty poor.

Later on, between specialization damage, weapon fusions, special effects, and an increased range on the cone, they do get better.

Of course, that's predicated on being able to get multiple targets in the cone.

It's a shame there isn't any 1-20 Starfinder adventures where you could use weapon outside of the early levels...

So I've been building a character for my friend's upcoming Attack Of The Swarm! game coming up and I've been building this mechanic and I totally want them to use a shotgun to blast some bugs back when they get too close! The major problem I'm finding is that the Scatterguns are just not worth it?

1d4 Damage and a 15ft. Cone, which sounds not too great, but then you put in the -2 on attack rolls to each target in the cone? If you want to fire twice on your turn it's a -6 to each attack roll to targets in front of you for a measly 1d4 points of damage? Are they even viable in any builds? Maybe I'm missing something, but I admit I wish scatterguns were a little beefier. I'm currently trying to get my GM to let me use Owen's 3rd party stuff and replace the scatterguns with those weapon qualities.

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Mwangi elves! I'm so excited for this!

My group personally doesn't really care what the subject is about when it comes to high level APs, we're just feeling kind of starved when it comes to high level play.

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This is so good! I'm so happy to see this level of content for the Starfinder system. I really really enjoy the different Weal and Woe sections!

Am I the only one who absolutely hated it?

Ending Spoilers:
I just can't get behind how rushed all of this was? I feel like the endings we got for these characters could be good if we had the time to explore and bite into the ripples that theses choices made? Bran straight finesses the throne and wasted everyone's time in my opinion (when it comes from a viewer standpoint). All the unnecessary build up with Arya and her White Horse for it to literally mean nothing? Tyrion's "the most clever man in westeros" turned out to be the biggest lie there was in the canon apparently. There are so many more complaints, but then I'd be like any other GoT Fangroup on facebook right now...

I just can't shake the bad taste that this season has left in my mouth. I feel like it's not that I'm upset about how character's story lines ended as much as I am how little detail they put into these characters in what was suppose to be an astounding climactic ending to a just-under-a-decade show.

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Anorak wrote:
Elves are so grumpy in Starfinder! :P

I know! I love it!

Personally I very much enjoyed the 3 part format. I just want a 1-18 Starfinder adventure at this point. While Dead Suns and Aeon were really good, I just miss the detail and depth of the APs the scale further out. Feels like a lot more bang for your buck.

I just noticed on the artwork that each of those space between the pillars are actually portals of some sort! You can see vines from the plant one reaching through!

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Fillable would be absolutely fantastic. This would mean I could work on characters in my downtime at work lol.

Product Description wrote:
"Twelve character classes, including the alchemist, barbarian, bard, champion, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, and wizard!"

Did they rename paladin?! That's an interesting development!

Ravingdork wrote:

"Against one's nature" should not be conflated with "following orders."

They are not remotely the same.

In this scenario they kind of are? Azlanti view every other species out there, including Pact World Humans, as inferior species worth nothing except for to enslave and bring under the heel of the Star Empire. If their orders are to capture and kill the "filthy aliens," I feel like their orders and nature align almost exactly.

Ascalaphus wrote:
I suggest sitting down with your player and hammering out in which situations Charm Person would be good and when it won't be, and then giving him the choice of learning a different spell if he decides it isn't worth it anymore.

I like this idea a lot, we will have time to do this between sessions because we only play once a month. That being said, how do you specifically feel about the spell? What situations are good for Charm Person or not good in your opinion?

Xenocrat wrote:
Pathfinder introduced the "all the world's my friend" version of Charm in, I think, Inner Sea Intrigue. It solves this problem by making the targets stop fighting anyone and agreeing to help everyone who asks.

So what are you refering to and what point are you trying to get across, I'm not sure I understand?

Oh I definitely don't think we're arguing here at all. <3 Whole reason I'm posting here is so I can hear other people's ideas? I'm still slightly heated, because the conversation at the table went less than ideal but that's why I'm here, so I can get other GM's opinions on how this should play out.

Fair enough! Thanks for clearing that up for me, it sounds so much more intense on paper than it does when you work the math out.

So 70 ft. in a move action pans out? I guess i'm still wrapping my mind around the Scifi of it, 70 ft. movement speed in pathfinder is pretty crazy.

Pantshandshake wrote:

If the charmer's friends shot the charmed target, then yes. *Edit* Because this is in the rules of the spell. The ‘unlikely’ clause and GM intervention don’t need to show up for this example, because the rules tell us how it works. *end edit*

If the charmer's friends shot the charmed target's original friends, then no, not by the rules of charm. *edit* This example could invoke GM discretion and the 'unlikely' clause. Could, but doesn't have to.

My thought process here is the Azlanti already see everyone in this colony as "less-than-Azlanti" and they're all here

AtAT Spoilers:
as cadets in training to become aeon guards. The book specifically expresses them as having something to prove because their combat experiences can lead them directly to a promotion. They've cowed the whole settlement and see the PCs as interlopers that need to be put down, as per orders from their immediate supervisor.

Because of that, I still have a hard time accepting that the charm would apply to anyone other than the person who casted the spell, and any sort of violence to the NPC or the NPCs around the charmed NPC would be enough to -at the very least- spurn an opposed check because it goes against his nature to not return fire.

Pantshandshake wrote:

Sure, fine, somewhere in the back of the Azlant's mind, maybe he's aware something isn't quite right.

Doesn't matter. He's still charmed. And he'll go ahead and be Friendly with the charmer unless the charmer attacks him, or an 'unlikely' reason to stop being Friendly shows up.

Such as the charmer's friends shooting at him or his allies?

So I've got a player who is -really- wanting to play a Naur Solarion+Blitz Solider, and apparently he's gotten this thing up to a 70 ft. movement speed per move action. It doesn't make me feel good to have a PC that can move that fast in a turn, but what do you guys think? I'm probably being the odd man out by having a problem with that.

So I feel like I didn't do the best to describe the situation. Group of 4 PCs set up an ambush to attack three Azlanti soldiers. The witchwarper wants to charm person one of the Azlanti before the shooting starts to convince him to -not- attack any of the PCs (because we're friends, and I'm telling you not to attack my friends), all the mean while when the other PCs shoot the non-charmed Azlanti, this wouldn't break the charm because the spell text says "Any act by you or your apparent allies that threatens the charmed creature breaks the spell." and the other PCs aren't targeting the charmed creature specifically.

Still, I have to say, it still doesn't make sense to me given the current situation. My major hang ups are that the Azlanti doesnt speak common, are specifically hunting for the PC's to capture/kill, the party within the same round would be opening fire on the Azlanti's squad (which doesn't directly threaten him, but they're a part of a trained military unit???).

So here's a bit of a recap; Last night me and my crew were playing Against the Aeon Throne (NO SPOILERS) and we're fighting some Azlanti who were specifically dispatched out to find them and kill them. Now they had set up an ambush of sorts given that they were waiting on the Azlanti to show up. One PC (our witchwarper) wants to charm person one of the Azlanti and convince him not to shoot at him or his team mates, in front of the two other Azlanti beside him.

Now my thoughts here are that the spell would function and that if successful that the Azlanti would not fire on the Witchwarper, but for him not to attack the witchwarper's allies goes against their nature since the whole reason they're out and about is to find and capture/kill the PCs?

In my opinion even though the Azlanti is susceptible to the spell Charm Person, this doesn't make him allies with the allies of the Charm Person, especially if they're here to hunt them specifically - and to further complicate this, he also doesn't believe that if he's successful, that his team mates firing on the Azlanti's team members wouldn't dispell the charm person because the attacks do not directly target the charmed person?

Another point that the witchwarper brought up was that the charmed person treats you as its trusted friend and ally, and that because of the charm that the Azlanti would listen to suggestions that he gives him ("Don't shoot my friends"), but that still seems like a conflicting order that goes against their nature? Especially given their dislike for anything non-azlanti.

Also, the Azlanti didn't speak common, and the Witchwarper doesn't speak Azlanti.

What do you guys think? How does charm person work in this sort of scenario?

So last night in my game I had a PC drop below zero. The ghoul went to go tie the wizard up with some moldy rope when the PC was like "No, he's got to grapple me first." To keep the game going, we said we'll resolve it after the game when we can look up the rules (as not to bog down the fight.)

"If you have your target pinned, otherwise restrained, or unconscious, you can use rope to tie him up. This works like a pin effect, but the DC to escape the bonds is equal to 20 + your Combat Maneuver Bonus (instead of your CMD). The ropes do not need to make a check every round to maintain the pin. If you are grappling the target, you can attempt to tie him up in ropes, but doing so requires a combat maneuver check at a –10 penalty. If the DC to escape from these bindings is higher than 20 + the target’s CMB, the target cannot escape from the bonds, even with a natural 20 on the check." - Rules as per "Tie Up"

To me, this doesn't sound like I have to grapple the target first like my PC is saying, because I've already got them unconscious, but am I doing it wrong? Does that ghoul have to spend it's first turn grappling a below zero creature, just to make sure it's holding it right so it can tie it up next turn? Or could the ghoul just tie up the creature on it's first turn rather than the second because the creature is unconscious?

Summersnow wrote:

I also gave up on Starfinder because of Herolabs handling of the Character generator and what I expected to happen with the miniatures kickstarter, which actually looks to have turned out far worse then my worst expectations.

With the new Pathfinder 2.0 and its Herolabs program also being online only and the future of PF 1.0 in doubt I'm having a hard time justifying any purchases for either system.

It really bothers me that Paizo allowed my love of there games to end because of bad decisions by 3rd party partners and what looks to be lack of oversight or caring on Paizo's part.

I really feel like this is the wrong mentality to blame Paizo for the failings and business choices of other companies that offer 3rd party products for the game? Like as much as I like Herolab for PF1, I'm not going to let their subscription model stop me from playing PF2 - if PF2 is bad, that's what will stop me from playing it, not some separate entity.

Edit: And you could argue that the products have Paizo's name on them, which is true and I understand that point, but I also see that these products have no bearing on the game itself. They're not required, and they're not really advertised on the Paizo website despite having Paizo's name on it.

Whats new with the Kayal?

Little bit of thread necromancy but has anyone got anything else to say about Hero Lab Online now that it's been out for a while? Are people still using it? Is it worth the money?

How does one become a GM for Pathfinder/Starfinder Society?

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Would you like to know more?

Jason Keeley wrote:
thecursor wrote:
Yeah, yeah, everybody's all excited about the Kyton's rebranding but let's get real here: I can has Fetchling play stats?

No, but you CAN play as a kayal.


yes yes yes YES YES YES

This is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for. That being said, Paizo has stolen my homebrew campaigns right out of my head TWICE now. Dang near word for word with this one. D: Good job guys, you know exactly what I like.

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Anyone else think the person on the cover is an interesting choice? I mean usually Paizo puts the villain of the book on the cover, which would mean that this Lashunta is a follower of Iomedae from what I can tell? Interesting...

Marco Massoudi wrote:
Aunders wrote:
Do we have a street date for this yet?
January 30th will be the street date for all january Paizo products.

You're the best. Thank you.

Do we have a street date for this yet?

This is amazing! I'll be running my first session of this adventure today and I found this just in time. You're a legend.

Getting ready to run this adventure for a group of mine. Any notes that anyone might have to a DM about to run this adventure?

So my PCs party make up has changed greatly before they started book 2, and so far there are zero surviving PCs from the opening of book 1, which makes the Skinsaw Man's letters a lot...harder for me to put together? What are some suggestions on how to handle these notes left behind?

Also, opinions on replacing Grayst (the lead taken the the sanitorium) with Orik, since he was spared in their encounter and allowed to leave?

Marco Massoudi wrote:

The box art says 52 cards, the description says 53 - which will it be?

I've been using the Starfinder condition cards to good effect, but i'm not really hot for these (yet).
Some sample art would be nice.

If it's anything like the ones for Pathfinder there really won't be much artwork. Each card for Pathfinder has a bunch of different effects depending one what weapon you're using to deal the crit with so much of the card space is filled with text.

Any cool new info on the Azlanti?

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