Sources of favored class options on level up?

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I have a half-elf wizard setup in Hero Lab (for the Ironfang campaign) and on level up and I can choose the core options of +1 HP/Skill point, but I also have the option of 1/2 extra use of special power or +1 spell for spellbook. For the life of me, I don't know which source(s) those extra options come from.

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Advanced Race Guide, I believe. Note that as a half-elf, it's also giving you the elf and the (redundant) human option to pick from.

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Actually, the ARG is the one guide I don't own! So, those options had to come from somewhere else.

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Ah! Advanced Player's Guide. I forgot they were in there.

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Sorry, but what section of the APG?

Chapter 1, Races.

Half-elves lack them in this book, but:
Page 13 mentions the elf racial traits (including the wizard one to increase wizard school power uses).
Page 23 mentions the human racial traits (including the wizard one to add spells to your spellbook).

The players guide gave it as an option for races to some classes, later greatly expanded upon in race guide.

As noted you're being given 2 alternates because you're both elven and human.

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Thank you everyone!

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