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Use Zarrex's profile as your template when making your character. (My Account - My Profile - Aliases)

Here's the player's guide pages..

You can buy any of the items listed in the Player's guide except the magic item Medallions.

You all will receive your IDENTs (p44) at boot camp.

Everyone knows the 'Suskillon' language, it's the equivalent of Common in this system. This does not count against your known languages from INT or Culture.

You also know a lot about Suskillon! Here's a primer on the planet.

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I think a starship travel and/or combat deck would be neat, similar to the crit decks. Roll a nat20 in starship combat?

Engineering - double the bonus you applied or shields you restored
Pilot - extra movement, facing turn, something
Gunner - weird crit effects!

or just some other random events. Drift encounters? stellar phenomena that can instantly change battle? (solar winds knock out all targeting systems, sudden comet dust storm reduces shields, etc.)

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Ninja Division is offering a big digital bundle of their games for print-and-play. Humble Bundle.

You can actually buy these digital products and receive them instantly! This is a brave New business strategy for ND.

Hope they use some of their earnings to get our minis out there.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Zo! wrote:
Zo! readjusts the buttons over his abdominal cavity and smooths out his shirt. "Hey, I don't talk about your personal lives!"

You got THREE seasons out of that hidden camera.

And a Christmas special.

Don't forget the 'Where Is Wolf Right Now?' segments he used as filler for his other shows.


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"Defining... moment?" a kasatha says, wearing polished and shimmering gold and black armor as he narrows his eyes and folds two of his arms across his chest, pointing accusingly at Zo! with another, the mote near his head pulsing in agitation.

"You televised it when you voted me off your show, exiled me out into the wastes of Eox, and watched as an Ellicoth almost trampled me to death!! It's only because of my solar awakening that I survived at all!"

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I actually really liked the 3 part format. Long enough to tell a fun story arc but short enough to keep the pace going. It'll take my group almost 18 months to finish Dead Suns at the speed we're going now.

Call me crazy, but I think even a 1-part AP (Starfinder Module?) would be cool. Doesn't have to start at level 1, either low or high level it would be a good introduction to the game (and if people are just starting, not as huge of an investment!) If a 1-book adventure is well received, it sets up Paizo with a bunch of options to tell short, medium, and long form stories down the road.


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I'm very curious what the wider consensus was for the final decision. Our group chose to neutralize the threat but I've heard other tables went with "this is above my paygrade".


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Thanks Thursty, I'm real excited to see the result of all your (and our) hard work!

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The Kickstarter backers and GameOnTabletop late pledges are not customers of Paizo nor Ninja Division. We freely gave our money, not for a product, but to assist a company in developing a product. That is the fundamental basis of Kickstarter.

So our relationship to ND is not one of customer-retailer, but rather closer to patron-artist. As far as the failed Kickstarter goes, Paizo slapped their name all over it but they have no legal obligation or business connection to us at all. It's simply marketing.

So because an artist failed in their artistic endeavor, that makes them liable to suit from those that patronized them? That seems an unfair precedent to set.

We knew upfront that this money was effectively lost the moment we spent it. There's a whole section of every Kickstarter description devoted to potential risks, so we can't say we weren't aware what we signed up for.

And again, there is no contractual obligation for ND to provide us a product. Now, if it came out that they defrauded everyone with 0 intention of delivering anything, just to take the money and run, then maybe we'd be able to go after them in court. But that's a really high bar to clear. And the fact that some people did receive miniatures (however few) shows they at least attempted to do what they said they would. They just failed.

Does it suck? Yes. Do I wish someone else would have taken the license and made SF minis? Absolutely. But to keep blaming Paizo or demanding some recompense for mistakes we made is pointless. I know I'll take a hard pass on anything associated with Ninja Division or the people who work(ed) there in the future. Lesson learned. Let's move on. I've got Infinity miniatures to paint!

Edit: I really appreciate that Sara Marie and Paizo in general are not giving up on this and continuing to work behind the scenes. But I'm honestly treating anything we might get in the future as a surprise bonus. ND failed us and trying to punish them now is pointless.

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7: A folder with all of season 41 of Extreme Deathmatch Live!! from Eox.

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Will this be part of any Starfinder subscriptions?

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Starship, vehicle, and mech combat!

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That is how the cuttlefish do.

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Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
Dracomicron wrote:

"Return to Sender" is a great name for a revenge mission. Bravo!

EDIT: The sequel adventure should be "Address Unknown."

"From Absalom Station With Love"

"Dr. Zo!"

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There's some weird design choices to running APs in SFS. You must use a legal SFS character, and that character gets an entire level worth of experience after each module. You can use a pre-gen but it has to be the lowest level for that module.

However, you can't level up during the module. So the group is OP to start, and about 2 levels underpowered for at the end of each module. It's really clunky.

I also want to include some of the legacy races when I run. I also have a soft spot for elves, but I'd like to mix it up and have some of the new races too.

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Here's the chronicle sheets!

Should also show up in your paizo character account under My Organized Play.

@Kultha: I haven't decided yet if I want to do more scenarios or dive into the AP. If I do run the AP, it won't start for another few weeks at least, and it won't be Society-play. Just for fun! You all will be the first to know if/when I start my AP planning.

Grand Lodge

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"Be my guest, Kultha. We could use the help."

The Venture-Captain looks on approvingly.

"I'll arrange a few bottles of Veskian liqueur to be delivered down here, to keep you company while you work."

Grand Lodge

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Venture-Captain Arvin greets the team with a warm smile as you disembark.

"You can undergo the tedium of a complete debrief later. First, I've arranged for you all to enjoy a few days' downtime in Kemanis, at the high-end clubs, theaters, and VR parlors. You've earned it. But,"

he warns, with a twinkle in his eye,

"after that, it'll be time to put you back to work."

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@Aazanar: Yes, that's how I read it. That gun cannot fire again this round, but the gunner is allowed to fire another shot from a different gun. Buut it's a moot point.

Sefel's laser shot tears through the last remnants of the Lawblight's aft shields, and directly into their power core. The ship shudders and groans as waves of plasma erupt from its hull. And suddenly, an explosion! The broken pirate vessel slams into the nearby asteroids, never to accost unsuspecting travelers again.

You are now free to return to Absalom Station with the information retrieved from the wreckage from the Unbounded Wayfarer.

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The Lawblight pounces, firing a massive torpedo and a barrage of coilgun fire!

Forward 6, Turn R.

Coilgun: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24
Coilgun: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23 hits for4d4 ⇒ (1, 4, 1, 4) = 10 damage to your forward shields!

Heavy Torpedo Launcher: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22 misses!

You expected the sudden torpedo based on what you saw of the Endless Threnody and the Unbounded Wayfarer. By hewing so close to the asteroid, you managed to make it crash harmlessly. Don't expect that to work again, though... Their engineers can quickly tune their targeting algorithm.

Gunners, take your shots! Engineer, you may want to boost weapons.

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Might want to get back to your station, Sefel!

A warning klaxon blares, and the ship lurches. The asteroid field around the world of Ulmarid is more agitated than on the descent down to the surface. Although it's not clear what has caused the anomalous activity, what's certain is that you must reach safer altitude before a more serious collision occurs.

Same as on the trip down.
Pilot, give me a Piloting Check.
Captain, you can give me Piloting, Diplomacy, or Intimidate to assist.
Science Officer, you can give Computers to plot a course through the asteroids.
Engineering and Guns, hold steady!

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Sefel, you recognize this as an iridescent spindle aeon stone. Listed under magic items Table 7-27

Ten minutes pass quietly in the safety of the crashed ship.
Back to full SP.

You scrounge around and fashion a sled to transport the bodies back to the Day Tripper. The walk back across the desert to your landings site is plodding and tiring, due to the extra weight of the corpses and the x-gen gun, but altogether uneventful.

As you get everything stowed away, the engines roar to life and the Day Tripper lifts off the surface, scattering dust and crystal shards behind it.

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Laeshin's swing connects, slicing right through one of the beast's legs!

At the same time, Aazanar's first swing of the doshko sweeps the Skreebara's legs out from under it on the other side, and he immediately swings around into an overhead swing right into the beast's head, shattering it's carapace and spewing purple and green gunk everywhere.

With one final shriek, the creature collapses into a pile of crystal shards, its broken legs pointing in all directions feebly. Its powerful jaws hang open, twitching mindlessly in the final throes of death.

Was really hoping Sefel's shot would hit, could have exploded the thing!

The desert is still once again. The shattered body lies silently twitching, while the crash site sits ahead.

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Laeshin's deft maneuvers, combined with Sefel's optimized routing, guide the Day Tripper safely to the planet's surface.

Sefel saved you, DC was 15 and the computers gave you a +2. Otherwise you would have taken 3d4 damage from the asteroids. I realized I forgot to give you the stat sheet for the Day Tripper! I added it to the campaign header. Great job all around, except Aazanar. You're too lovable to be intimidating :)

As Sefel scans the planet, he pinpoints the location of the downed vessel by the weak emergency beacon still emitting, even after all this time. Sefel also notices the planet's atmosphere has a tendency to experience sudden and ferocious storms of poisonous crystals. One of these storms is currently over the crash site, so you'll have to land some distance away.

The surface of Ulmarid is a wind-scoured desert with jagged protrusions of rock thrusting up through the sand. The air has a harsh tang, like burning metal.

You'll have about a 30-minute walk to the crash site.

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Good job everyone!

As the last two skeletons fall to the floor, silence again falls over the ship. Aside from your own ragged breathing, there's no sign of anyone or anything left.

The path forward to the bridge looks clear.

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I totally forgot about Back Off! Good move!

The Threnody sees that they have no options left. They try one more time to perform a Flip and Burn.

Flip&Burn,DC18: 1d20 + 8 + 1 - 2 ⇒ (17) + 8 + 1 - 2 = 24

The pilot successfully completes the maneuver, lining them up for a shot from the forward gun!

Heavy Laser Cannon: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10 But the shot goes wide. The Threnody is a sitting duck.

Botting for Sefel
Light Cannon: 1d20 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (17) + 2 + 1 = 20 hits for
Damage: 2d4 ⇒ (4, 1) = 5 becomes 6 damage!

@Aazanar, @Hokhuckx: You're up!

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Ah I hadn't seen that FAQ. They really need to just rewrite the whole Starship Combat section and post it; there's been so many changes the CRB is basically useless. Shields redistributed as requested.

Forward: 7
Port/SB: 8/10
Aft: 10
Hull: 46

@Laeshin, @Hokhuckx It's your move.

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Botting for Hokhuckx:
Attack: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7 misses :(

The two ships trade laser blasts, but Hokhuckx's shot goes wide!

Round 7
Loreseeker Skullcrusher Piloting: 1d20 + 6 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 6 + 1 = 8
Endless Threnody Piloting: 1d20 + 8 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 8 + 1 = 17

I'll go ahead and assume Kultha takes her action as listed above. Restore 7 points to shields.

Skullcrusher is now at:

Forward: 5
Port/SB: 10/10
Aft: 10
Hull: 46

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Two laser blasts strike the Threnody's aft, causing a surge of negative energy to ripple across the hull.

Critical: 1d100 ⇒ 6
Life Unlife Support is glitching. -2 to all captain actions.

Round 6
The ET is no longer demoralized.
Loreseeker Skullcrusher Piloting: 1d20 + 6 + 1 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 6 + 1 + 1 = 13
Endless Threnody Piloting: 1d20 + 8 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 8 + 1 = 18

Laeshin, you move first this round.

The Engineer of the Threnody tries to patch their life support system,
Patch, DC 13: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (1) + 11 = 12 but instead just turns on some lights on the exterior of the vessel.

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I am super-pumped to get all the juicy lore out of this book. And the art looks fantastic, especially the Apostae landscape!

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@Kultha Yesterday was Anton Yelchin's birthday, so let's just say you're paying homage. :)

You're pretty intimidating person, Aazanar. Even the undead can be unsettled by your words. The ET takes a -2 to all actions for the next 4(!) rounds, -4 if they try to push.

ET Engineer will attempt to divert power to engines again.
Eng. Divert to Engines: 1d20 + 11 - 4 ⇒ (17) + 11 - 4 = 24 and succeed! Movement +2 this round.

ET Pilot will attempt to maneuver, trying to get their big gun on you.
Piloting Maneuver: 1d20 + 8 + 1 - 4 ⇒ (11) + 8 + 1 - 4 = 16 It's not quite good enough (damn taunt, get your head in the game, Pilot!). Still get to move normally, though.

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So we're looking at:
Captain - Aazanar
Pilot - Laeshin
Engineer - Kultha
Science Officer - Sefel
Gunner - Hokhuckx

Remember that anyone can switch stations at the beginning of each round, but you can't "take over" Captain or Pilot unless the current occupant is willing.

Loreseeker Stats

Captain actions:

Demand (Any Phase) - Intimidate DC 15 + 1.5x Starship Tier. Add +4 to one specific check.
Encourage (Any Phase) - Same Skill as "aid another" DC 10 OR Diplomacy DC 15. Add +2 to one specific check.
Taunt (Any Phase, Push) - Bluff or Intimidate DC 15 + 1.5x Enemy Starship Tier. You can only attempt to taunt once per battle. -2 penalty to all checks for 1d4 rounds. If enemy is taking a push action, penalty increases to -4.

Engineer actions:

Divert (Engineering Phase) - Engineering DC 10 + 1.5x Starship Tier. Choose one system to increase power.
Engines - increase speed by 2 this round.
Science - Science Officers receive +2 to all crew actions
Weapons - Damage die natural 1's are instead treated as 2's.
Shields - Restore up to 7 shield points, distributed equally among all 4 quadrants.
Hold It Together (Engineering Phase) - Engineering DC 15 + 1.5x Starship Tier. Choose one system, its damage is treated as if it was 2 steps less severe for this round only.
Patch - Engineering DC 10 + Starship Tier x 1.5 to repair glitching, Engineering DC 15 + Starship Tier x 1.5 to repair Malfunctioning, Engineering DC 20 + Starship Tier to repair Wrecked. To move more than 1 step, increase the DC by 5. The damage level is unchanged, but is treated as 1 level less severe for the rest of combat.

Gunner Actions:

Firing a weapon functions as a ranged attack (1d20 + Gunner's base attack bonus OR ranks in Piloting+ DEX modifier + Bonuses from computer systems + Bonuses from captain and SO + Range penalty) against the AC or TL (depending on weapon type).
Fire at Will (Gunnery Phase, Push)You fire any two starship weapons, regardless of their arc. Each attack takes a -4 penalty.
Shoot (Gunnery Phase) Fire one of your starship's weapons.

Pilot Actions:

Fly (Helm Phase) You move your starship up to its speed and can make turns as allowed by its maneuverability. This requires no skill check.
Maneuver (Helm Phase) Piloting DC 15 + 1.5x Starship Tier. Reduce your starship's distance between turns by 1.
Stunt (Helm Phase, Push) DC depends on stunt. See page 318/319 in the CRB. Note that the DC to successfully stunt is not X + 2x Starship tier as in the book, but X + 1.5x Starship Tier according to the official FAQ.

Science Officer Actions:

Balance (Helm Phase) Computers DC 10 + 1.5x Starship Tier. Redistribute Shield Points (SP) from one quadrant to another quadrant. Every quadrant must have at least 10% of total SP. You may also add all current SP together and evenly distribute them to all four quadrants, putting the remainder in the forward quadrant.
Scan (Helm Phase) Computers DC 5 + 1.5x Starship Tier being scanned + Bonus from defensive countermeasures. Reveal information about the enemy ship, in the order below. For every 5 by which you exceed the DC, learn an additional piece of information:
1. Basic Information - Living crew complement and ship classification, size, speed, and maneuverability.
2. Defenses: AC, TL, total and current Hit Points, total and current SP in each quadrant, and core PCU value.
3: Weapon: Information about one weapon including its firing arc, the damage it deals. Repeat this level until all weapons are revealed.
4. Load: Information about how the expansion bays are allocated and what cargo the ship might be carrying.
5. Other: Any remaining statistics.
Target System (Helm Phase, Push) Computers DC 5 + 1.5x Tier of enemy starship + bonus from defensive countermeasures. Target a specific system (core, engines, life support, sensors, or weapons). The next attack made by your starship scores a critical hit on a natural 19 or 20. If the attack deals critical damage, it affects the chosen system.

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You have three almost-full batteries from your foes, totalling 56 charges.
So you have 54 left.

Datapad wrote:


Begin Mission Parameters
Mission ID: PZO-701112

Commanding Officer: Captain Zenthrosa of the Endless Threnody

Operative: Ensign Exegara

Objective: Infiltrate Absalom Station and collect repair materials to power the Drift engine. Once you have recovered the materials, return to Drift waypoint (8675309, -332, -1232) for extraction.

Mission Briefing: After we picked up a distress call of a Starfinder vessel, we went to investigate the desert world it came from. We acquired numerous treasures from the crashed site, including several insignias which appear to be of some value. However, before we could re-enter the drift, our ship was ambushed and crippled by a pirate ship identified as the Lawblight. We managed to escape into the Drift but our engine is now non-functional. Exegara, you are to take an emergency necroglider and travel to Absalom in order to acquire clean humanoid skulls for use in the repair of our drift engine. Once you retrieve the skulls, return to the Endless Threnody.

End Mission Parameters

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The mercenary looks grateful that you spared him and starts off to the east. "You got it, lizard lady! I won't get in any more fights with the likes of you! I prefer to keep my head right where it is!" And with that, he sprints off into the bowels of the station.

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Concealment: 1d2 ⇒ 1 @Hokhuckx: Sorry, your shot missed because of her excellent cover. But that's OK, because...

As Aazanar's supernova flames envelop the ghoul, she lets out a horrendous screech. Her undead flesh turns black and crumbles off her where she stands. Soon nothing is left except a pile of armor on an ash pile.

The two remaining mercenaries start to back away, visibly shaken. Their injuries are pretty extensive, and they no longer look willing to fight. The one on the catwalk steps back from Kultha, holsters his hammer, and begins to sprint towards the eastern exit.

You guys can continue the fight, but they aren't interested in risking their lives anymore now that their patron is dead. If you want to shoot them in the back...

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===Combat Round 1 Results===

Turn Order:

Exegara (22) took a shot at Laeshin.
Merc3 (20) hit Sefel with his hammer, but died.
Merc2 (19) ran to the East.
Sefel (17) backed up and shot at Merc3.
Laeshin (12) encouraged Sefel and increased his stamina.
Merc1 (11) took a shot at Aazanar.
Aazanar (11) speared Merc3.
Kultha (10) took a shot at Merc3, killing him.
Hokhucx (7) tried to command Merc1 to drop his weapon, but was unsuccessful.

Aazanar, the railing here is really just a couple pipes, so ducking down doesn't give you much cover, but it does make you a smaller target.

You guys got lucky last turn, but they're in heavy cover down in those plants. There's a 50% miss chance if you fire ranged down into the foliage. Even if you're down there, there's a 20% chance to miss if you're 15+ feet away.

===Combat Round 2===

Exegara slides to the west, again hiding behind a tree and taking a shot up the ladder at Laeshin. Her voice sounds like a whisper, but at an unnervingly loud volume, "Finding me will be the last mistake you make, interlopers! Your skulls are in much better condition than the ones down here! Hahaha!"

Ranged Attack: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13 hits for
Damage: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5 fire damage!

The mercenary who had ran to the east appears at the top of the stairs and makes his way around the corner. He fires at the closest person he can see, Kultha. "Surprise, scale-butt!"

Ranged Attack: 1d20 ⇒ 8 misses.

He mutters, "Damn pawnbroker sold me a gun that's off target!"

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"Ty bol'she ne voin, chem ya, vozit'sya. Kazhetsya, my oba zdes' kak beschestnyye Stihnas."

in Vesk:
You look no more a warrior than I, tinker. Seems we're both out here as dishonorable Stihnas. This is a very rude slur implying your parentage is questionable.

Kultha wrote:
"How is it you came by these insignias of rank?"

Julzakama shrugs and scratches the scaly skin between his bony beard-spikes with a clawed hand and says, in Common,

"Seems I'm now fully paid for those trinkets there. I 'member Arvin said something about wanting information too, and I can do that. But information costs extra."

He folds his rather muscular arms across his chest, looking pretty determined and confident behind the security bars.

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The interior of Julzakama's Loans is crammed with shelves containing all manner of near-valueless items, from small appliances to VR game consoles and jars of colored powders. The shop as the acrid smell of a reptile house that has not been cleaned in months. A massive vesk in a muscle shirt stands at the rear of the shop, behind a low desk and a series of heavy metal bars anchored into the ceiling.

As the party enters, the vesk looks up from his work ripping apart an old computer bare-handed, with little regard for keeping the components in one piece. His eyes narrow as the Lashunta addresses him.

Aazanar wrote:
"Are you Julzakama? Aazanar. Me and my friends here are from the Starfinder Society. I believe you have something for us?"

As soon as Aazanar mentions the Society, Julzakama gives a wide smile.

He reaches under the counter, and sarcastically quips, "Didn't know the 'Finders were desperate enough to hire someone as weak as you look, Lashling. You and the man-ling there," as he tilts his head towards Laeshin, "should find a different line'o'work with such pretty faces." He pulls out a metal box and tosses it through a gap in the bars, onto the floor. "Don't matter to me, that's you' own business. Enjoy yer toys."

He notices Kultha entering the shop and, sizing her up, he asks,

in Vesk language:
"Battle wound?"

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@Black Dow No worries, just trying to get you that extra boost if I could.

@Hokhuckx You are sufficiently bug-ish to be a Shirren to me!

If you all want to start moving over to the Discussion and Gameplay tabs, we can get started in a few hours :-D

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No worries! Thanks for letting me know.

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@PaleDim: Happy to have you. Any idea what class you'd like to run?

@Black Dow: I'm more than willing to run out-of-timezone, that's one of the best things about PBP, i think! Vesk Exo sounds... unique, haha! Any quest players stick around after the quest and run through the AP will get an automatic slot, if they want.

@mishima: Sounds good!

I'll get a standard character template on the info tab shortly for you to fill out.

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Reserved for GM

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New Players or Play-by-Posters Welcome!!

Before I attempt to run Dead Suns, I wanted to see if anyone would like to join in the Starfinder intro quests. They're a great way to introduce all the systems in the game, and before I commit to running an AP, I wanted to make sure the GM stuff I've set up works out in an actual game.

If you're interested, please make sure your character sheet is updated and reply with their race/class. Only level 1 characters are allowed. Please keep it SFS legal, so only core races (unless you have the appropriate racial boon). We'll be adhering pretty close to RAW (with the FAQ/errata taken into account). I don't really like to get heavy into homebrew until I've played with the systems as presented to know what really works and what doesn't, and getting the SFS credit will be a nice bonus!

I will make every effort to post at least twice a day, more frequent on US evenings. I expect players to post at least once a day, and to alert me prior to an extended absence, but I understand emergencies happen. Please provide botting instructions in case you are absent and we need to move the game along. If you do not, I will take what I see as the most appropriate actions for your character at that moment, minimizing the use of non-rechargable consumables where possible so as not to waste your hard-earned credits.

Maps will be on Google Drive, and I plan to only allow players viewer access, as I've had trouble with vandalism in the past on Drive. If it turns out that isn't working great, we can revisit.

Planning to start play Friday 2/23, 9pm EST if we have at least 4 players.

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I got a gift card for amazon for my birthday, so I decided to get some PACG decks. Loving the game so far (halfway through deck 2). But alas, I received 1st printing decks, which do not match my second print base set at all.

Is anyone willing to trade 1st for 2nd on the packs below?

Adventure Deck 3 - Hook Mountain Massacre
Adventure Deck 4 - Fortress of the Stone Giants
Adventure Deck 5 - Sins of the Saviors

1st printing package open on the top, while 2nd open on the side, for the easiest way to tell the difference. All of them have been opened, but the cards themselves are still in their cellophane, so they should still have that new-card smell :-)

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