So no more 3 part campaigns?

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I saw the new campaign is a 6 part. I guess the community in general preferred 6 parts or what?

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I don't know. I got the impression people reacted quite favorably to it. I think Paizo planned these next two 6-book APs long in advance, because as a publisher you really have to plan ahead. So it's possible that we'll see more 2x3 APs every half year in the future.

I hope so. I think fewer books can make for a more focused story and doesn't require as much explanation on how you went from peon to demigod struggling against the same main problem. (i.e. why were peons originally enough? Why didn't they send in the bigshots immediatel?)

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I actually really liked the 3 part format. Long enough to tell a fun story arc but short enough to keep the pace going. It'll take my group almost 18 months to finish Dead Suns at the speed we're going now.

Call me crazy, but I think even a 1-part AP (Starfinder Module?) would be cool. Doesn't have to start at level 1, either low or high level it would be a good introduction to the game (and if people are just starting, not as huge of an investment!) If a 1-book adventure is well received, it sets up Paizo with a bunch of options to tell short, medium, and long form stories down the road.

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Just slightly reiterating, but even if we assume the 3 part campaigns sold well enough to justify going that route again, the publishing schedule means it would still take at least a year before we see any more.

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Literally no one knows.

Paizo was doing an experiment and they just now collecting the data on how Signal of Screams did. They did a batch of 3 book APs and then went back to the safe 6 book APs, which are planned something like 1+ years in advance.

The 'new' campaign is Dawn of Flame which is 6 books. The 'next' campaign is Attack of the Swarm! which is 6 books and was announced before Signal of Screams was finished (and being worked on before it was announced). I wouldn't actually conclude anything about Paizo's future plans with AP book counts until we see the AP after the AP after Attack of the Swarm, AP 31-36!

From what I've heard, the 3 book format has been well received, but did it translate into sales? We'll find out in about a year after AP 25-30 and AP 31-36 are announced, and possible we'll see the release of the next 3 book AP in about 18 months if AP 31-36 are 3 book APs again.

I think they are giving it some time, do some 6 part ones, see how the sales and reception compare, then, if it makes market sense, they'll get back to making more.

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I really hope they try at least one 13-18 "sequel" mini-AP.

Personally I think a high level and another 1-6 based trilogy would be ideal.

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I imagine there will be at least some demand for level 13+ content after three different APs that conclude after 12th level. Three-part APs seems like it would be perfect for that.

I think that the data on Signal of Screams is going to be very telling for that purpose, as it's an AP that doesn't start at 1st level.

I have a feeling that Starfinder might work better than Pathfinder at high levels, because the math is tighter.

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I for one would love to see more 3 part adventures for ALL of Paizo AP lines going forward, some mixed starting at level 1, and even more I'd like to see some starting at higher levels such as 6 or even 12 if they're feeling extra confident about the high end balance.

6 book APs in my personal group of players is just too long. The furthest we ever made it into any AP was in CoT very early on as we finished book 5 but then the group decided to put that adventure on hold as we got our hands on some other adventures we wanted to play. With a series that I felt I could reasonably run for a group regularly and actually finish in less than a year it would encourage me to stock up on adventures to shelf for later use, because as it stands buying the full 6 book lineup for an AP just feels like a waste because I know we wont have a snowballs chance of completing it before the players want to play something different, be it another adventure, or even another RPG altogether.

If SF could put out 1 short AP each year at least I KNOW I'd be more apt to buy them.

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I'm also a big fan of the shorter APs. My group made it through book 4 of Dead Suns over the course of almost a year, but by that point were ready for a change of pace. We may come back to Dead Suns later, or we may not. A three part AP would have been a much better fit, and is probably the longest I will try and run in the future.

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