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I don't really play 2e PF at all, but I think I'm still gonna pick up this book because of how much I want to see all the Mwangi info and content!

If you want to have more direct scaling items, you can follow the model of existing scaling items and swap out particular spell-like abilities, for example, for more psychically-geared items. For example, you could base something on the Fivefold Rings Of Fire from Unchained but replace scorching rays with, say, mind thrusts.

Alternatively, the scaling nature fits well with the scaling nature of undercasting/overcasting. Items could unlock higher levels of spells as the player grows in level, or the item could open up new spell slots or options for undercasting or other things following the "tiers" of the item.

Monstersdownthepath on tumblr has a wonderful alchemist homebrew for a goblin pickler called the Brinesmith! It has good acid fume bombs and the ability to pickle itself in combat.
https://monstersdownthepath.tumblr.com/post/175964457025/homebrew-archetype -brinesmith

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This is exciting- the Alternate Paths books are my favorite 3rd party supplements and I adore the love and care put into everything in the books! I look forward to seeing all the wonderful various subsystems and flavorful pieces updated and put together.

You could take one of the many diminutive fey (Sprites, Atomie, etc.) and slap a few weak spells on them. Alternatively, the Lyrakien Azata- although tiny- has some good fairy-style abilities, in addition to healing and some bright light-sparkle powers. You could just shrink it down to being diminutive, instead.

I assume that Arcadia doesn't have the smallpox pandemic wiping out 90% of its native population to make way for colonial expansion, to be fair.

My biggest piece of advice on this is have multiple ways to solve/leave problems- if you're going to have a higher-than-expected CR monster that could end up killing a PC, make it defeatable or escapable with other means (this also fits with a horror genre- escape Camp Crystal Lake and Jason won't kill you, don't watch the Ring video and you won't die in seven days, etc. If the PCs and Players know that their actions will have consequences if they don't think out or plan, then they'll feel more worried and more at risk of death without needing to actually kill them everywhere. Depending on the way your players act, you may need to ham this up a bit- restate how a monster is slow and wouldn't be hard to outrun, or wouldn't be able to fit through an exit, or seems only to be protecting this one site, etc.

The link doesn't seem to go through. I'd love to look at them, though.

Instead of Statue, i'd recommend Fluid Form!

Meld into Stone is tricky, but you could go with Water Breathing or something like that!

I like the idea of using a stoic creature like a Sea Serpent as a 'patron', but other aquatic creatures like krakens could work for a more evil theme.

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Ohoho, this looks fantastic! I wanna try my hand at it...
Monster Roll: 1d765 ⇒ 685
685 is....the Sard! A CR 19 Colossal plant monster with a HECK TON of abilities. This is gonna take a while, but hoo boy is it an interesting dice pick. Maybe I'll try and tie it into some of my setting work...

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Tried this with an old faithful spell:

Fireball wrote:

A fireball spell generates a searing explosion of flame that detonates with a low roar and deals 1d6 points of fire damage per caster level (maximum 10d6) to every creature within the area. The DC to see through the explosion is equal to 10 + 1/2 Dex × 5 caster level. The blast can impact every square within 5 feet of any point where the fireball struck. These squares also take a 10-foot blast of fire damage, and each successful attempt to hide in any adjacent square from the fireball or make an Escape Artist check takes 1d6 points of fire damage as the spell's effect ends.

Hm- that's a pretty high DC to see through the explosion, if it's increasing by 5 x your Dexterity each level! I'm curious about this replacement of saves with a stealth or Escape Artist check?

I'd definitely be interested in playing- Sigil/Planescape has always been super interesting to me but I've never been able to play a game in the setting! Definitely want to play it in pathfinder, probably- I don't mind 3pp but I'd prefer none of the spheres/etc. stuff just because I always see that powergame out of control and it honestly makes it unfun to be a player around the systems.

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There's a (hobgoblin only) monk archetype called "Ironskin Monk" that you may be able to use/augment that? Here it is!
It gets natural armor, DR, etc. as well as bonuses on sundering etc. things- maybe a good jumping off point!

IRL I've been able to ride horses that speak spanish without problem, so I think it'd be fine : )

Druids are really good at this with the various Wall and Entangle spells, as well as things like Stone Call or Ice Storm for the difficult terrain.

I used these rules on a lesser scale for the world I'm working on and came up with a pretty cool gothic nation run by vampires and their forlarren slaves, inhabited by roving bands of rebellious ratfolk, kitsune, and halfling laborers and traders: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/korthos-189birds/a/karine-article?preview=1

I was thinking of a summoner with a humanoid-looking Jesus Eidolon to be an Abrahamic God...

I'm playing a halfling cabalist who uses a glaive, right now- the reach is really helpful to pop spells without provoking, so whip is nice. Cabalist is super good for just taking people down with debuffs, and the bleed damage scales quite well- you add your level to damage! Witch has plenty of spells that can make a target flatfooted to apply your bleed, too!

In order to avoid being dominated, you're going to want to pump up your will saves- Iron Will/Improved Iron Will, if that's a big thing for her character. The Defiant Luck feat tree (for humans) might also be of use to pump up her saving throws, or the Human feat "Heroic Will", which lets you make a second save against a mind-effecting affect (including domination) once per day.

Since seducer is Charisma based, the Steadfast Personality feat could bump up your will-save against Domination (among other things).

Spell Focus (Enchantment) would be good to increase your enchantment spells, though unless you take Threnodic Spell you won't be able to use those spells on vampires.

Hope this helps! I'll look for some more stuff that isn't off the top of my head later, if you'd like :)

Absolutely! I love mechanics but I most of all love Roleplay and Emotional Journeys. I try and make this the center point of any game I run and games I play just because that's what makes me happy- I'm happy about my group of people I play with, because we all share similar goals from games.

Not to be this guy buuuut otters aren't rodents!

I think that increasing the hair's reach is a bit much, and the "Emergency Petrification", though thematically awesome, seems to not fit mechanically well. I'd recommend making that Many Serpents Style features- and maybe the Gaze too- work more like bloodraging does- only active during the rage. Perhaps instead of greater/mighty bloodrage you could give a damage boost or a free condition from the gaze?


Pact Wizard is pretty good- I like it. Occultist is also easy to fluff has having made a pact (and maybe even sorceror could work).

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Sorry if the formatting is weird, its just copied from my google doc lol!

Blowgunner (Gunslinger Archetype):
Blowgun Specialty (Ex)
Blowgunners are not proficient in any firearms. In addition, any class feature that refers to firearms is instead applied to blowguns. This alters weapon proficiency.

Poison Use (Ex)
Blowgunners are skilled in the use of poisons and never risk accidentally poisoning themselves when applying poison to a weapon. The replaces gunsmith.

Deeds (The following deeds replaces Deadeye, Quick Clear, Utility Shot, Expert Loading, Lightning Reload, and Menacing Shot)
-Deadeye Darts (Ex): At 1st level, the blowgunner can resolve an attack against touch AC as opposed to regular AC when firing their blowgun in its first range increment. Performing this deed costs one grit point. This replaces Deadeye.
-Dart Precision (Ex): At 1st level, the blowgunner can increase their blowgun’s damage dice to 1d6. The blowgunner must have at least 1 grit point to perform this deed. Alternatively, if the blowgunner spends 1 grit point, they may increase the damage dice to 1d8. This replaces quick clear.
-Surprise Shot (Ex): At 3rd level, the blowgunner knows how to strike an unsuspecting target. When they hit a target that is flat-footed (or otherwise denied its dexterity bonus to AC), the blowgunner may expend 1 grit point to apply one of the following effects to the target. This replaces utility shot.
---Artery Dart: The DC of any poison applied to the attack is increased by 2, plus one additional point for every four levels the blowgunner has past level three.
---Vicious Dart: The blowgunner doubles the die rolled for each other attack this round they make with a blowgun.
---Disorienting Dart: The blowgunner’s target has a -5 on Perception checks to notice the blowgunner until the end of its next turn.
-Shot in the Dark (Ex): At 11th level, when the blowgunner has at least 1 grit point, the penalties for using the Stealth skill for sniping are reduced to -10. This replaces expert loading.
-Lightning Application (Ex): At 11th level, when the blowgunner has at least 1 grit point, they may apply a dose of poison to their weapon as a free action once per round. This replaces lightning reload.
-Cone of Darts (Ex): At 15th level, as a full round action, the blowgunner may spend 1 grit to make a blowgun attack at every creature within a 30 ft. cone, up to an amount equal to their Dexterity modifier (minimum 1). They may use deeds such as dart precision or deadeye darts on these attacks, but must pay the grit cost for each separately. This replaces menacing shot.

Sneak Attack (Ex)
Starting at 2nd level, a blowgunner is able to hurt opponents best when they are unable to properly defend themselves. This ability functions as a rogue’s sneak attack, except it may only be used with attacks made by a blowgun. At 2nd level this does +1d6 damage, and increases by +1d6 every four levels after second (+2d6 at 6th level, +3d6 at 10th level, etc.). This replaces nimble.

It hasn't been tested very much yet (only on an NPC) but its what I've got :p

Hey! I'm running a maya mythology inspired game, and I have a blowgun gunslinger archetype I've written up- I can shoot it over to you if you'd like :)

If you come up with other things, I'd love to see them!

The doc is currently requiring us to request access. Could you change the sharing settings?

I've been toying with a bard/gunslinger build using the juggler (bard) and mysterious stranger (gunslinger) archetypes and the leaping shot deed for some kind of ridiculous gun juggling and jumping bardgunner.

Yeah, I was asking in terms of RP- how do the characters feel about their deities being dead and still having magic?

On the topic of gods- I'm planning on playing a divine spellcaster (inquisitor, probably a Varana) who still possesses divine magic- although the gods being dead may throw a wrench in this plan.

What ways would divine spellcasters still be able to hold on to magic in this campaign without deities?

Hm...honestly, seeing that we already have a bunch of devoted spellcasters I may change the character to be a sacred huntsmaster Inquisitor instead of a summoner- probably using something like a pteranodon or quetzalcoatl companion (if those are allowed?), or just a Big Bird.

Oh, I must've missed that. Welp, I'll change that up then :)

I think I'm planning on playing a Summoner (aasimar) with the Spirit Summoner archetype- probably taking the Heavens spirit? Winterwalker said that if we had no 18+ stats it'd be fine to rearrange them.

The eidolon will probably be a more 'scout-y' type of Eidolon, looking like some gross sea creature fusion. Though that will probably help to cover the frontliner role, it obviously won't be as good at tanking, and she won't be able to use the summon monster SpA's to actually do anything if the eidolon drops.

Ayyy I'm in!
Cool yeah, my character is going to be a summoner probably, still. You never specified (as far as I can see?) if you'd prefer normal or unchained summoner?
Not 100% sure on race yet- by when would you like everything finalized?

I'm still interested- noticing now that you didn't want occult classes, so I'll probably change the character into an Aasimar summoner instead. Do you have a preference of chained/unchained?
(But yes, I'd definitely like to join either way :) )

Well then, I think I'm gonna go spiritualist- probably taking the Totem Spiritualist archetype. I'll stat up everything, but as for a race- probably Aasimar or Samsaran. But this is definitely me throwing my hat into the running :p

I rolled not very well haha. I guess I'd go with the 9/8/10/16/14/12 array, maybe making the character as a witch or maybe a spiritualist, if I'm not allowed to swap things around. Hard for me to imagine a fisherwoman without any physical prowess but she could always end up using a familiar or phantom to collect fish :p

I'd also be interested in playing- my concept is some kind of spellcaster focused on weather spells- witch or druid, perhaps. Do you plan on using PF deities?

I love naval/pirate settings and I'd love to play a seafaring character, probably coming from a fisherwoman background.

In a campaign I ran, orcs and goblins were both standard races but elves were not. The orcs were from a nomadic culture in the scrublands and had a very ancestor driven culture, whereas goblins were a forest dwelling race of scavengers and inventors.

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Throughout the last year I was really depressed, not on meds, and unable to see a therapist. Playing tabletop was the only thing getting me out of my room outside of classes and was 100% keeping me alive.

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T.A.G.s Dad wrote:
189birds I'm so jealous I would love to meet him

He definitely lived of to the hype, he was hilarious and charismatic.

Today was in general quite nice, I found out that a bunch of my coworkers are queer as well and had a nice talk- its good to not be alone in queerness.

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I got to meet Neil Degrasse f~~+ing Tyson today at work! My boss got us into an award ceremony where he was getting an award and it was amazing (i might've cried oops)

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Went on a date today!

Also, first day of work at the museum went great :)

OH same, but i was a player in that and not in control :(

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I personally don't like the label ally either, but mainly bc it feels like rewarding cishet people for their allyship as opposed to simply expecting it because they should be decent human beings.

Garbage-Tier Waifu wrote:
CrystalSeas wrote:
189birds wrote:
Especially with finding a group that won't misgender me :^)
I can't think of a better test for "Jerks I Want To Avoid Forever" than a group that tolerates misgendering.

I had a enby character in one of my adventures get frequently misgendered by a dude I eventually stopped inviting for mostly unrelated but similar reasons (he was also just a bad player in general, and I wonder if his complaints about his previous group were genuine or not...)

I was in a game where I made my gender clear on the first day and then got told it was an internet gender. (Then they proceeded to slut shame my bi character so...)

I've been working on a blowgun using 'gunslinger' for my Mayan Magical Girl campaign, I can PM you it if you'd like! Also in general the other things I'm using in that campaign, there's quite a lot of mythological overlap.

Moved in today! Excited for pride in a few weeks, and I start work on monday, so I'm excited. Now that I'm back in town I've been thinking of maybe finding a PFS game in the area but...i'm not really sure where to start haha. Especially with finding a group that won't misgender me :^)

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Zelgadas Greyward wrote:
189birds wrote:
a ribbon-fighting warpriest,

... you have my attention.

Please tell me more about this ribbon fighting warpriest (in PM if you don't want to do so in thread).

Still working on it, but a la ectoplasmatist it uses lashes of deific energy as a weapon instead of a manufactured weapon, and specializes in using maneuvers with those lashes (wrapping people in ribbons, disarming their weapons with ribbons, etc.)

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Working on a set of rules for a Magical Girl themed campaign I'm running involving transformation, superpowers, and direct god interaction right now. Deities and spirits in the campaign are mainly inspired by mesoamerican mythology, as well as some associated archetypes like a trickery-magic using magus, a ribbon-fighting warpriest, and a blowgun using gunslinger!

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