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Real talk- this is happening. We've been working for months on it already.
We're putting EVERY Alt. Path product together into one massive, revamped, insane, retooled, expanded, book that is being beautifully illustrated by a handful of our collaborators!

We're talking:
-63 base classes! (SIXTY. THREE)
-20 archetypes!
-1 extensive alternate class! (Hey there Berzerker...)
-16 prestige classes!
-3 hybrid classes!
-100+ feats!
-Dozens and dozens of alternate rules and subsystems!
-SO much more (weapons, diseases, deities, game mastery sections, races, etc!)
-Sidebars for days!

This is a BEAST of a book, clocking in at 1,400+ pages prior to formatting (probably going to be ~1,000 when we are done). The only thing we can compare this to is Gonzo 2- it blows Dragon Tiger Ox out of the water in terms of just how much content there is. This is 8+ years of work and now we're circling around like some kind of little, red, goblinoid ouroboros to eat our own tail and revise everything we've put our heart and soul into!

Every piece of content is getting another look over and the classes are getting expanded. Every class is getting an expanded/revamped introduction section but beyond that it varies: some that we didn't feel met our current quality standards are being reworked from the ground up while others are just getting standardized formatting, and some are getting rules revisions and expansions based on player feedback and periodic review that we do.

We're still working out the specifics on funding. It'll probably be crowdfunding but we're looking into how we want to approach that. We always make sure we have a publishable project before we launch a crowdfunding campaign (so there is never a risk of NOTHING being published) but we want to see where you guys want to go with this. Do you want expanded content (new archetypes, more feats, expanded focus on a particular subsystem, more art, print options, etc) or do you want a "fund and launch" project?

(Also, hello again Paizo forums! I've been away from you for awhile! Don't worry- I've been lurking.)

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Interesting. I'm a sucker for mega-huge products, so you've very much got my attention.

As for content... you're the creator. We use pretty much anything but prestige classes.

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Yes, yes. We will be following as this proceeds!

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Well editing proceeds as it has for the last few months. We have 2 workdays per month (with individual work scattered across the week as time allows) and we dedicate one of them to this project each week. As you can imagine with SIXTY THREE base classes there is a LOT to be done. We've pretty much done the revision phase on the classes and now I'm currently doing the intros again. There is a lot of non-standardization in there right now so I am standardizing most of it and fleshing out background lore and the like. Since Alt. Path has a lot of subsystems and optional rules, some of those systems need entries for each class so it's a lot of legwork even if it's just saying, "No, this class is not impacted by this" or "here is the one skill they get" or whatever. I'd like to see this come out in late spring and that's kind of our ballpark guess at the moment. It's one of those products we don't want to mess up on and we'll delay it until it's solidly done. If we do a crowdfunding campaign for this we will have the book like 90% done like we always do so there is no chance of a failed delivery (unless, you know, like a meteor hits the Earth or I die in a duel or something).

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This is exciting- the Alternate Paths books are my favorite 3rd party supplements and I adore the love and care put into everything in the books! I look forward to seeing all the wonderful various subsystems and flavorful pieces updated and put together.

FYI we're still hard at work on things, even with the pandemic. We've got all our art in finally and we've got through the base class sections (retooling a few intros is all that's left on them I believe). We've got a LONG road ahead of us for the alt rules, subsystems, feats, spells, equipment, races, etc but we're chugging along on that. Some of our staff is still working their day jobs (myself included) so we're not firing on all cylinders but things are moving along :-)

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I own all the alternate paths pdf books and English is not even my first language.
But PLEASE, what I'm waiting for since years is physical books !!
Don't do a 1000 pages PDF but three 350 pages hardcover. PLEASE PLEASE. I'M BEGGING YOU.

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Dang, that looks like a ton of content.

Mekka, we can look into physical copies but the issue often arises (particularly with our older stuff) that we were not working at print-ready resolution. We can look into it but physical printing also requires a much higher investment and we're not a huge company. It's something we've wanted to do for years but haven't been able to pull off successfully.

And yes Scavion, it's an INSANE amount of content and we're revising ALL of it. It's a titanic effort on our staff's part and we hope to bring it to you this year :-)

I understand but I think there's for some people (including me) a psychological barrier. I can't buy a 30€ PDF but I can buy a 60€ physical book.

All these "POD please" comments are from people like me... I think there's a lot to money to earn here, a big (or not, what do I know..) part of the market.

Anyway, love your work and may still buy pdf :p

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