Fairies from Legend of Zelda


I'm making a LoZ campaign and I don't know what to use as a basis for fairies. Is there anything similar already in Pathfinder? I'm thinking diminutive creature with some cleric spells as spell-like abilities and the ability to fly.

You could take one of the many diminutive fey (Sprites, Atomie, etc.) and slap a few weak spells on them. Alternatively, the Lyrakien Azata- although tiny- has some good fairy-style abilities, in addition to healing and some bright light-sparkle powers. You could just shrink it down to being diminutive, instead.

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Lyrakien with 1/day or week breath of life spell

I’ve used wysps as LoZ fairies. Specifically the ones where they are balls of light. I think I stick the Young template on them to make them the right size, then have the normal wysp be the large easter egg version.

This feat, Sage’s Guidance, is basically Z-targeting, though they have to be a Sage Familiar for you to use it.

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