Help physically altering the battlefield


I'd like to try and make a battlefield control type character, but in a more physical way. Not with fog or things like that, but more like Wood Shape, Create Pit, and the various walls.

What are the best spells/abilities to physically alter your surroundings, and what classes are best at it?

Druids are really good at this with the various Wall and Entangle spells, as well as things like Stone Call or Ice Storm for the difficult terrain.

Is there any way to get the Pit spells on a druid?

The caves subdomain of Earth gives Create Pit as 2nd, Spiked Pit as 3rd, and Hungry Pit as 6th level spells.

Edit: the unreplaced domain spells include Spike Stones and Wall of Stone as well.

yeah, you're looking for the caves domain.

Silver Crusade

Related question: how relevant pit spells are at higher levels, when everything and everyone has permanent means of flight?

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