Fire and Ice class?


Is there some way to have a fire and ice wizard, sorcerer, arcanist, etc. I know that in pathfinder when you choose fire as a school you gotta give up on water, but I would like a fire/ice caster. any help is appreciated thank you.

Take Crossblooded with the Elemental and Dragon bloodlines? Just play an Evocation Wizard? I mean, what's wrong with just making a standard blaster Wizard and only choosing fire and ice spells?

Sovereign Court

-Just play an universalist or evoker wizard, cast fire and ice spells...done.
-Play a Cleric with Fire domain and the Ice Subdomain.
-Play a Sorcerer with Fire and Ice Bloodlines.
-Play a Druid use fire and Ice spells.
-Play an Arcanist and cast fire and ice spells.
-Play an Oracle with the Elemental Mystery.

I mean playing one is easy. It's not even a special consideration. Unless your issue is, how to optimize it to all hell...which is another story.

Play a Fire/Water Wizard and take Opposition Research
Play an evocation wizard.

if your open to 3rd party the best would be crossblooded sorc with orc and goblin bloodlines and the blood havoc mutation and then just use fire and ice spells

or destruction sphere from spheres of power

You could go for an elemental sorcerer. The trick is to never take any spell of your own element. Your bloodline arcana let you convert any spell to do your elemental type damage pick the opposite element. Since there seems to be more good fire spells use water (cold) as your element. If you want to get even more versatile pick up the metamagic feat elemental spell using one of the other two elements and pick all our spells from the other two elements. This allows you to use 3 of the 4 elements with any spell. This also goes a makes defending against your spells more difficult. If the opposition is expecting you to use fire spells and has the relevant energy resistance simply switch to doing cold damage.


well, I was thinking more of specialized schools because our gm has a homebrewed magic system where if I have that school on my wizard then I learned the appropriate magic for his system. TL;dr was trying to get fire and water as elemental schools for my wizard early on.

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