Help me identify an old (early 2000) adventure?


I was once GMing an adventure but that was about 20 years ago and i no more have the printed book. It was short (no more that 36 pages) b&w printed with only cover in color, by some 3rd party publisher.

Adventure itself was early to mid levels (between 3rd and 7th level PCs, i believe) it's starts as usual 'bandits are stopping and robbing caravans' but unusual is there is no survivors. Once PC start to investigate, they discover some bandit leaders ( i believe there was humanoid bandits, maybe gnolls too) have a parasite on their neck. The investigation leads deep in forest to old hillfort, and then to dungeon under hill, where BBEG is revealed as escaped Osyluth trying to build a base of operation with help of parasite monster taking control of local area by expanding parasite controlled network.

There was one memorable trap in dungeon - sloped hall, with barricade at lower end, and a oil pipe at the top, operated from the other side of wall, that can be opened to make stide slippery, and set on fire as well (unfortunately, together with baricade)

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My 3PP knowledge is not that great but I'll thumb through the ones I have. It does not sound familiar. But it does sound like a Chris Pramas (Green Ronin) idea.

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I've briefly gone over the score or so 3PP adventures I have from that era and came up blank. Sorry.

Good Luck.

Thank You for checking. Maybe someone else will happen upon this and remembers the title...

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Found the adventure - it's "Bandits!" from Bastion Press. gives the good answer

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