Neverwhen - Anyone familiar with it?


I've been keeping an eye on this for awhile because of this:

Neverwhen is an omni-genre role-playing game that allows gamemasters and players to travel between their favorite d20 settings and provides both a game mechanic and a storyline for doing so. In addition to combining your favorite d20 settings Neverwhen has its own rich setting that is full of adventure. Neverwhen mixes magic with technology allowing characters to explore any worlds that your imagination can think of.

Tie your d20 campaigns together with a companion that allows you to bring your swords and sorcery together with Sci-Fi. Explore Post Apocalyptic worlds and places were science and magic meet. Go wherever your imagination takes you.

While the link says 4e, I know there's a 3.5 version as well. However, as the creators do not have any other product available outside of this, I have nothing to compare their work with. In addition, the price for this PDF is a bit too high for me to take a blind risk to check it out. I've already asked the authors to see if they'd come down on the price but no dice. I've also never seen a review anywhere on this.

Does anyone actually own this or have seen a review?

Much appreciated! :D

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Urizen wrote:
Bueller bump.

Hello Urizen,

I am very familiar with Neverwhen in all three of it's incarnations (d20/4.0/Pathfinder). Any questions I can answer for you?

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I gave a d20 copy that I got free at Dragonflight to a friend...personally didn't like it, but I could have just been ornery that day.

I'm just now seeing this thread and never caught the response to it from my original post. I ended up snagging a hardcover of the 3.5 book used via Amazon at a reasonable price near the end of May 2010.

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I actually know the creators of this product, and the lead artist was actually a good friend of my stepfather. Its a fairly interesting game and has a 3.5, 4.0, and pathfinder compatible version. I've been interested in getting a game off the ground for awhile now. I own a copy of all three and got the pdfs through a special promotional deal they ran at Norwescon.

Happen to own the Pathfinder version. Even if you don't like the setting that comes with Neverwhen, it has all of the mechanics and tools you need to play nearly anything in your favorite system. Steam punk, sci fi, modern day. If you liked the setting for Shadowrun or Star Wars even you can use Neverwhen to adapt the setting to a d20 system of your choice. IF you are a fan of the old spelljammer stuff that no one can get updated, this will allow you to play in one of the current systems. I have players that can be very picky about even trying new systems. They like the ideas behind different settings but the change is system seems to really bother them. As a result, I use Neverwhen and port any setting I want into the system they are willing to play.

Is Neverwhen Technology Guide compatible?

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