Looking for Drow Fleshcrafting rules (not fleshcrafting potions)


There was, I believe, a Dragon magazine issue that included rules for Drow to melt down living creatures and make their still living bodies into magic items that essentially acted like mithral. I want to use this on my necromancer, but cant remember where it was. Anyone know where I can find it?

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Could that have been the fleshcrafter class from "Among the Dead" in Dragon #312?

unfortunately not, thanks though.

The rules im thinking of are just a material, the material though is a living person or people. The cost to craft is actually for the alchemical materials to make the persons body into an item, and the persons mind is broken by it.

There were 3 example items, an amulet made from a drow and their lover, an axe i think made from a failed bodyguard, and i dont remember the third.

It's in Wayfinder #09, page 14.

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