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Dragon Magazine Monster Ecologies

Ogrémoch's Absorb Cold Ability p. 35 Dragon 347

(AD&D) "Creative Campaigning", "The Castle Guide", & "Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide"

Unarmed Two-Weapon Fighting???

Anyone still playing D&D 3.0?

Was there a Greyhawk setting book for 3.X?

I need some great gnome pranks!

Poll: What edition of D&D do you currently expect to be playing at the end of 2008?

Living Greyhawk Gazetteer Available

Setting Up A Club In My School

1000 Aasimar traits

Adamantine: what color is it??

Seekers of Legend RPG, an OGL based Epic Fantasy Kickstarter

Stat Blocks for D&D Iconics

[Misfit Studios] The Book of Passion Kickstarter for 3.75E is live!

Roll 3d6, six times, in order

[Mind Weave RPG] EZG reviews Cult of the Sleeping God (3.X)

3.5 Paladins of The Remaining Alignments

This is why many DMs fear me

Penumbra's Occult Lore - Can Someone Explain the Gleaner?

Horrifically high ACs, non-epic attacks, and you (well, me, anyway), aka, “Can someone help me hit this jerk!?”

Better than Masterwork

Is there a build for a non-martial ki-using spellcaster aka a chi-wizard?

Forgotten Realms Alternate Dimensions

Looking for Drow Fleshcrafting rules (not fleshcrafting potions)

3.0 / 3.5 Ravenloft essentials

Complete Print Run (all 23 issues) Kobold Quarterly Magazine

Al Quadim for d20

[GREYHAWK] Ur-Flan Druids of Nerull

DM Tools 2.0 - New and Improved!

Armour Enhancments

Cleric / Radiant Servant of Pelor / ???

Other Games Based on 3.5 System?

Daggerspell Mage Problems


Available: Dragon Compendium Hardcover

life extending magic?

Class Compendium?

[Fantastic Gallery] Sisters of Rapture (PFRPG Edition)

Best Simple Melee Weapon?

Polearms, the sheathing and carrying of

Help me identify a scenario from a small setting detail ?

Dust of Sneezing and Choking

First Try as A DM with Adults

Eberron Races: How Do You Play 'Em?

What happens to a summoned creature when the summoner goes to another plane

Are original files for 1e / 2e material preserved somewhere?

Making a character concept and build for a Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 campaign

Does Stunned = Helpless

Is Bill Gates a powergamer or a munchkin?

Cormyr, The Tearing of the Weave - is it good?

Non humanoid characters and classes

Question about publishing Pathfinder producs via Patreon

OGL and Works of Fiction Question

Avenger Class (backwards conversion from 4e to 3.5)

charming plants

Craft Blacksmith vs. Armorsmith vs. Weaponsmith

Trying to recall an old Knightly Order

3.5 Modules

Spell Compendium (3.5) is back in print

1000 Resurrection Effects


Magus Build.... First try... help please

1,001 Uses for Prestidigitation

Sorcadin optimization Help

Balance tips for mid to high level play

Is Craft(trapmaking) Useable?

3.5 edition spiked chain trip / reach build

Weapons Of Legacy - worth it???

Draconians for 3.5

Need a retro old-school system (S&W / OSRIC / 1ed D&D / BECMI / etc) adventure for 6-7 PCs

The Bloodstone Quartet

The Original Bottle City Adventure by Robert Kuntz (AD&D)

Paladin / Beastmaster with Dire Wolf

Urban Arcana Campaign Setting Adventures

Adding a war feature to my campaign

The problem with "Time Stop" flavor text vs it's mechanical effects RAW & other matters.

Announcing CritCon 2017 in Toronto, Canada!

What are the most quintessentially "D&D 3.5" things?

Reincarnating on the planes

Central Casting Heroes of Legend - Berserk Curse mechanics

Best Player Quotes

Need help selecting adventures.

Vasharan Worm Pod question

3.5 video game kickstarter

3.5 - Dungeonscape's Factotum Class

Old Dragon / Dungeon mags.

Question: What are Cleric Domains in Pathfinder Society?

Githyanki Incursion Conversion to Pathfinder?

Precise shot in PSRPG

Looking for a Prestige Class.

so ive been breaking my brain figuring out the ogc issues...

DnD 3.5 Supernatural Abilities

Help!? Need story ideas!

Crazed idea! Converting Scales of War to 3.x!

[Rogue Genius Games] Super Powered Bestiary (M&M) Kickstarter coming Dec 4th!

Conan’s Stats / Class Levels?

Slowing an army

Seeking "White Necromancer" Mechanics Sources

How did Cyric, Kelemvor and Mystra get their class levels?

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