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Races & Classes

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Thoughts on Paladins

[THINK TANK] Sorcerers

Arcane Bond (Su) Object Question -- pg 33

Starting Gold?

Rangers and Animal companions

BRILLIANT IDEA for Favored Enemies!

The New and Improved Paladin (After Think Tank Input)

Making Rogues Not Fighters Anymore

Racial changes?

Update the Paladin Code

The Universalist / Generalist Wizard Is Completely Unnecessary

Jozan, Human Cleric of Pelor

Wizard Playtest

Turn Resistance vs Channel Energy To Much?

Spellcaster Special abilities idea

Barbarian Re-write

Needed changes to paladins

Minor Magic System: Replacing the Rogue Magic Abilities with a Universal System

Sneak Attack as a Standard Action

Paladins and Gods -- Divine Bond p.20, Holy Champion p.22

[Barbarian] Rage power idea

Dwarven Greed

Barbarian Playtest levels 1,4,7 - Class is level appropriate, thanks for asking :)

Sorcerer Playtest Notes part 2...

Rogue Feat: Stand Up and Mobility

Monk-Bonus feats

[THINK TANK] Fighter

Half-orc ability scores

Sorcerers and Dread Necromancers. FIX.

[Think Tank] Clerics

New Combat Feat (p. 34): Shield of Blades

Barbarian Playtest levels 1,4,7 - Class fails to be level appropriate

Cut Favored Classes

Rage Power -- Elemental Rage

Familiars - Page 33 - Lose 'em

Human Weapon Training (Page 7)

Turning (OK OK, Channeling...) Stop the Running

Fighter [Thinktank]

[THINK TANK] Paladins

Hand of the Apprentice - Wizard Universal School

Rage Power -- Animal Fury

Specialist Abilities and Flavah!

Barbarian Rage Pages 8 and 10, Hit Points from Con Increase

Class Performance in High Level Combat - Some Opinions After Playtesting

[Think Tank] Familiars


Halflings lose +1 to attack with ranged weapons?

PF Rogues and Complete Scoundrel

Racial weapon familiarity for half-breeds: (pages 4 to 7)

Beating an apperently Dead Horse

Rogue -- Cut those magical abilities

Sneak attack - weak spot - immunities - p. 23 and 26

Spellcaster Multiclassing

[Ask the Designers] Bonded object as an unique spell trigger item?

[Wizard] Bonded Item Enchant Questions

Paladin -- Aura of Faith

High Level Wizard Playtest (pg 32-35)

And then you hit 20th level...

Fighter (p. 12) - remove weapons groups

Races: Favored Classes and Abilities (pgs 4 - 7)

The Paladin, Glaring Failures and Glinting Successes

Druids and Clerics -- Reduced Number of Spells?

Skill Check Bonuses (p.20)

Divine Bond with Double Weapons?

Combat Sorcerers?

[Think Tank] Racial Ability Scores

Paladin (pg 19-23)

Barbarian Playtest (pg 8-11)

Rage points / powers... I LIKE IT!

Druid and Paladin -- Nature Bond and Divine Bond

Druid Wild Shape -- 8 times a day?

Greater Rage & Mighty Rage

Rage Powers -- Swift Foot

Rage Power -- Night Sight & Low-Light Vision

Rage Points -- "Temporary Bonuses"

Halfling (bonus languages) - Page 8

Belt and Circlet stat boosting item imbalance

Fighter Playtest, High Level (pg 18 - 19)

Bloodlines need options - Should not hardwire features

Rage Powers -- Guarded Stance

Starting Hit Points

I don't want my wizard to have a familiar, I want him to have a staff.

Halfling Ability Bonuses & Favored Class: Change!


Wizard: Bonded Item

Question about the sorcerer pp. 26, 29-31

Some Thoughts on Druids

The Cleric

Suggestion to a high level Fighter

Rage Powers - pg 10

Quick Reflexes rage power (page 10)

Make Monks have schools of training

Please consider making Asian themed classes core.

More Issues with Favored Class choices for races

Cleric Turning and Positive Energy Surge

Villain Classes?

Does an Arcane Bonded item spontaneously cast 1 spell . . .

Monk Special Weapons and Unarmed Strike

Eldritch Knight PRC

Half-Elves > Adaptability & Humans > Skilled

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