A Venture-Gossip Briefing!

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Hello, Pathfinders!

What’s this month’s new gossip, you ask? Well, sit tight and I’ll dish it all out!

The air is growing cooler and with that, more and more of our little Society seems to be cozying up together and I, for one, am so pleased to see it! Your lovely Venture-Gossip spent a little time in Mendev these past few months, helping out around the Starrise Spire, shuffling around some documents about demons and the Worldwound and such, and I was able to get a few drinks with the lovely Sorranda Forgeheart, our steadfast leader of the Sibling Spears. We had a raucous good time, and she was willing to tell me that she might have gotten a kiss from a certain handsome knight who spends far too much time working and not enough time laughing.

Of course, I can never stay away from the Grand Lodge for too long, and I’m always eager to see who’s popping up and causing a ruckus. And wouldn’t you know it, I showed up just in time to see a royal carriage out front! I hid behind my packages (lots of boring manuscripts of demons and boats and hurricanes), and out stepped none other than Grand Princess Eutropia! She was accompanied by Lady Gloriana Morilla and her faithful companion Taldogis, and seemed to enjoy a conversation with Society leadership and a brief tour of the Lodge. What was just fascinating was the small carriage that arrived not two blocks away and had a pair of conspicuously inconspicuous humans mirroring her movements. Perhaps some of those handsome Lion Blades?

Grand Princess Eutropia and Taldogis her faithful companion

Illustration by Katerina Kirillova

Romance also seems to be blossoming among the Grand Lodge, but to whoever sent Kreighton Shaine flowers, I must warn you—that man consumed them immediately and had no idea that they were from a paramour. However, to the lovely person who sent Urwal flowers, he immediately recognized their worth and meaning and then consumed them with a passion and ardor I haven’t seen in decades!

“Urwal holding a spyglass

Illustration by Raphael Madureira

For my final update before I really get into some trouble: A beautiful woman from Jalmeray arrived recently, telling everyone that she was close friends with our own Venture-Captain Safa and dropping off a birthday gift of a gorgeous, jeweled tiger statue for her quarters within the Grand Lodge. I got a good look at it before it was moved, and the eyes are made of rubies that catch the light and seem like they’re looking right at you!

That’s everything I have for now! Next time we’ll take a dive into everyone’s plans for the Winter Solstice and which couples might be cuddled up together through the cold nights!

With adoration,
Your Beloved Venture-Gossip

Explore! Report! Cooperate! Gossip!

Shay Snow
Pathfinder Society Developer

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This is a fun little blog. A lot of character in not a lot of space.

I picture the "author" as someone who rolls their eyes a lot and laughs loud haughty laughs with a hand covering her mouth which hangs wide. And always wears a fashionable necklace at all times.


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I love that both Kreighton Shaine's and Urwal's first response to being given flowers is to eat them.

I hope at least they were something tasty, like violets or roses.

Paizo Employee Editor

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Cassi wrote:

I love that both Kreighton Shaine's and Urwal's first response to being given flowers is to eat them.

I hope at least they were something tasty, like violets or roses.

They were marigolds :)

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A delightful read. Thank you.

Speaking of Grand Princess Eutropia, does anyone know if anyone made stats for Captain Seferi from the War for the Crown Adventure Path? I ask as I want to include her an an NPC in my campaign and yet I have no knowledge of what class to give her (I'm guessing Swashbuckler would be a good choice though) and I've barely got any time to stat her up. :(

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This was a very enjoyable read and I hope we see more in the future!

Wayfinders 4/5 5/55/55/55/5 **** Contributor

I do enjoy these Venture Gossip briefings and would love to meet the author!

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