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Hey, I write both fiction and game writing! Better known as Hmm, I'm a librarian, geek and superhero from the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Pronouns: She, Her


Tales from the Drift: Making Waves Paizo Web Fiction (August 12, 2020.)

The curious can listen to three of my previously published stories in audio form on Podcastle: The Fantasy Fiction Podcast.

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Upcoming products:

There are some, but they're not announced yet!


Pathfinder Scenario #5-03 Heidmarch Heist (September 2023)
Solve a mystery at Heidmarch Manor and recover stolen goods!

Ports of Call (May 2023)
I wrote "Shulgi Station" (including everyone's favorite spell, Capricious Cats) and the Vault of Vorlath.

Interstellar Species (November 2022)
I wrote the section on the Worlanisi species, as well as the NPCs for the Emergency Workers and Medical Staff.

Starfinder Scenario: #5-06 Tarnished Legacy: Historia's Holdout (August 2022)
Explore a location previously owned by a nefarious Historia Prime, a founder of the Starfinder Society with a villainous legacy.

Starfinder AP#41: Horizons of the Vast 2: Serpents in the Cradle (October 2021)
Kingmaker in space! With Aspis!

Lost Omens Mwangi Expanse (June 2021)
I was proud to contribute to this volume on the cultures of the Mwangi Expanse. I wrote the sections on the Terwa Lords and the Sodden Lands.
(It's announced in this blog.)

PFS# 2-18 The Fanciful March of Urwal (April 2021)
Take an off-road trip with Urwal!

Alien Archive 4 (December 2020)
* I wrote the klikharp, the best pet any shirren can ask for!

PFS Bounty #4: Cat's Cradle (November 18, 2020)
* My very first published adventure for Paizo!

Backmatter for Agents of Edgewatch 4: Attack on Hunting Lodge Seven (September 2020)
* I wrote "the tales of some of the countless mortals aspiring to divinity via the Test of the Starstone" cited on the product page!

Backmatter for Threefold Conspiracy 6: Puppets without Strings (July 2020)
* I wrote the "Magical Academies" article in the AP's back matter!

Lost Omens World Guide 5: Legends (July 2020)
I wrote "Artokus Kirran" and introduced the characters of Tukalo and Tosof to canon.

Starship Operations Manual (July 2020)
Pew-pew in Spa-a-a-ace! I wrote the very first section of this book, "Interstellar Drives" and other small sections scattered throughout the book.

Wayfinder 20 (May 2020)
A fabulous compendium of Starfinder fun set in the Diaspora! I wrote the "Wandering Water Bear" a raucous submersible adventure set on the River Between, and its related "Weal and Woe" article about its main characters!

Near Space (March 2020)
Everywhere you want to travel! I wrote the Pakahano and Preluria sections of this book.

Backmatter for Attack of the Swarm 5: Hive Minds (November 2019)
* I wrote the article "Psychic Magic" (previewed on Starfinder Wednesday.)

Alien Archive 3 (August 2019)
I wrote some creatures for this rulebook.
* Dirindi (previewed here)
* Oracles of Oras
* Rogue Drones

Wayfinder 19: Absalom Station (May 2019)
* Setting Article: "Ollie's Option Bar" -- The hottest place in the Spike for Shirren Choice Play!
* Gaming Article: "GMing Starship Combat"
* Poem: "A is for Aballon"
* Poem: "Keskodai's Song"

Star Log EM: 047: Xaursi -- Looking for an awesome Starfinder race of light-bending owls? Try out the Xaursi from Everyman Gaming.

Languard Locations Beyond the Walls. Compatible with 5E and PF1. I wrote Heckler's Hall. "Preceded by the stink of carts of rotten produce, cartwheeling acrobats and the rowdy derision of the crowd, Heckler’s Hall is part mobile circus, part jester’s academy and part rent-a-riot."

Tile Chess from Steve Jackson Games. It's chess on steroids!

Also some upcoming things in unannounced Paizo products, some Starfinder and some PF2.