Introducing the Quest for the Frozen Flame Player’s Guide

Monday, December 20, 2021

The herd is on the move. The hunt is on!

In the brutal tundra of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, only the hardiest folk have what it takes to withstand unsparing weather, track down big game, and fight back hostile followings. The Broken Tusk following has survived another winter, but a new year just began, and signs of danger foretell a year unlike any before.

Unless their newest party of scouts can secure a safe route through the wilds, saber-toothed beasts, warmongering rivals, and the ever-looming possibility of natural disaster all threaten to end an ancient people’s legacy. Will the Broken Tusks succumb to the elements and surrender to their rivals? Or will you guide your following to glory and reclaim a stolen birthright?

Quest For the Frozen Flame Player's Guide Cover featuring Fumbus and Harsk battle a glowing saber tooth cat

Inside the Quest for the Frozen Flame Player’s Guide, you’ll find player-friendly, spoiler-free lore and tips to help you craft an exciting new character perfect for the Quest for the Frozen Flame Adventure Path. Contents include:

  • The Following of the Broken Tusk, including details about the party’s fellow followers, the clan’s leaders, key terms, and the Broken Tusks’ way of life.
  • Your Character, including inspiration for ways your character might fit into the Broken Tusk following and suggestions for creating a new character.
  • New character backgrounds specifically for this Adventure Path, including Mammoth Herder, Northland Forager, and Songsinger in Training.
  • Other Materials, including rules summaries for hexploration, leadership, and other details useful for playing in this campaign.

Download the Quest for the Frozen Flame Player’s Guide.

Order Quest for the Frozen Flame: Broken Tusk Moon.

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"Foragers and For Ragers"

An all-barbarian playthrough of Quest for the Frozen Flame!

^That's actually not too far-fetched . . . .

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I went through the three books and looked at the enemies they might face, to see which Knowledge skills might be more useful for identifying foes.
Here's the ranking.
(I might have missed a few things but it should give you a rough estimate, also keep in mind some creatures can be identified with more than one skill, so Beasts will show up on both Arcana and Nature.)

In order of frequency:
1. Nature
2. Society
3. Religion
4. Arcana
5. Crafting
6. Occultism

Also, FYI on languages
Hallit is the most common language spoken by opponents by far, next Taldane, Draconic, Sylvan, Abyssal, Necril, Jotun and Celestial with a sprinkling of a few others.

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