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Alchemical Familiar?

Empowered Bombs Question

Druid: What is Humanoid Transformation?

Fighter: Brutish Shove failure mode does not make sense. Typo?

Ki Rush is a bit confusing - can the monk do all that in one action?

Add +1 / 2 to the alchemist’s bomb damage and splash damage question

What is the purpose of a Angelic Sorcerer?

Dancing Leaf

Giant Totem's Large Weapons

Wild Druid form feats become obsolete even though they are required as prerequisites

Monk Stance Attacks and Flurry of Blows

Alchemist Advanced Alchemy Leveling

Ranger's Monster Hunter feat

Untrained Armored Wizards vs Mage Armor

Persistent damage ?

Regarding Phalanx Soldier and 2 handed weapons

The barbarian titan mauler is sketchy and needs clarification

Familiars are worse than useless

A goblin and his dog vs PF2

How does Power Attack actually interact with weapon potency runes?

Leaf Order Druid´s powers are too situational

Class Ability question - Cloistered Cleric and Bard


Weretouched Shifter Questions.

Simple question regarding Smite in 2e

Ki Strike, Ki Rush and Monk Spell points

Converting a Tempest Cleric to Pathfinder

what kind of Siege weapons can a Wyrm Sniper Archtype use?

Legendary in Light Armor

HellKnight Disciplines Question

Hunter companion tricks

Weight of Guilt Stupify DC

Metamorph Archetype / Master Chymist?

Famliar Saves & Combat

Sorcerers vs Wizards

QUESTION: Sorcerer Swapping Out Bloodline Spells?

Air School Wizard

PF2 Investigator Idea

Masked Maiden Vigilante archetype question

Pathfinder 2nd Ranger

Sorcerer Pheonix Blood Line

Solution to Barbarian Anathema

I can't wait for the PF2 Oracle.

Playing as a Wizard help coming from AD&D

Barbarians too strong, Weak armor, Death & CMD / CMB

Sorcerer as of latest update?

Paladin Question

Monk - Deflect Arrow too weak to be useful?

Alchemist review

Fighters - Double Slice

Smite evil on other players

Monk's Tiger Claws on thew Twtch stream

Familiars : How smart are they in the playtest

Clerics are badly falling short.....

Body Snatcher & Capstone

Advance Alchemy 1 question.

PSA: Align Armament is an amazing (and perhaps broken) feat.

Monk Handwraps

1.6 Paladin Change is a good start

One thing that needs to be changed in a class, in your opinion

Help me visualize Combat Grab

An Analysis of the 1.6 Paladin Variants

Sorcerers: I like them but there are issues

"Familiar Master" for Sorcerer or Wizard

Can we please get updated multiclass archetypes document to reflect the updated classes?

Witch Hunter needs a buff.

Monk saves are weird.

Detailed Druid Feedback

The sorcerer is a good opportunity to make a spell point caster in contrast to Wizard / Cleric / Druid Arcanist casting

Cleric Domains; In depth review.

Wild druids dont get to pick a form?

Sorc / Devoted Monk Question

Ways for the Alchemist to heal

[Druid] Handle Animal to Command Animal Companion?

Shaman / hexcaster magus

Quick Draw and Reload 1 Weapons

Kineticist Homebrew (2nd Edition Playtest)

Sorcerer Bloodline Heightening should not cost a feat.

Combat Flexibility shouldn't be a core fighter ability

Sorcerer Aberrant Bloodline

Barbarian's animal totem

Paladins Reaction and the issues I have with it.

Goblin best suited for?

Channel change to Clerics and why it hurts the class

Wild Shape Druids - Adding Spice Beyond Wings

Where does the Caster Druid stand?

Fighter Identity (if any)

Druid wild shape pool and spell point pools

Trying to build an Investigator

Front line Cleric vs Fighter vs Barbarian

Reasonable Limitation of Quick Preparation

Rogue Question

Multiclass Feats

Barbarians - Round 2 is too soon for a lullaby Black Widow!

Barbarian Feat: Giant's Stature

A (maybe useless) idea to give more identity to wizard and magical traditions

Could we give Paladin and Barbarian Con as a key ability score option?

Taking a look at the Division of Niches for Wizards and Sorcerers

Alchemist Bomber Uncanny Bombs Question

Multi-class lacking updates in 1.6

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