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themantheycallcris wrote:
If anyone knows of a better place to put in requests for which APs are high on the list I'd be more than happy to move these comments over there!

After the initial launch, we'll be seeking user feedback on how to prioritize adventures and other content. That's not out yet, but it's on the roadmap.

Business Manager, Lone Wolf Development

The first installment of the Realm Works Spotlight Series is here! You can read it on our website, or watch the first episode on our YouTube channel.

Business Manager, Lone Wolf Development

Shadar Aman wrote:

Is this only going to include PFRPG Adventure Paths, or is it possible to include some of the older APs? I desperately want to run Curse of the Crimson Throne once I finish my current campaigns, and I want to use Realm Works to organize it. If I could just buy that instead of filling it in myself, it would be wonderful.

A Pawn set would be nice too, but that's a different topic entirely. :P

The older adventures are going to be driven by demand. After the initial launch, we'll be seeking user feedback on how to prioritize stuff from there. I'd recommend signing up for our Spotlight Series. We'll talk about what content will be included in the initial launch.

Business Manager, Lone Wolf Development

DropBearHunter wrote:

I'm working on a campaighn involving Thornkeep and Emerald Spire.

Probbably not on your top priority list.

Don't rule it out. We know modules like Emerald Spire are popular among players. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, we'll be launching with a few APs and a healthy amount of modules. We'll be seeking user feedback on how to prioritize stuff from there.

atheral wrote:
This looks like a handy piece of software. But just so I understand, there are basically four pieces to this right? The Gm version software, to actually set everything up, the player client, so that people can see what info they have uncovered, the cloud service subscription which facilitates the transfer between the two, and the pre built data packs for APs and the like?

Parody gave a really good explanation about how everything works together. Thanks, Parody!

I'll add that Cloud Service and Player Edition are not required. You can still create content and even share it with players view the integrated Player View window within the Realm Works GM Edition without cloud service. Parody linked to the general FAQ, but there are some cloud service frequently asked questions here. As for player edition, there are a number of our users that just use the GM Edition and find it valuable for organizing their campaigns as it is.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
I believe the cloud service is part of the GM/player subscriptions, rather than a separate charge.

Cloud service is purchased by the GM, but is separate from from the GM version. Currently, when you purchase Realm Works you receive 6 months free. After those six months, you can choose to purchase additional cloud service or you can choose not to. Cloud service is not required to use Realm Works.

Business Manager, Lone Wolf Development

Valantrix1 wrote:
Mark Moreland wrote:
Valantrix1 wrote:
Being blind, how well would this work for me?
It seems like a pretty straightforward database program, with the ability to incorporate images for character or geographic reference. Depending on what sort of assistive devices you use, you should be able to use at least the text-based portions.
Thanks Mark! That was the exact kind of answer I was looking for. I'll check it out when it comes then.

Unfortunately, Parody was correct with his answer. Due to the design of the Windows version, Realm Works would be difficult to use by blind users. That being said, the web version will likely be the best option for you once it releases. The web version is our priority once the Content Market releases.

Thanks for everyone's support! The deal is official. You can read more in the blog post and join this discussion in this thread.

Hayato Ken wrote:

So any hints with which AP´s you will start or just all at once?

For PFS scenarios, it might be good to start with the newer seasons.
Those are more often unplayed by many and more in demand i guess.
Add in some evergreens!

Check out my response to "Stone Dog" above. :)

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Darrell Impey UK wrote:
You mention Adventure Paths and Modules, how about Pathfinder Society scenarios?

Pathfinder Society modules are a part of the license, and something we plan to do some of. How many we support will likely depend on their popularity.

Hayato Ken wrote:

Windows only is way better than i-bs only!

This sounds great! I hope it has something to do with the silenced VTT programm and will eventually involve that option for a reasonable price.

Realm Works is separate from that. However, we are collaborating with VTT tools for future integration. We'll absolutely make sure that it works well in conjunction with any VTT that Paizo might release.

Joana wrote:
This is a separate thing from the HeroLab files you can purchase for APs with all the monsters and NPCs, correct?

To add onto Parody's answer, we're going to provide the portfolios in Realm Works. However, the user will need the necessary packages to open the portfolio. Those packages can be purchased individually, or from the Adventure Path packages. For example, if the Rise of the Runelords AP includes a portfolio with a monster from Bestiary 2, you will need the Bestiary 2 package or the Rise of the Runelords AP package.

Stone Dog wrote:
If Reign of Winter was set up early on I'd buy it yesterday. They should have a poll set up to help decide on what order to do things in.

We'll be launching with a few APs (obviously Rise of the Runelords) and a healthy amount of modules. We'll be seeking user feedback on how to prioritize stuff from there.

Keane_1 wrote:

This looks great for online games.

But I am guessing that this would require a laptop and some sort of projector to be used at a game table.

I would encourage you to take a look at this thread on our forums. A number of community members are discussing this topic right now.

Galnörag wrote:
Funny, given that they made HeroLab multi-platform, I would have assumed that required them to move away from .Net, and would have encouraged them to not repeat that mistake with Realm Works.

Hero Lab is not based on .Net at all. The choice to go .Net for Realm Works greatly simplified our ability to do a Windows client and server component and web version. So we went with .Net for those advantages.

The code base for each product is completely separate, as Hero Lab is entirely written in C++ (without .Net) and Realm Works in C#.

Jester David wrote:
The player cost has always been my barrier to entry. I love my players, but they're not going to pay to play my game. I'm willing to pay for myself, but I can't pay for everyone.

The majority of GMs currently use Realm Works without Player Edition, and use Realm Works mainly to organize their campaigns. I would recommend you check out our forums, where a number of people are currently discussing how they're using Realm Works.

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Zaister wrote:
I just hope it's not dependent on some weird browser plugins like Silverlight etc.

Nope! :) We're working hard to make sure that the average gamer can use the web-version, regardless of whether they're using Chrome, Firefox... even IE.

Green Eyed Liar wrote:
1) Is this product able to generate something like a wiki for my campaigns? I hope so, and am very excited by the possibility, since I predominantly gamemaster in play-by-post games. I am always trying to figure out how to disseminate information to my players.

I assume you mean something like a web-based wiki? If so, that will be possible when our web access releases. Currently everything is a Windows-based application.

Green Eyed Liar wrote:
2) Will my players be required to purchase the product (or its player counterpart) in order to gain access to the information? I hope not, since in play-by-post I do not think my players will be excited by a gm requiring them to make purchases.

Currently, your players can purchase Player Edition for $9.99. This is a player-focused version of Realm Works, which allows players to view information in their GM's games.

There will be a free option when web access comes online. Specifically, there will be two options:

  • Free Player Access - There will be a free level on the web, which will allow players to view a limited amount of information. This level will target players that just want to see the information needed to play in that game session.
  • Web "Player Edition" - With this paid level, players can view all revealed content just like the desktop version. In fact, anyone with a desktop license will have access to the features on the web. They have a Player Edition *account*, which is what controls access to features, just like on the desktop. The reason "Player Edition" is in quotes is because we may change the name.

Does that clarify things?

Thanks Parody for jumping in to answer some questions. :)

Zaister wrote:
Too bad it's, once again, Windows only.

Parody was right on with his answer, but I'll add a little. As internet becomes more and more pervasive, we see the web as the eventual future for Realm Works. Here's a sneak peek of Realm Works on the web from earlier this year. It's changed quite a bit since then. Realm Works on the web is going to be our main focus after the Content Market releases.

Keane_1 wrote:

This looks great for online games.

But I am guessing that this would require a laptop and some sort of projector to be used at a game table.

Yes, our vision was that the GM would have some sort of technology on the table. Currently, that would be a laptop or some other Windows-based device. In the future, that may be a tablet or something else. It's possible to get away with just a laptop, but my personal, favorite set-up is me on a laptop and connected to my TV as an external monitor. Like many people, I have a TV in my living room. It's fairly easy to move that close to the gaming table and it adds a nice dramatic flair. :)

Learn more about how the new Hero Lab Class Packs work for Pathfinder. If you’re interested in specific aspects, you can dive right into the pertinent sections via the links below. We also have an extensive FAQ that should answer questions not covered here.

The New Class Pack Entry Path
There are now two ways to get started with Hero Lab: the traditional Rulebook Entry Path and the new Class Pack Entry Path. Each entry path offers a different approach to obtaining the material from seven essential rulebooks:Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Advanced Class Guide, Occult Adventures, and Ultimate Intrigue (upon release in spring 2016).

The Class Pack Entry Path provides an alternative, cost-effective way to start taking advantage of Hero Lab. Class Packs are tailored to players, granting access to all the material from the seven rulebooks for only a limited number of classes. Players who prefer playing a subset of the different classes can get everything they need at a much lower cost through Class Packs.

To get started with Class Packs, simply select one of the options listed beneath the Class Pack Entry Path header when purchasing Hero Lab. Your initial purchase includes one Class Pack of your choice, which unlocks 3-4 classes and everything from the seven essential rulebooks identified above. All archetypes for the unlocked classes are included, as well as all feats, spells, gear, optional rules, and everything else from those seven rulebooks – all you need to create characters with your unlocked classes for only $29.99.

Available Class Packs
Each Class Pack unlocks 3-4 classes, including their associated archetypes. You can mix and match different class packs to get the combination of classes you prefer. After the initial Class Pack that’s included with your Hero Lab purchase, further Class Packs can be added for $6.99 each. Simply choose from the list below:

  • Fighter Class Pack – unlocks Fighter, Cavalier, and Samurai
  • Barbarian Class Pack – unlocks Barbarian (and Unchained Barbarian), Gunslinger, Swashbuckler, and Skald
  • Ranger Class Pack – unlocks Ranger, Monk (and Unchained Monk), Brawler, and Hunter
  • Paladin Class Pack – unlocks Paladin (and Antipaladin), Magus, Inquisitor, and Medium
  • Rogue Class Pack – unlocks Rogue (and Unchained Rogue), Ninja, Investigator, and Slayer
  • Cleric Class Pack – unlocks Cleric, Psychic, and Warpriest
  • Druid Pack – unlocks Druid, Oracle, Shaman, and Spiritualist
  • Bard Class Pack – unlocks Bard, Alchemist, Occultist, and Vigilante (upon release of Ultimate Intrigue, Spring 2016)
  • Wizard Class Pack – unlocks Wizard, Kineticist, Arcanist, and Mesmerist
  • Sorcerer Class Pack – unlocks Sorcerer, Witch, Summoner (and Unchained Summoner), and Bloodrager

If you purchase a Class Pack containing an updated class from Pathfinder Unchained, the revised version of that class is also included, so both the original and revised versions of the class are available for use. However, none of the other material from Pathfinder Unchained is included within Class Packs – only the specifics for the classes. Access to additional Pathfinder Unchained rules is obtained via an optional add-on package.

The Rulebook Entry Path
Not sure if Class Packs are ideal for you? Pathfinder players are still free to choose the traditional Rulebook Entry Path if they prefer. The Rulebook Entry Path starts players off with the Pathfinder Core Rulebook for the same initial $29.99. You can add the additional essential rulebooks in any combination for only $9.99 each. See our pricing page for more information.

The Rulebook Entry Path and Class Pack Entry Path are mutually exclusive, so you can’t mix Class Packs with the essential rulebooks. If you choose one path, all further material from the essential rulebooks is available only via that path, either by purchasing additional essential rulebook packages or more Class Packs.

Expanding Beyond the Entry Paths
Looking for character options from outside the seven essential rulebooks? Round out your character with new options from the rest of the Pathfinder library, including add-on packages for additional rulebooks (e.g. Advanced Race Guide), Player Companion books, Campaign Setting books, Adventure Paths for GMs, and more! Material from select third-party publishers is also available through add-on packages. These add-on packages are available equally to users who purchase both the Class Pack and Rulebook Entry Paths, and they work the same for all users.

Pathfinder Options for Existing Hero Lab Users
Current Hero Lab users can take advantage of Pathfinder Class Packs, too! If you already own Hero Lab for another game system, like Shadowrun or Mutants & Masterminds, you can simply add the Pathfinder Class Pack option to your Hero Lab license for only $20.00. This will include one Class Pack of your choice, just as if you purchased Hero Lab for the first time via the Class Pack Entry Path.

If you’re already a Pathfinder user, you can also take advantage of the Class Packs! For a limited time, you can convert your license to the new Class Pack Entry Path for free. After doing so, your license will behave as if you picked the Class Pack Entry Path when you initially purchased Pathfinder.

These important caveats apply to users considering the conversion process:

  • Conversion is a one-time process that cannot be undone. If you convert to Class Packs, you cannot switch back to the Rulebook Entry Path later.
  • Conversion will both add and remove access to different material. You will gain access to all the books included by the Class Packs Entry Path. However, you will also lose access to any classes that aren’t included in the Class Packs you select.
  • The conversion option will expire on December 31, 2015.

How Conversion Works for Existing Users
As outlined in the previous section, conversion is a one-time process that cannot be undone which both adds and removes access to Pathfinder material. Converting a license that only includes the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook allows you to select ONE Class Pack, exactly as if you purchased the Class Pack Entry Path. Access to classes not included within the chosen Class Pack will be lost, but you’ll gain access to all the material from the seven essential rulebooks for use with the classes you unlock.

If your existing license includes additional packages for the other six essential rulebooks, you’ll receive credit for those books towards adding further Class Packs to your license. During the conversion, you can add whatever Class Packs you wish. Excluding the Core Rulebook that was a part of your original $29.99 purchase, the other six essential rulebooks each grant $9.99 in credit during the conversion process. If you select more Class Packs than you have credit, you’ll be able to simply pay the difference at checkout. If you choose not to use your available credit, you will lose any unused credit.

All add-on packages you’ve purchased outside of the essential rulebooks are completely separate from the conversion process and will remain tied to your license after the conversion. Only the six add-on packages for the essential rulebooks are replaced by Class Packs.

Let’s look at a specific example for a user who has purchased the “Pathfinder Core” package and two add-ons, the Advanced Players Guide and Ultimate Equipment. Converting to Class Packs will apply a credit of $9.99 for the Advanced Players Guide, while Ultimate Equipment is not impacted by the conversion – it will remain part of your license after the conversion is completed. You’ll choose an initial Class Pack as part of the conversion, after which you will have $9.99 in credit available. At this point, you have two choices. Option #1 is to select one additional Class Pack ($6.99) and forego the remaining $3 in credit ($9.99 minus $6.99). Option #2 is to select two or more additional Class Packs ($6.99 each). If you select two Class Packs, the total price would be $13.98, but you have a $9.99 credit which brings the total down to only $3.99 at checkout.

The conversion option is only available for a limited time, and it’s the only means of switching an existing Hero Lab license to the new Class Packs Entry Path. Once the conversion option expires, users will not be able to switch to the Class Packs. In addition, if you choose not to use the credit available during the conversion process, you will not receive a refund nor be able to use the credit on future purchases.

Get Started Today!
So what are you waiting for? If you’re new to Pathfinder, or if you’re an experienced player that has held off buying Hero Lab, this is the perfect time to give it a try! For only $29.99, you can start building Pathfinder characters with everything from seven of the most popular rulebooks! There’s a reason Hero Lab is the go-to character creator for Pathfinder players and GMs and has won three ENnie awards – now it’s time to discover for yourself.

If you have any further questions about the new Class Pack option, we’ve put together an extensive Frequently Asked Questions page that should answer them. If you don’t find an answer in the FAQ, visit our forums and ask your question there. We’ll do our best to get answers to you as quickly as possible.

Want to keep up on the latest Hero Lab releases and news? Be sure to “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and/or follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.

Unlock your favorite Pathfinder classes with Hero Lab’s new “Class Packs” - everything from seven essential rulebooks, all for only $29.99!

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or new to Pathfinder, Class Packs are the perfect, low-cost entry path to get started creating characters with Hero Lab! Each Class Pack unlocks 3-4 classes and includes everything from seven of the most popular Pathfinder rulebooks. Choose your favorite Class Pack and harness the power of this ENnie award-winning product for only $29.99. Expand your options with additional Class Packs for only $6.99 apiece!

How Do Class Packs Work?

  • Create and manage characters from the 3-4 classes unlocked by each Class Pack. For example, if you select the Druid Class Pack, you'll unlock the Druid, Oracle, Shaman, and Spiritualist classes, allowing you to build characters from those four classes in Hero Lab.
  • Class Packs include everything from seven essential rulebooks: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Advanced Class Guide, Occult Adventures, and Ultimate Intrigue (when it releases in spring 2016.) All archetypes for unlocked classes are included, as well as all feats, spells, gear, optional rules, and everything else from those rulebooks – it’s all you need to create characters with your unlocked classes.
  • Further add-ons like Advanced Race Guide, the Summon Monster Creature Package, and Player Companion packages can be readily integrated with Class Packs. They are purchased and behave just like they do in Hero Lab today.
  • Hero Lab users who already use another game system, like Shadowrun or Mutants & Masterminds, can get started with their first Class Pack for only $20! Simply add the Pathfinder Class Pack option you want to your Hero Lab license through our website.
  • For our existing Pathfinder users, if you feel that Class Packs are a better fit for your style, you can switch to the new Class Packs for free! Be sure to review all the details before converting, as it’s a one-way, one-time option. The conversion option is also a limited time offer, so don’t miss out!

While the info above covers the most important details about Class Packs, we know that many prospective users will have questions and/or want more information. We’ve provided extensive details below, plus we’ve assembled a comprehensive FAQ. So read on to learn more!

Karolina Dean wrote:
The mobile version crashes pretty much all the time (at least on my apple devices). I felt like I wasted my money on the extra license for my tablet since its pretty much unplayable for me.

Karolina, can you please contact our support system (support@wolflair.com)? That's a report that I haven't seen from users often, so if there's something going on I want to make sure that the developers are aware. If you shoot us an email, please reference this thread and include that Liz asked you to email so that I can make sure it gets to me. Thanks!

I'm a little biased, but in addition to creating Hero Lab, we released Realm Works this year for campaign management.

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They will be in our November release, which we're hoping to get out this week.

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The latest version of the Hero Lab iPad app is now available on the app store! You can now create new heroes, make changes to existing characters, and continue to use the app during play with this new update. To activate the app’s new character creation capabilities, you’ll need to link the app with one of your Hero Lab license numbers, just like you do on your desktop or laptop.

To learn more about this latest version, including activation, check out our website.

Urath DM wrote:
fixed links

Thanks for the follow-up!

Skeld wrote:
Thanks for taking the time to post all that out.

No problem!

Skeld wrote:

Ok, so what's the benefit of the cloud service and what's it actually used for?


As Davout 1806 mentioned, we have a more thorough description of cloud service benefits on our webpage here. However, I'll go ahead and outline a few of the benefits in this post.

Sharing Content with Players
As I mentioned in my last post, you can share content with players without the cloud service using the Player View. And I apologize for being less than helpful in my last post - this time I’ll explain what the “Player View” actually is. Player View is a special window in Realm Works that can be shown to your players on your laptop or an external monitor. I like to use a gigantic flat screen TV next to my table – it’s epic. You can use the Player View window to show information that your players have learned throughout the game, pictures of NPCs that they’ve met, maps, and more. Important note – one of the powerful features in Realm Works is the ability to reveal pieces of information to your players bit by bit. You can learn more about that on our webpage.

So how does the cloud service facilitate sharing content with players? In the next few weeks (prior to Gen Con), we’ll be releasing Realm Works Player Edition. This Windows-based, player-focused version of Realm Works will allow players to access and view content revealed by the GM on their own computers. Players will also be able to leverage all the same powerful features as the GM version, such as full-text searching and user notes. The cloud service is what allows GMs to easily share revealed information with their players. So you would sync your game world with our cloud service server, and then your players would access your world. Players will need to purchase the Player Edition, but do not need to pay for cloud service. The Player Edition cost has not yet been officially announced (keep an eye out for news in the next week or two), but we’re trying to keep the cost low so that your players won’t need much convincing and for the GM that just wants to purchase copies for all of his or her players. If you don’t get our newsletter, I would suggest signing up. We’ll have more info about the Player Edition release in our July newsletter. We also share news on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ page.

In the future, we’re also going to have a web-based player access. What’s nice about the web access is that it can be used on any device with internet access, regardless of operating system! We don’t have an ETA on web-based access right now, but it’s going to be one of our main focuses once Player Edition releases.

Content Market
The Content Market is where publishers will come into play when it comes online in the future, and it’s all facilitated using the cloud service. But first, I want to highlight something that a lot of Realm Works users have been very excited about when I chatted with them at PaizoCon and during blog/podcast interviews. You will be able to share your creations with other Realm Works users with the Content Market. Maybe you’re a kick-butt NPC developer. You can share your NPCs with other Realm Works users. Or perhaps you develop amazing campaign settings – share it with other users. You will even be able to sell your content.

If you want to utilize user-created content in your games, you will be able to integrate it into your world and even customize it. However, Urath DM is spot on. User created content must be original or open content. While many adventures from our favorite publishers use the Open Gaming License, OGL only covers the actual game mechanics. The story, artwork, etc. is Intellectual Property. While you’re welcome to enter all of the content into Realm Works yourself and use it to run a game, you will not be able to share/sell it with other users via the Content Market.

That’s one of the reasons we’re working so hard to get publishers on board with Realm Works! We already have some fantastic publishers on board, like Frog God Games, Green Ronin, Pinnacle Entertainment, and more. You can see our list of definite publishers and their content here.

When can you expect to see the Content Market? Right now we're hoping to get it online later in 2014. The Player Edition and web-based player access are actually two important steps on the path to bringing the Content Market online, so we should have a better idea of when it will be available in the next few months.

Whew! Well, hopefully that answers your question. I encourage you to check out our “Power of the Cloud” webpage for more info. Of course, let me know if you have additional questions that I can answer here.

Skeld wrote:
Last I checked, RW required a cloud subscription or something. Is that still true?

A cloud subscription has never been a requirement to use Realm Works.

When you purchase Realm Works right now, you'll receive 6 months of our standard cloud service for free. Once that 6 months is up, you can choose to extend your cloud service or stop using it altogether (you don't get automatically enrolled). If you don't use the cloud service, you can still enter information about your world, use Realm Works to run your game, and share your information with with your players using the Player View.

Let me know if you need any further clarification!

We did a presentation to the Paizo staff at PaizoCon, and they seemed to like what we showed them. The discussions will be continued in earnest in the weeks to come, but we're hopeful at this point!

We'll definitely keep the community update to date once a decision is made.

I'm reading through this campaign setting, and I can't put it down! I must have talked it up to a half a dozen people this weekend at PaizoCon.

Chemlak hit the nail on the head. Our intention with Realm Works is not to create another VTT tool.

Realm Works' first priority is campaign management for GMs, with the ability to share vastly more than just the current map where the PCs are adventuring. That's why we call it "Fog of World" instead of merely "fog of war". The Virtual Tour video and detailed info on the website should provide many examples of the things that players gain access to beyond just the current map that most VTTs provide.

Our expectation is that many users will leverage a VTT, such as d20pro, as a companion tool to Realm Works, using the VTT to play out individual encounters. I hope that clarifies things!

Realm Works Available Now!
Sound the air horns and break out the flagons of ale! Lone Wolf Development is thrilled to announce that Realm Works is now available for sale on our web store! Realm Works is available for a special introductory price of $49.99. This includes 6 months of our standard tier cloud service (a $24.99 value)! If you have questions about Realm Works, be sure to check out our website for more information, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Buy Realm Works Now!

What’s Realm Works?
Built by the team that brought you Hero Lab®, Realm Works is the Game Master’s answer for managing your tabletop RPG campaigns. Spend less time preparing, more time creating, and focus on sharing the story with your players!

- Immerse your players in the story with Fog of World™. Individually reveal any aspect of your world to the players using this patent-pending technology, with total control over how it’s revealed and shared. It can be used for any aspect of your world - maps, portraits, NPCs, locations, relationships, plots, individual details, and more!
- Create a richer world by bringing you content to life with images, statblocks, and even audio and video files. Once built, automatically link your content together and visualize your world’s relationships and connections.
- Streamline session prep with adventure recaps, full-text searching, and user notes.

Realm Works gives you the tools to build your world and share it with your players. Engage them in the story with our Player View window on your laptop or an external monitor. In the future, your players will be able to review revealed information on their own devices!

Intrigued? If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out Realm Works and are wondering what all the excitement is about, check out our Virtual Tour or learn more on our website!

Thank You
For friends and fans of Lone Wolf, many of you know this product has been a longtime vision for the company. A year ago, we announced the launch of our Kickstarter for Realm Works. This was a major step towards release. The support we received from our backers overwhelmed us, as we reached our funding goals and then some. After many months of testing and refinement with our Early Access users, we’re excited to finally share this dream with all of you! Thank you to all our Beta testers, Kickstarter backers, and fans for your feedback and support as we worked to get Realm Works out the door.

The Future of Realm Works
Now that Realm Works is available, many of you’re probably wondering what new features and enhancements are coming in the future. We’ve shared our future development roadmap on our website, so be sure to check it out. To keep up with the latest news, be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter, “like” Realm Works on Facebook, or “follow” @lonewolfdevel on Twitter!

DarkPhoenixx wrote:
I would suggest to use it only after you created your share of characters manually - so when you understand how bonuses related to stats, and character works as a whole. I personally dont use it cos it have several bugs in calculations and it triggers my perfectionis's OCD.

If you haven't already, please report bugs via our bug reporting form here: http://www.wolflair.com/redirect/bugreport.php?project=pathfinder

The new iOS 7.1 made a change that stops Hero Lab from running. We've submitted an update to the app store, which should fix the problem. Once the update is released, we'll notify everyone that has contacted us via our support system to let them know its available. We'll also post on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Also, please keep in mind that updates will always be a little delayed, as we get the changes the same time everyone else does. Our Hero Lab team will get the updates out as soon as they can!