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deflation ftw? Thankfully, I kept a hoard of gold buried out in the backyard.

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Nobody likes me, everybody hates me
I think I'll go eat worms!
Big fat juicy ones
Eensie weensy squeensy ones
See how they wiggle and squirm!

Down goes the first one, down goes the second one
Oh how they wiggle and squirm!
Up comes the first one, up comes the second one
Oh how they wiggle and squirm!

I bite off the heads, and suck out the juice
And throw the skins away!
Nobody knows how fat I grow
On worms three times a day!

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me
I think I'll go eat worms!
Big fat juicy ones
Eensie weensy squeensy ones
See how they wiggle and squirm!

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Reckless wrote:

No one has to try Coke's newest orange flavor, despite all the hype surrounding it.

Well, yes, but the argument is based on "should" one get the system, not compulsion. The rest of your post addresses that, but this statement is out of place. :)

As far as the argument goes, contentment is a perfectly good reason to stay the same. However, the person might be missing out on an even better experience (I believe this is the crux of Seisho's thought process).

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I don't think it's a watered down version. I think it's different and new. Because it's new, it will naturally have less content available.

Just a few of my favorite changes:

3 Action + Reaction System: More intuitive, more versatility in combat, more room to "power up" abilities by "charging" them with more actions.

Monsters: Most monsters have unique abilities that make them more interesting than standard PF1 fare.

Items: Previewed items show some really neat and interesting effects. Wands are changed from spell sticks to "1/day w/ cool extra effect" sticks. Weapon choice is no longer the highest crit range or the most damage - they have cool abilities now.

Class Feat System: You are not forced to take lame or useless class abilities anymore. You can choose which class abilities you want via class feats.

Multiclass System: Rather than taking different levels than your core class, you can multiclass using your class feats. Effectively, the core feature of the class still levels (such as spellcasting), but you can dip into other classes' abilities.

Cantrips: Cantrips scale now; my players always wanted an "auto attack" option for their casters and this will work nicely.

It still keeps PF1's customization (and surpasses it, imo), while introducing a lot of neat features.

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Joana wrote:
Dansome wrote:
kinderschlager wrote:
Dansome wrote:
kinderschlager wrote:
do they go out on july 8th? or do the orders get processed on that date?
The "July 8th" date listed is a lie, from what I've read. They're scheduled to arrive somewhere around August 1st AFAIK.
where is that stated? :(
By some dev somewhere on these boards. I'm sure someone else can link the post, but I'm honestly just too lazy with my free time today. :)
Dansome may be thinking of this post, which states that PDFs will not be granted to subscribers until August 1st, regardless of when the order ships. That doesn't affect preorders, however.

Well, that's cool news. Happy to be proven wrong, but unhappy that I'm going senile.

kinderschlager wrote:
Dansome wrote:
kinderschlager wrote:
do they go out on july 8th? or do the orders get processed on that date?
The "July 8th" date listed is a lie, from what I've read. They're scheduled to arrive somewhere around August 1st AFAIK.
where is that stated? :(

By some dev somewhere on these boards. I'm sure someone else can link the post, but I'm honestly just too lazy with my free time today. :)

kinderschlager wrote:
do they go out on july 8th? or do the orders get processed on that date?

The "July 8th" date listed is a lie, from what I've read. They're scheduled to arrive somewhere around August 1st AFAIK.

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I enjoyed it. The character reminded me mildly of Lift from Sanderson's Stormlight series, only an obsession with gold instead of food.

tqomins wrote:

So here are the archetypes we know so far:

1) Absalom: Pathfinder Agent
2) Broken Lands: Aldori Duelist
3) Eye of Dread: Lastwall Sentry
4) Golden Road: Living Monolith
4) High Seas
6) Impossible Lands: Student of Perfection
7) Mwangi Expanse
8) Old Cheliax: Hellknight Armiger
9) Saga Lands
10) Shining Kingdoms

And next week we find out if my guess that we'll get Red Mantis for the High Seas was right or not!

Did I miss a blog post about the Impossible Lands?

So, that means I need to remove this item from my preorder in order to get it all earlier?

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You have become my favorite poster on these boards, tqomins.

As I did not participate in the playtest, I'm curious. How quickly do you get feats? How easy/quickly can you enter an archetype? Do you gain dedication feats specifically for this purpose (or investing in a dedication in your main class)?

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Staffan Johansson wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
Like Sweden and Denmark have been separate countries for 400ish years, and though they speak different languages they are mutually intelligible.

I beg to differ. I can read Danish, but understanding spoken Danish is nigh-impossible for most Swedes. Particularly if they start talking numbers.

And the Danish can hardly even understand their own language.

I was so hoping this is what you linked. Kamelasa!

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Ramanujan wrote:
Mr.Dragon wrote:

Now this is a real stretch I know but I want a dedicated class for.... with lack of a better word... creature.

Like a Summoner Eidolon, but as a stand-alone class.
I always feel there's a lack of non-humanoid representation among playables.

There's all sorts of tricks to get something truly weird and exotic such as Awakening but that requires a lot of workarounds as is.
Golarion, and most fantasy settings have so many non-humanoid creatures with equal or even better int scores than humans that could make for very interesting and unusual heroes.

A class that helps explore such design space would be a dream come true.

You want a monster, with a class that levels up the monster's abilities? — kind of like how Dragon PCs from 'In the company of Dragons' works?

I know I suggested it thinking of something based on the Synthesist looking for a shifter class, but a Synthesist that can't turn off and only has one fixed shape that improves with levels could maybe work for this also?

Or perhaps Savage Species from 3.5? Also, Dreamscarred Press has released a number of supplemental materials for monster races in PF 1e; Astral Deva comes to mind. I, too, would love monster classes again.

Reminds me of when I played a Gestalt Minotaur Fighter in the World's Largest Dungeon.

"I'm not locked in here with you! You're locked in here with me!"

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I really appreciate what you've done here.

Please cancel my subscriptions.

Thank you

My group did it in about ~14 hours. Two 7 hour game sessions on a row.

We played through the module in two 7 hour sessions.

Every other week meeting ~3 hours should be able to finish the module by the time the next one comes.

Not going to lie, it's a pretty awesome book.

Kryzbyn wrote:
Got a shipping notice for the core rulebook, but not for the screen or the alien folio. Everyone else seeing the same?

I bundled the adventure path & core rulebook as subscriptions. That order has shipped.

I ordered both the GM screen & Pawns in separate shipments. The GM screen was the first shipment notice. The pawns have not shipped yet.

I am not sure if you mean "Alien Archive" or something different? The Alien Archive doesn't ship until October.

3/4 of my items have shipped.


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Ikiry0 wrote:

Saying 'MMO' is basically a rallying cry to an internet argument but I'll admit I'm having a hard time working out how to describe the equipment system otherwise. It gets a little comical when a late game pistol punches through stuff an early-game rocket launcher can't touch so you need to keep constantly upgrading weapons and armour to the newest tier of gear. It does hurt the heroic feel when so very, very much of your function is defined by having a purple gun or armour.

It feels like, rather than having weapons scale basically...not at all, a better system would have been to build more inherent scaling into the base system. If you got +level to your armour values for example, the amount needed to go between various gears gets a LOT smaller rather than having a mid-range light armour provide more protection than early-game power armour.

That sort of inherent scaling worked well in Star War Saga (Another thing Owen K. C. Stephens worked on) and was also demonstrated (on the weapon front) pretty well with 4e's X[W] system. Where a 1d8 sword could do 7d6 before too long because the person personally using it is better at swording.

It reminds me of this moment portrayed by the eminent actor, Willard Carroll Smith Jr.

Hello cricket.

Vexies wrote:
yeah not a fan of oversimplification and doubly annoying if you have to reverse engineer everything. I will run it as it and see how it goes but im with you in liking to know why something has the stats it does and what gives what bonuses. I much prefer as much detail and info as i can get.

I don't think it's an oversimplification to use a different rule set to design monsters.

I believe abilities are based off of CR now.

What is the most interesting piece of information you've found so far?

Are there any pieces of equipment with awesome names?

Roughly how many spaceships are there?

20 something) Norgorber stole the spell

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I will be spending the time converting Curse of the Crimson Throne to Starfinder ☺

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

Keep in mind that the "Core 20" deities is a statement of focus within the area we expect to be most of the focus of a campaign. It's not necessarily a declaration of cosmological importance.

If there was Blurglsplat the Staining, the slime mold god of spores, gentle inclines, and moisture, and Blurglsplat was worshiped by half of all thinking creatures in every galaxy in the universe except the one that includes the Pact Worlds, that would suggest good 'ol Blurgy is an incredibly powerful, influential, and crucial deity.

But if the pact worlds are in the only galaxy where no one has heard of the Avatar of Cool Dark Places, then Blurglsplat wouldn't be in the Core 20.

The Pathfinder Core 20 was core for Golarian, specifically the Inner Sea Region. The Pact Worlds adds the influence of dozens more species on a number of worlds, including the entire Vesharium and the kasatha on the Idari. And Golarian itself is missing, so however popular a deity's worship was there is much less influential than what's going on over at Verces, since the worshippers of Verces are still around.

Yes, it turns out Pharasma is Pharasma is Pharasma. Makes sense. But as noted, Gorum may have been a god created by a set of wars in Golarian's history. Crucial on Golarian, but not a big deal in the Verskarium. So, Damoritosh, THE Vesk deity, has a big influence on the Pact Worlds.

No reason to think anything happened to Gorum. He's just not as important on this larger, different, much later area of operations.

It's purely relevance towards the pact worlds. I don't consider it a "demotion" if they don't have broader appeal to the campaign setting. There is no necessity for something to have happened to them.

I'm very excited about this!

Tarik Blackhands wrote:
That said, Chains is still a fantastic spell. A reflex based save or suck is simply worth its weight in gold considering how garbage most creature reflexes saves are as you climb the bestiary.

It's a good spell, but it's not meant to be for this campaign. Most of the mythic foes have 20+ bonuses across the board (will, reflex, fortitude) and he rolls 2d20 for them and takes the best. The one time I got lucky, it made its save on its initiative (which was right after me, so no effect). I'll have to stick to control/buffing spells!

Well shucks, thanks!

Chains of Light wrote:
A creature targeted by this spell is held immobile by glowing golden chains composed of pure light. The creature is paralyzed and held in place, but may attempt a new saving throw each round to end the effect. While held by the golden chains, a creature cannot use any sort of extradimensional travel, such as astral projection, blink, dimension door, ethereal jaunt, etherealness, gate, maze, plane shift, shadow walk, teleport, and similar spells and spell-like abilities. The spell does not affect creatures that are already in ethereal or astral form when the spell is cast.

Recently, I tried to use this spell against a baddie. The DM ruled that they can make a new saving throw as a free action, since it doesn't specify the action type to make a new saving throw. I argued it was like the hold person spell, which is a full-round action.

How does this work?

I don't think the Undead Master archetype is that great either, especially since you get the animate dead spell via your divine caster class early already.

Two level 9 spellcasters will always be viable, regardless of which archetypes you take.

Samsaran is a good race for Wizard/Cleric. (+Wis/Int)

If you really want to go bananas on necromancy, take a look at Juju oracle (spirit vessel revelation).

SlimGauge wrote:
Ellioti wrote:
Dazing Flame Blades are also fun.
I don't think that works. The spell does not do direct damage. It creates an "item" (the immaterial flame blade) and that flame does damage by virtue of you wielding it.

AFAIK, you don't need to do direct damage with a flaming blade. You simply need to do damage "with the spell". It's still a spell at all points (ie, no instantaneous duration).

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One more question:

In the Flame Blade Dervish feat (from Paths of the Righteous), it states that you add Charisma to the damage of your flame blade. Would this portion of damage from flame blade benefit from empower spell?

Empower Spell wrote:

Benefit: All variable, numeric effects of an empowered spell are increased by half including bonuses to those dice rolls.

Saving throws and opposed rolls are not affected, nor are spells without random variables.

1) Does flame blade allow iterative attacks?

I've seen a lot of arguments on this one. Is there a definitive answer?

2) Could flame blade benefit from improved critical?

3) If it can benefit from improved critical, presumably an augmented mythic flame blade would have a threat range of 10-20?

4) Would spell perfection increase the threat range from improved critical? (for a ray, if not flame blade)

Since it is not a set bonus, presumably no, but just making sure.

Sadly, my bluff is pretty bad.

I doubt my DM will let me sit around crafting items and gaining money without the world ending.


My 11th level arcanist has been stamped by a "Mark of Treachery" given by a Glabrezu.

PFSRD wrote:
Mark of Treachery: The wisher gains a mark of treachery somewhere on her body. This mark appears as a fist-sized tattoo that combines the seven-pointed spiral of the sign of the Abyss (see page 3) and the glabrezu's name (not its true name) written in Abyssal in a circle within the sign. This mark can only be removed by a miracle or wish, and only then if the caster makes a DC 30 caster level check. As long as the wisher is marked, the glabrezu can observe the world through the marked person's senses and can communicate telepathically with her. At any point thereafter, the glabrezu can demand a service of the marked person—this allows the glabrezu to affect that person with a geas/quest to carry out the service if the person agrees to do the service. Agreeing to this causes the mark to fade. If the marked person refuses, she is immediately affected by a destruction spell (CL 14th, DC 22) and the glabrezu can demand the service again 1 round later. A mark of treachery persists through death and any resurrections that follow.

I don't have access or money for a miracle or wish spell. What is the most effective way to remove it?

Alternatively, what is the most effective/cheap way to call and kill the Glabrezu responsible? I have craft wondrous item.

This looks fantastic.

I appreciate the use of Golarion-originated organizations rather than generic names (as in the Villain Codex) to represent similar concepts.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Samasboy1 wrote:
Dansome wrote:
Chances the "Cult of the Eye" will be in here?

From Pathfinderwiki:

"Complete sections for 20 villainous organizations, including an arcane society, brutal slavers, carnival troupe, corrupt guard, cruel musketeers, death cult, demon knights, diabolical church, fang monastery, merchant caravan, merry outlaws, nature’s scourge, regal court, ruthless brigands, savage marauders, scandalous pirates, secret society, sinister cult, slayer’s guild, and a thieves’ guild. "

Maybe the "sinister cult?"

Though this is a core book, not a setting book, and while they do use the same gods the Cult of the Eye seems much more setting tied. So I doubt it.

Yep, it won't have any Golarion-specific organizations. However, as you mention, we do have the Sinister Cult, and it wouldn't be too hard to use the Sinister Cult as an even-more-sinister offshoot of the Cult of the Eye (interested in the devastation of the deluge more so than protecting themselves from harm by sacrificing others).

Thanks to you both, I am very excited to see what I have to work with!

Eric Hinkle wrote:
What is this "Cult of the Eye" people keep mentioning?

A cult mentioned within "Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Isles of the Shackles".

They believe the Eye of Abendego is the birth pangs of a new god (which they call the "Deluged God"). They offer sacrifices to be saved from the mass floods that will undoubtedly come once their deity arises.

Chances the "Cult of the Eye" will be in here?

1) Dwarf
2) Grippli
3) Tiefling

1. Arcanist
2. Investigator
3. Warpriest

Honorable mentions: Druid, Oracle, Bloodrager

This was so well written that I am going to buy this product for certain.

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CBDunkerson wrote:
Dansome wrote:
Paizo, I've really disliked what you did with the Advanced Class Guide and now in Ultimate Equipment. Please use errata to finish incomplete sentences, increase clarity, fix charts, etc. Please, don't use errata to balance the game.
The majority of the changes in the Ultimate Equipment errata (e.g. Sleeves, Mithral, AoMF, Courageous, weapon table, et cetera) were exactly the kind you suggest... there were only a handful of 'game balance' adjustments (e.g. Jingasa, Brawling, et cetera).

Unfortunately, the most relevant changes for my gaming group are the handful of game balance adjustments that basically removed several items from the game. :)

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I've been a faithful Paizo fan for a long time - own at least a thousand dollars in their products like many of you - just going to add my 2 cents:

Paizo, I've really disliked what you did with the Advanced Class Guide and now in Ultimate Equipment. Please use errata to finish incomplete sentences, increase clarity, fix charts, etc. Please, don't use errata to balance the game. It's a poor policy that dampens my desire to buy your products.

As for the OP - playtesting before the product launches is great. I don't want a "balance patch" every X months. It's OK to have imbalances in this game.

That is all,

Craig Frankum wrote:

I know this is a topic that has been done many times over, but with many of the major Pathfinder resources now out there, I want your thoughts.

As Jedi & Sith were recruited from all races, I am not going to focus that aspect, though opinions will be taken under consideration.

This is a "How would you build it?" thread. Please include archetypes, PrC, or any other ideas that you may have.

Also, how to handle the lightsaber?

Aether & Fire Kineticist would be pretty good for a sith.

You could go the kinetic blade route or brilliant energy weapon as mentioned.

Crai wrote:

Hi Folks,

I'm in the process of creating a 12th level Illusionist who wants to make his spells incredibly hard to ID for opponents who use Spellcraft's "Identify a spell as it is being cast" option. As a result, I'd like to compare and contrast all the known character-build methods of boosting my Illusionist's obfuscation attempts for such an opposing roll. For example ... what feats, traits, spells, magic gear, etc. are there that could make this Spellcraft check a real pain in the butt for my enemies. Since my Illusionist will be facing a lot of other spellcasters in this campaign, I need to protect my illusions from being disbelieved as much as possible.

Thank you!

P.S. Besides all Paizo material, I also welcome all 3.5 and Pathfinder 3PP sources as well.

The Veiled Illusionist is a great prestige class for this!

This unlocks:

Halfling: At 2nd level, a veiled illusionist can spend 1 point from her veil pool as a free action while casting an illusion spell to disguise her spellcasting. Creatures attempting to identify the spell as it's being cast must succeed at a Will save (DC 15 + the number of points remaining in the illusionist's veil pool) or misidentify the spell as a spell of the illusionist's choice. The illusory spell must be the same level as the true spell, and must be one the illusionist can cast.

Sheer amount of options, Campaign Settings (Golarion is great!), Adventure Paths, new interesting content, love for their product shown by posting on the boards, etc.

PS: Please come out with an entire book on the kineticist, I will buy ten copies.

I wish the demo videos were coming out before Christmas. I was just drawing up a list for my dear mum...

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I don't comment on these boards ever, though I browse them quite a bit. However, I have enjoyed this book so much that I have to tell you.

I love the Divine Combat Techniques (Especially Cayden's), the weapon tricks, the various fighting styles, and advanced weapon training.

Good job, guys! I hope for more of this kind of content.

LazarX wrote:
ShadowcatX wrote:

So does a summoner 7 with eldritch heritage meet the requirements for an imp with improved familiar?

Ability to acquire a familiar? Check.
Compatible alignment? Check
Arcane Caster level? Check.

So yes, by RAW, a summoner level 7 meets the requirements for an imp familiar.

Qualifying Arcane Caster Level 7? Fail. The qualifying caster level is effectively 5. Because all the summoner levels in the world do not qualify you for the familliar you're using the Feat to do so. And the Feat CLEARLY states that the effective sorcerer level for the arcane power is Summoner Level MINUS Two. In this case the Summoner can have his Imp when he reaches level 9. and then qualifies as a Sorcerer 7.

RAW can be used to prove anything... especially if you leave out the inconvenient parts of it.

Would a summoner be able to take it at level 5 if he were wearing a robe of arcane heritage?

No, RAW, he meets all the requirements at level 7.

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