GM Brenael's Q15 In The Footsteps of Horror (Table 2) (Inactive)

Game Master Brenael

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Challenge Points: 11 Tier: Low

Welcome, please indicate your interest in playing Q15 - In the Footsteps of Horror below. If you haven’t played the game before please note that in your post as preference will be given to those who have not played it yet. We will be playing at the low tier, so level 1 and 2 characters only please.

Recruitment will be open for 24 hours (until Wed 29 Nov at 08:00 UTC), after which I’ll select players using a mix of party balance and random and then post the selected players. Recruitment will run for longer if needed. One spot is reserved for Atae.

As with most PbP games, the expectation is that you would post once per weekday and once on weekends.

Envoy's Alliance

I am interested in joining in.


Verdant Wheel

Also interested.

[Sorcerer 1]

Verdant Wheel

Haven't played this before. Ranged fighter 2 (needs a level-up).

Radiant Oath

I'm interested. Investigator 2, but I also have a Barbarian 1 I could play.

I have played before (and am GMing it now, though I think we're almost done).

Verdant Wheel

Howdy. This is my level 1 Kineticist. It's my first time playing it.

Horizon Hunters

Interested. I've played this before (you just ran it for me). I've multiple 1st level characters ready, but would like to prioritize a cleric who's 1 XP point short of level 2.

Vigilant Seal

Here is Atae's submission. I do not believe I have played this before.

Vigilant Seal

I want to see how he does with the Boundary Curriculum instead of necromancer.

Thanks everyone for your interest in the game. I've decided to limit the table to 5 players as the scaling is pretty vicious at higher challenge levels.

So, could Niccolo, Glasha, Cirri, Shimmer and Xyntryx's character all check in to the game please.

Percival James and Wizel Genius, sorry I couldn't take you this time. However, GM Tiger has offered to include you in his next table of Q15 which he expects to start on 9 Dec.

Verdant Wheel

No problem. Thank you for offering games anyway.

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