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About GM Brenael

I run games for the group's enjoyment (including mine). I see my role as guiding the shared story telling that is an RPG, e.g. describing the world, and having it react to what your characters do.

I aim to post at least twice a day, once in my morning and once in my evening. However note that I am in a strange Australian time zone (UTC +10/11) so those times may be a bit odd for you.

* We will all follow the Pathfinder Society Community Standards and Expectations and the Paizo Organized Play Code of Conduct
* We treat fellow players and GMs with respect. Let's maintain a positive and inclusive environment.
* If anything in the game or table makes you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, please contact me via private message so we can work to resolve it.
* I'll make mistakes along the way - let me know if you think I have something wrong and we'll work it out
* Please post once per weekday and once across the weekend.
* Real life comes first of course! If you know in advance of a period when you won't be able to post please let either the group, or just me privately know.

* Please have a full character sheet in your profile
* Please have static things such as max hp, saves, AC in your profile header, see this how to guide - I'll refer to them often when posting
* Please fill out the slides and macros documents at the start of the game

* After 24 hours of it being your turn I'll have your character delay to keep things moving. If you would then otherwise miss a turn I'll bot your character to the best of my ability. Botting instructions on your character sheet are appreciated!