GM Valen's Starfinder Bounty #2: Test Flight (February 2023) (Inactive)

Game Master Lysle

Start Date: We've begun!

Adventure Complete. Chronicles link in Discussion thread.


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This is the recruitment thread for a standard Starfinder Society run of Starfinder Bounty #2 Test Flight.

This bounty can only be played by 1st level characters. This bounty has the following tags: Repeatable, Starship.

Seating: Seats at the table will be assigned on a first-post, first-seated basis.

Start Date: February 16, 2023 or whenever I have four players, whichever is later.

End Date: I expect to be finished prior to the beginning of Outpost VI on March 6, 2023.

Game Expectations:
I ask for a posting rate of a minimum of once per day during the business week and at least once over the weekend, though I realize (and expect) that real life can get in the way of fun at times and that not all players will be able to meet that pace. I expect folks to occasionally be unavailable for a period of time. If I know that I will be unavailable for some reason for more than 24 hours (or 48 over a weekend), I will post such. I request and expect all players to do the same.

I reserve the right to bot players who do not post anything within a 24 hour period and will request each player have botting instructions in place before the end of the first briefing.

If this game sounds like something you'd be interested in, go ahead and post the requested chronicle information here. Sign-ups on RPG Chronicles will determined seating.

Once you have signed up, please provide the requested information below:

1) Character name:
2) SFS#-Character#:
3) Character Class & Level:
4) Faction:
5)Have you played or GM'd this bounty before?
6) Anything unusual or fun about your PC that you think the GM or other players may like to know?


Trurl is down for this one! I'll post information later today.


Would love to be included

Celebryn Edasseril wrote:
Would love to be included

Would love to have you!

Do please bear in mind the Starfinder Society Organized Play Guide allows a player character to take part in only one adventure at a time. From the time the character begins an adventure, to the time Chronicles are issued, that character cannot be involved in any other adventure.[/url]

As I am running Bounty #1 and Bounty #2 simultaneously, Celebryn may only participate in one of the two, although another player character of yours could play in the other bounty at the same time.


1) Character name: Trurl 1.0
2) SFS#-Character#: 278101-712
3) Character Class & Level: Mechanic 1
4) Faction: Dataphiles
5)Have you played or GM'd this bounty before? No
6) Anything unusual or fun about your PC that you think the GM or other players may like to know? Trurl is an SRO who often enjoys wearing a Speedo and cowboy boots in his down time.


1) Character name: Switch Pockets
2) SFS#-Character#: 2386108-702
3) Character Class & Level: Ysoki Operative 1
4) Faction: Wayfinders
5)Have you played or GM'd this bounty before? No.
6) Anything unusual or fun about your PC that you think the GM or other players may like to know?

About Pockets. My mother calls me pockets, the station security calls me pockets, my friends call me pockets, you can call me pockets too. And yes, just in case you were trying to count, there are at least 36 pockets on my vest, most attached with velcro, easy to switch around. Just like my velcro security name tag, I got a tag that says security, maintenance, hazmat inspector, food inspector, whatever you need to see to let me in. Smiles and thanks you now, if you don't mind. I have some work to do, holds up a wrench, and walks in.

I've played in 7 Scenarios and GMed 1 Scenario, but have yet to encounter any starship use, so very interested in this bounty.

Please note: The official sign-ups for this table will be handled through the RPG Chronicles sheet found here, not this thread.

Once I have at least four players signed-up on the RPGChronicles sheet, we will be good to go.


Trurl will have to bow out. Having just finished Junker's Delight, he is now 2nd level. Hmmm. Maybe I'll make another character. I will report back in with more info later. I need to think on it and make a character. I would like to participate so everyone can have fun.


Character name: Leannah
mystic 1
new to this bounty

I count four potential players, but only two are signed up on the RPGChronicles sign-up sheet. Looks like we are ready to start.

Please note, however, that I CAN NOT guarantee that this table will conclude before Outpost. If you have signed up with a PC that you want available for an Outpost game, please consider bringing another PC or playing a pregen.

Both Truul and Evindyl/Celebryn Edasseril indicated an interest in playing, so I will wait a couple more days to see if they can confirm on the RPGChronicles sign-up sheet and to allow for possible additional players.

Those who have already signed up, please plan over in the Discussion Thread what pregens you would like to add to the table in the event we don't have four players.


I'm in.

1) Character name: Jack, Horn of Plenty
2) SFS#-Character#: 135676-738
3) Character Class & Level: Operative 1
4) Faction: Aquisitives
5)Have you played or GM'd this bounty before? Yes

about that:
I know it is Starship combat only, the reason, I didn't bother to figure out his SP, hp, equipment and all that, only the skill checks matters. Of course I purchased the hacking kits for him, cause those are required to do computers and engineering checks.

6) Anything unusual or fun about your PC that you think the GM or other players may like to know? Hortus booned character purchased with acp.


1) Character name: Top Down
2) SFS#-Character#: 108716-705
3) Character Class & Level: Precog 1
4) Faction: Wayfinders
5) Have you played or GM'd this bounty before? No
6) Anything unusual or fun about your PC that you think the GM or other players may like to know: My other character Saja is looking for this guy because of an event in the past.


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If you can give me 24 hours, I will have a character for this. Hoping to make a new first level Society character.

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