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About GM Valen

My philosophy as to GMing is this: “We are playing a game.”

What this means to me:

This is a game, so let’s have fun:
We’re playing. If it isn’t fun, let’s find a way to make it fun (or let’s agree to find something else to do).

This is a game, so there are rules to follow:
By agreeing to play this game, we are each agreeing to follow the rules. Among those rules, are those of common courtesy and being respectful to one another. Among those rules, I also include the botting policy below.

This is only a game:
I have a wonderful wife, 3 awesome kids, a high-pressure job, and a host of other demands on my time. I expect there are considerable demands on the time of my players as well. I anticipate there will be times that you can’t post. I only ask that you let us know in advance whenever possible and provide botting instructions when applicable.

I’m not perfect:
I will try my best to get things right; at times, I will fail to do so. If you believe that I have made a mistake, please let me know and I will do my best to correct it.

Other things to know about the PbP games I run:

Expected posting rate:
Unless indicated otherwise while recruiting or by subsequent agreement of all the players, I generally expect a minimum of one post per weekday (Monday-Friday) and one post over the weekend (Saturday, Sunday).

When you know about absences that will affect your ability to fulfill this expectation, please let me know ahead of time. If unforeseen circumstances occur, the below policy will kick in and keep the game moving along. If you are absent without informing on expected return for a week, I will assume you have dropped from the game and recruit-to-replace (through about one-third of a module or scenario) or continue without if the table is still legal.

I will bot you under the following circumstances:

•It's combat, and 24 hours have passed;

•A skill check, map position, or other information is needed from you, and 24 hours have passed since the all for the check, map update, etc., was made;

•You tell me that you will be gone for a few days, and ask me to bot you. IMPORTANT Please ensure you have supplied botting instructions on your character profile.

I prefer not to bot, but I want the game to keep moving. If I do bot you, it will likely be minimal. I won't use player non-renewable resources except in dire situations or with your permission (most likely, cure light wounds charges when absolutely necessary). I may take consensus and/or input from the remaining party when choosing bot actions.