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Grand Archive

Please fill out the Google Slides and Macros spreadsheet linked above

Vigilant Seal

All filled out.

Grand Archive

Mine as well.

Grand Archive

Once you have filled out the slides and spreadsheet, feel fee to head over to the gameplay thread and start character introductions.

Hadega, it looks like we will be playing up, and you have a first level character. That means you get a Level Bump and the higher level characters should be looking at which Mentor Boons they can provide to assist your lower level character. The extra 10 hit points can make all the difference.

Hadega can benefit from up to two Mentor Boons.

Radiant Oath

I have a GM Glyph. I'll give my extra Hero Point to Hadega.

I'm a Summoner, my eidolon is an Emissary Angel.

I'll take a scroll of >Restoration< as my school item.

This is Jiggo's Eidolon, Salera.

I've added her skill bonuses on the macro sheet, in the "Notes" section.

Jiggo took >Dual Studies< so he is Trained in Medicine and Salera is Trained in Deception.

Radiant Oath

Am I too late to join? The Chronicles signup sheet is full...

Grand Archive

Adelle, I can keep you on standby if anyone who signed up doesn't show up, but since the sign in sheet filled in less than three days, I expect everyone who signed up to show up.

The thread has been posted for three hours and half the players have already appeared here.

Maybe I need to run two or three more games. . .

Grand Archive

@GM Gotcha, thank you! I found the hero lab button to adjust everything in Hadega's profile, and have included the extra hero point (thank you as well Jiggo!).

Horizon Hunters

All filled out and ready to go.

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