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| HP 28/28 | AC18 | F +5 R +6 W +6 | Expert Perc +6 |


Speed: 25 | Hero Points: 1 | Active Conditions: Level Bump | ◆◇↺


LN Female Human | Bard 1




Ancient Osiriani, Common, Elven, Kelish, Tien

Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

About Hadega E. Scrimsworth

Player Name: DystopianDream
Character Name: Hadega E. Scrimsworth
XP: 0
GP: 9 sp
Society ID: 234492-2003
Chronicles Completed: 0
Chronicles Link: Chronicles

Hadega is a tall older woman of Chelaxian descent. Her features are hawk-like. She has a near permanent grimace upon her face. She walks with an air of authority, her posture always immaculate.

Hadega Scrimsworth until recently was wed to a local Absalom leatherworker, Viktor Scrimsworth. The old leatherworker died of natural causes in his bed, but after the funeral and once all the affairs were in order, Hadega unearthed the massive gambling debt taken on by her late husband. She had to sell the leatherworking business to cover the costs. To her, her choices were to putter about her diminished life, or take charge and do what she should've done before marrying that feckless layabout--join the Pathfinder Society and bring civility and MANNERS to the remote corners of Golarion.

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Hadega E. Scrimsworth
Human bard 1 (Advanced Player's Guide, Core Rulebook 386)
LN, Medium, Human, Humanoid
Heritage versatile heritage
Background artisan
Perception +6
Languages Ancient Osiriani, Common, Elven, Kelish, Tien
Skills Arcana +6, Athletics +3, Bardic Lore +6, Crafting +6 (+7 when crafting Leatherworking items.), Diplomacy +8, Guild Lore +6, Intimidation +8, Occultism +6, Pathfinder Society Lore +6, Performance +8, Society +6, Stealth +5
Str 10 (+0), Dex 14 (+2), Con 12 (+1), Int 14 (+2), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 18 (+4)
Items studded leather armor, shortbow, shortsword, whip, arrows (20), backpack, bedroll, chalks (10), flint and steel, grappling hook, handheld musical instrument, material component pouch, minor healing potion, rations (1 week)s (2), rope (foot)s (50), soap, torchs (5), waterskin, purse (9 sp)
AC 18; Fort +5; Ref +6; Will +6
HP 28
Speed 25 feet
Melee [1] shortsword +6 (versatile S, agile, finesse), Damage 1d6+1 P
Melee [1] whip +6 (disarm, nonlethal, finesse, trip, reach 10 feet), Damage 1d4+1 S
Ranged [1] shortbow +6 (deadly d10, range increment 60 feet, reload 0), Damage 1d6+1 P
Occult Bard Spells DC 17, attack +7; 1st (2 slots) fear, magic missile, true strike Cantrips (1st) detect magic, guidance, light, shield, telekinetic projectile
Focus Spells 1 Focus Point, DC 18; 1st Counter Performance, Hymn of Healing, Inspire Courage
Ancestry Feats Natural Ambition
Class Feats Bardic Lore, Hymn Of Healing[APG]
General Feats Toughness
Skill Feats Specialty Crafting
Other Abilities component substitution, composition spells, enigma, muse, occult spellcasting, scrolls

Bot Me!:

Hadega starts any combat encounter with ◆inspire courage. She will then draw her whip and attempt to trip or disarm any enemies in reach. Otherwise she will utilize ◆◆Telekinetic Projectile from a distance.

[dice=Whip, trip, level, proficiency (athletics), strength, armor penalty]1d20+1+2+0-1[/dice]

[dice=Telekinetic Projectile, level, proficiency, charisma]1d20+1+2+4[/dice]
[dice=damage, S or P or B]1d6+4[/dice]
[dice=extra damage if critical]1d6+4[/dice]